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News reached Edgefield this,
Wednesday, morning to the ef
fect that Gov. Marshall of indi
ana, had been nominated for the
Vice Presidency by the Demo
cratic convention at Baltimore.
Professional Notice.
I will be away or. my annual va
cation from Monday July 8th, un
til Monday July 22nd. I desire to
.give this information for my pa
Dr. J. S. Byid.
Rev. P. B. Lanham officiating,
. Miss Ida Miller and Mr. B. F. Mims
were married at the home of the
bride's brother Mr. Joe Miller in
the Antioch section on Wednesday
June 26, at 4:30 o'clock.
Progressive Antioch.
As a result of the recent election
held for the Antioch 2 mill school
tax, the total vote of eleven wenf
for the tax. The election was held
at the school building. Our Antioch
friends are keeping in line with the
procession of those who believe in
gibing their children educational
a-i vantages. They have not only
v.?ted the 'tax, but their teacher,
Ai i ss Robbie Jones is in attendance
upon the Winthrop summer school.
A bright prospect lies before them.
New Pastor at Gum Branch.
We are requested to announce
that the Rev. P. H. Bussey of
Edgtfi-id, has accepted a call to
Gum branch Baptist church for
three S . udays of every month. On
one 'ir-uiiday, the third, ho will
preach >t McBee. A large congrega
tion is et ?ped for at Gum Brauch
next Su: day as it is the new pas
tor's fi rat service. Mr. Bussey is
stopping for the present at the
home of Mr. G. G. Segars.-Hurts
ville Me:>s-- nger.
A Pr?da rive School Room.
Flat Roc'< school not only has
. good teachers, and bright boys and
girls, but also shelters the busiest
creation that was ever made, and
that is a swam of bees, and these
bees must be "? a sterling variety
from the kind . honey they make.
Our young fr nd Tee Bailey has
?sent us a bucket of this honey ta
ken from Flat R >ck school, and we
appreciate his thoughtfulness. No
doubt this swam of busy bees is a
constant remind' c to the students
in this school tha? energy and per
severance are characteristics worth
while, and bring their own reward.
Card of Thanks.
To our hosts of friends through
out the county; to our very near
neighbors, and our very dear friends
and relatives for so many kind fa
vors and so much kind loving at
tention, and so much faithful and
tender nursing of my dear mother,
who has crossed the beautiful river
and is at rest, I hav nt sufficient
words at my commaiu; to begin to
express my sincere th ai ks. To all
of our dear friends wh ? were with
us in our dark hours of great sor
row, Papa joins mo in thanking all
of them for so many kind and
loving favors in our great loss.
Walter W. Wise.
Trenton, S. C.
Birthday Party Pleasant Occa
On Thursday afternoon from 5
to 7 o'clock the little folks of seven
and thereabouts enjoyed a charm
ing afternoon of entertainment at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Samuel, in honor of the seventh
birthday of their pretty little nieco
Miss Katie May Spencer who with
her mother is visiting Mr. Samuel.
The cooling refreshments were
greatly enjoyed by all the happy
little guests, and many interesting
games were played. The little
friends who were invited are glad
of another little girl in Edgefield
to join their happy circle.
As pastor and as district Sunday
school secretary I wish to thank the
people for their hearty way of help
ing to get ready for our conference
beginning Monday night. So many
are helping I fear to try to name
them. Our entertainment committee,
composed of sever ladies, is doing
finely getting homes. Both the
Methodists and other denominations
are responding nobly. The men and
boys of the reception committee are
going to handle the crowd of dele
gates successfully. The choir is
planning to lead in general congre
gational singing ana to give us a
few extras also. Thanks, many
thanks to Edgefield. Let me add a
word of special thanks to both the
Edgefield newspapers.
J. R. Walker.
An Enjoyable Outing.
The fame of Salter's pond
known throughout the entire coui
almost, as a charming place for r.
