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Established 1835.
J. L MIKS,...Editor
Published every Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at $1.50 per year
in advanoe.
Sntered as second class cotter at
the pnatoffice at Edgefield, S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks, Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
War destroys men, but luxury de
stroys mankind; at once corrupts the
body and mind-CROWN.
A thousand cheers for Woodrow Wil
The Advertiser moves that Wilson's
election be made unanimous.
Doesn't a sharp advance in cotton
give a quick-step to businesi?
And Turkey beat a retreat before
Thanksgiving Day.
When the people move en masse
something is going to happen.
Capt. Sam Moose Rice has the sym
pathy of his Edgefield friends.
For the first time in the country's
history the electoral college has hon
ored a college president.
Let's now forget all about politics
and elections and turn our attention to
the fair.
The "Solid South" will for the next
four years feel that it is a part of the
?"glorious commonwealth."
The Bull Moose has already emigra
ted to his native haunts in the jungles
of Africa.
Doubtless Mr. Taft and Col. Roose
velt are saying: "Just as we expected
but we wouldn't admit it."
The Colonel's rule-or-ruin policy has
done a plenty for the Republican par
ty. Requiescat in pace.
Woodrow Wilson, the right man in
the right place at the right time in the
right manner. The fact is there is noth
ing wrong about it.
This smilingSouthland'of ours! Think
of it, we are now more than a knot on
a log, when it comes to having a voice
in th? national government.
In causing cotton to advance just
when it did, the Fates were with the
men who had bank notes maturing
-the first of November.
The county fair will be a success
- next week but it will be a greater suc
cess if you give the managers your co
How can Schrank, a criminal who be
longs in the class with Giteau and
Szolgosz, expect mercy at the hands of
the jury?
Mrs. Grover Cleveland is not worry
rying over who will be the next presi
dent. She is engrossed with more im
portant matters.
It is unfortunate that no tickets for
voting on the asylum bond issue were
provided for the two Edgefield boxes.
Somebody is evidently guilty of neg
lect, if nothing else.
Before the flowers withered on vice
President Sherman's grave there was
a scramble for his place on the Repub
lican ticket. There is no sentiment in
Think of it, a man elected president
of these United States J in the good
year 1912 with a campaign fund of less
than a million dollars, not a penny of
which was contributed by a corpora
tion. We haven't yet gone to the
"demnition bow-wows/'
Whenever union labor resorts to vio
lence to enforce a compliance with its
demands the actual loss to its ranks
is greater than the gain. The conduct
of the striking street car operatives in
Jacksonville is disgraceful. It appears
now that blood will have to be shed
there as in Augusta before order can
be restored.
The Southern man, the South Carolina
?man, the Edgefield county man, who is
not smiling .this post-election morning
hasn't a drop of patriotic blood in his
veins, and should be forthwith extra
dited to the crumbling empire of the
A dispatch from Spartanburg stated
that "every ballot for to-day's election
was either destroyed or concealed."
What is the matter with Spartanburg
politically, anyway? For ways that are
dark and tricks that are vain, she al
most rivals Charleston. Every print
i ng press in Sparenburg was put in
operation early Tuesday morning in
order to provide the necessary tickets.
Greenwood Honored.
The College of Bishops of the Meth
odist Episcopol church, South, held
their annual fall meeting in Greenwood
last week. This is the first time the
bishops have ever held a meeting in
South Carolina which makes the selec
tion of Greenwood a? a desirable meet
ing place a distinct compliment to
our neighboring town, the daughter of
The College of Bishops is composed
of the 14 bishops of the church. The
business sessions are held behind closed
doors. These distinguished ministers
are the leading lights in southern
Methodism, and any community should
feel honored at having them assemble
in its midst.
There Should Be l?o Delay.
The attorneys for T. U. Vaughan
have given notice of an appeal to the
supreme court, which means that there
will probably be an indefinite delay in
executing the sentence that wa3 impos
ed by the court at the time the revolt
ing confession was made, not by the
accused but by a man who according
to his own words is guilty of a series
of crimes that i : doubtless without a
parallel in the courts of South Car
When delays are possible in such
eas es as this, where there is no doubt
of guilt and absolutely nothing to be
offeredj?n extenuation for the crime,
there is something radically wrong
with our laws or the rules governing
our courts. It is just such delays as
the one that is being planned by
Vaughan's shrewd lawyers that encour
age lynch law. Knowing the proneness
of the courts to delay and leniency, in
certain extreme cases the people, un
fortunately, are not willing to "take
chances" with the long-drawn-out ad
ministration of justice.
It has been intimated from certain
quarters that GovernorJBtease will com
mute Vaughan's sentence. This should
not be done. On the contrary, the
chief exe cutive should use all of the
powers of his office to the end that the
sentence of the court be carried out to
the letter.
Duty First, Party Second.
Although trampling under foot the
rules of the Democratic party is a very
serious matter, particularly here in
South Carolina where two races reside
side by side, with the inferior in the
majority, yet there are times when
duty demands that party rules be ig
nored. When a nominee of the Demo
cratic party, feeling secure under the
rules of the party, which ordinarily
guarantee his election in November, is
guilty of conduct that renders him un
worthy of the confidence that has been
placed in him by his fellow citizens,
then it becomes the duty of every
good citizen, regardless of party rules,
to vote for a man who will make a cap
able and honest public official. The
good people of Greenville have been
confronted with just such a situation.
