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?taim?is Seldom Masticate Food Thor
oughly as Should Be When Fed
In Natural State,
' "Where stock eat the grain in its
satnral and unbroken state, it is very
seldom masticated as thoroughly as it
should be. Most animals are natur
Ally gluttonous, and in their haste to
consume grain they swallow much oi
it without crushing or grinding it
This wields a detrimental effect on
She stock that is twofold. The grain
?n. this solid condition cannot impart
lng Away to Give Place to tho White
.Faced Shorthorns.
proper nourishment to the animals
?nd the digestive and assimilative or
gans will be overtaxed and impaired
in their efforts to convert this coarse
.feed into substance that will build up
the tissues of the body.
Aside from these two detriments we
?mst consider that unground feed
?anses a waste by passing whole and
practically unchanged through the
animal; or, if the stock do eat an
amount large enough from which suf
ficient nourishment can be extracted,
lt means about twice as much must
1? fed to be converted into bone and
muscular tissue.
The failure of the stock to masti
cate unground grain will also cause
a lack of digestive secretions or juices
BO essential to this process; then, in
order to supply this deficiency, the
animals have a craving for water and
a large quantity is thus consumed
much more than is necessary-and
yet, this enormous amount of water
Jus not the desired effect in promot
" ios digestion as do the natural juices
that should have been brought down
hy thorough mastication.
On the other hand, where the grain
is ground before feeding, it is fine and
dry, adhering to the animal's mouth
when it takes a bite, till it has to chew
hefore it can swallow. This avoids
the drawback above mentioned, and
"hy the grain being well crushed it in
?snres thorough digestion; later, its
pulverized condition renders it im
mediately available for the assimila
tive organs to convert into nourish
ment-bone and muscle-without over
taxing any of the organs of these two
systems and at the same time it will
Tender less of this ground feed neces
sary to keep the animal in prime
.Device Shown In Illustration and De
scribed in Detail Has Proven
Quite Advantageous.
This is the device I use in ringing
.cr snouting hogs, and would not do
without it. With a boy's help one man
?an ring as many hogs with this de
vice as two men without it, and do it
much easier. Make a strong hog
-crate and in one end nail a board
shaped like A in the drawing. Bore
iour holes in crosspieces C and D to
adjust the yoke to the size of hogs,
writes A. 6. Sigmund of Wetmore,
Kan., In the Farmers' Mail and Breeze.
Ont of a white elm board or other
aient wood, shape a lever like B and
$oK to D at the bottom. A pin holds
the lever in place at the top. The
crate is left open at the other end.
Hog-Ringing Crate.
Marve the boy run the hog into the
.crate and when his head ls into the
.joke bring over the lever just in
Iront of his shoulders. He is there to
stay until you turn him loose.
Shoeing the Colt.
The first shoeing of a colt is the
most important, not only in the fit of
Hm shoes, but also in seeing that the
colt ls not badly scared by the forge,
-She unusual handling and new sounds.
Sanes mean to shoe are generally the
i-ult of Improper handling at early
Various Entrance? May Be Conveni
ently Fixed Without Much Trou
ble- Mothod Shown.
Entrances to lanes, sheds, barn
buildings and all other places where
two or more entrances stand side, hy
side, may be conveniently arranged
with little trouble. As shown in the
illustration, the two gates endoso
three entrances.
To open the center entrance the
gates ore separated-one pushed to
the right and one to the left-which
makes the opening nine feet wide.
To open the entrance to the right
hand the gates are pushed to the
The entrance to each of the side
pens is only five feet, the rest of the
entrance being planked up.
This arrangement is particularly
convenient for buildings BO arranged
that the center or driveway is to be
open, and the sheds on each side are
wanted with doorways to admit stock,
In the latter case the doors may be
made solid, so as to exclude rain,
snow, skid cold winds.
Fig. 1, A, are pieces set in between
the battens of the gates and extending
six inches. These extensions, one be
ing on each gate, enter the open space
on the opposite gate, thus holding the
gates firm in place.
D, in Fig. 2, shows the method of
latching the gates together.
This latch ls fastened between the
battens of the gates and catches auto
matically when the gates are closed.
To uncatch, press down on the catch
at D.
In Fig. 2, C is the part planked up.
B B Bhows the position of notched
pieces, a side view of which is shown
in Fig. 3.
The notches in this piece are a little
larger than the slats of the gates.
These notches rest over the gate
slats and are fastened to the post
dividing the pens.
These notched pieces are strength
ened and held in place by an iron
Good Gate Arrangement.
rod three-quarters of an inch in
diameter and arranged as shown in
Fig. 3.
The hangers for the rollers should
be fastened to the wall perfectly level,
so that the slats of the gates will pass
backward and forward through the
notches that hold the gate in posi
Nothing of Moro Importance Than
Feeding at Least Cost-Excellent
for All Live Stock.
