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(?l?mi $zwB$nptt Sn J?th Carolina
VOL. 77.
Mrs. John W. Marsh Entertains
New Century Club-Mission
aries at Baptist Church
Next Sunday.
. Mrs. John W. Marsh was hostess
for the new century club on Tues
day afternoon, and the drive out to
her pretty suburban home was great
ly enjoyed. There was a full attend
ance and after a short business ses:
sion conducted by the president,
Mrs. F. M. Boyd, tho subject for
discussion 'Merchant of Venice,"
was taken up, Mrs. W. Allen \!ob
ley acting as leader. Some of the
topics discussed were "The charac
teristics of Venetian aristocracy as
displayed in the play," *'The inter
est of the play as centering in Shy
lock,'' "Comparison of Shylock
with Isaac of York," "Thc dramat
ic purpose of tile casket scenes,"
".Jessica's conduct as a daughter, as
a Jew," "Portia's ability as a legal
interpreter." The social hour passed
most happily with music and
bright con vers it i on and thc hostess
served a delicious repast.
.Miss Eunice Abrams, of New
berry, visited friends here recently.
.Mrs. F. M. Boyd and Miss Jose
] lune M obley went to Columbia on
Monda; to attend the state conven
tion, \V. M. l\ representing the
womau's missionary society, an?! tiie
Y. VV. A. of the Baptist church.
Other will be in attendance.
K Messrs. Preston and Hugh Ivy
have been spending a few days here
with their mother, Mrs. Eleanor
Messrs. Frank Bland and Benja
min Lewis have bought out the
grocery store of Mr. N. G. While,
and will run a high grade line of
paney groceries.
es. M arie Cullen ^nthfesiet
fund, of Columbia "college,
fpent the week end herc with rela
Mrs. J. A. Bland, of Vid alta, Ga.,
.rived on Saturday tu visit roia
Mrs. Charlotte Spearman, of
?ewberry is expected soon lo visit
the home of her brother, Mr.
fohn W. J'ayne.
Mesdames Willie Tompkins and
. S. Jefferson are spending this
reek at Meeting Street with their
[isters, Mesdames Ida Stevens and
, K. Allen.
Rev. P. E. Monroe attended the
Iiennial convention of the United
ynod of the Lutheran church, held
Atlanta during last week.
Mrs. Sallie Smith and Miss Sara
txner, of Hephzibah, Ga., spent
st week heie with friends and
Mrs. M. R. Wright very pleas
ely entertained a few of ber
[iends on Wednesday afternoon,
Id the time was spent in social
at and doing bits of needle work,
salad course was served, followed
)n Sunday morning at the Bap
church special services have
^n arranged for, and Rev. and
John Lake and Rev. and Mrs.
lggs will be present. It will be a
?at pleasure to all to have these
oved people with them, and no
ibt lhere will be a large congre
[ion. The service will be an all
one and the members ot' the
^sionary society have planned to
re hinch in the Sunday school
'he delegates elected at the re
ft D. of C. meeting to attend the
te convention in Charleston, De
iber 3-5, were Mrs. James VVhite
Miss Zena Payne.
Miss Nkia Ouzts has gone to
Hill U# visit relatives,
lr. Jeter Horton, of the P I.
been spending a few days here
friends and relatives,
in next Sunday evening, Rev.
?C. Bailey will begin a series of
??etings at the Presbyterian church.
Mrs. Bettie Cogburn is visiting
r brother Mr. Johnson, at Edge
liss Teresa Haltiwanger, of j
mwood, is the guest of her sister
W. S. Scott.
f'What reason have you to think
daughter loves you?"
*She says she is willing to make
fy sacrifice for me."
'That's no sigu she loves you."
'What is it then?"
"An indication that she's crazy."
Chicago Record-Herald.
Prizes Awarded in Floral De
partment of County Fair
1st-?3.00 for the best exhibit of
chrysanthemums 8 cut blooms, each
a different variety. $2.00 foi second
best LD this class. First prize, Mrs.
A B Broadwater, seco; \ Mrs. W B
2nd-$2.00 for best exhibit of
four varieti?sof white. 81.00 for
second best. First prize, .Mrs. VV 13
Cogburn, second, Mis. A S Tomp
3rd- 81.00 for finest collection
ol pink. 50 cents for second best.
First prize, Mrs. A l> Broadwater,
second, Mrs. (4 F Long.
4th-81.00 fbrfinest collection of
yellov. 50. cents for second best.
