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Supervisor's Quarterly Report
Commencing April 1st,
1912, Ending June 30,
E M Cruch
Fraud Weaver
A R Broadwater
.ino R Blocker
Will Bostick
Dr GD Walker
Johnston News Monitor
J G Mobley
30 L Scott
M V Srayer
W A Clark
W H Carpenter
Jas DeVore
JV W Fuller
L M Clark
J R Scurry
Maybell Slaughter
Walter Nicholson
Charlie Glover
Antney Hammond
Jno Williams
Jimmie Glover
Mrs J R Scurry
AC Jay
J O Herin
J C Lewis
J?bnnie Glover
R W Glover
Edgefield Chronicle
N L Brunson
N L Broadwater
W A Hart
Tommie Hammond
W J Wells
Zack Glover
Wm Hammond
W B Cogburn
W T Kinnaird
PHE Prescott
Prof Wideman
Jack Walton
J ? Strother
VVinchester Robinson
A S Powell
Sam J Reynolds
W H Powell
Edgefield Chronicle
J R Tiramerman
Walker Evans Cogswell Co
W W Adams & Co
W G Ouzts
II H. Freeman
fcraith Bros
W P Brunson
May & Prescott
JasT Mims
Edgefield Mer Co
Isreal Mukashy
S M Smith
P W Cheatham
Stewart & Kernaghan
W S Marsh
J E Holmes
E M Padgett
B W Morgan
W G Wells
C P Kirkland
W G Wells
Lyon Meritt & Co
Geo Hamilton
W H Turner
W H Harling Agt
J W Adams
W H Harling Agt
J H Wideman & Bros
W A Neal & Son
L H Bledsoe
W R Eidson
Charlie Broadwater
J H Biedsoe
The Good Road Machine Co
G P Sawyer
Johnnie Mathis
S C Penitentiary
J w Peak
W T West
H C walton
Charlie Broadwater
Abner walker
Francis Prince
Jno G Edwards M D
N L Broadwater
Jones <fc Son
Champion Supply Co
Jno R Sourry
w S Stevens
Total for month Apr '12 $2,036.17.
E S Johnson 153 75
willie Cheatham 30 00
Edward Corley 8 00
J F Stone 15 00
w G Byrd 3 50
Monroe Prescott 19 00
Joe S Smith 2 00
J R Timmerman 33 83
w G Ouzts 100 00
" 14 45
M B Tarrant 4 00
F P White 10 00
Oscar Timmerman 2 50
JE Holmes 20 84
C R Holmes 2 00
B E Nicholson 20 00
R L Talbert 2 50
NL Broad water 12 50
w H Tiramerman 18 25
Isreal Mukashy 4 00
Mrs J R Sourry 8 50
J R Scurry 35 50
walter Nicholson 4 95
Maybelle Slaughter 0 00
Robt Slaughter 5 50
N L Ransom 10 00
Press Lyon 7 00
VE Edwards 75 00
S C Clerk 29 CO
w w Adams & Co 55 75
C S Derrick 27 00
Lewis Holmes 37 00
A C Ouzts 4 50
B M Bussey 25 10
Edgefield Mer'l Co 39 34
Smith Bros 144 85
Miss Sophie Minis 10 00
W w Fuller 50 83
w S Middleton 1 93
Geo Cartledge 9 65
Tommie Quarles 7 00
J O Scott 4 50
Jas T Mims 33 33
J C Lewis 355 31
Walker Evans Cogswell Co 33 01
W S & D A Byck Co 4 50
Edwin H Folk 15 00
Longie Doolittle J 50
W B Cogburn 4 50
Lott Walker Co 18 00
R A Buchanan 8 00
Rives Bros 17 55
i P W Cheatham 16 66
H C Sanders 2 20
H W Crouch 20 50
; JO Herin 12 50
M E Herin 2 94
Edgefield Chronicle 6 00
Abner Walker 35 00
Charlie Broadwater 25 00
Francis Prince 30 00
Edward Corley 2 00
John Dukes 4 00
Charlie Smallwood 4 00
S C Penitentiary 76 00
J W R DeLaughter 7 00
L T May 7 70
Peter Powell 10 CO
J G Edwards M D 10 00
W G Wells 1 20
Edgefield Meat Market 9 75
w G wells 25 00
R w Moigan 25 00
Total for month May '12 ?1.947.17.