Inicsand outings, and on Mond
last the outing spirit "moved" a f
of our bo3Ts who decided to go do1
to Salter's pond for fun and pie
ure-fishing, boating and bathir
'Accordingly, a party consisting
Messrs. Jas. T. Mims, Jr., To
Rainsford, F. W. Sheppard, a
Arthur S. Tompkins, Jr., as ch
cook, took their departure for a ti
to this beautiful nature spot. Mc
day night tents were pitched, a
they retired to rest their wea
limbs and dream of that comfo
able bed at home. And while t
tired boys slept the sleep of t
blessed, the raccoons danced ai
played by the light of the rao<
while the rippling waves of the la
sang a sweet lullaby.
Trenton folks are noted for th<
hospitality, and on Tuesday nig
Mr. Salter manifested the ust
hospitable spirit by giving a rece
tion in honor of the young raen.ai
while the "Honey Moon was a-Shi
ing in June" they talked, san
played and made merry until it w
almost time for old Sol to scatt
the shades of night. Several of t
young ladies of Trenton were pr<
ent. Mr. Salter very cordially i
vited them vO come again.
On Wednesday tho camp w
made merrier by the arrival
Messrs. J. D. Holstein, Jr., Ruf
Hart and Willie Dunovant as vii
tors. A picnic dinner was prepan
and spread upon the ground whi(
was very much enjoyed. Some
the boys claimed they brought tl
"grub" from home. But who know
Tompkins is a good cook!
They all had a grand, time, ever
thing passed off pleasantly, and tin
took their departure with reluctanc
singing in imagination,
Memory's the streamlet of the scei
Which sweeps the hills of joy betwee
And when our waking hour is pas1
Upon its shore we rest at last;
And love to view the waters fair,
And see past joys depictured there.
Several Hours Spent at th
United States Naval Academy
Special to The Advertiser.
Baltimore, June 29.-Anoth
little trip on the outside which a
fords some profit, as well as mut
genuine pleasure,was that this afte
noon to the Naval Academy locate
at Annapolis, the capital of Mar;
Last night after growing weai
of the monotonous balloting I le
the convention hall and caught tl
midnight train to Washington an
joined my little daughter there th:
morning, bringing her to Baltimoi
with me early in the forenoon. Ai
ter dinner I took her around to th
convention and witnessed the'] 3t
and 14th ballots. Then we left t
visit the Naval Academy at Annaj
otis which is about 30 miles frot
Baltimore and is reached by trollej
Although Annapolis is the cap:
tal of Maryland, it is a town of or
ly 8,000 inhabitants and is pract
cally of no commercial importance
Like most southern towns, the por
ulation is largely colored.
While the governor's mansion i
fairly creditable in appearance
good enough for its Republican oe
cupant-the capital is really a re
flection npon tho state of Maryland
Instead of being constructed entire
ly of marble and granite, as moB
state capitols are, and instead o
presenting a strikingly beautifu
and imposing appearance, as doei
our own capital in Columbia, it i?
constructed chiefly of brick and i
practically devoid of architectura
beauty. No wonder the 6tate o
Maryland has hidden it away on:
remote part of the Chesapeake ba^
Annapolis is a quaint old place
being a counterpart of Charlestor
in miniature. In the main, the
streets are almost as narrow as those
of China are reputed to be and the
sidewalks are correspondingly nar
With the Naval Academy and ali
that pertains thereto removed, noth
ing of importance would be left.
However, the privilege of inspecting
"L'ncle Sam's" plant for manufac
turing gunners and officers for big
war vessels makes a visit to Annap
olis worth j while. Then, too, the
hour's ride by the route we went is
through a beautiful section of
Marv and, affording also an oppor
tunity to get out of the great thiong
that crowds hotel lobbies, streets
and si . 'Ot cars. The view up the
Severn river with highlands on both
sides i.? suggestive of Hudson river
The Academy fronts on the Ches
apeake ay and partly on the Sev
ern river which flows into the bay
at this po int. Instead of one brick
building, such as the South Caro
lina Military Academy in Charles
ton occupies, the naval academy
consist*? of nearly a dozen enormous
granite structures. These, like
practically all government buildings
have an imposing massiveness, a
grandeur, and withal a beautiful
simplicity, which is peculiarly their
own. If, as some one has said, we
are a part of all with which we
come in contact, and I believe we
are, then, as I remarked to one of
the naval officers this afternoon,
surely living for four years within
the shadows of these colossal build
ings, which seem to be sufficiently
strong and impregnable to defy
time itself, should cause the young
men to form strong, rugged, manly
The corp consists of about 800
cadets, being divided among the
stales according to their representa
tion in congress. All of the boys
are now on summer furloughs ex
cept the recruits, who are known
here as "plebes." We asked for
several of the South Carolina boys
but the only one in the buildings at
the time was under quarantine be
cause his room-mate has chicken
pox, consequently he could not see
us. There are about 125 in the
faculty. The annual appropriation
for the support of the institution is
about ?500,000.
