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$100,000.00 to loan on imp
posit in one of the Banks ir
Company. We have been in
years. Interest 7 per cent. r.
Officers and Directors of Georgia
Cardtod Fair. Association
Leading Citizens of This
City and Vicinity.
Augusta, Ga.-Tho officers and di
rect ors of the Georgia-Carolina Fair As
soc.atiou are among the most promi
nent, most influential citizens nf this
'jity and vicinity; each and every one
takes particular part and interest in
the fair, and this year they are more
determined than ever to make it a
splendid success.
Mr. James U. Jackson, president,
has acted in this capacity since the
inception of the Fair Association, and
Us wonderful growth has been in a
large measure, due to his untiring ef
forts. Mr. Jackson has been re-elect
ed unanimously each year, and it
may be safely predicted that he will
continue to be president as long as
he fan be induced to accept the posi
Messrs. J. Carey Lamar and Robert
C. Berckmans are among the most
prominent planters and capitalists in
th.s section. Mr. Berckmans is one
of the owners of the famous "Fruit
land Nurseries," which are well
. known from South Africa to the most
r.orthern point where vegetation ex
ists. The horticultural display at tte
fi ir is always'one of the best and
largest in this section, and is under
the direct control of Mr. Berckmans.
Secretary Frank E. Beane, who has
had charge rf the fair for the past
few years, i. recognized as one of
tho most alert and competent fair
secretaries in the South, and is held
in high esteem, by not only the offi
cers and directors of the fair associa
tion, but by showmen and exhibitors
of all clashes.
The following is a list of the offi
cers and directors of the fair asso
Officers: i
James U. Jackson, president.
J. Carey Lamar, vice president.
R. C. Berckmans, second vice pres
Frank E. Beane, secretary and
C. S. Bohler, W. P. White, J. M.
Cranston, Walter Cheatham, John J.
Evans, L. J. Williams, J. J. O'Connor,
M. J. Hallinan, Bryan Lawrence, Da
-.vJd Slusky, A. B. Von Kamp, W. D.
Wright, W. W. Morton, J. M. West
brook, T. J. Daly, C. J. Crawford, W.
E Mealing, J. Willie Levy, A H. De
Vaughn, Thomas Barrett, Jr., A. A.
Thomas, W. J. Cooney.
Executive-James U. Jackson, pres
Agriculture - J. M. Westbrook,
chairman; W. E. Mealing, assistant
Livestock-W. P. White, chairman.
Horticultural-R. C. Berckmans.
Minerals, Clay, Brick and Gravel
Dr. W. E. Mealing, chairman.
Woods-L. J. Williams, chairman.
Amusements and Privileges-Frank
E. Beane, secretary.
Raco Track and Barns-W. W. Mor
ton, chairman.
Advertising-C.. J. Cranford, chair
Railroad and Transportation-J. J.
O'Connor, chairman.
Manufacturers' Display-D. Slusky,
Entertainment and Reception-C. S.
Bohler, chairman.
Woman's Work-A. B. Von Kamp,
Art and Education-L, B. Evans, su
Premiums and Awards-John J. Ev?
ans, chairman.
Machinen'-M. J. Hallinan, chair
Music-A A. Thomas, chairman.
One of the Greatest Industries in
the South May Result From
Experiments Now Being Con
ducted by Prof. Osigian
Augusta, Ga.-The culture of the
silk worm promises to be one bf the
greatest industries in this section if
the experiments now being made by
Prof. V. K. Osigian at the Georgia
Carolina Fair grounds proved to be
the splendid success that they give
promise of being. Professor Osigian
came here from Armenia last year,
and he has convinced some of the
leading business men of this city that
silk culture can be made profitable
in this section of the country. Profes
sor Osigian's silk worm exhibit at the
approaching Georgia - Carolina Fair
promises to be one of the most in
teresting at the entire fall show. He
wiil occupy one wing of the main fair
building, and you should spend a cou
ple of hours watching his wonderful
work with the silk worm and co
coons. Professor Osigian says that
in Augusta can be found the climate
and the mulberry trees and there is
no reason why the culture o' silk
should not become very profitable in
deed. . .._ . j
roved farms. Money on de
l Augusta. No, delay. No
this business exclusively i7
Term of loan five years.
? & SON Augusta, Ga.