Willie E Freeland 6 00
E L Ryan 16 50
S M Smith 2 20
wm Toney 8 00
w T Kinard 26 00
J J Langley 30 00
Isreal Mukashy 2 23
C A Long 3 00
J R Roddie 5 00
II Spann Toney 14 50
Bob AgDer .50
J R Timmerman 34 43
V E Edwards 20 00
Dr J B Adams 5 00
H B Moultrie 37 50
J w Bailey 18 75
J L Bailey 12 50
D I Morgan 8 50
w ii Cogburn 84 50
W G Oozts loo oo
M S 05
17 50
Francis -Prince 30 00
Abner walker 35 00
A Gilchrist 31 25
G S Coleman 25 00
B E Nicholson 20 00
J R Blackwell 31 25
J R Harvly 25 00
Edgefield Mer Co 59 97
J C nuzhardt j> .50
j R Blocker . 60 00
w E Turner 25 00
W Herlong 18 75
<; T Duncan 25 00
Charley Broadwater 25 00
N L Brunsou | 10 00
E u Dorn 70 67
J E Holmes lu 42
w w Fuller 51 70
R L Prince ls 75
J O Herin 12 5U
il II Sanders 1 25
Zion Office Supply Co 43 8U
Jas T Mims 33 33
P w Chuatham 16 66
J R Scurry 36 00
Maybelle Slaughter 6 00
Robt Slaughter 5 00
walter Nicholson 6 0U
Mrs J R Scurry 3 50
C R Jackson 12 00
? B Dasher 9 60
J C Lewis 101 55
Edgefield Meat Market 4 9u
wallace w wise 31 25
J w R DeLaughter 10 00
walker Evans Cogswell Co 3 48
Dr B L Allen 10 00
CL nerry 10 00
S C Berry 54 83
Jno G Edwards MD 15 00
J M Prescott 2 00
J G Mobley 37 50
37 50
w II Carpenter" 35 25
walter Kinnaird 2 00
Paster Powell 1 00
N L Brunson 43 75
N L Broadwater 12 50
Edgefield Chronicle 1 50
J AV Peak 8 98
Lott walker Co 22 09
R w Morgan 25 U0
Jones & Sons 7 80
w w Miller 25 00
w G wells 1 60
L T May 21 55
walker Evans Cogswell Co 2112
w w Adams & Co 57 00
<;eo Tompson 14 83
Bob wideman 10 00
w II Turner 15 51
w G wells 75 00
A S Hall 42 00
J Toi Herlong 8 00
w II Timmerman 5 15
W R Eidson 3 60
Roanake Bridge Co 2,903 85
B L Jones 18 00
Byck Co 7 00
S C Penitentiary 7600
Total for June 1912 $4,061 80
" Quar. Ending June
30th 1912, ?8,945 14.
W. G. Wells, Sup. E. C.
Attest: P. Wr. Cheatham Cl'k. Bd.
Co. Com. E. C.
Leading Plank of Platform
Adopted by Baltimore Con
vention. ..
Action of Republican Administration
In Compromism? With Standard
Oil and Tobacco Combines
Condemned-Vlewa on
Other Subjects.
rf. -
Following ' -e the principal plank?
of the platform adopted by th-e Demo
cratic ne.tional convention at Balti
more. ...'Ti..;..)....
The Tariff Reform
? "We declare lt to be a fundamental
principle of the Democratic party
that the federal government under
the Constitution has no right or pow
er to Impose or collect tariff duties
except for the purpose of revenue
and we demand that the collection of
such taxes shall be limited to the ne
cessities of government honestly and
economically administered.
"The high Republican tariff is the
principal cause of the unequal distri
bution of wealth ?it is a system of
taxation which makes the rich richer
and the poor poorer; under its opera
tions the American farmer and labor
ing man are the chief sufferers; it
raises the cost of the necessaries of
life to them, but d?es not protect their
product or wages,
"We favor the immediate down
ward revision of the existing high,
and in many cases, prohibitive tariff
duties, insisting that material reduc
tions be speedily made upon the nec
essaries of life. ''Articles entering In
to competition with trust controlled
products and articles of American
manufacture where sold abroad more
cheaply than at home could be put
upon the free list
"We denounce the action of Presi
dent Taft in vetoing the bills to re
duce the tariff in the cotton, woolen,
metals and chemicals schedules and
the farmers free list bills, all of
which vas designed to give immedi
ate relief to the masses from the ex
actions of the trusts,
"The Republican party, ?.while
promising tariff rerislon, has shown
by its tariff legislation that such re
vision is not to be in the people's in
terests and having been faithless to
its pledges of 190S lt should no longer
enjoy the confidence of the nation.
High Cost of Living.
"The high co : of living is a se
rious problem in every American
borne. The Republican party in its
platform attempts to escape from re
sponsibility for present conditions by
Ponying that they are due to a pro
tective tariff. We take issue with
them on this subject and charge that
excessive prices result in a large
measure from ihe high tariff lavis en
acied and maintained by the Repub
lican party, and frcm trusts and com
mercial conspirators fostered and en
couraged by such laws, and we assert
that no substantial relief can be se
cured for the people until import du
ties on the necessaries of life are ma
terially reduced, and those criminal
conspiracies broken up.