While the hog is a debt payer, it ls
necessary for the breeder, farmer or
feeder to manage so as to make the
greatest amount of money at the least
cost in the quickest time, says the
American Swineherd. To do this there
is nothing of more importance than
feeding alfalfa. The Illinois Farmer's
institute states that alfalfa is the most
important single product of the soil, a
product that has been neglected to
the detriment of every community.
Alfalfa as a storage plant for general
use has no equal. It is easily grown,
it is hardy under trying circumstances,
and while it is an excellent food for
all kinds of stock, and especially the
hog, it at the same time through natur
al process improves the soil by draw
ing from the atmosphere nitrogen.
Alfalfa is a gold mine which can be
worked most successfully by the use of
swine feeding.
Be careful about feeding the horse
new oats at first.
The sow should be fed but little im
mediately after farrowing.
Raise hogs, hut remember you
must raise forage crops for them.
The most practical time for weaning
a colt is when about five months
Sweet corn fed to the dalry stock or
the growing pigs in the green stage, is
The only remedy for the cattle short
age is for the country to go back to
cattle breeding.
The box stall is a better place for
horses that require rest on account of
lameness than a grass field.
The cheapest method of producing
meat of any sort in almost every case
is by keeping the animals on pasture.
The man who haB a good bunch
of cows or stock cattle properly lo
cated these days has no cause to
To avoid worrying the colt, tie with
in sight of dam ana give some grain.
Be sure that the eolt has plenty of ex
Plans are essential to success In
feeding stock of all kinds. Mix
some brains with, your feed and get
Provide warm quarters for the lit
ter of fall tilgs. Don't let tho young
sters get % backset Keep them
Southern Railway.
Premier Carrier of the South
I Schedules Effective September 29.
(N. B. These figures shown as
information only and are not guar
anteed). Arrivals and Departures
Edgefield, S. C.
8:20 a m No 209, daily, from Edge
field to Trenton. Connects at
Trenton for Augusta also Colum
bia, Spartanburg, Asheville,
Knoxville, Cincinnati and points
10:13 a m No 231, daily, from
Edgefield to Aiken. Connects at
Trenton for Augusta.
1:40 p m No 229, daily except Sun
day, from Edgefield to Aiken.
6:50 pm No 207, from Edgefield
to Trenton. Connects at Tren
ton for Augusta.
10:05 a m No 208, daily, from
Trenton to Edgefield. Connection
at Trenton from Colombia and
11:00 a m No 230, from Trenton to
Edgefield. Connect from Colum
bia, Charlotte, Danville, Wash
ington, New York and points
1:10 p m-No 210, daily except Sun
day from Aiken to Edgefield.
5:40 pm No 232, daily, from Ai
ken to Edgefield. Connection
from Augusta.
7:40 p m No 206, daily, from Tren
ton to Edgefield. Connection Co
lumbia, Spartanburg, Asheville,
Cincimati etc.
For detailed information, call on
ticket agent, or
A H Acker, TPA., Augusta, Ga.,
S H Hardwick, PTM., Washing
ton, D. C.
W E McGee, AGPA., Augusta,
Augusta, Ga.
H F Cary, GPA., Washington, D.
C., E. H. Coapman, VP&GM.,
Washington, D. C.
V. A. Hemstreet
Hunting Supplies,
Knives, Pistols, Etc, ?
Solid Car
We desire to notify t
added furniture to our
ceived a solid car of
steads, washstands,
stright chairs.
Come to see our ass
shipped direct from fa<
Bath Roc
We can install a comple
small cost. Let us quote j
We carry a full line of pi
bath tubs, wash basins, sin!
fixtures, terra cotta pipe, pi
ing of all kinds done.
Barrett an
584 Broad Srreet,
Capital and Surplus E
Total Resources over
? When you sell cotton the firsl
pository for your money-be th<
sase depository is the Farmers I
get there.
The average man or woman ??
tie surplus money so as to get tb
be needed. You can invest in <
for 6 or 12 months and be sure t
you need it, and too, your mom
trators, guardians and trustees,
promptness and liberality. Loi
DIRECTORS-Taos. H. Rainsford, Dr.
B. Mays, C. a. Wells, J. Wm. Thun
Treasurer's Notice.
The County Treasurer's office will be
open for the purpose of receiving taxes
from the 15th day of October, 1912, to
the 15th day of March, 1913.
All taxes shall be due and payable be
tween the 15th day of October, 1912,
and December 31st, 1912.
That when taxes charged shall not
be paid by December 31st, 1912, the
County Auditor shall proceed to add a
penalty of one per cent for January,
and if taxes are not paid on or before
February 1st, 1913, the County Auditor
will proceed to add two per cent, and
five per cent from 1st of March to the
15th of March. After which time all
unpaid taxes will be collected by the
The tax levies for the year 1912 are
as follows:
For State purposes 5 3-4 mills.
