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OW, this -was tho won
derful dream I had
a dream of the Christ
mas Tree:
I dreamed that a melody
sweet and glad rang
out from somewhere
to me,
And out of the silvered
east they came and
out of the rosy west
_^More children than ever
a man might name or
ever a man has guessed;
And going and coming, and coming
and going,
With drummers a-drumming and
buglers a-blowing,
Were all the children that ever were
known since ever there was an
In hundreds, in couples, and all alone,
each chanting a song of mirth.
'And then in this
wonderful dream
of mine the chil
dren ran to and
fro #
And marched in a
long and winding
line as swiftly as
they might go;
And each as he pass
ed the Christmas
Tree looked up
<! with a radiant
And each as he came there bent the
knee with curious, childish
' And coming aad going, and going
and coming,
: With buglers ft*b^ffjng and drum.
' m?r& a-drumming.
Were all of the children that ?ver
have been since there was a
world at all
And none was a-hungered or pale or
thin, or crippled or like to fall.
.M?. yt
hr &
And all of
them sang
in this
dream of
mine, a song
that I wish
I knew,
For it had a
melody fair
and fine and
every tone
?VJ* was true;
g| And all of the
c h 11d ren
they looked
at me in
pity-or so
it seemed
glory gleamed.
And going and coming, and com
ing and going,
With drummers a-drumming and
buglers a-blowing,
Were all of the children that ever
have played since ever the
world began,
And each little fellow and each little
maid delightedly laughed and
And then In this
wonderf u 1
dream I dream
ed, I thought
that the Christ
mas Tree
Grew fairer and
fairer un(til it
seemed no^y>^^,
fairer a thing
could be;
And all of the
children they ^fv^P*Hi
call ed my
name and all of
the children smiled.
And suddenly then to my heart there
came the faith of a little child.
And going and com^ig and coming
and going,
With drummers a-drumming and
buglers a-blowing,
I marched with the children of all
the lands, of all the years and
times, *
J?nd ?cughcd as we ran with our
close-linked bands and chanted
our world-old rhymes.
I Valuable Gift.
.Talking about Christmas-boxes,"
remarked a commercial traveler, "the
one I got last year would be hard to
heat. Our guv'nor never gave us a
Christmas-box, so you can imagine
how surprised we were when he told
ns ali to go into his office, where he
sat with a pile of envelopes in his
"'Gentlemen,* said he, 'I intend to
give each of you a Christmas present
this year. These envelopes contain
something valuable, which I hope you
will make good use of.'
"Of course we thanked him and
marched out, thinking that he was a
good sort, after all. And what do you
think was in the envelopes?"
"A check?"
"No; it was a confounded prescrip
tion for the cure of indigestion!"
Whom to Thank.
r "I suppose you feel very thankful to
ifianta Claus for providing you with
such a fine turkey?" said the minis
.ter to Uncle 'Lijah's little boy.
"Naw, sah," replied the piccaninny.
"Uncle tole did chile ter be than'ful
ter Farmer Green fur leavln' his hen
iouse dore on de jar."
General M
Staple and fancy
fireworks, Christin;
nuts, and fruits c
will always find our
the lowest. We bi
your trade. Call o
you money. All
and we are confider
come one of our i
Oppo. Cotton
Xmas gifts f
the boy, the (
The J. Willie
-of Au?
Largest line of Christina
Mail orders pr
y i
Henry B. Garrett Van Holt
Cor. Reynolds and 8th !
We solicit shipmei
Quick results and
Stewart &
I General Insui
I beg to annouuce to my
generally that I have re-ei
business, and am in a posi
intrusted to me with a due
the confidence placed in n
I also represent one of t
dent Health companies,
share of your business ai
past kindnesses shown me,
C. A. (
Rear of N. G. Evans, Esq
No matter what yon want in the
baggy line. We will get it for you
if we don't happen to have just
what you are looking for.
Wilson & Cantelou.
groceries, notions,
\s confectioneries,
>f all kinds. You
? prices as low as
id lor a share of
n us, we can save
we ask is a trial
it that you will ber
egular customers.
i Mill Office
s. c.
or the man,
shild at
Levy Compy.
s novelties in the South,
.omptly filled.
arrctt Frank A.~Calho\uv
%t Augusta, Ga.
its of your cotton.