Poultry Show at Augusta Fair
Such Splendid Success That
Building Had to Be
Augusta, Ga.-Inquiries are pourinj
daily into the Augusta Poultry Asso
ciation asking for information of the
annual exhibit, which will be held in
connection with the Georgia-Carolina
Fair, November 6 to ll, 1911.
The show this year carries a num
ber of important and interesting addi
tions. They are traditions that will
appeal to the exhibitor as well as the
One of the first of these additions
is the provision for ducks and pig
eons. The latter named industry is
growing daily in the South. It is al
most possible to watch the increase
in duck raising. For that reason, as
well as for the reason that the duck
exhibit will add to the Interest of the
entire exhibit, the officers have de
cided to make" a class for them There
have been numerous inquiries con
cerning this division. A fancier in
Delaplains, N. J., has written to ask
if there will be a provision for black
and white Orpington ducks, as well as
fowls. There will be provision for
that breed, as well as numerous oth
ers. It is the object of the Augusta
Poultry Association to make the ex
hibit one that will be complete in ev
ery way; one that will mean some
thing to the exhibitors, and for many
years past there has been a hot con
test among the exhibitors to be the
winners of the trophies and ribbons;
and to make it one that is altogether
interesting to the thousands of visit
ors that throng the building during
the fair week.
There will undoubtedly be an in
teresting exhibit of pigeons, both
from local representatives and from
foreign; but that branch of the an
nual show will be nothing like as
complete or as interesting as the
fowls and ducks.
Another important addition has
been the enlargement of the floor
space by 10,000 square feet. The
growth of the association from year
to year has forced this. Last year
it was necessary to place the coops
tier on tier, and put many of the
coops out of doors. There will he no
necessity for that this year. The
coops will be single tiered, so that
the birds can receive a better show
ing, ?and the fanciers will be given a
fairer showing, although in 1910
the greatest care was used
against discrimination. To complete
the additional floor space 1,000 addi
tional coops have been ordered, there
by totaling 2,500. It is confidently ex
pected that every one of the 2,600
coops will be filled.
The association offers an unp?rallel
ed premium list. It is gotten out in
book form. The booklet is very at
tractive in appearance; it carries 160
pages .of advertisements and premi
ums. In cash prizes the association
offers from $2,000 to $1,500. There
are 135 specials. Of that 155, 55 are
handsome silver cups and' 100 hand
some ribbons.
The advantages of showing at the
Augusta Poultry Association's show
are manifold. That there are mani
fold advantages is set forth by the
repeated exhibitions ot foreign exhib
itors, and the addition, from year to
year of many others.
In 1910 the Augusta Poultry Asso
ciation boasted entries from nearly
every state in the Union, and several
countries of Europe. This year it is
expected that the entiy list will total
2,500. Entries have been coming in
thick and fast for many days concern
ing the exhibit. Many are merely
asking for information. Numbers are
exhibitors signifying their intention to
be among the high class exhibitions
in the biggest show in the South.
Some are exhibitors who have been
to Augusta before; some are those
who have heard of the fame of the
association and wish the prestige that
comes of being an exhibitor therein.
One of the many advantages of
showing with the August* associa
tion, is the widespread circulation
which the birds have. Thousands of
people visit the fair during; the week.
That is one way. The second ls
through the premium list cf the asso
ciation, which, attractive in form and
generous In offer, reaches nearly ev
ery exhibitor in the United States and
Canada. Cheap rates on all railroads.
Augusta, Ga.-The exhibit of the
State College of Agriculture at the
approaching Georgia - Carolina Fair
will be a wonderful one. It is the
same exhibit that made such a splen
did impression at the state fair
last year, with the exception of it be
ing made much more interesting in
every way than was the one last year.
How to become successful as dairy
man, poultry raiser and in fact every
branch of farm work will be demon
strated. The process through which
the milk goes from the time it is
taken from the cow until it is made
into butter will be extremely Inter
es ting.
r ?
Attention Farmers
?tr^ am better supplied than ever before
to suit you in wagons, buggies and car
riages. We sell the celebrated Studekak
er wagons and carry a full line of sizes.
We have a large assortment of buggies in
Brockway, Summers, Columbus and oth
ers. Come in and see what we have. Our
harness department is well stocked with sin
gle and double wagon and-buggy harness.
Can suit any purse.. Full stock of Furni
ture. We buy in large quantities direct
from manufacturers and can make close
prices. Full assortment of house furnish
ings of all kinds. We carry a full line of
stoves. Buy your wife a new stove and
make her happy. It will surprise you how
cheap we can sell you a good stove.
