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Unequally Yoked.
Farmers who work oxen know
what that means and they know
how unsatisfactory is tbe work
done by a pair of oxen when une
qually yoked. There is no way of
getting them to pull in harmony so
that each shall bear its own burden.
In business affairs there are part
ners sometimes who do not match
well. One is a quick starter and
the other slow and deliberate.
So they move by jerks and jolts.
The sooner they dissolve the part
nership the better for both of
Buta man and woman, unequal
ly yoked for life, with no tact in
adjusting the yoke, have a hard j
road to travel. The farther they
go, the more galling the yoke be
Out in Missouri a farmer from a
rural district, where they say
"dawg" and "hoss" and "yander"
and believe in moon signs, married
A city widow who was educated and
refined. Husband and neighbors
soon began to laugh at her on ac
count of her city "stuck up" ways.
She applied for a divorce and got
it. If she had properly considered
conditions first she would not have
yoked up with a man totally diff*""
ent from her in all his tastes, habits
and associations.
A few days ago a marriage was
annulled because a man who was a
Protestant married a Catholic girl.
He promised to be married by a
Catholic priest, but after the cere
mony was performed by a Protes
tant he refused to have the second
ceremony. He basely deceived her.
The woman in that cas? should
never have yielded to his persua
sion to marry at all. She was
weak and foolish and he was a de
Young people are going to keep
np the habit of marrying and they
are not going to adopt the plan of
"trial marriages." In this state it
is a life time partnership. Once
the yoke is on, it has to ?tay there,
whether it is easy or burdensome.
If not adjusted and made easy it
becomes heavier the longer the way
is traveled.
Here are some of the differences
which should be considered in a bu
siness way by young people. Church
relations cause much trouble. A
man and woman, with irreconcila
ble church creeds and prejudices,
should never tie up at the mar
riage altar. They will never be
broken in to pull together. Such
a relation is bad for their chil
A man or woman claiming to be
an artist and nothing else should
never marry one totally opposite in
habits and taste. The woman whose
soul is attuned to heavenly har
monies can never pull well with
a clod hopper who knows only how
to sow and reap and accumulate
The girl brought up to do noth
ing worth while is not prepared
for taking charge of a farmer's
home and the chickens, garden,
milk cows and pigs. She would
have to possess a fine sense of
adaptibility to meet the require
ments of such a change in her
So the final word to young peo
ple is to study church, social, po
litical and educational relations
before they agree to slip the same
yoke over their necks. Remember
that yokes are made of tough, sea
soned timber and it is impossible
to bend them to suit the neck of
the wearer. "Be ye not unequally
yoked together."
Had Left His Glasses.
He stumbled up the steps and
pushed open the door, says the
Hew York American, and stood
confronting his wife, who held a
telegram in one hand.
"Here's news," she said sternly,
**that has been waiting for you since
1 o'clock."
He braced himself against the
?at-rack. "Hie-I've left my glass
es in town. Hie-."
"Well, I see you have brought
borne the contents."
Almost Through.
The preacher was eloquent, the
congregation patient, and the dis
course very long. A stranger enter
ed and took a seat in a back pew.
Presently he whispered to the man
at his side, evidently one of the old
members: "How long has he been
preaching?" "Thirty or forty years,
I think," answered the elderly man,
"I don't know exactly." "I'll stay
then," said the stranger. "He must
be "nearly done."
A wealthy American girl was at
tending a social function at a couu
try house in England.
"You American girls have not
such healthy complexions as we
liave," said an English duchess to
the girl. *T always wonder vvhy our
noblemen take a fancy to your
.white faces. "
"lt isn't our white faces that at
tracts them," responded the Ameri
can: "It's our greenbacks."-Judge.
Error Due to Slip of Type.
The following, which is repub
lished word for word and letter for
letter just a? it appeared in one of
our exchanges, serves to show that
type behaves itself unseemly when
ope is most anxious for it to be cor
"Some of the various literary
clubs of the city might devote one
meeting a month to the use of dic
tionary and the deriviation of some
of the common words. The pro
nunciation would also be an inter
esting study. Many of our reading
people do not know how to use a
Many Edgefield Readers Have
Heard Ic and Profited There
"Good news travels fast," and
the thousands of bad back sufferers
in Edgefield are glad to learn where
relief may be found. Many a lame,
weak and aching back is bad no
more, thanks to Doan's kidney pills.
