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Oldest Newspaper In South Carolina.
VOL. 75.
NO. 48
?T AMT! Hf T7T H1X717DC ??
Tr\TT\TORP/~vIT T T^mmr^T?
Mr. Whatley Writes Very In
teresting Letter of His
Travels in Florida. Meets
Wealthy Relatives.
Mr. Editor: Having promise*
many of our old friends and rela
tives of old Edgefield to write then
while basking in the sunshine o
this peninsula, I will do so by tak
ing a shert cu\ through the column:
of your m?riterious old paper, pro
viding always .hat I have your per
During the latter days of Februa
ry I left my shack in North Augus
ta, and joined the land of flowen
and alligators.
Arriving near my destination ]
was met at the depot by an auto
mobile of Col. C. A. Griscom, a
many timts millionaire of Philadel
phia. A rapid spin of a few hours
brought me to his magnificent win
ter home on Iamonia lake where a
hot breakfast refreshed me for a few
more miles ride to the home of R.
G. Johnson, my cousin, and mana
ger for the Griscom estate and
hunting grounds. After a few de
lightful days at this home of luxury
and plenty Col. G. told us that his
yatcht was lying at anchor ai S?.
Marks, that it was at our disposal
for some days.
After cracking our heels together
some forty-njne times wc hitched
ap and drove like the wind to the
city of Tallahassee, the capital of
Fla., where we met my lovely cous
in-Mattie Whatley and good old
Aunt Letitia. Taking train the next
morning before the cock crew three
times we sped on our way to St.
Marks; through turpentine farms,
poor land, rich land,indifferent land
and finally land at St. Mark's,
where the captain of the.yacht and
his excellent wife met us*.
Getting aboard, cousin Johnson,
hie wife, four children and yours
truly were completely overcome and
fell prostrated on the floor of the
dining room with wonder. Mag
nificence magnified might poorly
express the beauty and c<Maveniencfc
the "Whim." The eap\Jh ranga]
bell and the Whim began'to churu
the waters , of St. Mark\ river
Down we sped a "'?-?>.?? ,,.?]
and enjtsitt*! the V -
ia me
little boat went hurop;ug across the
gulf like a grey hound. After en
joying this till land was no longer
i visible and the waves ran high and
?higher I began to experience a
homesickness at the pit of my stom
ache, my head rolled worse than
the boat, then suddenly I became
sorry for the fish and fed them
plentiously on the breakfast I had
taken on coming aboard.
I made my will and then and
there I died on the deck- When I
came to ljfe I found they had wrap
ped me in fine linen and laid mc out
on something they called a berth. I
staggered on deck and found Cousin
Johnson stone dead. His wife had
>een "laid out" before. The chil
iren never knew the difference and
?vere romping up and down the
deck. The sea became smoother
:he engine was stopped and before
he gentle wind the Whim glided
ikea duck at about iU miles an
lour. We went by Dog Island
Inhere immense ships were loading
umber which was carried^out from
he main land in "lighters."
At sundown we tied up at Carra
>elle where we spent the night.
Jefore we could get on our clothes
.he next morning the captain had
iven orders and when we reached
eek Carrabelle was seen dimly in
ie distance. Soon we anchored
nd fished and shot duck and water
irkey, and crane and porpoise
ad breakfast such as millionaires
it, in fact, 'twas Col. Griscom's
?al grub. Weighing anchor we
it out again, feeling fine, across
ie gulf shooting at every water
>wl that came near, with rifle and
lOtgun. Passed the mouth of the
rooked and O'clocknee rivers and
the Wakulla river; turning tc
? right we ascended the St. Marl
me 6 or 8 miles, where a napthr
>at was lowered, and leasing tin
Hors in charge of the larger boat
e captain, together with his wife
ok us up to. the sulphur springs
ence back to boat nn-^ to St
cs where we tied up f r th
J ht.
^The fir?t ?train took ns lo Talle
ssee where are domiciled in m
^usin Hattie's beautiful ht me fe
Le present. Much of ruy pleasur
ill be mariel by lake lamoni
running off." The lake was 3
iles long and very wide and dee
it st rr:: ge to say it sprang a leal
II the water went into a hole ar
where all these fish and alligato
jnt no one knows. I have see
cjv/nnoiur* .LUI inn.
Epworth League and Pi Ts
Club Entertained. ?Millinery
Opening. M.A. Hudson
Delivers Address.