In this as in all other department^wWan supply any rea
sonable demand. We carry a full li? .of sizes both in cheap
coffins and higher priced cases. Oar hearse responds to all
calls, either day or night
G. P. COBB, Johnston, S. C.
Piece bagging, New Ties
Re-bundled Ties,
Seale b?ams, Steelyards.
Jones & Son.
' Never Lealc-Never Need Repairs-Fireproof-Storm
proof-Handsome-Inexpensive-Suitable for all kinds of
buildings. For further detailed information apply to
Stewart & Kprnaghan
Edgefield, S. C.
Stock Feeds
We are distributors for the highest grade feeds on
on the market.
JJ^-SUC RENE--both dairy and hoi se
Tennessee horse and mule feed which is ground
corn oats and alfalfa. Dried beet pulp-5 per cent,
to your dairy feed daily will increase milk supply
very materially. ?
P. S. Mr. M. Gary Satcher is with ns and will be glad to see his friends
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October 17, 18, 19 and 20, 1911
Splendid features-Liberal prenrums-Reduced railroad rates. >
Addresses by E. J. Watson, Commissioner of Agriculture, S. C., E. W. Dabbs, President
Farmers Union.
Address by A. G. Smith, Agricultural Department, Washington. Contest by schools for
prizes. Other prizes.
W. J. McCARTHA, Secretary
Early Fall
Many new things are in. Drop in to see them whether you buy
or not.
See the new sty cs, weaves and colors in clothing just received
from the largest manufacturers in the country.
All of thc new lasts in new Fall shoes. We can please you in
the celebrated
Crossett sh oes or in
Selz-Schwab shoes
New fall trousers just in.
I wish to inform the public that
[ am better equipped than ever to
lo pressing and cleaning of all
cinds. Let me make your old suit
ook brand new. We take especial
sains inpressing ladies skirts. Send
is your garments. Satisfaction
We make a specialty of cleaning
ind re-blocking hats, both felt and
Panama hats. Ring Phone No. 35
ind I will send for the clothes.
Wallace Harris, Prop.
Office over Post-Office.
James A. Dobey,
Johnston, S. C.
Office over Farmers Bank Building
Improved Standard Machines.
Come in and let us demonstrate
o you the merits of the Standard
?entral needle sewing machine. Af
er a lady sees and appreciates the
idvantage of this machine she will
ise no other. We are in a position
o save you money on a sewing ma
rline. Edgefield Mercantile Co.
Made A New Man O?f.<h?m.
"I was suffering from pain in my
stomach, head and back," writed H.
T. Alston, Raleigh, N. C., "and my
liver and kidneys did not work right,
but four bottles of Electric Bitters
made me feel like a new man."
Buggies and Wagons
'Come to see us when in Augusta, We buy the
leading brands of buggies, surries, and Farm wagons
in car shipments and can make you a close price. We
call especial attention to the Moyer buggies. There
is nothing better on the market. Try ons ol them
ween your old buggy needs repairing with a new one.
We also carry a full assortment of buggy and wagon
harness, single and double, light and heavy.
Our Edgefield friends are invited to call and see us.
We shan1 be pleased to show them through our large
W. R. Munday & Co
723 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga.
School Clothes.
If you are looking for values at a
modest price you will find our line
of boy's suits at $1.75 to $8.50 a
regular gold mine. All wool fabrics
well tailored, double-breasted coats
made roomy and stylish and full cut
in grays and browns in serviceable
shades. Sizes from 7 to 17 years.
Youth's and men's suits, fancies
and plain. Prices from $5 to $25.
Our new stock of fall and winter
suits is growing bigger and hand
somer every day. Blue, grays and
brown in the lead. See our line
before buying elsewhere.
C. II. Schneider,
Next door to Edgefield Mer. Co.
Try our breakfast and Oolon
tea for ice tea. B. Timmons.
I New Photograph
= lam now prepared to take pho
E tcgraphs of all kinds, and respect
= fully solicit the patronage of the
* people. Special attention given to
X groups and outdoor work My
+ prices are very reasonable.
= Gallery open Tuesday, Wednea
= day, Thursday and Saturday from
S ll till 5 o'clock.
?ii?i mmimiimiiii!
iniiitiiiiiiiiiiiii ieiui7
When in need of farm wagons
try an Old Hickory or White Hick*
ory. They have stood the test on
Edgefield roads for many years.
Ramsey & Jones,

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