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?. " Fox as a Gamester.
Charles James Fox, the English
statesman, was even more notorious in
the gaming world than he was famous
In the world of politics. He had
squandered $250,000 before coming of
ag%. He became one of the most profli
gate gamesters of the vicious days In
which he lived. Some of his finest dis
plays in debate were sandwiched be
tween excitement stich as would un
nerve most men who had no serious
business on hand. Walpole has given
a glimpse of a typical passage in this
extraordinary man's life. He had to
take part in the discussion on the
thirty-nine articles in parliament on a
certain Thursday. He bad sat up play
ing hazard from Tuesday evening until
5 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon. An
hour before he . had recovered $00,000
that he had lost and by dinner time,
which was 5 o'clock, ended losing $55,
000. On Thursday he spoke in the
debate, went to dinner at past ll at
night; thence to a club, where he
drank till 7 the next morning; thence
to a gambling house, where he won
$30,000, and between 3 and 4 in the
afternoon he set out on a journey to
Pirates and Strategy.
The virtuous island of Sark was not
always so. When Edward III. was
king, Sark was a haunt of pirates and
wreckers. Sir A. Conan Doyle in "Sir
Nigel" tells how they lived not upon
the island, "but from what they can
gather upon the sea around it They
are broken folk from all countries
justice fliers, prison breakers, reavers,
escaped bondsmen, murderers and
staff breakers who have made their
way to this outland place and hold it
against all comers." The merchants
of Rye and Winchelsea fitted out an
expedition against those scourges of
the narrow seas. A landing was ob
tained by strategy. Leave was ob
tained to bury a supposititious dead
sailor on the Island, the burying party
to come unarmed. But that apparent
coffin was filled with weapons, and so
was Sark cleansed of its evil inhabit
ants.-London Standard.
A Story of Mathews.
Charles Mathews one day previous
to the period of his publicly proclaimed
dire bankruptcy invited a friend to
dine with him. The walnuts were
.washed down by some rare sherry.
"That's a delicious wine," his friend
exclaimed. "It must have cost you a
lot of money."
"It didn't cost me anything that I
know of," the flighty comedian an
swered, with a shrug.
"You had it given to you, then?" the
friend suggested.
"Oh, no," answered Mathews; "I
bought it from Ellis, in Bond street*'
"But he will charge you something
for lt?" the friend exclaimed in aston
"I believe he does write something
down in a book," Charles retorted
gravely. "Let's have another glass,
my boy."
When Tea Was Dear.
Those who grumble at the price of
tea should turn for consolation to the
records of its price in early times. At
its first introduction into England,
about the middle of the seventeenth
century, tea fetched anything between
?6 and ?10 a pound, and though a fall
in price quickly tjok place the East
India company still had to pay over
?4 for the two pounds of tea which it
presented the king. However, even
thus it is doubtful if the tea merchants
got very fat seeing that the importa
tion of some 4,000 pounds in 1678 was
enough to glut the market for some
years.-London Chronicle.
English Injustice.
An Australian tourist traveling in
the west of Ireland asked an old wo
man how far lt was to the nearest
town. She sadly looked at him, then
sighed and said:
"It was five nice miles two years'
ago, but some English brute came over
with chains and made it seven, and
our hearts are L.oke walking it ever
since. Bad luck to them!"
And she disappeared into the house,
leaving him there.-Illustrated Bits.
Cramp In the Leg.
To those who suffer from cramp in
the leg at night the following hint
may be useful: When the cramp
comes on take a good strong string
a long garter will do-wind it round
the leg over the place that ls affected
and take an end in each hand and
give it a sharp pull, one that will hurt
a little. Instantly the cramp will de
art, and tho sufferer can return to
assured It will not come on again
t night
A Mean Question.
Tes, it was George's idea to give
e a silver spoon for every birthday."
"How many has he given you?"
"Why, twenty-two."
"Why did he stop?"-Cleveland Plain
ealer. I
"I have a remarkable history" be
n the lady who looked like a possi
e client
"To tell or sell?" inquired the law
cautiously.-Washington Herald.
A Dubious Saying.
e-They say that the face ls an
ex of the mind. She-I don't know,
doesn't foi low because a woman's
e is made up that her mind is.-Bos
Transcript "
lt Takes Tim?.
Has little Mrs. It. consoled herself
r her husband's death yet?"
h, no; no yet! You know what
ug time these insurance companies
e to pay!"
'e must not sit down and look for
des.-Eliot _
lpg Machines
?, A few year* ago flying
machines were hardly
ought cf. nor wat-. ?
colt's Emulsion
summer.** Now Scott's
uhion is as much a stum
er as a winter remedy.
Science did it. Ail Dru?-r?u
Grand Jurors for 1911.
New ones-S. B. Mays, W'3e,
W. S. Adams, Pickens,
H. A. Adams, Modoc,
J. W: Crim, Johnston,
Walter W. Wise, Tienton,
M. D. Lyon, Wise,
J. P. Ouzts, Wise,
T. C. Mathis, Red Hill,
P. R. Wates, Pickens,
W. D. Holland, Trenton,
John Morris, Ward,
C. H. Key, Wise.
Holdovers-J. C. Le wis, Johnston,
W. T. Kinnaird, Pickens ,
J. S. Rodgers, Johnston,
P. H. Bussey,Red Hill,
P. B. Whatley, Collier,
W. E. Lott, Pickens.
Petit Jury March Court
First Week.
