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Masonic Officers.
At its last regalar meeting in De
cember Concordia Lodge, A. F. M.,
elected the following officers who
will serve for the year 1913: B. E.
Nicholson, W. M; L. T. May, S.
W.; M. P. Wells, J. W.; J. R.
Tompkins, Sec.; N. M. Jones,
Treas.; W. H. Powell, S. D.; J. S.
Byrd, J. D.; W. R. Swearingen
and C. E. Quarles, Stewards, J. W.
Reece, Tiler.
Baptist Revival Services.
Dr. M. D. Jeffries planned at one
time to hold a series of revival ser
vices daring the past fall but as his
plans were interfered with the
meeting was postponed until early
in the new year. Monday, Janua
ry 20, has been selected as the time
for commencing the revival meet
ing. Dr. Jeffries has secured Dr.
John F. Vines, pastor of the First
Baptist church in Anderson, to as
sist him. The meeting will proba
bly last for ten days or longer.
A Sad Death.
God in the mysterious dispensa
tion of His Providence has for the
third time seen fit to send the angel
of death to the home of our beloved
neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Wat
son, and take away the "baby," the
flower, the joy, of the home.
Sweet little Orion after a linger
ing illness of several weeks passed
into the sweet and peaceful sleep
of the righteous at 4 o'clock
on Dec. 10. ;
The hearts of thu entire commu
nity go out in sympathy to the pa
rents in their bereavement.
Mr. and Mrs. Watson should feel
comforted in the fact that God has
chosen to take three of their babes
as jewels and ornaments in His
A Friend.
Edgefield Loses, Greenwood
Monday morning Mr. B. T.
Rainsford Ii?ft to make Greenwood
his home, having accepted a posi
tion with the National Loan and
Exchai.ge Bank of that place. Mr.
Rainsford is a very exemplary young
man and Edg< field has reluctantly
given him up. The Advertiser
wishes him a successful career M
banking. Hei*. well equipped for
this particular field of business ac
tivity. Besides being sober, steady,
energetic and ambitious, he com- j
pleted a course in banking at the
business college in Poughkeepsie,
N. Y,, which is regarded as the
foremost institution of the kind in
the country. We expect to receive
good reports from our young friend
as the years come and go.
Miss Suma Smith and Mr. Wil
bur Johnson were married Sunday
afternoon, December 22, at 5
o'clock at the home of the bride's
aunt, Mrs. W. G. Ouzts. The cer
emony was performed by Rev. J.
R. Walker, the pastor or the Meth
odist church. The mardi was play
ed by Mrs. Ouzts. The attendants
were Miss Eulis Padgett of Tren
ton and Mr. Smith, the only broth
er of the bride. Only the imme
diate relatives and a few close per
sonal friends were present. The
parlor was tastefully decorated in
bamboo and holly. Immediately
after the marriage they went to the
home of the bride's father, Mr. D.
C. Smith, who resides in Saluda
county. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will
make their home on Mr. Johnson's
farm in the Harmony section. The
good wishes of a host of friends
accompany them on their marital
The Woman's Christian Tem
perance Union will meet at the resi
dence of Mrs. J. L. Mims, January
6, 1913 at 3 o'clock.
Devotional service, Mrs. T. H.
"How shall the W. C. T. U. im
press the community life of Edge
field during 1913?" paper, Mrs. J.
L. Mims.
Current events of interest, Mrs.
W. E. Lott.
"The doings of live town W.C.
T. U."Mrs. M. D. Jeffries.
Special music.
"The Christmas year," Mrs. E.
J. Norris.
The roll will be called, each an
swering with a new year resolution.
Each member is requested to
bring some article of canned goods
or other transferable food for the
Frances Willard settlement in the
dark corner of the South Carolina
mountains, and five cents each to
pay the freight on the box.
Mrs. J. L. Mims,
Married, by Rev. P. P. Blalock,
Sunday evening, December 29, Mr.
J. P. Bryan and Miss Alma Cog
burn, at the residence of the offi
ciating minister. Both of these
young people are representatives of
prominent Meeting Street families.
Will Teach Morgan School.
Mr. C. M. Mellichamp his ac
cepted the position of teacher of
the Morgan school for the next four
months. He will board in the home
of Mr. J. W. Morgan. ?Ur. Melli
champ is a conscientious young
man and will do his utmost to give
entire satisfaction. He has hid sev
eral years experience as a teacher
since graduating from the S. C. C.