On Thursday evening at the hon
of Rev. E. H. Beckham, the Ej
worth League held a social meetini
f I to which a number of friends wei
invited. Readings and instrument
music, with a talk from Rev. Beel
ham, made an interesting program
and a quartette composed of Mei
srs. Fletcher Boyd, Elzie LaGrom
J. Howard Payne and Frank Elam
gave two selections. A song it
which ali joined, concluded th
evening's pleasure.
Mrs. M. E. Norris will have he;
millinery opening on Wednesday
and Thursday of this week. She hai
on an unusually large stock, and th<
display promises to be one in whicl
all the beautiful new styles are ex
hibited. She has just returned from
a stay in Atlanta viewing the styles
Mr. and Mrs. Will R. Hoyt ol
Augusta, are here for a few day's
Miss Emmie Wright, of Colum
bia college, spent a few days of the
past week here.
Mr. Ben Perry, of Saluda, is here
for a visit to his brother Mr. Toll
Mrs. Horace Wright returned to
her home at Georgetown, on Mon
day after a month's stay with her
sisters Misses Clara and Maud
Miss Josephine Mobley entertain
ed the Pi Tau club on last Wednes
day afternoon at the home of her
sister Mrs. Page Nelson Keesee,
and a social hour was very pleasant
ly spent, while the fingers were
busy with dainty bits of needle
work. The guest of honor was Mrs.
William Allen Mobley, a beautiful j
bride, who has recently come from
Virginia, to make her home here I
Others present were Mesdames M.
R. Wright, J. W. Browne, E. R.
Mobley, 0. D. Black, and Misses
Lucile Mobley, Lylie LaGrone, Lu-1
tile Norris, Zena Payne and Marv
Gwynn. During the afternoon, fro-|
eeo er*<t?n, with fruit cake was at-?
Mr H . k
larmonv church oh S?tufday~'?nd
Sunday, and Qr. J. W. Daniel, of
Columbia, the presiding elder
^reached on both days.
Mr. Marshal A. Hudson, of Syra
2use, N. Y., the founder of the Ba
raca movement, will deliver an
address at the auditorium on Wed
nesday evening at 8 o'clock, after
which a general reception will be
held. ^ _.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lott, of
Edgefield were among the visitors
here on Sunday.
Mr. Eustace Prescott, spent the
week end here with his sister Mrs.
F. L. Parker.
Mrs. C. S. Davis, of Saluda, is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Mike
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Addison, of
Wards, have been visiting at the
home of Mr. M. L. Clark.
Miss Alma Woodward has return
edfrom Beach Island, where she
spent a month with relatives and
friends. .
Mrs H. W. Crouch IA at home
from the Columbia. hospital, much
Dr. C. F. Strother has returned
from Dothan, Ala., where he visit,
ed his daughter Miss Fannie Stroth
er, who is recovering from an at
tack of pneumonia.
Miss Dempie Scurry, of New
berry, is visiting her aunt Mrs. An
na Strother. .
Mrs. Chas. Mclntire is spending
awhile with her friend, Mrs. Bur
rell Boatwright.
Mrs. G. P. Cobb, who has beei
critically ill for two weeks is mud
Miss Viola Warner, of Irmo, 1
the guest of her cousin, Mrs. H. I
Mr. Homer Cassels, of Birmin^
ham, Ala., is here for a few days t
visit his father Mr. T. B. Cassels
It has been 22 years since he wa
here, and his visit is one of genuin
pleasure to many friends._
the hole, 'tis about 100 feet eros
and 1 suppose deep all the way t
the bottom. There are some sma
basins of water left, however, th?
still abound in fish, alligator
snakes and "cooters." All prat
to Capt. Gates and his noble wi
for their courtesies and kind atte
tion while on the Whin^also^han1
to Col. Griscom for his generosi
in contributing so much to o
pleasure. .
v J. C. Whatley.
More Handsome Pri:
is Worki
Congratulations to all contestants
on the work done from March 1st
to ll th. Miss Addie Stephens won
the $5.00 in gold by a small amount.
Miss Mathis was a close second
Miss Martha Dorn and Mrs. Claud
Parks came very close. Now let's
all work hard to win as many free
votes as possible. You just have un
til Saturday night to work on the
free vote offer. There will be sevei
al who will profit by this offer. Now
remember that the contest is draw
ing nearer and nearer the close and
now is your time to put forth your
best efforts. If you work you can't
fail to win something valuable.
Those who are behind are ma'cil g
good use of this time and are gain
ing ground.
Rules Governing Contest.