First prize, -Mrs. A B Broadwater,
second, Airs. W B Cogburn.
5th-$1100 for finest collection
of red. 60 .cents for second best.
First prize, Mrs. A B Broadwater,
second, Mr. J A Lott.
Gili-81.00 for finest single white.
50 cents for second best. First
prize, Mrs. VV B Cogburn, second,
Mrs. A S Tompkins.
7th-vi.00 for finest single pink. '
50 cents for second best, lurst
pr!/-', Mr. J A JJ ?LL, second, Mrs.!
A B Broadwater.
8th-81.00 fur finest single jeir j
low. 50 ceuts'/or secoud best, tir st I
prize, Mrs. VV ii Cogburn, second .
Airs. A B Broadwat?ri
0th-$1.00 dollar for finest single ?
red, 5 J cents for sjcond bj.-t. First .
prize, Mrs. A B Broadwater, soc-?
omi. Mrs. .1 1) Holstein.
1 Utii-Ol-Ou for rinest two on one
stem. 50 beul > i >r second bes t.. First- !
prize, Mrs. A B Broadwater, sec
ond, Mrs. J D Holstein.
11th-$1.00 for greatest number
of tine ones on one plant. Mrs. A B
13th-$1 00 for finest ..collection
OT'VO.-OS.'TJO cents for second best.
First priz"', Mrs. Barnwell Jou^s. !
second, Mrs. (.4 F Long.
14th 81.00 for prettiest design '
made of chrysanthemums. Mrs.
Maggie j lill.
, 15th- 8100 for finest Boston
fern. Mr . Milton Jones.
16th-$1.00 for ??nest Ostrich .
plume. Mrs. Milton Jones.
ITtb-$1.00 fer finest asparagus 1
plumosa. 5U cents For second best. !
First prize, Mrs. M A Taylor, sec
ond Mrs. B Timmons.
18th-$1.00 for finest maiden hair
fern. 50 cents for second best. First
prize, Mrs. B Timmons, -second,
Mrs. Maggie Hill.
Finest single bronze, first prize,
Mrs. A B Broadwater, Mrs. VV B
Beautiful Birthday Celebration
Near Rehoboth.
Editor Advertiser:- On Thursday
evening, November 14, Mr. and
Mrs. Johnnie Stone, of tlfe Reho
both section gave a birthday party
in honor of their daughter, Julia,
who was on this happy day fifteen
years of age.
There was a large crowd present
from the Rehoboth section and oth
er communities.
The parlor and dining hall was
decorated beautifully with chrysan
themums. Mr. Stone and Mr. L. F.
Dorn wade music for this happy
oro *d to dance by.
Sometime between ten and eleven
o'clock the diuiug room doors were
opened and the guests invited in to
a delightful ?upper where lemonade,
cakes and all kinds of fruits were
served. Am sure that everybody en
joyed themselves.
Now Julia:
Here's a good hearty wish.
For each year that you are old,
And here's another to grow on.
This is j^isL to express
The regards of your friends '
And the ones who love you.
Could we but drain one magic cup,
lt's potent spell we would beguile,
To flood your path with sunshine
And turn each tear into a smile.
A Guest.
Plum Branch, S. C.
"My husband has deserted me
and 1 want a warrant," announced
the large lady.
"What reason did he have for de
serting you?" asked the prosecu
""I don't want any lip from you,
I wanta warrant. ? don't know
what reason he had."
''I tuiuk I understand his reason,
said the official feebly, as he pro
ceeded to draw up a warrant.-Ex.
Exhibits Numerous and Highly
Creditable. Attendance Larg
est on Record. Weather
The members of the Edg?f?eia
i i ir association, particularly the
officers and manager, are greatly
i ?leased with the splendid success
of the fourth annual fair. Following
th . reverses of last year, due to liie
unfavorable weither, the success of
lite financial sida ol' the fair this
year was very gratifying, yet that
which encourages tho managers motet
to the fir ure is the assurance mal
a larger number] ol' farmers are in
terested in Liic fair. Farmers whase
?.ord means something have vol
untarily pledged inure loyal support
fur next year. The impression that
it is a local enterprise which was
urigiuatcd for the benefit of ia faw
individu ils iias ficen overcome, and
ilie people generally now realize
and appr?ciai* that the fair is a
uolinty*wide enterprije. This bas ap
pealed to tile county pride of not a
low thoughtful men who will here
after put their shoulders to i;?e
Highly Creditable Exhibits.