Anti-Trust Law.
"A private monopoly is indefensi
ble and intolerable. We therefore fa
vor the vigorous enforcement of the
criminal as well as the civil law
against trusts and trust officials, and
demand enactment of such additional
legislation as may be necessary to
make lt impossible for a private mo
nopoly to exist in the United States.
"We condemn the action of the Re
publican administration In compro
mising with the Standard Oil Com
pany and the tobacco trust and its
failure to invoke the criminal pro
visions of the anti-trust law against
the officers of those corporations aft- j
QT the court had declared that from
the undisputed facts in the record
they had" vi'olal?d the criminal provis
"We regret that Sherman anti-trust
law has received a judicial construc
tion depriving it of much of HB ef
ficac3% and we favor the enactment of
leg^lation which will restore to the
statute the strength of which it has
been deprived by such interpretation.
Income Tax and Popular Election of
"We congratul?t*? the oountry upon
the triumph of two Important reforms
demanded in the last national plat
form, namely, the amendment of tho
federal constitution authorizing an in
come tax and the amendment provid
ing for the popular election of sena
tors, and we call upon the people of
all the states to rally to the support
of the pending propositions and secure
their ratification.
"We note with gratification the
unanimous sentiment in favor of
The Cld-Fashloned Fire.
Could anything be more refreshing
than the smell cf the old-fashioned
wood fire in late spring or early au
tumn? There ls something grimy in
the reek of coal, and the odor of gas
ls nauseating. Modern inventions
may have brought their "conveni
ences" but a staid old senator, who
lately parsed beyond, i;;:;is'.ed that
when he wanted a real nfght of com
fort, after-the family had ail gen*
south for the winter, he wouid hie
himself home, bui.'d au u!(l-..;.-.;:...
I want the address of so
believes that he is wortnle
ily ; who believes that th(
along-just as as well withoi
who believes that his lands
vestments will produce as i
for his widow as the)' do f<
believes that his creditors
widow to just rock along 2
ry, as she can have her o^
settling ; who believes th
bors will step in and pu
along for his widow, quit
C. M. Mel
D. Sam Cox, Mans
DEAR SIR:-I was born
be the cost of a policy best ;
publicity before tho election ot cam
paign contributions-a measure de
manded in cur national platform of
19US and at that time opposed by the
Republican part}', and we commend
the Democratic House of Representa
tives for extending the doctrine of
publicity to recommendations, verbal
and written, upon which presidential
appointments are made, to the own
ership and control of newspapers and
to the expenditures made by and in
behalf of those who aspire to presi
dential nominations and we point for
additional Justification for this legis
lation to the enormous expenditures'of
money In behalf of the president and
his predecessor !n the recent contest
for the Republican nomination for j
Presidential Primaries.
The movement towards more popu
lar government should be promoted
through legislation in each state which
will permit the expression of the pref
erence of the electors for national can
did^kat presidential primaries,
^'^?Kirect that the national com
mittee Incorporate in the call for the
next nominating convention a require
ment that all expressions of preference
for presidential candidates shall be
given and the selection of delegates I
and alternates be through a primary
election conducted by the party or- I
ganizaffon in each state where such |
exprefsion and election are not pro
vided for by state law.
Term of President
"We favor a single presidential
term, and to the end urge the adoption
of an amendment to the constitution
making the president of the United
States Ineligible to re-election, and we
pledge the candidate of this conven
tion to this principle.
Railroads, Express Companies, Tele
graph and Telephone Lines.
"We favor the efficient supervision
and rate regulation of railroads, ex
press companies, telegraph and tele
phono lines engaged in Interstate com
merce. To this end we recommend
the valuation of railroads, express
companies, telegraph and telephone
lines by the Interstate commerce com
mission, such valuation to take into
consideration the physical value of the
property, the original cost, the cost
of reproduction, and any element of
value that will render the valuation
fair and Just
Banking Legislation.
"We oppose the so-called Aldrtch
bill or the establishment of a cen
tral bank, and we believe the people of
the country will be largely freed from
p?nica and consequent un-employment
?nTX?iiuess depression by such ? sys
tematic revision of our banking laws
a8 will render temporary relief in lo
calities where such relief ls needed,
with rrc^ctiTm ?rom control or dom
inatioTi by what ls known as the
money trust. j
Parcels Post and Rural Delivery.
"We favor the establishment of a
parcels post or postal express, and
also the extension of the rural de
livery system as rapidly aa practic
The campaign contributions plank
pledges the party to the enactment of
a law prohibiting any corporation
from contributing to a campaign fund.
