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Nights of Unrest.
No .^leep, No Rest, No Peace for
the Sufferer From Kidney
No peace for the kidney sufferer.
Pain ami distress from morn to
Get up with a lame back.
Twinges of backache bother you
all day.
Dull aching breaks your rest at
Urinary disorders add to your
Get at thc cause, cure the kidneys.
Doan's kidney pills will work the
They're for the kidneys only.
Have made great cures in this
Mrs. B F Matheny, 934 Barnes
street, Augusta, Ga., says: "I am
very glad to say that I have used
Doan's kidney pills with great bene
fit. I was a sufferer from backache
and pains through my l^ins and
kidneys and I could hardly get
around for days. It AV a? almost im
possible for me to rest, I had but
little strength or energy and suffer
ed from headache. I spent a lot of
money doctoring, but did not get
satisfactory results until I heard
about Doan's kidney pills and pro
cured a box. Since using them my
back does not pain me and my kid
neys are normal. I now feel like a
different woman and have told many
of mv friends about Doan's kidney
Fur sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buf
falo, New York, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name-Doan's
and take no other
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gie Mills, Engines, Boilers,
Supplies and repairs, Porta
qle , Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files, Belts
and Pipes. WOOD SAWS
Gins and Press Repairs.
New Photograph
E lam now prepared to take pho- E
E tcgraphs of all kinds, and respect- E
*j* fully solicit the patronage of the +
*?* people. Special attention given to *
:= groups and outdoor work. My E
? prices are very reasonable.
- ?
Plant the Irish Cobbler Potato
They are yery early and prolific
Here is what The Advertiser said in
its issue of April 21st, 1909:
"The Irish Cobbler is by several
weeks the earliest potato ever plant
ed in this section. Mr. J. D. Hol
stein is exhibiting several new crop
potatoes of this variety at his store
that are larger than a Plymouth
Rock egg. They arc the finest we
have ever seen at this season."
Price is lower this season-only
40c per peck. Penn & Holstein.
i Ferti
First Prize
'irst prize for 1
'irst prize for
'irst prize for
1,000 bushels
ise Etiwan
>r Sale b
'Ji .unwilling
A Fierce Night Alarm
is the hoarse, startling cough of
a child, suddenly attacked by croup.
Often it aroused Lewis Chamblin,
of Manchester, 0., R FD No. 2 for
their four children were greatly sub
ject to croup. Sometimes in severe
attacks, he wrote we were afraid
they would die, but since we proved
what a certain remedy Dr. King's
New Discovery is, we have no fear.
We rel}' on it for croup and coughs,
colds or any throat or lung trouble.
So do thousands of others. So may
you. Asthma, hay fever, la grippe,
whooping cough, hemorrhages fly
before it. 50c and $1.00. Trial bot
tle free. Sold by Penn & Holstein,
W E Lynch & Co., 13 Timmons.
Full Particulars Given.
A small boy who had recently
passed his fifth birthday was riding
in a suburban car with his mother,
when they were asked the customa
ry question, "How old is the boy?"
After being told the correct* age,
which did not require a fare, the
conductor passed on to the next
The boy sat quite still, as if pon
dering over some question, and
then, concluding that full informa
tion had not been given, called loud
ly to the conductor then at the oth
er end of the car: "And mother's
thirty-one."-Human Life.
Attacks School Principal.
A severe attack on school princi
pal, Chas. B. Allen, of Sylvania,
Ga., is thus told by him. "For more
than three years, he writes I suffer
ed indescribable torture from rheu
matism, liver and stomach trouble
and diseased kidneys. All remedies
failed till I used Electric Bitters,
but four bottles of this wonderful
iemedy cured me completely. Such
iesults are common. Thousands bless
them for curing stomach trouble,
female complaints, kidney disorders,
billiousness, and for new health and
vigor. Try them. Only 50c at Penn
& Holstein's, W E Lynch & Co.,
B Timmons.
The Lucky and Unlucky Months
for Matrimonial Ventures.
The lucky and unlucky months in
which to begin a matrimonial career
are set forth in the appended
Marry when the year is new,
Always loving, kind and true.
When February birds do mate,
You may wed, nor dread your fate.
If you wed when March winds blow.
Joy and sorrow both you'll know.
Harry in April when you can,
Joy for maiden and for man.
Marry in the month of May,
You will surely rue the day.
Marry-when June roses blow.
Over land and sea you'll go.
Those who in July wed,
Must labor always for their bread.
Whoever wed in August be,
Many a change are sure to see.
Marry in September's shine,
Your living will be rich and fine.
If in October you do marry,
Love will come, but riches tarry.
If you wed in bleak November,
Only joy will come, remember.
When December snows fall fast,
Marry, and true love will last.
Highway to Happiness.
To be calm when others about
you are troubled ; to dream dreams
and yet not be. mastered by them;
to think and yet not make thoughts
an end; to meet triumph without
pride and disaster, without being
embittered: to walk with the many
and keep virtuous; to hold converse
with the mighty and yet not lose
the common touch; to be influenced
neither by the criticism of foes nor
the flatter}- of friends; to endeavor
to be of service and helpfulness to
others; to keep in mind the transi
tions of life's experiences; to love
humanity and to trust in God-these
are the guideposts on the highway
to happiness.--Selected.
