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Notice of Election Upon
Bond Issue For The Town
of Edgefield.
The State of South Carolina
County of Edgefield-Town of
Whereas a Petition of the ma
jority of the freeholders of the
Town of Edgefield, County
of Edgefield, State of South
Carolina, as shown by its Tax
Books has been filed with the mu
nicipal authorities of said Town
praying for an order for a special
election in said Town for the pur
pose of submitting the question of
issuing bonds of said Town in au
amount not exceeding Five Thou
sand (?5000.Ou) Dollars, the pro
ceeds of said bonds to be applied
solely and exclusively for the build
ing, erecting, establishing and
maintenance of an Electric Light
Plant for said Town as prayed for
in said Petition; and whereas it ap
pears that said Petition is in due
form of law and has been signed by
the required number of freeholders
as prescribed by the Constitution
and Statute Laws of this State in
such case made and provided,
Town Council of The Town of
Edgefield, County of Edgefield,
State of South Carolina, in Council
assembled and by authority of the I
same, ordered and ordained that the
prayer of the Petitioners herein be I
and the same is hereby granted and
that the question of said Bond Issue
be submitted to the qualified Reg
istered Electors of said Town at a
Special Election to held in said
Town on the 27th day of Novem
ber A. D. 1912, to determine- the
question as to whether or not said
Town shall issue said Bonds not to
exceed Five Thousand ($5,000.00)
Dollars for the purposes herein and
in sa d Petition specified. At said
Election thone ic favor of said pro
posed bond issue shall cast a ballot
with the e words plainly printed
thereon: "FOR BOND' ISSUE
YES," and those opposed to said
bond issu?- shall cast a ballot with
these words plainly printed there
That at s .id Election W. IL Bee,,
T\ F. Mose! y and John Rai ns ford
shall act as managers of said Elec
tion and sha!- open the polls at the
Court House in said Town at Eight
o'clock in tl. . forenoon and close
at four o'clock in the afternoon.
Done and rai tied this 29th day of
October A. 1). Ul2, at Edge
field, S. C.
.Tro. G. Edwards,
Mayor of The Town of Edgelield,
County of Edgefield, State of
South Carolina.
E. J. Non is,
(Seal) Clerk and Treas, of. The
Town Council of Edgelield, S. C.
In pursuance of the above ordi
nance and order an Election will be
held on the 2 7th day of November
A. D. 1912 to determine the ques
tion as to the bonding ol'the Town
of Edgelield, S. C. for the amount
and for the purposes specified in the
above ordinance and order.
John G. Edwards,
Mayor of thc Tow n oi Edgefield, I
County of EdgciieM, State of
South Carolina.
E. J. Norris,
(Seal) Clerk and Treas, of Town
Council of Town of Edgelield
South Carolina.
No doubt you 2re, if
you suffer from aa y ol the
numerous ailments to
which au wemen are sub
ject. Headache, back
ache, sideache, nervous
ness, weak, tired feeling,
are some ot the symp
toms, and you must rid
yourself of them in order
to feel well. Thousands
of women, who have
been benefited by this
remedy, urge you to
Tiie Woman's Tonie
Mrs. Sylvania Woods,
of Clifton Mills, Ky., says:
"Before taking Caroni,
I was, at times, so weak I
could hardly walk, and
the pain in my back and
head nearly killed me.
After taking three bottles
of Cardui, the pains dis
appeared. Now I feel as
well as I ever did. Every
suffering woman should
try Cardui." Getabottle
today. E-68
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina-County
of Edenfield-Court of Common
G. W. Smith-Plaintiff-Against
-S. W. Wideman, as Admx. of
the estate of Margaret M. Smith
dec'd., et. al.-Defendants.
Pursuant to .an order in the above
stated cause, I will offer for sale at
public out cry to ihe highest bidder,
before the Court House, in the
Town of Edget?eld, State of South
Carolina, on salesday in December
1912, the same being the 2nd day of
said month, between the legal hours
of sale, following realty to wit:
All that tract or parcel of land
situate in said County and State,
containing Ten acres, and bounded
on the North by lands of T. K. Col
lierand J. J. Langley; on the East
by J- A. Wideman, Jr. on the
South by J. A Wideman Jr., and
Eugene Langley, and on the West
by lands of J. J. Langley.