During their leisure hours the
boys spend the time playing tennis,
swimming and boating. As brass
buttons and blue uniforms are gen
erally associated with military af
fairs and institut ions, so many boys
in white sailor's garb presented
rather an unusual appearance. Dur
ing a part of the time we were on
the premises, the band, which con
sisted of about 30 pieces, played a
number of beautiful selections out
on the large band stand in front of
the chapel, which by the way is one
of the most artistic structures that
I have ever seen. "Uncle Sam"
always builds well.
The grounds, like all of the build
ings, are faultlessly kept and are
ideally situated, sloping gradually
up from the river's edge. The
walks and promenades are defined
with military precision and exact
ness. Several workmen were busy
cutting back the grass along the
cemented walks with pocket-knives,
not letting a sprig grow out of
line. How we did wish we could
steal several thousand square yards
of the beautiful sward and place it
in our wild and woolly Buncombe
The training received at Annapo
lis not only fits young men for the
navy but it is thorough in all of the
branches of the curriculum. How
ever, practically 100 per cent of
the graduates enter the navy because
of the inducements that are offered.
An Annapolis graduate has the rank
of ensign on a battleship, which cor
responds to the 2nd lieutenant in
the infantry. The ensign who con
ducted me over the battleship South
Carolina, a last year's graduate
from Annapolis,gets a salaryof aboViti
?2,000 per annum, and as they are
cruising all the while, spending
practically no time on land, this
amouut is net, all living or inci
cidcntal expenses being paid by the
With Col. Roosevelt eliminated
and consequently all war clouds
dissipated, naval life, especially to
an Annapolis graduate is particu
larly attractive at this time. The
output of the "factory" does not
supply the navy's need or demand
for technically trained men, yet
there is no other source from which
trained recruits can be drawn. The
deficiency of West Point men is
supplied by commissioning grad
uates from institutions like the
Citadel that do up-to-the-standavd
work. This can not be done how
ever in thc naval branch of the ser
vice for there is but one Naval
Academy in America. .
Well, ail-aboard for Baltimore!
My little companion is not quite as
verdant as when she left Edgefield,
even if she did call the massive
granite colonnades pergolas, I mean
the colonnades connecting the build
ings at the naval academy. She
also got a cinder in her eye (so she
?aid) while on the trolley coming
from Annapolis. I reminded her
that trolley cars down our way did
not burn coal.
I know that it is not altogether
apropos to go abruptly from colon
nades to cowpeasj yet when I think
of the beautifully kept orchards be
tween Baltimore and Annapolis be
ing covered with peas. I can not
refrain from urging the Edgefield
farmers (for all of whom I havo an
affectionate regard) to sow peas,
and to sow more peas if you hav<
sown some already. In every let
ter that I have written to my "man
ager" (she manages, however, with
kindness rather than with the r>d)
since coming away I have added,
either on the margin or in (hu lot
ter, or both, "Bo BU. J to have thc
peas sown if it rains." S >, 1 s iv to
you too, readers of Meeting Street,
Pleasant Lane, Cleor.i, Ildiohoth,
Red Hill, Colliers and 11 inn ?ny,
Sow peas when it rains." i hope
though that it h.u rained down
there hy this timo.
By tho way, Iva? reminded ni
Sam Adams and Li thur Bell tho
af tor no? ni while ?rn Kio trolley front
Aunap?lis. lluw, do you a?k? B>
aten-acre fie?d of tomatoes. 1*1;
Nwt, however, and with tho same
I degree of certaiuiiy that I would
A beautif
sortaient of
ed lawns, 1?
ne for 10c.