? for best acre of corn in South Carolin
best acre of corn in Georgetown county
best acre of corn in Georgetown count
largest Bar of corn in Georgetown count;
3 on ten acres in Williamsburg county,
Fertilizers For Good Results c
Etiwan Fertilizer Co., Charleston, S. C.
IW. W. Adam
Edgefleld, S. C.
Has Millions of Friends.
How would you like to numbei
your friends by millions as Buck
len's Arnica Salve does? Its astound
ing cures in the past forty years
made them. Its the best salve in the
world for sores, ulcers, eczema,
burns, boils, scalds, cuts, corns, sore
eyes, sprains, swellings, bruises, cold
sores. Has no equal for piles. 25c at
Penn tic; Holstein's W E Lynch &
Co., B Timmons.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it ia the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Produce Something.
One dollar that is earning inter
est is more valuable than two dol
lars that are earning none.
A humble talent that is put to
use is worth more than genius lving
A single idea that is converted
into action is doing better service
than a thousand ideas that are un
A menial job that brings in real
cash pays more bills than th? high
salaried position in prospect
The pennyworth that is sold
spells bigger profits than the dollar
worth that stays on the shelf.
A bird in the hand is worth two
in the bush.
Say it with as many frills as you
want, the point is this;
Do something. Deliver the goods,
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Desi Salve In The World.
Miss Eliza Minis is earn ing on
the Photograph business of Mr. li.
H. Mims, at his Residence. The
latest citjr styles and tine work guar
Just Before Christmas.
Mrs. Newlywed (weeping); Henry
I am sure I have grounds for a di
vorce! I am positive that you have
deceived me!
Mr. Newlywed: What in the
world do you mean? What have I
il one to arouse such a foolish suspi
Mrs. Newlywed (weepingharder);
I->aw a memorandum in your
pocket to-to buy some new ribbons
for your typewriter.
Kills A Murderer.
A merciless murderer is appendi
citis with many victims,.but Dr.
King's New Life Pills kill it by
prevention. They gently stimulate
stomach, liver and bowels, prevent
ing that clogging that invites ap
pendicitis, curing constipation, ?
headache, billiousnes, chills. 25c at
Penn cfc Holstein's, W E Lynch cfc
Co., B Timmons.
For Sale: 1,500 bundles of fod
der, cured and housed without being
wet by rain. Delivered anywhere in
town. Apply at The Advertiser
That there is more to a Fertilizer than
Analysis is proven conclusively by the results
obtained every, year from Royscer Fertilizers.
They are made from experience obtained by
actual field experiments of w hat the plant
requires, and not from ready reference
Every ingredient in Royster Goods is
selected for its plant food value, and has its
work to do at the proper time, therefore the
plant fertilized with ROYSTER goods is fed
regular from sprouting time until harvest.
Ask your dealer for Royster goods and
see that the trade-mark is on every bag.
When you see this ^f?ji* y?u know that
you are getting the genuine and original
ROYSTER Fish Fertilizer.
If you would Raise Big Crops,
If you would have fewer acres and
Larger Crops. If you would reduce your
cost of production, buy from the
We manufacture all grades of fertilizers and carry a large stock of the best quality offer,
tilizer material. If you want fertilizers for Cotton, Corn, Grain, Tobacco, Truck,
buy only the best from a well known company such as the
?l-l_II__r _j r--III-.._~ff
Corn Crops
a in 1909
7, S. C. in 1909
y, S. C. in 1909
y, S. 0. in 1910
S. C. in 1910
rn all Crops
Special Soda Sale
For Saturday, Feb. 18, 1911
We will have with us for that date only a rep
resentative of the Mathieson Alkali Works of
Saltville, Va., to put on this great soda sale.
We will sell you six one pound packages of
"Eagle Thistle" soda for 25c and give you two
pound packages free. In other words eight
pounds good soda for 25c.
Money refunded by us if at any time soda
proves unsatisfactory,
Th. jurien WAKEFIELD. TI. Ltrumi A um. bu. FLAT DUTCH.
Cbtaf. Oran. 3d un.ui flu Head v.n.17. UM Simwilna. UrfM tad Li un Cuetf*. J
Established 1868. Paid In Capital Stock $30,000.00
We (Trew tho first FROST PROOF PLANTS tn UM. Now lura o TOT twenty thousand s
??Urftomcrs. We have frown ?nd sold more cabbage plante than all other pureooe ia th? Si
etat.? combined. WHY? Because oar plants must plcaao or we send your money back. Order now;
itu time to aet these plants ln-your section to got extra early cabbage, ?.nd they aro tho ona?
that sell for the most money. _ . j
We sow three tons of Cabbage Seed per season ?i?fZZyT1 ?
Fruit trees and ornamentals. Write for free catalog o< ffost-proof plants ofthebest rarlctles, I
containing valuable information about fruit and vcgotablo growing. Prices on Cabbage Plantar
In lots of 600 at 11.00; 1000 to 6000 $1.60 per thousand; 6,000 to 9,000 |LS6 per thousand: 10.000 and orar
f LOO per thousand. Lab. Yonge? Island. Our ap ac lal exp rae a rat a aa plante la vary law.
Wm. C. Geraty Co., Box 394 Yonges Island, S. C.
We h ve juts received a large ship
ment of
new spring oxfords
for men and boys. We have all the popu
ular leathers in the very latest styles-up
to the minute. Drop in and let us fit you.
Dorn & Mims
The Adveptisei
1.50 Per Ye

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