A contrast or comparison of the
variety and quality of thc exhibits
of the li.'st two years with those of
i iii i year issufiioieut to convince thc
skeptically inclined of 'ila real
benefits to be derived from an^ag
i?cultural f iir. In the field crops de
...ir ment tho exhibits were espe
cially creditable. This is also true
with thc household awd fancy work
Tile poultry department
have been a credit to any oj?jflm
Urge fairs.. Thc department
iver vr hii ch re^Secti more decjn
und convincingly the honciits irani
nave resulted to the agricultural in
Ierests of the county from thc fairs
thai ii tve been' bold is the live stock
d?partaient, ?-nd particu . ?y thc
horses. The display of saddle and
harness horses last week w.is par
licularly strong, u.al lae stead, ..a
pro vernen t oi the horses front y u
to year was generally comm m o
upon. Let litis improvement cunnii
ne for ihe uext ten years, ano ti.;-i
if not now, all of our people will
oe convinced that holding au annual
'.air iii worth all it costs and more
The Opening Day.
The attendance was not large
Wednesday but as laige as the at
tendance on any opening day in thc
past. Those who attended carried
away a favorable impression, telling
their neighbors and friends of thc
splendid exhibits and the diversion
afforded by the carnival. The exhi
bition of block in the arena and the
races afforded the chief attractions.
The ladies of the cemetery asso
ciation we. e among the earliest ar
rivals and soon had th ir culinary
department ia order ready to serve
iirst-ciass meals to thu visitors. All
of the department superintendents
were aiao promptly un hand and
took up their respective dillies
President .1. R. Caotolou and Mana
ger l.t. S. Anderson wer? here, yon
der, everywhere looking after the
thousand anti one details that com
manded and demanded their atten
The Second Day.
Instead of rain and mud and dis
appointment, as thu rain the night
bei ore indi a ted. lim sun rose
bright and fair Thursday and the
pl?.-, began to arrive early. The mana
gers now began to realize that the
fair would be a success. The weath
er man had done his part well and
thu people were responding very
Thc tournament was the first of
thu set attractions of thu day. There
were about 10 contestants and all of
them made creditable scores. The
highest score was made by Mr. W.
I). Allen and hu was awarded thc
first prize. Th J second prize was
won by Mr. Walter W. Miller.
Maj ir Anderson is pleased with the
outlook fora large tournament next
yeal*. Those who role t ii? year wur .
amateurs hut ihe'r sollie veined M
created considerable interest, an I
erith.isiasm arning the young m -u
who were sp-ciaio-s. Already a
ontnber have su.od tuat they win
enter the tournament next year
Capt John Butler, one of the judg
es, told Miior Anderson that he
will orgAUUSd a oiub in the lower
part of the county and enter for the
fair bf 1913.
'Parade Thursday Afternoon.
Owing to the very large number
of entries this year the parade was
divided, the baby can ?age and bicy
cle parade being held . Thursday af
lern?^n. All of the carriages and
bioyc B were so tastefully decora
ted that the judges experienced
greaf^difiicuity in awarding the
prizes^ The committee of judges
posed of the following la
ss Zena Payne, Mrs. D. B.
worth and Mrs. George S.
parad.! w is formed and en
c arena in the following or
G^o^ge Evans, Jr.
3m Wise,
Liufer Jones,
ii? Timmons,
md Du rio vant,
. nain ons,
v-S. C. C. T.
Elby Carriagss.
?Samuel. Jr.,
3th Nicholson,
;IJ nd gen-s,
i'D-.rn, Jr.,
am'. Martha Thurmond,
^lizabeth < biz's,
V#|jPf alton Minis,
Howard 'Punier,
P tisy Anderson Govar,
Esther Ruhens ein,
Elisabeth Graig,
posing. J}ay.
io?t ea riv''Fr
ano t-ne
vr:v >Jn\';<l <? -^rK'/rr-^K^^OJ^Ugi.
und before noon there was a steady
stream leading to the fair grounds.
There frere upwards of 2,00U tickets
:oid Frith iv, and several hundred
people who did not go into thc fair
grounds Tho forenoon was spent
n tile carnival midway and viewing
the stock and exhibits in the build
ings. The driving on the track about
noon was a pleasing feature, as were
the races later in the afternoon.
The Annual Parade.