! prompt returns.
iT" Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.
ubstitute, if you want a roof that
\ as the building, and never need
need attention of any kind, except
at of paint.
- Storm-pToof- Lif>hining-proof
ELD, S. C.
'anee Agency
f friends and the public
ntered the tire insurance
tion to place any business
? and proper regard for
ie by my patrons,
he leading Life and Acci
Respectfully soliciting a
nd with appreciation ot
i ? am, truly yours,
fc? suits made to order of im
ported woolens. Made with snap
and style. Write for samples. Spend
*25 or save $15. F. G. Mertins, Au
gusta, C4a.
patrons in
proaching f
of fancy an
from which
Very Ia]
China, Vase
"This is the
his purchas
t Fruit cak
tity desired
as mince m
tracts. La
in beautifu
Treasurer's Notice.
The County Treasurer's office will be
open for the purpose of receiving taxes
from the 15th day of October, 1912, to
thc 15th day of March, 1913.
All taxes shall be due and payable be
tweea the 15th clay of October, 1912,
and December 31st, 1912.
That when taxes charged shall not
be paid by December 31st, 1912, the
County Auditor shall proceed to add a
penalty of one per cent for January. I
and if taxes are not paid on or before |
February 1st, 1913, the County Auditor
will proceed to add two per cent, and
five per cent from 1st of March to the
15th of March. After which time all
unpaid taxes will be collected by the
The tax levies for the year 1!M2 are
as follows:
For State purposes 5 3-4 mills.
** Ordinary County 41-2 "
" Cons. School tax 3 "
" Special County tax 2 3-4 "
" Bacon S. D, Special 2 "
,, Edgefield S. D. 2 "
" Long Cane S. D. 3 "
" Liberty Hill S. D. 3 "
" Johnston S. D. 5 "
" Collier S. D. "
" Flat Kock S. D 4 "
" Prescott S. D. 3 ':
"Plum Branch S. D. No 15"
" White Town S D 3 "
" Trenton SD 2 "
.' Ward SD. 2 "
"? Moss SD 3 "
Parksville SD 3 "
" Washington SD 2 "
" Oak Grove SD 3 "
" Red Hill SD 2 1-2 "
" Shaw 2 "
" ,RR Bonds WiseT's'p 1 1-4 "
" R R Bonds Pickens 3* "
"RR Bonds Johnston 3 "
" RR Bonds Pine Grove 12 "
" R R Bonds Blocker 12 "
" " Bonds Town Edgefield 1-2 ..
" School Bonds 1 "
" Town of Edgefield
(Corporation Purposes 10 "
All male citizens between thc ages of
21 years and 60 years except those ex
empt by law are liable to a poll tax of
One Dollar each. A capitation tax of
50 cents each is to be paid on all dogs.
Thc law prescribes that all male citi
zens between the ages of IS and 55
years must pay $2^00 commutation tax
or work six days on the public roads.
As this is optional with the individual,
no commutation tax is included in the
property tax. So ask for road tax re
ceipt when you desire to pay road tax.
James T. Minis,
Co. Treas. E. C.
Separate Your Seed , For
Fat seed make fat crops. Fat
crops make fat bank rolls. With
my improved separator I can sepa
rate your cotton seed for planting
better than ever this winter. A
postal will bring me.
John W. Spann,
Edgefield, S. C.
ms & Morgan
Irug Store
prepared to take care of its
their preparations for the ap
estive season. Largest stock
d toilet articles in Edgefield
. to select Christmas gifts. .
Line of High Grade Perfumery
rge assortment of pictures,
3S and toys of every description,
place for Santa Claus to make
.ts, Fruits,
and Fireworks Galore
e and pound cake in any quan
. All of the nice things such
eat, gelatine and flavoring ex
rge shipment of fresh candies
1 boxes from 1 to 5 pounds.
South Carolina
A problem that will confront everyone
for the next two weeks will be their annual
Christmas shopping, making purchases of.re
membrance for friends and loved ones.
Come to our store and let us help you
solve it. Why not purchase something that
can be used, something for actual service as
well as for its beauty.
Dry Goods, Clothing,
and Shoe Department
will offer a large assortment and will aid
you in making selections. The best part of
it, our prices are so reasonable that you will
be surprised with how small sum your whole
list of prizes can be purchased.
* Make our store your headquarters for
Christmas shopping.

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