Our citizens are telling the good
news of their experience' with the
old Quaker remedy. Here is an ex
ample worth reading:
Mrs. C H Key, Wigfall street,
Edgefield, S. C., says: "I suffered
intensely from pains in my back
and head and my eyes were also
affected. Doan's kidney pills were
finally called to my attention and
were so highly recommended that
I began their use. I can say in all
earnestness that they did rae a world
of good, relieving the trouble that
was caused by my kidneys, in fact,
I never knew of another remedy
that acts so quickly and effectively.
Doan's kidney pills did such gt>od
work in my case that I consider it
my duty to endorse them."
For ?ale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents for
the United States.
Remember the name-Doan's
and take no other.
Mother (viciously scrubbing her
small boy's face with soap and wa
ter): "Johnny, didn't I tell you nev
er to blacken your face with burnt
cork again? Here I have been scrub
bing half an hour and it won't come
Boy (between gulps): "I-uch!
ain't your little boy-uch! I'se
Mose, de colored lady's boy."
Hats and Caps the largest selec
tion in Augusta. Straw hats ?1.U0
up. $8.00 Panama's at $4.75. Stet
son and other fine makes ?2.25 up.
Caps a full line 22c up. W. G.
Mertins Augusta, Ga.
Fresh shipment of Russell's can
dies by express.
B. Timmons.
You can always find what you
want if you visit our Millinery De
partment. Prices very low.
Have your windows and doors
fitted with wire screens and doors
for the summer. We have all sizes.
Stewart <fc Kernaghan.
It Don't Make Any Difference
What It Is, Or Where It Is, Or
Who Else Sells It, If It Is
Something to Wear, Anything Sold
in a Dry Goods Store, You Can Al
ways Buy It Better Or For Less
Money, at
FOR SALE-Two (2) fine cows.
J. R. Strother.
FOR SALE-30 light Monarch
acetelynce gas generator, including
piping and fixtures for 7 rooms.
All for $50.
O. P. Bright.
Public Pasture: I solicit your
stock for pasturing in my large
pasture on Horn's creek. Enclosed
with woven wire. Rates reasonable.
W. E. Ouzts.
Edgefield, S. C.
FOR SALE-Thoroughbred pup
pies-both setters and pointers.
R. G. Shannonhouse.
Expect Whati
You Pay For
It's Lime
It's Cement
It's Brick
It's Patent Plaster
It's Gasoline Oil
It's Kerosene Oil
It's Machine Oil
It's Auto Oil
It's Motor Oil
It's Lumber
It's Shingles
It's C. S. Hu"?
It's C. S. Meal
18 GOOD to Uve! Ii but la
That even In a city street.
Above the highest building's top
God's answer and my prayer wffl
If but to see arhld the crowd
Two comrades meet and greeting give;
A face the lo ve light glorifies;
A laughing diild-'tis good ter live!
-Maude Hartwell.
lu small places during the cold
weather mutton is hard tQ buy; but
a few recipes will be, useful when the
meat ls inor? plentiful".
Shepherd Pie.-Take, a pound. of
cold mutton, a pint of coid boiled po
tatoes, one-half an onion grated, one
or two cooked carrots; out the mut
ton and potatoes into small pieces and
put them with the onion and carrot
into a <eep baking dish. Add a cup
ful of stock or water, Bf.!% pepper and
a tablespoonful of burier cut in bits.
Pare and boil four medium-sized po
tatoes, mash and add cup of cream,
salt and pepper to taste, beat until
light, then add" enough flour to make
a soi* dough; roll out and cover the
dish with the dough, mane a cross cut
in the center to allow tie steam to es
cape, and bake in a moderate oven
one hour.
A modern shepherd^ pie is made
like the above with the addition of a
few capers and a stalk or two of cel
Barbecued Mutton.-Make a sauce
by melting two tablespoonfuls of but
ter; to this add the juice of half a
lemon, a quarter of a glass of cur
rant jelly, one-quarted of a teaspoon
of prepared mustard, one-half tea
spoonful of salt, pepper to taste and
a bit of grated orange peel. Reheat
slices of mutton in this sauce and
serve hot Do not cook after getting
hot or it will toughen the meat.
Mutton Left-Over.-Mix together the
following ingredients: Two cups of
cooked macaroni, three cupfuls of cold
cooked mattoe, one-half cup of
strained tomato, one teaspoonful of
curry powder, one egg, one and a half
tablespoonfuls of butter, salt and pep
per to taste. Butter a deep pie plate
or baking dish, make a mound of the
mixture and cdver thickly with
crumbs, well buttered; cover the pan
and cook twenty minutes, then uncov
er and brown. Remove to a hot plat
ter and garnish with sprigs of parsley.
