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Treasurer's Notice.
The County Treasurer's office will be
open for the purpose of receiving taxes
from the 15th day of Oct, 1911, to the
15th day of March, 1912, inclusive.
A penalty of one per cent will be
added to all unpaid taxes after the 1st
day of January to the 31st of January
1912, of two per cent from the 1st day
of February to the last day of Febru
ary 1912 and penalty of five per cent
from jae first day of March to the 15th
day of March, 1921.
The tax levies for the year 1911 are
as'follows: ?
For State purposes 5? mills
" Ordinary County 4J
" Cons. School tax 8
Special County tax If
" Bacon S. D. Special 2
" Edgefield S. D. 2
44 Long Cane S. D. 3
M Liberty Hill S. D. 3
'V Johnston S. D. 4
44 Collier S. D. 3
44 j Flat Rock S. D. 3
44 Prescott S. D. 3
" Plum Branch S. D. No 1 3
" White Town S. D. 3
44 Trenton S. D. 2
44 Ward S. D. - 2
44 Moss SD. 3
.4 Parks ville S. D. 3
44 Washington S. D. 2
44 R. R. Bonds Wise T's' p li
44 R. R. Bonds Pickens 8
44 R. R. Bonds Johnston 3
44 R. R. Bonds Pine Grove 14
44 R. R. Bonds Rlocker 14
.1 44 Bonds Town Edgefield $
44 School Bonds 44 1
44 Town of Edgefield
44 Corporation Purposes 7
All male citizens between the ages
of 21 years and 60 years except those
exempt by law are liable to a poll tax
of one dollar each. A capitation tax
of 50 cents each is to be paid on all
The law prescribes that all male citi
zens between the ages of 18 and 50
years must pay a $2 commutation tax
or work six days on the public roads.
As this is optional with the individual,
no commutation tax is included in the
propert *ax. So ask for road tax re
ceipt unen you desire to pay road tax.
Positively no taxes received after 15th
of March.
Co. Treas, E. C.
Valuable Lands For Sale.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, as the Executors of the last
Will and Testament of the lat? Mrs.
Jane K. Parks, and by the authority
conferred upon us by said Will, will
sell at Edgefield Court House to the
highest bidder, on salesday in Novem
ber prox, being the 6th day of said
month, at about the hour of 12 of same
day, all that tract of land situate inj
the County of Greenwood, in said State,
con 1 aining" Four Hundred and One (401)
acres, more or less, (of which a plat
will be exhibited on the day of sale),
and bounded on the North and West by
lands which formerly belonged to Mr.
R. M. Hays, now owned by Mr. Spann,
on the East bv the Public Road known !
as the Five Notch Road, and on the
South by the Public Road known as
Scott's Ferry Road.
Terms of Sale: One-third of the pur
chase money to be paid in cash, and
the balance of the purchase money in
two equal annual installments, with in
terest from day of sale; the credit por
tion to be secured by the bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the
If the terms of sale are not complied
with at once, or earnest of compliance
satisfactory to us given, we will resell
the land within one hour after said
W. H. Self,
W. 0. Holloway,
C. J. Oliveros,
Executors of the Will of Mrs. Jane K.
Oct 10, 1911.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, as the Executrix of the last
Will and Testament of the late Mrs.
Caroline E. Williams, and by the au
thority conferred upon me in and by
said Will, will sell at Edgefield Court
House, South Carolina, to the highest
bidder on salesday in November, 1911,
being the 6th day of said month, the
following described real estate, plata
of which will be exhibited on the day
of sale:
Tract No. 1. Containing One Hun
dred and twenty-six (126) acres, more
or less, bounded on the North and East
by lands of M. S. and H. W. Walker;
on the South by land of T. J. Calliham,
and on the West by lands of T. J. eal
ham and Bill Lee.
Tract No. 2. Containing Eighty-one
(81) acres, mora or less, bounded on
the North b\ -.ract No. I; on the East
by lands of m. S. and H. W. Walker;
on the South and West by lands of T
J. Calliham and Bill Lee.
Tract No. 3. Containing Fifty-five
(55) acres, acres, more or less, bound
ed on the North by lands of M. S. and
H. W. Walker; on the East by Tract
No. 2; and South and West by lands of
T. J. Calliham and Bill Lee.
These lands are well timbered, well
watered and about five miles from
Edgefield Court House.
Terms of Sale: One-half (J) of the
purchase money to be paid in cash, and
the balance on a credit of one year,
with interest from date of sale; the
the credit portion to be secured by the
bond of the purchaser and a mortgage
of the premises.
If the terms of sale are not complied
with at once, or earnest of compliance
satisfactory to me given, I will resell
the land within one hour after said
Executrix of the Will of Mrs. Caroline
E. Williams.
Oct 10, 1911.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Edgefield.
By J. D. Allen, Probate Judge:
Whereas, Willie Price has made
suit to me, to grant him Letters of
Administration of the Estate and
effects of Mart Price, deceased.