It also limits individual contributions
to a "reasonable maximum.**
The Democratic congress ls heartily
commended for its long list of laws
for the benefit of the people after a
generation of unlimited power by the
Republican party. The next plank
arraigns the Republican party for
waste of "the money wrung from the
people by oppressive taxation."
A plank on rural credits is of im
portance. It is recommended that an
investigation of agricultural credit so
cieties in foreign countries be made
looking toward devising a suitable sys
tem for the United States. A water
ways plank provides for federal con
trol of the Mississippi and other, wa
terways. The nlan is to. maintain, an
me man who
ss to his fam
ty would get
it as with him;
; or other in
nuch income
jr him ; who
will tell his
ind not wor
time about
at his neigh
sh his affairs
e as well as
they have been
this man is phj
ical examinati
present of a ye
tho' he really i
pathize with hi:
[f the reader
scription, may
at something ?
something to 1
case he is look
lichamp, Speele
Edgefield, S. C., or
iger of Agents,
St C.,
on the-day of
adapted to my age?
average depth on the big river so it |
will be navigable, and cons'.-uot dooka
to prevent further floods. This plan':
also favors draining of all swamp
The platform favors post roads. It
reaffirms its declarations in the 19^* '
platform in regard to !;:bor. It hol?a '
there should be a mcdi.ienticn of the
injuncticnal laws.
It also recommends a department of j
labor with a cabiuet officer.
The conservation plank la also of ?
Importance end holds that conserva- !
tlon arid development should proceed '
for tho benefit of all the people. Im
mediate action is favored to malte
available the coal deposits of Alaska. J
A pure food and public health plank !
declares fer the union and strength
ening of thc various governmental
agencies relating to pure food, quaran
tine, vital statistics and human h-?alth.
This department should be adminis
tered without partiality or discrimina
tion in favor cf or against any school
of medicine. The civil service law
should be honestly and rigidly en
forced. Legislation ls favored to pro
mote law reform. The "policy cf cm
perialism" In the Philippines ls de
nounced. It favors the declaration of
the independence of ther.e ?slands.
Arizona and New ?dexieo are wel
comed to thc sisterhood of states.
wood fire In the cook stove and sit
around aa in his old boyhood dtys cw
tho farm. "What memories it re
calls," he would say. "to hear the
crackle of the wood and sniff the
smoke that seems to be purifying
rather than oppressive!"-"Affairs
and Folks," Joe Mitchell Chapple, In
Joe Chappie's News Letter.
"Fish is a good brain diet."
"I suppose you take v>eakflsa for
L;;dics' writing desks in mahoga
ny, birdseye maple, weathered oak
in mission effect. Open and roller
top office desks and office chairs.
Ramsey & Jones.
I will stand my pedigreed jack at
my home for the spring season.
Weight 1,145 pounds. Julian R.
Strother. Fee ?12+
Georgia Cane Syrup, fresh from
the South Georgia farms, at
13. Timmons.
Expect What?
You Pay For
It's Lime
It's Cement
It's Brick
It's Patent Tl aster
It's Gasoline Oil
It's Kerosene Oil
It's Machine Oil
It's Auto Oil
It's Motor Oil
It's Lumber
It's Shingles
It's C. S. Hulls
It's C. S. Meal
Money to Loan.
With real esiate security,
for long time. Easy terms.
..... , . ,.---.-?_, .... .-,
. handled heretofore. If
'sically able to pass a med
on, I will make him a
ar's premium on a policy
sn't worth it, but I sym
s wife.
dosen't fill the above de
be he values his existence
md would like to leave
:ake his place. In that
ingforthejSTATE LIFE
il Agent,
-TS-. What will
mm smts
Make your porches comfortable
during tho summer by using the
celebrated Vudor Porch Shades.
We carry a large supply.
Edgefield Mercantile
Back of your lens should
be Ansco Film. It takes a
quicker, clearer impression,
makes a finer negative
and more artistic pictures.
Have you seen the super
ior Ansco Cameras that
open horizontally-the way
you want to take nine
tenths of your pictures?
Ali sizes and all prices here.
/ " 4fi * - ..--.j;
GEO. F. MIMS, Edgefie ld, S. C
Kr. A. T. Si?! 1 I,
will do your fcishiEg
We have more wagons than wo
care to carry into next season, both
Webber and Columbus. For the
next sixty days we will make at
tractive prices.
Adams Warehouse Co.
A beautiful lot of 75c lace cur
tains for 4i)c.
J. W. Peak.
Notice-Automobile rain proof
dusters 85. Also gloves, caps a
full line. Write F. G. MERTINS,
Augusta, Ga.
The best assortment and fit in
men's and boys' shirts. Can be
found at
Rives Bros.

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