Rule (l) All collections made by J
Contestants must be turned over to :
the Contest manager within one
week or votes will not be allowed.
Rule (2) Subscribers should take:
receipt for all money ^iven to con-,
testants. J
nev/als, or
tion co upo
out of the
Rule (5)
her family M J**"
ticipate either as a nominator or vo
ter in the contest.
Rule (6) Candidates will not be
restricted in securing subscriptions
to any territory, but may secure
them in any place in the United
Rule (V) Only one nominating
coupon, entitling each contestant to
one thousand (lOOO) votes, will be
! Rule (8) All votes must be in |
I The Advertisers office by Saturday
it Incres
ie Adve
zes Have Been Addec
ing Hard to Win the 1
$400 Cote upright Piano
tdsome Quartered Oak Side
'ship on Draughon's Busines
wo Lady's solid gpld Wate
wo Lady's solid gold Brooc
midnight of each second wc(
issue or else they, will not bc.. -
ed on the minor prizes that will be
offered during the contest. otes
cast on these prizes will also count
on the piano.
Rule (9) Votes once issued can
not be transferred to another con
Rule (10) Contestants in contest
must agree to accept all rules and
conditions in the contest.
Rule (ll) The right is reserved
to reject the name of any contes
I and Each Contestant
Jest Prize.
. _ ?mvuiMiuii ueniaml.
Rule (12) Any question that may
arise between thc contestants will
be decided by the contest manager
and his decision will be final.
R.tle (13). Under no condition
will the nominators name be divulg
ed. The manager will be al
ways ready to call and explain any
thing regarding the contest.
Rule (u) Contestants may hold
their votes until they wish to cast
them. Until they are cast your
standing will not be published.
Rule (lo) If any party stops his
or her paper and transfers it to an
other member of the family of the
same address it will not count as a
new subscription.
Scale of Votes.
2,000 Votes.
5,000 "
8,000 "
15,000 "
Renewal and Collections.
1,000 Votes.
1 year
2 "
3 "
4 "
- *?
A negro servant had been dis
charged by her mistress because o
various failings, and a few day's af
terward called with a request for ?
recommendation, says the house
Her former employer, with th
best heart in the world, decided t<
assist her in obtaining a new situa
tion, and wrote a letter which dila
ted upon all the colored girl's goo
qualities and made no mention 0
her shortcomings.
Dinah read the letter throng
with glowing eyes, her black fae
shining more with every wore
When she had finished she turne
to the lady and said:
"Laws, missus, but yo' cert'ly di
say dat nice. Now, missus, with 1
strong reeommen' like dat ter ba(
me, don't you think yo' could hi
me fo' dat job ergin?"
Recommendations Made. Spec
ial Committees Appointed.
Urged That Repairs be
Made on Jail.
To His Honor, T: S. Sease pre
siding judge, March term of couri
We thank his honor for the able
and instructive charge given the
Grand Jury. We think the idea
i mentioned in this charge relating to
M jury duty and the remarks relating
to the attitude of the white people
in shielding the negroes from jus
tic for mercenary gain are pertinent
to our county.
We believe that the attention of
citizens and county officials should
be directed more to the subject of
good roads and the benefits to be
accrued therefrom. We have pass
ed on all indictments handed us hy
the court.
We recommend that the super
visor be required to keep a sworn
list of all parties failing to pay
road tax by districts and what dis
position was made thereof. We
further recommend that magistrates)
be required to keep a sworn list of'
all delinquents in road tax reported
to him by the supervisor in his dis
trict. That both supervisor and
magistrates be required to report to
the Grand Jury by J"Jy i8t of each
year beginning with July 1st, ion.
We have appointed the following
committees who will . look after
their respective duties:
W. E. Lott,
No. 1. County Offices C. H. Key
W. S. Adams,'
J. C. Lewis.
No 2 F"blic W. D. Holland.
Buildings W. T. Kinnard
W. W. Wise,
No 3. Roads, S.U. Mays,
Fernes and J. S. Rodgers,
Bridges H. A. Adams,I.
J.W. Crin, J
or _
_ ui teaxes extended ?
md to the solicitor and all other
county officers for their assistai! e
and courtesies extended to us during
the present session.
W. E. Lott,
Report of Committee on Buildings.
We, the special committee of the
Grand Jury to examine the public
buildings of the county, beg leave
to submit the following report:
We have examined the county
jail and find that the overhead plas
tering over the entire first doer is in
bad condition and we think that it
is dangerous to occupy this floor
with the plastering in its present
condition. We would recommend
that the plastering be taken down
at once and that ceiling be placed
overhead over the entire first floor.