These Are Therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and Creditors of the said Mart
Price, deceased, that they be ap
pear before me, in the Court of Pro
bate, to be held at Edgefield C. H.,
S. C., on the 25th day of October
next, after pt jlication hereof, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why the
said Administration should not be
Given under my hand this, 7th
day of October 1911.
J. D. Allen, P. J. E. C.
Stoves! RANGES!
We take this means of informing the public that we
have the largest stock of
and hardware of all kinds that we have ever carried.Also
large stock of table and pocket cutlery, enameled ware,
glassware and crockery. We call the especial attention
ot the ladies to our beautiful china. Call to see it.
The farmers should come to see us tor theil plantation
hardware and implements of all kinds. Our prices are
very reasonable. Come to see us.
Fall Clothing
If you have not been
among those inspecting
our new lincz of Fall and
Winter suits, you are miss
ing an unusual opportuni
ty. our stock *s larg6> Dut
we urge you to make selec
tions early for some of the
most exquisite articles will
be impossible of duplica
tion. Prices range as fol
Men's Suits from $3.50
to $22,50. Boy's Knick
erbocker suits from $1.50
to $8.50.
Save a Dollar
Buy the Economy shoe
$Mi and $m
In all the newest styles in high boots
and colonial pumps in patent, tan,
gun metal, velvet and satins, on
your way from the terminal.
Personal Property
Notice is hereby given on the 9th
lay of November, 1911,1 will sell
or cash to the highest bidder the
ollowing personal property belong
og to the estate of J. W. Adams,
leceased, at his late residence, near
'lum Branch, S. C., to wit:
One Planing machine and lot of
One 12-hor8e power traction en
One heavy pair of iron trucks.
One heavy four horse wagon.
One two-horse wagon.
One thresher.
One Chickering piano.
One two-horse mower.
One two-horse cultivator.
Two cotton seed crushers.
One open-top buggy.
Mrs. J. A. Hamilton,
Estate of J. W. Adams.
Oot 8, 1911.
I was never before better able to tako
care of yonr eye glass work than I am at
presant. My stock is complete and of the
best goods and my methods of examina
tion ore the latest. I am here all the
time and can correct anything about yonr
glasses that may for any reason ba un
satisfactory after the work is done. This
fact should appeal to yon.
GEORGE F. MIMS, Optician
Gives Aid to Striken.
Sometimes liver, kidneys and
owels seem to go on a strike and
?fuse to work right. Then you need
lose pleasant little strike breakers,
?r. King's New Life Pills, to give
lem natural aid and gently compel
roper action. Excellent health soon
ollows. Try them. 25c at Penn <fc
[olstein, W E Lynch & Co., B
Averts Awful Tragedy.
Timely advice given Mrs. C. Wil
loughby, of Marengo, Wis., (R.
No. l) prevented a dreadful tragedy
and saved two lives. Doctors hid
said her frightful cough was a con
sumption cough and could do little
to help her. After many remedies
failed, her aunt urged her to take
Dr. King's New Discovery. "I have
been using it for some," time she
wroteand the awful cough has al
most gone.lt also saved my little boy j
when taken with a severe bronchial
trouble." This matchless medicine
has no equal for throat and lung
troubles. Price 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free. Guaranteed by Penn &
Holstein, W E Lynch & Co., B
mr mm
I Business Locals. j
. t. . .f,.t. .11 ,t, ,t, .ti itt .ti .t. it. .t..t. .1. i? fi f.t. . *
We have on display our fall lin?
of imported China and invite you
W. E. Lynch & Co.
There is no syrup better than ou
Blue Ribbbon and Georgia Cam
syrup. B. Timmons
Large shipment of matting j ns
received. New and attractive de
signs. Ramsey & Jones
For Sale: The Harrison Place ii
town of Edgefield, Columbia Street
Seven room residence, servant house
wood-house, Barn, Cow-shed, gooc
well. For particulars apply to M,
C. Parker, Edgefield, or T. Garreti
Talbert, Parksville, S. C.
Try our "Hero" ground coffee
it will go almost twice as far as thc
ordinary. B. Timmons.
Fresh shipment of Levering?
coffees at B. Timmons.
Wells' Creamery Butter 30 cents
a pound.
W. E. Lynch & Co.
Wanted: Good Housekeeping
Magazine requires the services of a
representative in Edgefield to look
after subscription renewals and to
extend circulation by special meth
ods which have proved unusually
successful. Salary and commission.
Previous experience desirable, but
not essential. Whole time or spare
time. Address, with references, J.
E. Fairbanks, Good Housekeeping
Magazine? 881 Fourth Ave., New
York City.
Stewart & Kernaghan sells it for
Fresh shipment of Levering's
coffees. Tiy them and you would
be pleased with quality and price.
B. Timmons.
If you love your wife buy her a
new Perfection oil cook stove.
Stewart ct Kernaghan.
Don't you need a new summer
buggy robe. We have a new lot in.
Ramsey & Jones.
Have you ever tried the Shiver
Spring mineral water for stomach,
liver, kidney and bladder trouble?
Fresh shipment just received.
B. Timmons.
When you need paint for either
inside or outside work try the Acme
Quality paint that is sold by Messrs.