Ooquettes are fine made from mut
ton, using curry for flavoring or a lit
tle tabasco and Worcestershire sauced
HERE are two stones we may
not dare to cast;
The stone of stumbling in our brothertj
The stone of Judgment at our brother"!
We, who ourselves Ilk? sheep have gone
astray. -Hamilton,
During the extremely cold weather
if the clothes pins are put into a drip
ping pan and heated hot, the hanging
out of the clothes will be made much
more comfortable. Do not carry out a
fuji basket, or all the pins. A second
trip will more than pay by the com
Always wrap linen that ls to lay any
length of time, in blue paper. It will
keep lt from turning yellow.
Hair brushes, if carefully washed tn
hot soda water and quickly -dried, will
keep their freshness for years.
A good housekeeper says If we wtU
stir a tablespoonful of ^vinegar into
the lard In which fritters, doughnuts
or potatoes are fried, they will not
soak fat
A teaspoonful of salt or a small
piece of gum camphor added to the
oil in a lamp is said to improve the
light, always providing the burner ls
kept clean.
To lessen the labor of ironing table
linens, if they are wrung by hand the
wrinkles are not so firmly set and
will dry smooth.
Eat apples. They are a tonic and an
appetizer. They are rich in flavors
and a valuable food adjunct
If one would have a good complex?
lon, it is necessary to kave plenty of
fresh air while Bleeping and plenty of
work to keep the mind busy. The only
wrinkles then will be those made from
laughter, and those are considered
Winter or summer one window in
the sleeping room should be kept open,
day and night
One person can exhaust all the air
In an ordinary bedroom In an hour.
A well-ventilated bedroom and the
sleeper's head entirely covered wi* h
the bedclothes is no better than sleep
ing with a closed window.
Don't worry about taking cold.
Fresh air ls one, of the best preven
I want the address of so
believes that he is wortnle:
Wy; who believes that th?
along just as as well withoi
who believes that his lands
vestments will produce as i
?for his widow as they do U
believes that his creditors
widow to just rock along a
ry, as she can have her ol
settling ; who believes th;
bors will step in and pu;
along for his widow, quit'
C. M. Mel
D. Sam Cox, Mans
Columbia, !
DEAR SIR:-I was born
be the cost of a policy best i
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gie Mills, Engines, Boilers,
Supplies and repairs, Porta
qle , Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files, Belts
and Pipes. WOOD SAWS
Gins and Press Repairs.
Money to Loan.
With real estate security,
for long time. Easy terms.
Southern Railway. Premier Car
rier of the South.
Schedules effective May 26, 1012.
Edgefield, S. C. (N. B. Schedule
figures shown as information only
and are not guaranteed.)
0:20 a. m. No. 209 daily arrives
Trenton 9:40 a. m., Columbia 11:55
a. m., Spartanburg 4:10 p. m..
Asheville 7:30 p. m., Cincinnati
9:55 a. m., Augusta 11:35 a. ra.
11:02 a. m. No. 208 daily from
Trenton to Edge.Held.
11:10 a. m. No. 331 daily from
Edgefield to Aiken. Arrives Aiken
12:15 noon.
1:50 p.m. No. 210 daily except
Sunday from Aiken to Edgefield.
2:00 p. m. No. 229 daily except
Sunday crom Edgefield to Aiken,
arrives Aiken 3:15 p. m., Columbia
6:40, Washington 8:54 a. m., New
York 2:31 p. m.
4:55 p. m. No. 232 daily from
Aiken to Edgefield.
6:50 p. m. No. 207 daily from
Edgefield to Trenton.
7:40 p. m. No. 206 daily from
Trenton to Edgefield.
For further information, call on
ticket agent, or,
E. H. Coapman, VP&GM,
AVashington, D. C.
J. L. Meek, A GPA,
Atlanta, Ga.
A. H. Acker, TPA,
Augusta, Ga.
Man Coughs and Breaks Ribs.
After a frightful coughing ?pell
a man in Neenah, Wis., felt terrible
pains in his side and his doctor
found two ribs had been broken.