J. P. Whatley, Moss,
C. C. Burkhalter, Talbert,
I. M. Dorn, Elmwood,
Oscar Clark, Ward,
B. B. Jones, Pickens,
J. S. Mann, Hibler,
C. F. Coursey, Ward,
W. H. Pardue, Trenton,
J M. Mays, Wise,
J. T. Grims, Red Hil),
Henry Salter, Ward,
C. A. Nicholson, Meeting St.,
W. S. Marsh, Trenton,
D. N. Dorn, Modoc,
L. C. Clark, Ward,
J. H. Mathis, Collier,
Wade Franklin, Ward,
Jos. Jacobs, Johnston,
R. W. Glover, Meriwether,
J. R. Bryant, Elmwood,
F. P. Salter, Pickens,
W. S. Logue, Meeting Street;
J. C. Stone, Modoc,
G. M. Temples, Ward,
W. F. Floyd, Red Hill,
Will Winn, Talbert,
E. B. Dasher, Johnston,
J. R. Hart,
Morgan Dorn, Modoc,
S. Z. Seigler, Moss,
W. R. McHugh, Wise,
S. B. Stillwell, Pickens,
T. F. Lvbrand, Ward,
W. W. Hil', Mos=,
E. Harrison, Trenton,
J. E. Franklin, Ward.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Edgefield,
Court of Commons Pleas.
William A. Parker, as Administra
tor of the Estate of Peter Parker,
deceased. -Plai ntiff-again st
Edward F. Mayson.-Defendant.
Summons for Relief.
(Complaint not Served.)
To the Defendant Above Named.
You Are Hereby Summoned and
required, to answer the complaint in
this action, which is filed in the of
fice of the Clerk of the Court of
Common Pleas, for the said Coun
ty, ajd to serve a copy of your an
swer to the said complaint, on the
.mbscribers, at their office at Edge
field Court House, South Carolina,
within twenty days after the ser
vice hereof, exclusive of the day of
such service; and if you fail to an
swer the complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff in this ac
tion, will apply to the Court for the
relief demanded in the complaint.
Dated February 14th, 1911.
Sheppard Bros.,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Test: W. B. Cogburn (Seal) Clerk
' Court Common Pleas for Edge
field County, S. C.
To Edward F. Mayson, Non-resi
dent Defendant:
You will take notice, that the
original Summons and complaint in
the above stated cause, are now on
file in the office of the Clerk of
Court of Common Pleas, in and
for the County of Edgefield and
State aforesaid.
Plaintiff's Attorney?.
Feb. 14th, 1911-6t.
Master's Sale
State of South Carolina, )
Edgefield County i
Court of Common Pleas
A. W. Youngblood et. al.,-against
Mrs. May Y. Tiramons, et. al.
Pursuant to the decree in this
cause I will offer for .sale at public
outcry to the highest bidder, before
the Court House, town of Edgefield,
and State of South Carolina on sales
day in March 1911 (the same be
ing 6th d ay of said month) between
the legal hours of sale, the follow
ing described realty, to wit:
All of that tract or parcel of land
in Edgefield County, South Caroli
na, near the incorporate limits of
the Town of Edgefield, and contain
ing fifty (50) acres, more or less,
and bounded on the north by lands
of W. F. Roath and W. B. Penn,
south by lands of W. W. Adams,
and west by the estate of E. J.
The land has been rented for the
year 1911, and the land will be sold
subject to the lease, but the pur
chaser shall be entitled to the rents
and profits for the year 1911 under
the lease.
Terms cash and must be complied
with. Purchaser to pay for papers.
W. F. Roath,
Master E. C., S. C.
Feb. 8, 1911.
Mules At Auction!
Will sell on Friday March 3rd,
in front of Richards Stables, Au
gusta, Ga., thirteen he* \ of good
mules to the highest bidder. This
is your chance.
Arrington Bros. & Co.
State and County Depository
J. C. SHEPPARD, President.
W. W. ADAMS. vice-President.
E. J. MIMS, Cashier.
J. H. ALLEN, Ass't Cashier.
Paya interest on deposits by
special contract,
Money to loan on liberal terms.
Prompt and polite attention to
YOUR Account Solicited
James A. Dobey,
Johnston, S. C.
Office over Farmers Bank Building
EDGEFIELD, - - - S. C.
^^"Office over Post-Office.
. Dentist. Appointments
at Trenton on Wednesdays.
Crown and Bridge werk a
Agents Wanted.
We want representatives on
every Rural Route and in every
village in South Carolina to take
subscriptions for the Georgia-Caro
lina Agriculturist and weekly
Chronicle. We pay liberal commis
sions. Write for particulars to cir
culation manager, the Georgia
Carolina Agriculturist and weekly
Chronicle, Augusta, Georgia.