Christmas in the Manse.
This was one of the most pleas
ant ? e have ever spent. Our congre
gations contributed much to our
happiness. Our family were the re
cipient of necessities of life, much
of the luxuries, personal gifts to
each of the family, a purse of fifty
dollars and last (not least) the love
and esteem of the churches. In ad
dition to all that our present charge
(Edgefieid, Trenton, Johnston) con
tributed, our former congregation
remembered us as if we were still
living in their midst. For all these
things we are under many obliga
tions; and trust that we may prove
worthy of such friendship.
The Baileys.
A large crowd of relatives and
friends gathered at the residence
of Mr. Will White of White Town
on Christmas day, December 25,
to celebrate the marriage of their
daughter, Miss Effie Mae to Mr. Ed
win Guy Jennings. At two o'clock
they were happily married by Rev.
J. Earle Freeman, and then an old
time wedding dinner, which the
newer-customs have not been able
to supplant, was served. A splendid
graphophone furnished music
throughout the occasion. When there
were no words on the tongue, or
pleasurable thoughts or sayings to
provoke the lips to smiles or laugh
ter, the ear was entertained with
the well selected music. The occa
sion was a pleasant one, and while
this scribe ?vas loath to leave his
family to eat his share of the turkey
dinner at Mr. J. R. Bodie's, yet he
was bountifully fed here, while Mrs.
W. H. Parks' dinner on Thursday
and Mrs. W. W. Banks' dinner on
Friday make it a wonder that be
Gone to Her Reward.
Mrs. Virginia Addison, whose
name has been loved and honored
since the memory all the present
generation, has passed out to that
haven of rest towards which all
earthly pilgrims are travelling. Mrs,
Addison bad reached the age after
which the scriptures tell us there is
but labor and sorrow, but she had
continued her daily duties which
she loved up toa fortnight before
her death. She had always been a
comfort in her home, and in the
whole community. For years there
was not a sick or suffering one that
she did not minister to in life and
lament in death. She had been the
solace to hundreds of broken-heart
ed friends and neighbors as the
years had come and gone. As long
as she had the strength, she was
one of the most active members of
the Baptist church, and was always
in her place until the feebleness of
age made her going impossible.
She was of a very sociable disposi
tion and loved the company of her
Mrs. Addison raised a large fam
ily of children, but at the time of
ber death had in the home with her
but two who are still unmarried,Jno.
L Addison and Miss Virginia. Be
sides these two there are Mrs. Rose
Murrell of Florida, Messrs. Joseph,
Walter, and Bacon Addison, and a
number of grandchildren.
Tiie funeral obsequies took place
at tlie Baptist church on Thursday
the ii?th at noon, Dr. M. D. Jeffries
Many beautiful flowers and de
signs covered the casket and show
ed the esteem in which this dear
friend was held by the community.
Her rema'ns were laid to rest in our
village cemetery by 'the side of her
husband the late John L. Addison
Esq., whose memory is honored in
Frightful Polar Winds
blow with terrific force at the far
north and nlay havoc with the skin,
causing red, rough or sore chapped
hands and lips, that need Buck le n's
Arnica Salve to heal them. It makes
the skin soft and smooth. Unrival
ed for cold-sores, also burns, boils,
sores, ulcers, cuts, bruises and piles.
Only 25 cents at Penn & Holstein's,
W E Lynch & Go.
Sheppard-Lyon Marriage.
On Wednesday afternoon at five
o'clock the 18th of December, a
marriage of very great interest to
our town and community, was cele
brated at the Baptist church, when
Miss Ethel Lucile Sheppard was
married to Prof. Thomas Jordan
The prelude to the happy occa
sion was a musical program on the
pipe orgai', "Nevin's Love Song"
played by Mrs. Mamie N. Tillman
announcing the approach of the
bridal party, and on the eve of
their entrance to the church, a beau
tiful selection from Lucia Di Lam
mermoor pleased the expectant au
The decorations were unusually
original and appropriate fora win
ter marriage, the colors being white
and green. The chancel, aisles, choir
gallery and windows were covered
in white with tasteful addition of
southern smilax, most gracefully
applied. Magnificent palms and
ferns adorned the chancel, and from
the corners of the church a drapery
of filmy white, edged with a long
and graceful fringe of pine needles,
gave a beautiful and unique effect.