What agony Dr. King's New Dis
covery would have saved him. A
few teaspoonsful ends a late cough,
while persistent use routs obstinate
coughs, expels stubborn colds or
heals weak, sore lungs. I feel sure
its a "rod-send to humanity, writes
Mrs. Effie Morton, Columbia, Mo.,
'"for I believe I would have con
sumption to-day, if I had not used
this great remedy." Its guaranteed
to satisfy, and you can get a free
trial bottle or 50c or ?1.00 size at
Penn & Holstein's, W E Lynch &
afino M
me man who
ss to his fam
;y would get
it as with him;
: or other in
iiuch income
Dr him ; who
will tell his
md not wor
rVn time about
at his neigh
sh his affairs
e as well as
they have beer
this man is ph
ical examin?t
present of a y<
of ONE Th
tho' he really
pathize with hi
If the reade:
scription, may
at something
something to
ease he is lool
liehamp, Speeii
Edgefield, S. C., or
Lger of Agents,
S. C.,
on the-day of
idapted to my age?
The teachers' scholarships in the
University of South Carol ina, worth
$100 in money and exemption from
fees, offer a fine chance for the
young men of this county. See the
advertisement on another page of
this paper.
Teaching is one of the best ca
reers open to the strong young men
of the State, as high schools are
multiplying upon every hand, call
ing for trained men at lair salaiies,
and with prospects of large useful
The University of South Carolina
is now under a full head of steam.
Efficiency has marked the past ses
sion to a remarkable degree. 443
students were present. A new au
ditorium is now building, which
will be of great advantage- The
separate Y. M. C. A. building, with
a permanent secretary giving his
whole energy to the moral and re
ligious life of the students, is a fact
of prime importance. The spacious
gymnasium with good baths, the
modern infirmary with a trained
nurse in attendance, are splendid
means of insuring the health of the.
The outreach of the University
in many forms of public service is
gripping the people of the winde
State. Close attention is given to
the individual student.
The growth of the Law School
has been signal.
Columbia offer9 many advantages
for struggling young men to sup
port themselves while they are
studying in the University. No
matter how poor a boy may be, he
he can get a full college education
at the University.
There is a Business Course with
fine facilities.
All in all, the progress of the
University during recent years as
regards attendance, efficiency, and
the spirit of public service is in
128th Year Begins September 27.
Entrance examinations at all the
county seats on Friday, July 5, at
9 a. m.
It offers courses in Ancient and
Modern languages, Mathematics
History, Political Science, Debat
ing, Chemistry, Physics, Biology,
and Engineering.
Courses for B. A., B. S., and B.
S. degree with Engineering.
A free tuition scholarship to each
county of South Carolina. Vacant
Boyce scholarships, giving $100 a
year and free tuition, open to com
petitive examination in September.
Expenses reasonable. Terms and
catalogued application. Write to
Charleston, S. C.
Ladies' writing desks in mahoga
ny, birdseye maple, weathered oak
in mission effect. Open and roller
top office desks and office chairs.
Ramsey & Jones.
Large stock of wagon and buggy
harness, also parts of harness. See
our saddles, bridlos and blankets
before buying.
Ramsey & Jones.
Full supply of Glenn Springs and
Harris Lithia waters.
Penn & Holstein.
i handled heretofore. If
ysically able to pass a med
ion, I will make him a
?ar's premium on a policy
isn't worth it, but I sym
is wife.
r dosen't fill the above de
be he values his existence
and would like to leave
take his place. In that
ting for theJSTATE LIFE
il Agent,
-1S-. What will
Make your porches comfortable
during the summer by using the
eelebrated Vudor Porch ?hades..
We carry a large supply.
Edgefield Mercantile
Back of your lens should
be Ansco Film. It takes a
quicker, clearer impression,
makes a finer negative
and more artistic pictures.
Have you seen the super
ior Ansco Cameras that
open horizontally-the way
you want to take nine
tenths-^of your pictures?
All sizes ana all prices here.
GEO." F. MIKS,' Wiftftie, S'C
Mr. A. 1 fy JIU,
will do ycurf f Dishing
We have more wagons than we
care to carry into next season, both
Webber and Columbus. For the
next sixty days we will make at
tractive prices.
Adams Warehouse Co.
I will stand my pedigreed jack at
my home for the spring season.
Weight 1,145 pounds. Julian R.
Strother. Fee 812?
Georgia Cane Syrup, fresh from
the iScuth Georgia farms, at
B. Timmons.
Corylopsis Talcum powder for
10 cents. No better made.
Penn & Holstein.

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