Johnston, --SC
Over Bank of Johnston.
Oxidine is not only
the quickest, safest, and
surest remedy for Chills
and Fever, but a most
dependable tonic in all
malarial diseases.
A HWY Ionic-a kid
ney tonic-a stomach
tonic-a bowel tonic.
If & system-cleansing
tonic is needed, just try
-a bottle proves.
The specific for Malaria, Chilla
and Fever and all diseases
due to disordered kid*
mys, liver, stomach
and bowels.
? Oe. At Your Druggists
For Sale by
Parksville, S, C.
Single Comb Rhode Island Reds
I h?ve a strain of Reds that cannot be
excelled as winter layers, and in the
show rcom they are at home. Have
carried away the blue ribbons from
every shows exhibited. Can ship safely
anywhere at any time. No more stock
for sale this season. Order early.
Eggs, $1.50 per 15
R. F. D.No. i Edgefield, S. C.
E. J. NORRIS, Agent
Edgefield, South Carolina
Representing the HOME INSURANCE
COMPANY, of New York, and the old
HARTFORD, of Hartford, Connecticut.
The HOME has a greater Capital and
Surplus combined than any other
The HARTFORD is the leading com
pany of the World, doing a greater
Fire business than any other Co.
See Insurance Reports
E. J. Norris,
job work done here
I Encouraged by the success of
order to give additional stimuli
the county, The Advertiser will <
this year.
county farmer who grows the gr<
of com on one acre of land durir
in Edgefield county who grows t
bushels of corn on one acre duri
The foregoing prizes are offered unco
or complicated restrictions. The conte
please,ferttlize it as they please and cul
Only one requirement is made: The
ground and not composed of two or moi
parts of the farm. The area planted m
The rules for measurement of the lan
than in the past contests, and will not (
cates, but will be published in several
can read them and become familiar wit
Who'll win the
Prizes will be awarded
Fine Pianos Reduced $100
A Quarter ol a Century of "Knowing How
The delightful tone of Farrand Pianos has spread their fame
throughout America and England. 25 years of "Knowing How" '
mixed with expert workmanship and the finest materials, has !
made the 1910 "FARRAND" Model the ideal ofjPiano Perfection 4
The Construction and Materials
From far-away Germany are imported the most expensive y
Felts and Wires-for the Germans are Past-masters in the sci- I
entine manufacture of these materials which are to the highest T
degree essential to the flexible responsiveness of action and *
the superlative tone of high class pianos-giving these Instru- ?
ments a mechanical strengh that makes frequent \1
tuning unnecessary. . Their structural beauty is anj
artistic triumph.
The Guarantee, Free Tuning and
Free Fire Insurance
As representatives of the FARRAND factory,
we are authorized to, and DO warrant its 1910
Model Pianos for a term of 10 years. This guar
antee, backed by a concern worth millions of
dollars, is your absolute surety of satisfaction.
Also for a period of two yea? from the time
you receive it, we will keep tho piano in tune, Jj
and insure it against fire at OUR expense.
Price and Terms
THE FARRAND COMPANY has, asa flttlnp;occasion to Inaugurate
a great special sale, Instructed us to sell to the people In this terri
tory, upon this the 23th anniversary of the founding of the great con
cern, loo of their 1910 Model doo Upright Pianos for (SOO which is an
a b' .o l u t e reduction of s loo each. The remarkable offer holds good only
till 100 Instruments have been sold: then the price wlU go back to $400.
It ls an opportunity ot a lifetime to get a fine plano at three hundred
dollars, and one hundred shrewd householders wUl take advantage of lt.
Act q ulcklv-he one of the hundred.
During this great sale, we will furnish, without cost, a fine scarf, a
nice stool and an instruction book, with each plano. We are in a posi
tion to sell these pianos on easy terms, if preferred to a cash trans
action. . .
ir ? i ?
information for Out-of-town Buyers
If you cannot come to Greenwood, we shall be glad to select one of
these splendid pianos and ship lt to you. Wrlteus for further informa
tion. Your inquiry wlU be answered with a personal letter by a mem
ber of this firm, giving you full descriptions Including a paper pattern
showing exact floor space required, and naming very attractive plans
for periodical payments. Write us TO-DAY-a postal will do.
HOLLAND BROS., Greenwood, S. C.
Advertiser Contest; Department
Edge fie ld, S. C.
I wish to nominate as candidate in your contest
/ understand that this is merely a nomination and does not obligate me in
any way
d County
last year's corn contest and in
is to the production of corn in
conduct another corn contest
Fifteen dollars in Gold Coin
will be given the Edgef ield
latest number of bushels on
ig the year 1911.
, Ten dollars in Gold Coin
? will be given the farmer
he second largest number of
ing the year 1911.
nditionally and without embarrassing
istants can plant their corn when they
tivate by whatever system they please
acre must be in one continuous plot of
pe rich spots selected from different
ust NOT be less than one acre.
d and corn next fall will be more rigid
mly be printed on the judge's certifi
issues of the paper, so that everybody
h them.
God this Year
l at the County Fair.

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