" Ordinary County 41-2 "
" Cons. School tax 3 44
44 Special County tax 2 3-4 44
44 Bacon S. D, Special 2 44
44 Edgefield S. D. 2 '
" Long Cane S. D. 3 "
44 Libertv Hill S. D. 3 "
44 Johnston S. D. 5 "
44 Collier S. D. 3 44
44 Flat Rock S. D 4 "
44 Prescott S. D. 3 "
" Plum Branch S. D. No 1 5 44
, " White Town SD 3 44
44 Trenton SD 2 44 '
.4 Ward SD. 2 44
44 Moss SD 3 44
Parksville SD 3 44
44 Washington SD 2 44
44 Oak Grove SD 3 44
44 Red Hill SD 21-2 44
44 Shaw 2 44
44 R RBonds Wise T's'p 11-4 44
44 R RBonds Pickens 3 44
44 RR Bonds Johnston 3 44
44 R R Bonds Pine Grove 12 44
44 RR Bonds Blocker 12 44
44 44 Bonds Town Edgefield 1-2"
44 School Bonds 1 44
44 Town of Edgefield
Corporation Purposes 10 44
All male citizens between the ages of
21 years and 60 years except those ex
empt by law are liable to a poll tax of
One Dollar each. A capitation tax of
50 cents each is to be paid on all dogs.
The law prescribes that all male citi
zens between the ages of 18 and 55
years must pay $2.00 commutation tax
or work six days on the public roads.
As this is optional with the individua!,
no commutation tax is included in the
property tax. So ask for road tax re
ceipt when you desire to pay road tax.
James T. Mims,
Co. Treas. E. C.
Go to see
Before insuring elsewhere. We
?represent the best old line com
Marling & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, Edgefield
he public that we've
stock, having just re
tables, bureaus, bed
safes, rockers and
ortment of furniture,
story to us.
& Som
>m Outfit
te bath room outfit at a
^ou prices.
umps, rams, tanks, emerald
:s of all kinds, wateu closet
ping and fixtures. Plumb
ic/ Dobson,
Augusta, Georgia
K of Edgefield, S. C.
Earnings $110,000.00
i thing you need is a safe de
3 amount large or small. That
Sank, and don't stop until you
i not in position to invest a lit
is money just when it might
jur interest bearing certificates
;o get your money just when
)y is safe. We act as adminia
All business handled with
ins made on approved security.
C. P. DcVore, W. B. Penn, E. H. Folk, 3.
nona, W. H. Harlinj, A. E. Padfttt
"Whose Fault??9
If you do not get value received for your money. Ii
you get inferior goods for which you pay as much as
we charge you for the good kind, you can blame only
yourself. Our 20 years experience in the grocery
business and our ''square deal" policy in worth some
thing to the prospective buyer and all we ask is a triai.
"We can deliver the goods/' Groceries and feed for
man and beast.
Augusta, Ga.
Office and salesroom 863 Broad Warehouse Ga. Railroad
P. S. Mr. M. Gary Satcher is with ns and will be glad to see his friends
The old Time Quality,
Made of the Best Material. It
Stands the Test of Time.
"In a Little Cosy Corner,"
one* of our tete-atetes would fit
splendidly and do excellent service.
You will find lots of other single
pieces in our furniture display.
Rockers, fables, easy chairs and
whatnot. Just the things needsd
to fill in bare spots and add attrac
tiveness to the room. We believe
there is something here you want.
If you are yuzzled how to make
rour money buy the most and best
?roceries we can solve the question
or you. Come and see what high
?lass things to eat are here and at
ehat low prices you can buy them.
We carrv a large stock of coffins and caskets from the
:heapest to the highest grade. Our hearse responds prompt-,
y to all calls.
Edgefield Mercantile Co.
^e s \
TU* tanner tal.phmd ,
And find the market
unfavorable for your
produce? The farmer ?na-?-..???*
who has a telephone in his home can telephone
first. The useless trips thus saved are worth the
cost of service.
Under the plan of the Bell System the service
costs but a trifle; the farmer owns the instrument
and the equipment.
Write to nearest Bell Telephone
Manager for pamphlet, or address ,
Farmers' Line Department
Another Shipment.
Just received a shipment of cut
lass recently purchased in New
ork. All new patterns and de
gns, at remarkably low prices.
Penn & Holstein.
November Weddings.
A large assortment of sterling
.Iver just received for November
Penn & Holstein.
Executor's Notice.
All persons indebted to the late
George W. Johnson will please
make payment at once to the un
dersigned, and all persons holding
claims against his estate will pres
ent them at once to the undersign
ed for payment.
R. M. Johnson,

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