Terms of Sale. One-half cash,
and the balance on a credit of twelve
months, the credit portion to be
secured by the bond of the purchas
er, which is to bear interest from
date thereon until paid, and ' mort
gage of the premises, or all cash at
purchasers option.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
S. M. Smith,
Master E. C. S. C.
Nov. 7, 1912.
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina-County
of Edgefield-Court of Common
Bertha E. Rush-Plaintiff
Against-John G. Horde, et. al.
' Pursuant to the decree in this
cause I will offer for sale at public
out-cry to the highest bidder, be
fore the Court House, Town of
Edgefield and State of South Caro
lina on salesday in December 1912,
the same being the 2nd day of
said month, between the legal
hours of sale the following realty
We have just rec
season 1912-13. In
stock we have evei
and general purpos
mobiles and motor<
Prices right.
We publish all our pr
In this issue we give pi
STYLE 20 & 26,
Read the testimonial
the Royal:
Messrs. Holland
Gentlemen :-j
about 18 months
my house, for wh
check for $275 a
the price. After
one, 1 found that
that the wood use
seasoned, while i
shakes and othe
piano from the o
one that saw it pr
the other one, wt
the piano in ever
to any one.
All and singular that tract of
land sit?alo in Meriwether Town
ship in the County of Edgefield,
State of South Carolina, containing
Three Hundred and Sixty (360)
acres more or less, and bounded on
the North by S. & W. T. Garner;
South by lands of Mrs. F. G. Simp
son; on the East by lands of Mrs.
A. Carpenter, and on the West by
lands of Avery Franklin.
Terms of Sale. One-half of the
purchase money cash; balance on a
credit of one Year, with interest
from d ite of sale, or all cash at the
purchasers option; the credit por
tion if any there be, to be secured
by the bond of the purchaser and a
mortgage of the premises, said bond
and mortgage providing for the
payment of ten per cent attorneys
fee if it should bc necessary to col
lect the same by law.
If the purchaser fails to comply
with the terms ol' the sale the Mas
ter within one hour, w ill resell same
on the same day at the lisk of the
former purchaser, unless satisfacto
ry arrangement eau be made with
the Master.
Purchaser to pay for paper.
S. M. Smith,
.Master, E. C. S. 0.
Nov. 7, 1912.
Large Purchases.
We have just unloaded
One solid car of chairs,
One solid car of furniture,
One solid enrol' Hackney wagons
One solid car of Hackney bud
gies and arc now ready to supply
you with everything in these lines.
Ramsey it Jones.
No. 663.
This is a prescription prepared espe
cially for Chills and.Fever. Five or
six doses will break any case of Chills
and Fever, and if taken then as a tonic j
the Fever will not return, lt acts on I
the liver better than Calomel and does !
not gripe or sicken. 25c.
eiveci our first car of
. this lot we have'.t?
r shipped in one cai
;es. Horses most a]
cycles, etc. Also a
i?o Year's Cr ed
.ices so that people will kno"
rices on the Royal piano onl;
of Mr. J. P. Sullivan and noi
Callison, S. C., \
Bros., Greenwood, S. C.
lt the time I bouggt a Royal
ago, f had another well known
ich the agent asked $350. I
nd he said that he would lose
examing both the Royal Pia
the case of the Royal was beti
id in the back of the instrument
n the other piano it showed
T defects. I could tell the ton
ther one when [ was in the bac
?onounced it a much sweeter t<
tich the dealer $350. I am mt
y respect and can most heartily 1
Yours very 1
5R0S., Gre?
Southern Railway.
Premier Carrier of the South
Schedules Effective September 29,
(N. B. These figures shown as
information only and are not guar
anteed). Arrivals and Departures
Edgelield, S. C.
8:20 a m No 2U9, daily, from Edge
field to Trenton. Connects at
Trenton for Augusta also Colum
bia, Spartan burg, Asheville,
Knoxville, Cincinnati and points
10:1:3 a m No 2-11, daily, from
Edgefield to Aiken. Connects at
Trenton for Augusta.
1:40 p m No 2-J9, daily except Sun
day, from Edgelield to Aiken.
0:50 pm No 207, from Edgelield
to Trenton. Connects at Tren
ton for Augusta.