Gauze ves
10c, 15c, 25
All-over en
eries, lisle 1
and long ?
white, blacl
chamois, 1S
tons 50c
bet on Judge Jones' election, that
our Clark's Hillians can beat these
Marylanders growing tomatoes.
However, judging from some of
the unauthenticated reporte of the
recent State campaign meetings our
people down there can "r?ise more
cain" than these do up here.
Enough of this nonsense but
"More anon," as The Advertiser's j
Parksville scribe signs himself.
J. L. Mims.
Special Notiees
We have anything jrou want in a
nice Run-a-bout in several makes
and prices.
Wilson & Cantelou.
Large stock of wire screen doors
and windows just received.
Stewart & Kernaghan.
Mahogany, walnut and oak bed
room suits from $18 up to $175.
Ramsey & Jones.
Fresh shipment of Harris Lithia
Water and Ginger Ale, at
JJ. Timmons.
Full stock of matting and mat
ting art .?(piares, all new and up-to
date patterns. Full stock of rugs
and art squares.
Ramsey & Jones.
all-steel spring tooth Diver;
cotton. If you ever try One
Dain's Mowers
Tho Dain vertical lift
mower is a machine that
great strength
h wi;l? light draft and ease
|of management, being not
Sonly correctly designed,
but substantially construct
ed If \ou need a mower
i'd *
try i\ Dain vertical lift
mower. No better on the,
\\re carry a full line of
repairs lor McCormick,
Osborne, Deering, Cham
pion and Dain Mowers.
ul as*
ee val
its 5e,
r. and
2 but
?9c, 21
ball f:
from 5
Large shipment of cut glass, ster
ling silver and jewelry by express.
Sterling silver in sets or single
pieces for weddings. Beautiful plush
boxe3 for each piece.
Ramsey & Jones.
We are now representing Tyson
?c Jones Buggy Co. You know
what their buggies are.
Wilson & Cantelou.
FOR SALE-The Oliver type
writer. ?5 down brings you the
machine and $5 ppr month or lVc
per day.
O. P. Bright, Local Agent'
Large assortment of trunks, bags,
suit cases, etc, at reasonable prices.
Ramsey & Jones.
Photographs made in newest
styles. See specimens.
Miss Eliza M. Mims.
Don't put off your orders for
Hand Painted China, for wedding
presents. White and gold with
Monogram, a specialty.
Miss Eliza M. Mims.
Our prices on wire screen doors
and windows is very reasonable.
See us before buying.
Stewart & Kernaghan.
Stetson hats and other fine fine j
makes ?2.50 up. Also straw hats
to close out chea]). Write F. Gr.
MERTINS, Augusta, Ga.
se Cu
; you
a is
ltivator. It can be used :
will never be without a I
fart & Kernag
>n Corduroy |
5c, 35c.
lace bands
Low laces
te and ecrue
ringe laces J
c to $1 per ?
The best makes in children's and
ladies oxfords direct from the man
ufacturers to be found in the city
at Rives Bros.
Rub-My-Tism will care you.
Full supply of baseball goods at
B. Timmons.
A beautiful lot of 10c Organdi
which we always sell at 10c, for Tc.
J. W.Peak.
Rub-My-Tism will cure you.
We are still selling the celebrated
Studebaker wagon. The best yet,
Wilson & Cantelou.
Misses and children's Gingham and
percale dresses at one half price.
Rives Bros.
I am closing out my line of la
dies shirt waists. The regular price
is ?1.98. Now $1.19.
J. W. Peak.
The American lady Corset in
styles to fit all figures, for sale by
Rives Bros.
Yielding to the urgent request of
friends I will again hold my annuli
barbecue on Tuesday, July 23rd.
Dinner will be provided as usual.
Good music will be supplied bv
Byrd-Griffis band. Good order will
prevail. The public invited.
J. J. Grims.
n purchasing an implement
irmer should aim to have
work thoroughly done as
1 as to procure something
: will save labor. Both of
;e aims are accomplished
purchasing a John Deere
in cultivating either corn or
)eere diverse cultivator.

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