The chief attraction Friday was
the-'annual parade of decorated
school wagons, rigs, trades display,
iloats and horseback riders. The la
dies who were appointed by the fair
association to arrange a j) irado ex
erted themselves toa greater degree
than any similar committee had
ever done before, and their labors
were richly rewarded. The parade
of Friday afternoon was the most
varied, most artistic and at the same
time the larges: ever held in Edge
Held. The owner of the merry-go
round who was born and reared in
Augusta told The Advertiser's rep
resentative that he Ins been on the
road in the show business for 37
years and that he has never seen
anything that equaled the parade in
Edgefield, not even in the large
cities. For providing this very
strong attraction, the fair associa
tion is under lasting obligations to
the ten ladies who composed the
parade committee. The average in
dividual does not realize what a
tremendous amount of work is in
volved in arranging such a pageant
as was presented on the closing af
ternoon of the fair.
Tue parade was formed in tne
grove of M rs. Victoria Evans and
entered the fair grounds in the fol
lowing order.
General J. G. Mobley bearing a
Confederate flag.
State Superintendent of Educa
tion J. E. Swearingen and County
superintendent of Education W. W.
Capt. E. II. Folk and Geo. W.
Scott, members of the county board
of education.
Decorated SchoolWagons:
Beaver Dam Mills, one contain
ing boys and another with girls. Sec
ond pnz\
Collier school wagon in purple
and yellow drawn by four large
mules First prize.
Flat Rock school in gold and
Antioch school in red, blue and
Long Cane school wagons unique
ly decorated with natural cane.
Edgefield Graded school in green
and white.
Waycross school in purple and
Brimson school in yellow and
Horseback Riders:
Carroll Rainsford wit.h Onida
Pattison second prize.
William Thurmond with Marga
lit May li rsi prize.
Eugene Timmon? willi Lallie
Harold Norris with Jennie Sim
Strom Thurmond wi'h Elizabeth
VV. Cr. Ouzts, Jr., willi Louise
Luther Jones with Mary Nichol
ii >u.
lioyai Shannonhouse and liena;;.;
h hannoiihoiise'.
Mr. J. T. .'dims, Jr., with Mis>
Lillian Nicholson.
Mr. Kiri Kemaghan with Miss
iiu ii Tompkins.
Mr. Ko 'er Hill with Miss Kii
wardina Bialock.
Mr. George Adams with Miss
Virginia Mn 'tin.
Ldgur Padgett witli SUsan Eliza
bet:! M::'i:is.
Child's Rig.
Marv Gant??ou, Dorothy Mars!,
am S ir.ui Hughes.
?.Jennor Kinnaird and Amelia
Hu ?gen-. S rsi pr..-;-,
j M;iry Marsh a.ri U >s:i Zi:n lier
rha -.-Mad p i-: ..
i E.h-ji and J rio' Mi ,iii am.
J Trades Display.
Kdgeneld G trotiicl*?.
Smith-M rs ii ( Ju m puny.
VV. ?1. ru mer, first prizo.
0. I'. Br.ight, second prize.
Miss Florence "dims and Miss
I .ats.
j Johnston \V. G. T. U., secoud j
! Edgefield LT, !>. C.
Edgefield W. G. T. I'., first prize, j
Last but not least c ime Supervi
sor-elect A. A. Edmunds with ??>
road machine drawn hy four cream
colored horses, all descend mts of
*uld Mary," Mr. Edmunds' faith
ful old mare. By taking the road
machine into the parade Mr. Ed
munds showed commendable enter
prise and public spirit.
Soon after the parade the gates
of the fair grounds were thrown
open for the public to come and go
at will, t)ie fair being practically
We will publish next week a
complete list of the prize winn ?rs
in all departments if it is possible
to procure a list from the secretary.
Judson Memorial Movement.
Next Tuesday a meeting will he
held in the Edgefield Baptist church
in the interest of the Judson Me
morial movement. All of the
churches in the Edgefield associa
tion are requested and urged to send
large, representative delegation*.
The ladies have arnmged to serve
lu neil at the church. Rev. John ?
Lake will be present and he, togeth
er with several other ministers ami i
laymen, uill make sin)rt addresses, i
AU pastors in the-association shouM ]
urge their churches to be well rep- ;
resented, so they can carry back to <
their respective fields some of the i
enthusiasm that will be aroused by i
the stirring addresses that will lie ?
delivered on this occasion. The sue- i
cess of the Judson Memorial move- i
ment means much to the cause of i
missions among the churches of this (
association. Not only let every
church he represented, but let the I
delegations read the literature th it <
has been sent out by the Foreign <
Mission board before they come s > t
they will be thoroughly conversant i
with the movement. By doing that >
those who attend will not only get ,
more out of ihe meeting themselves i
but will be enable to put more into
it. f
Remember the time, Tuesday, <
November 26. Dinner will be serv- I
at the church. I
We have also received a full line
of heavy underwear for men, ladies i
and children. ;:
Israel Mukashy Bargain House,
Next door to Dunovant Co.