We believe that should a ?fire origi
n?te on the first floor of the jail
that it would be impossible to save
the lives of the prisoners on the
second and third floors and that a
passage or stairway should be plac
ed in the main hall of the jail sq
that it would at least be possible to
save the prisoners should the little
passage now tn jail be cut off by
fire. We recommend that this stair
way be put in at once.
We recommend that a brick wall
or some kind of strong substitute
for a brick wall be placed on the
north side of the jail yard where
wood fence now is.
We further recommend that
blinds be put on the windows of the
lower floor and that same be paint
ed. We also especially recommend
that a door be placed at the exit o?
the kitchen of the jail where there
is now none at all. We find that
there is not a single lock in ordei
on the lower floor of the jail. We
would recommend that an entin
new set of locks be placed on thu
floor of the jail.
We wish to make special mentior
of the excellent keeping of the jail
We find that everything in am
around the jail is kept in a satisfac
tory manner.
We have overlooked the othe
public buildings but at present w
have no recommendation to ruak
W. O. W. Camp Sends Dele
gates, Sunbeam Entertain
ment. Capt Burford
Killed on Road.
On last Wednesday morning,,
about day, Capt. Berford was killed
in our town. His foot .caught in the
guard rail of the side track, or in
some unaccountable way the train
passed over him, awfully mutilating
and mangling his body. He had
charge of a freight train. Leaves a
wife and three children. His body
was shipped to Augusta Wednesday
evening, and embalmed, and next
day was laid to rest by loving hands
at his old home near Calhoun Falls.
Yesterday afternoon Mesrrs. R.
N. Edmunds, C. Robertson and
Dan Bell left . for Columbia to at
tend the Head Camp convention of
W. O. W. which meets today in
Columbia. There are W. O. W.
camps at Plum Branch, Modoc, Red
Hill, Liberty Hill, Pleasant Lane,
Meeting Street, Meriwether hall,
and maybe others in Edgfield coun
ty and trust that all the camps W.
0. W. will be as fully and well
re ^resented as ours.
1 beg to add to a former adver
tisement, a beautiful hazel eyed girl
of Clark's-Hill, and now I think
my list of belles fully complete. In
order to please the public the ad
vertiser must have the goods. So the'
most fastidious prospecting, for a
companion through life may re
member, that we have merry wid
ows, beautiful old maids and girls
still more youthful, of the soft
brown eye, the blue, the gray, the
black and now, the hazel eyed va
riety. Come on old bachelors to the .
?lark corner and feast your eyes, if
vou are too timid to "pop tbe ques
The Sunbeams will hold a public^
neeting one day this week,-3'fie
ittle sunbeams have^J^n trained
>y Miss Martha^Doliin a school of ?
nissions^sni^we confidently look
? t ?. .
er three ciiiu..
Miss Mae Adams,
eacher in the [Modoc school, b*-.
Sunday with friends in Parksville.
We are sorry to report our ni?
?ent pest mistress, Miss Sallie
Parks, indisposed. We missed* her
it the Sunday school and at the B.
?". P. U.
I notice in the Elberton star, that
the Rev. Abiah W. Bussey, a for
mer Parksville boy, and son of Rev.
G. W. Bussey, has been called for
all his time to a church in Florida.
He has declined the call and will
serve his churches in this section,
says the Star. The Star continues:
"The c lurch in Florida offers $200
more than the present field, also a
splendid pastoriuro. The prospects
there are flattering for development,
and a large salary. Many ignorant
and irreligious people say, the
preachers go where the best salary
is offered. Certainly such can not
be said of Rev. A. W. Bussey.
When he was at the Theological
Seminary he was offered a splendid
field in South Carolina with twice
the salary his Georgia churches
paid him, and also a home. He de
cided to continue?his work in Geor
gia. Now comes the magnificent
church and lovely home from Flori
da, seeking his services, and offer
ing a great deal better pay than he
now receives, yet he declines for the
only reason, that the work he now
has needs him more, and he is will
ing to sacrifice greater pay, more
convenient access to pay churches,
and also continues to pay for own
house rent.
His churches highly appreciate
his devotion and are responsive to
his beautiful ministrations to them.
He is a power for good whenever
located, and Elberton section (with
Martin and Carlton) will gain where
Perry, Fla., loses."
More Anon.
as to these buildngs.
Respectfully submitted,
W. D. Holland,
Walter W. Wise,
W. T. Kinnard,

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