W. W. Adams & Co. It will give
Our hearse responds promptly to
all calls, and our undertaking de
partment is well supplied with all
grades of coffins and caskets. Or
ders will be filled on short notice.
Edgefield Mercantile Co.
Stewart k Kernaghan sells it for
Jost received a large shipment of
trunks and snit cases. All sizes at
very reasonable prices. Edgefield
Mercantile Co.
Remember we still sell Rock
Hill, Tyson & Jones, Columbus and
Hackney buggies. Nothing better
on the market for the money.
Ramsey & Jones.
We always carry a full stock of
buggies, such as Moyer, Smith and
Oxford. Drop in to see the different
styles to select from. Edgefield
Mercantile Co.
Biggest stock of harness we have
ever carried. Single and double, all
weights and prices.
Ramsey cfc J one*.
Farm For Sale: In Ridge sec
tion, Ask for free list.
Johnston, S. 0. . Y. May.
Jost received one car load each
numbers one and two shingles.
W. W. Adams & Co.
We sell the celebrated Babcock
buggies and carriages. They never
fail to give satisfaction.
Ramsey & J ones.
Try a glass of Huyler's chocolate
soda. The finest in the world. Huy
ler's candy always fresh.
W. E. Lynch & Co.
Try the new store for dry goods, i
shoes, notions and ladies ready to- ?
Smith-Marsh Co. j
50 dozen ladies pure silk hose at ,
26 cents a pair, which is to your in- j
terest to look at them, elsewhere
not less than 75 cents a pair.
C. H. Schneider, J
Next to Edgefield Mercantile Co;
1 case of new fall outings m
light and dark colors, the very best
on the market, only 9c. New fall
ginghams, pretty scotch patterns
md plaids. Full 32-inch wide, per 1
yard 9ic.
C. H. Schneider, ?
Next to Edgefield Mercantile Co. j
Just received a full line of Gar- 1
svood's celebrated perfumery, and }
violet and carnation talcum powder. 1
B. Timmons. 1
Ladies suits worth $22.50 for y
114.98 at (
Smith-Marsh Co. f
Try our new perfumery- |
Blookis-in all of the popular odors,
B. Timmons. ^
The newest and most complete i
ine of shoes at
^mith-Marsh Co. (
Israel Mukashy
Bargain House
We are now ready* to supply you in fall and winter
goods-largest sjock we have ever had. Full line of
men's and boy's suits from $5 to
Boy's Suits from $2.50 to $7.00
Men's Pants from $1 to $4.50
Boy's " '* 50c" 1.00
. Overcoats for men and boys from $4 to $10, cloaks
for ladies and children at a low price. A full line of
underwear for ladies, men and children.
A nice line of black skirts from 1.95 to 6.00, and also
nice goods for skirts and waists, full lide of men's and
boy's hats from 50c to
And also a fresh line of
for everybody.
Israel Mukashy Bargain House
ig Stores
Having been in the furniture
business for 13 years, making
' two or three trips to market every
year in order to keep in touch
with how* furniture is made, we
feel that we understand the busi
ness pretty thoroughly. And
we have never bought to a better
advantage than we have this fall.
We feel that we can save our
Edgetield friends money on their
purchases in our line, therefore
have no hesitancy in inviting
them to call on us when in Augusta.
We have bed room suits from the lowest to the best. Our parlor furniture
cannot be surpassed for the money. Large assortment of Wardrobes, tables,
hat racks, dining and rocking chairs, brass and enameled beds, stoves, rugs,
art squares, window shades and pictures.
The fact is we can furnish your entire home for a very reasonable sum. Be
braBHucowd sure to call to see us when in Augusta. Special attention given all out-of-town
orders. Make our store your headquarters. We will look after your comforts.
TWO STORES: 972 and 1289 Broad Street
We carry a stock of dynamite
japs and fuse. Stewart & Kerna
New goods arriving daily. We
lave lately received a line of ladies
ilk petticoats which we can offer
ron at $2.75, the same quality and
n extra sizes at $3.25.
C. H. Schneider,
jJext to Edgefield Mercantile Co.
Large assortment of iron and en
imelcd beds to select from.
Ramsey & Jones.
s The World Growing Better?
Many things go to prove that it
s. The way thousands are trying to
telp others is proof. Among them
s Mrs. W W Gould, of Pittsfield,
?. H. Finding good health by tak
ng Electric Bitters, she now advis
s other sufferers, everywhere, to
ake them. "For years I suffered
nth stomach and kidney trouble,"
he writes. Every medicine I used
ailed till I took Electric Bitters.
3 ut this great remedy helped me
wonderfully. They'll help any wo
nan. They're the best tonic and
?nest liver and kidney remedy that's
nade. Try them. You'll see. 50c at
Jenn & Holstein, W E Lynch &
}o., B Timmons.
Until further notice
the Graniteville Mfg. Oo.
is actively in the mark
et for cotton delivered at
their warehouses in
Graniteville at 1-8 be
low Augusta quotations
No wet or low grade
cotton will be accepted.
A. H. Gilbert, Secretary.

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