1 UiurrUIN?-?ULLAiNIJ.
The Tompkins-Holland Wed
ding One of the Most
Beautiful Ever Held
in ?dgefie!d.
Ono of the prettiest weddings ?f
'ie season was limo he'd at the B&p
ist church Thursday afternoon at
o'clock, the occasion being 'ha
larriage of Mr. Joseph Gordon
folland and M'?.s Chrisline Angas*
i Tompkins.
Sometime before i!:<; rip pointed
.our relatives and admiring friends
?egan i<> assemble in the church,
.liiih had been beautifully d?corat
if with ferns, palms, other potted
laut?*, smilax and a great profusion
I'chrysanthein urns,tho color schema
;.'n?r white and green. The soft
ighi from thc chandeliers lout beau*
y lo the scene, the sun hiving dis
appeared beneath liv;* horizon. While
lie guests we.'e a se ubling several
.?auniui .?.r'iii". were .* n -rod
i pon tlie pipe organ by ...ir*. ?Yha
I I limp ;ii ... a cousin -if th . bride,
''illili !'v ? hu Mi>pe;ise which usu a ll j
troyaiUrJu.-*! at this ti nie a*us hv>k
ti, when tho .sTr.iin-.ol' ih - ..vd I ag
nardi announced ihe arrival ot iLe
v...h.mg pai ty.
A^ iii" .. ., i?;-. A. Ii. Coley
md L ?V. Oheaiharn, enter.?d by
lie l-ft and right ?isl w, IV. M. J>.
lefTri.-s, rbi? oi?i?i iting minister, en
ured fr ;:n tao rear. Theil the at
endauis came in the following
>rder: Mi^s Raven Simkins and
lillian D. Holstein, .Jr., .'riiss Torc
I tl alli wai i ger of l-?-reen wood and
?'lint Graydon ot Columbia, Miss
<;ulie Minis and Paul Cogbnm;
.Miss Anna Miller of Montclair. N.
i he maid of honor, M iss lluth
i'ompkius, these being followed by
' i-race Tompkins, t?ie ring bearer.
As the brid, win? down ibo aisle
i i; the arra of her father, thu groom
entered from ihe pas m's study with
his best man, Joe Eve Mini*. As
Lue groom mel the bride, standing
inn in arni b-jioru the altar,.the
I.dishing touch was added to a
nevile ol enchanting beauty, a des
cription or reproduction of which
would have battled a poet or artist.
No lovelier scene has ever been wit
r essed at an Ed get: eld marriage.
At the conclusion of the impressive
ceremony ihe bridal party withdrew
from the church in the reverse or
3er of that in which they entered.
The bride never appeared prettier
than in her rich gown of charmeuse
? ain, handsomely embroidered witt*
pearls and made with court train,
lue veil was gracefully draped from
her hair with a coronet of orango
blossoms. She carried a bouquet of
bride roses.
The matron of honor was beauti
fully clad in blue charmeuse and
the maid of honor wore the same
material of green, both bearing
bouquets of white chrysanthemums.
J'he six pretty bridesmaids wore
?Towns of white charmeuse with di
rectoire drapery. They also carried
bouquets of white chrysanthemums.
Immediately after thc ceremony
the guests and bridal party were
tendered a reception at thc elegant
home of the bride's parents, Mr.
md Mrs. Arthur ?S. Tompkins. The
LMitire lower floor of the home WAS
thrown together and artistically
decorated in a profusion of green
md white. In one of the front rooms:
the tokens were displayed, consist
ing of a large and very rich assort
ment of silver, cut glass, hanu*$aint
ed china, linen, etc.
Another lovely scene was the
bridal table about which were soak
ed thc merry wedding .party. A?
.lab?rate wedding supper was serv
?d in courses lo the hundred and
nore guests. Every feature of thj
wedding and the reception was
jharacterized by a relined elegance
hat is seldom if ever surpassed.
Early in thc evening amid a
shower of rice, congratulations ami
rood wishes, the bride ami groom
efl for their wedding journey of a
Our ladies hats are beautiful, bur*
?y and get you one before they are
ill gone.
Israel Mukashy Bargain lipase,
.Next to Ounoyant Co.

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