The sheriff-elect recently caused the
arrest and imprisonment of certain po
etical opponents upon fictitious charges
of a serious nature, with' the evident
purpose of humiliating them and injur
ing their influence. In order to rebuke
this unworthy man and in order to se
lect some one who will make an honest
and capable sheriff, the people came
together en masse and nominated an
independent candidate for the office of
Under such circumstances, every
good citizen should vote for the inde
pendent, or "bolter", il you please. If
loyalty to party rules conflict with
one's duty as a citizen, it is clearly the
duty of a voter {to renounce party al
legiance and do his duty fully.and fear
Dr. Bell Moved to McCormick.
It will be seen from tbe'following
clipping that Dr. D. A. J. Bell has
moved to McCormick to practice
medicine and has formed a oop?rt
neJship with two of his nephew?
who will conduct a first-class drug
"Dr. D. A. J. Bell, formerly of
Pirksville and Edgefield, announces
that he is permanently located at
MoCormick for the practice of his
profession. He has formed copart
nership with W.M. and J.S. Strom,
who are arranging to open a first
class drug store, and tho public gen- '
erally are invited to visit them and
see their goods. Anyone needing a
physician will find Dr. Bell at their
place of business. Further an
nouncement will bo made from
week to week.*'-McCormick Mes
? +
?I Current Comment J
A Lofty Sentiment.
"I would rather lose in a cause that
I know someday will triumph, than to
triumph in a cause that I know must
ultimately lose."-Woodrow Wilson.
> The cause has already triumphed.
Second Best.
The Spartanburg County Fair is the'
greatest county fair ever held in South
Carolina.-Spartanburg Journal.
Edgefield's will be first and Spartan
burg's second best.
You Can Bet On lt.
No husband has ever complained be
cause his wife's mustard plasters are
not as strong as those which his moth
er used to make.-Columbia Record.
No sensible husband will compare
his wife's handiwork with that of her
mother-in. law.
Should Have Served Sentence.
Before condemning the parole of Hav
ird it must be remembered that Judge
Sease recommended the parole. This
is worth far more consideration than
the "strong and lengthy petition." It
was a heinous crime, however, and the
original sentence appears to us none \
too severe.-Greenwood Index.
Saluda county would be better |
off without Havird.
Little Drinking.
The blind tigers report business as
being rather dull, considering that it is
fair week. There is little evidence of
drinking at the fair grounds.-Spartan
burg Journal.
The number of blind tigers in a town
depends upon the willingness of the
mayor and police to enforce the law.
They can be put to flight when the au
thorities so desire.
Much Needed Law.
The North Carolina legislature came
very near passing a law providing for
registration of land titles under the
Torrens system; but didn't. After it
had been demonstrated that both the
house and senate were overwhelmingly
in favor of the law, interested enemies
succeeded in smothering it in com
mittee. A similar law has been under
consideration in South Carolina for sev
eral years pa3t; but it has not yet been
taken under the serious consideration
of the general assembly. We are in
clined to think that with proper effort
it could be put through the next ses
sion.-Yorkville Enquirer.
The Torrens system is growing in
popularity and sooner or later it will be
adopted by practically all the states,
includi ng our own. There are many
sound and sensible reasons why such a
system of registering real estate titl?^j
should be adopted.
.H'-H-H^'i* ?H?i??H"M"i* .M~H"?+,i,,HM>
.j. ???
I Smile Provokers $
* *
"Haven't found your dog yet
hear?" asked Smith of his neighbor |
"No," answered Jones ruefully.
"Well, have you advertised?"]
asked Smith.
"What's the use" said Jones;
"the dog can't read."-Exchange.
A small but very black negro
was standing very erect at one side
of the door of a house where a col
ored man had just died. The ser
vices were about to begin. "Aren't
you coming inside?"
"I would if I could," said the
small boy, "but, you see, Fee de
crape. "
"Mary," complained the husband,
"why do you suppose it is that peo
ple all say I have such a large
"I don't know, I'm sure, John,"
said his wife consolingly; "but
nevermind, there's nothing in it."
-Ladies' Home Journal.
"I'd like to look at some engage
ments rings, please."
"Certainly, sir. How many would
you wish?"
Patient-"I've got stomach troub
Doctor-"Why don't you diet?"
Patient-"What color?"
"Auntie," asked little Helen,
"are you an Indian, or did you mar
ry one?"
"Gracious no, child, of course
not!" said the young aunt. "Why
do you ask such a question?"
<rWell," said the child, "I saw a
lot of scalps on your dressing-table."
A farmer, while loading hay in
his field, was attacked by his neigh
bor's bulldog. The man defended
himself with tho pitchfork and sent
the dog yelping home. Tho neigh
bor rebuked him and asked why
he didn't use tho blunt end of the
fork firfct.
"I would have," replied the far
mer, "if your dog had come at me
blunt end first."-Ladies' Home
VOL. 77.
NO, 40

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