10:05 a m No 208, daily, from
Trenton to Edgefield. Connection
at Trenton from Columbia and
Au ?rusta.
11:00 a m No TW, from Trenton to
Edgefield. Connect from Colum
bia, Charlotte, Danville, Wash
ington, New York and points
1:10 p m-Xo 210, daily except Sun
day from Aiken to Edgefield.
5:40 ]) ni X<> 232, daily, from Ai
ken to Edgefield. Connection
from Augusta.
7:40 p m No 200, daily, from Tren
ton to Edgefield. Connection Co
lumbia, Spartanburg, Asheville,
Cincinnati etc.
For detailed information, call on
ticket agent, or
A II Acker, TPA., Augusta, Ca.,
S ll Hardwick, PTM., Washing
ton, 1). C.
W ? McGee, AG PA., Augusta,
Augusta, Ga.
H F (arv, GPA., Washington, D.
C., E. H. Coapman, VP&GM.,
Washington, D. C.
See our stocks of trunks, snit
cases and bags of ali sizes before
Ramsey & Jones.
stock for the stock
ie best bunch of
I saddle, driving,
ill fearless of auto
few good mules.
w v/hat the goods cost.
- - - $2.49
- 2 73
Le what he says about
Sept. 14, 1912.
piano from you
make of piano in
offered him my
: his job if he cut
LP.o and the other
ter finished and
: was thoroughly
signs of wind
e of the Royal
k yard and every
3ned piano than
.ich pleased with
recommend them
. Sullivan.
mwood, S C.
Conyritiil 19C9, by C. E. Zimmerman Co.--No. 36.
When the crops are in,arji
the profits of the farm can
be counted in money, the
time to start a bank ac
count is ripe; by doing* ?go
you may conduct yourfaum
as every good businesses
.nu* fnootn
OFFICERS: J. C. Sheppard, Pres.; \V. W. Adam.^fc^
pres.; E. J. Minis, Cashier: J. II. Allen, assistant (/ashier, som ni
_ .bani
DlR^C?ORS: J. C. Sheppard, W. W. Adam?, J. Wm.
Thurmond, Thos. ll. R;:insford, J. M. Cobb, 1). E. Nicholson)A.
S. Tompkins, C. C. Fidler, W. E. Prescott. n??dqee
rn vjssai
JiJuuoi a
ABE COHEN, Proprietor. *<J??
- MI.?? i I^J ...vn(f
:s ?>enqi&i
The up-to-date millinery and dry gded^T**
hou.se, with a full and complete line of hat ieiuli- ''.J
ers and all trimmings necessary for a tine Jirj't. < ^'cj
H;its ranging $2 to $15 each. Childif?nfc;; ULA
and misses hats latest st\les and all colors.
Pry goods in everything in a liist-class J$ry
Goods store. 9jn03 orfT
Clothing for men, boys and children, ^'j^jf,^*
and furnishing goods at the lowest prices.j? ?^.^9^?
Remember the place. r nd-iowbo*
^ i j? esiJicq
1) D9&B90 t>v?ri
bon ?9j*?fi9?9il
IttlilO'J "iL'O
in snieiJ lovbn
.faiJrn rb?9 snul
? doua :;;??(?8?1
vvvj;?.! vtoy fti
5 JijoitJi'.Y v.'?rjs
Augusta Bee Hive*
916-918 Broadway,
; aetjiaq or? 1
eJ?boiqqK '?9r?T
VO?? daidw nott
.~1 nocfo3
nsed eai? tl
all permanent SII^|L Xli9o?rflat
and increasing demand for, carriages
, ., i . dhow ilauuior?r .
wai built upon it fonu^.^rnerit
in design, matongfhUip
and bnish make o^c^iTia^ySjjnerit
your approval. lo no?JillsqS3q 9rf|
Y.taviJjn-i'.pno') y!
oitibnoo i:?tt9d ni
?Jauoo B?riJ ni rtood
9miJ 9flJ 8f 'AOM
i"i 9giEl moi noll
yenom bnc amil " -
Harness on hand here for every
purnose. Light driving harness,
work harness, saddle harness. In
fact, you cannot have a harness
need we cannot satisfy and in all
cases of a quality far superior to
and in many cases cheaper than the
catalog house stuff.
Wilson & Cantelou

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