Promptly at five o'clock "The
Bridal Chorus" gave the signal
that the bridal party were entering
and the ribbon pages on the oppo
site sides of the church entered and
marked the aisles. These were four
very fair and handsome little boys,
Mobley and Wallace Sheppard,
nephew and cousin of the bride,
George Evans and Dozier Tomp
kins, and were followed by the
ushers, Capt. Roraanelle B. Curry,
and Capt. H. Kerr Taylor of Edge
field, members of Jthe faculty of
the S. C. C. I., Mr. .Thomas H.
Moffatt of Columbia, and Mr. W.
Wallace Harris of Abbeville enter
ing from opposite sides and stand
ing in pairs, having crossed at the
After the ushers came the brides
maid, Miss Hannah Rogers of So
ciety Hill, and down the opposite
aisle the dame of honor, Mrs. Percy
Pratt Burns, of Birmingham, Ala.,
a sister of the bride. Following the
danie of honor was the maid of
honor, Miss Fannie Sheppard, also
a sister of the bride. Just preceding
the flower girls, Margaret Lyon, a
very beautiful little niece of Prof.
L^on, bore to the altar a silver
plate on which lay the wedding
ring. She, in turn, was followed by
two little beauties of the brunette
type-^June Nicholson and Mary
Marsh, tarrying tastefully decorated
baskets from which they scattered
the pathway of the coming bride
with roses and carnations.
As a climax to the transcendant*
scene bf beauty, the bride entered
on the ann of her father, Mi. Or
lando Sheppard, and was met at
the altar by the groom and his best
man, Mr. Percy Pratt Burns of
Birmingham, Alabama.
While the pastor of the church,
Dr. M. D. Jeffries, spoke the sol
emn service, a beautiful soft-toned
organ accompaniment made a con
cord of sweet sounds and the clod
ing was the ring ceremony and a
prayer, the wedding party passing
out in reverse order to the strains
of Mendelssohn's wedding march.
The attendants wore dresses of
white charmeuse with elaborate
bouquets of American Beauty roses
with graceful maline bows of simi
lar color. The bride wore a magni
ficent gown of white charmeuse
with real lace and pearl trimming,
and carried a shower bouquet of
bride roses and lillies of the valley.
Immediately after the ceremony
a reception for almost one hundred
guests took place at the handsome
colonial home of the bride's parents
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Sheppard.
All of the first floor was thrown
open, and beautiful and unique
decorations, different in each room,
surprised and pleased the eye, as the
guests went from one to the other,
viewing the elaborate array of hand
some gifts, and partaking of the
abundant and delightful three
course refreshments.
The guests from a distance were:
Mrs. John Lyon and W. R. Brad
ley and W. Wallace Harris of Ab
beville; Dr. and_ Mrs. John Lyon,
Jr., Ninety Six, Thomas H. Moffatt,
Columbia; Mrs. T. Ellison Simpson
and Miss Hannah Rogers, Society
Hill; Orlando Sheppard, Jr., Atlan
ta, Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Burns,
Birmingham, Alabama.
Mr. anc" Mrs. Lyon left Wednes
day evening for a wedding journey
of two or three weeks through the
north and east. After their return
to Edgefield they will be at home
in the beautiful cottage recently
built by Mr. Lyon near the college.
A Drunken Cow.
A Virginia farmer wrote to the
Missouri station, reporting that his
cow was drunk. He didn't think she
really was, but he said so in his let
ter. When the case was investigated,
it was found that she was actually
intoxicated-drunk on silage that
had not been kept as silage should
be preserved.-Farm and Fireside.
The Corne
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A Girl's Wild Midnight Ride.
To warn people of a fearful for
est fire in the Catskills a young
girl rode horseback at midnight and
saved many lives. Her deed was
glorious but lives are often saved
by Dr. King's New Discovery in
curing lung trouble, coughs and
colds, which might have ended in
consumption or pneumonia. It cured
rae of a dreadful couerh and lung
dissase, writes W R Patterson,
Wellington, Texas, "after four in
our family had died with consump
tion, and I gained 87 pounds."
Nothing so sure and safe for all
throat and lung troubles. Price 50c
and S 1.00. Trial bottle free. Guar
anteed by Penn & Holstein, W E
Lynch & Co.
White Plymouth Rocks.
White African Guineas.
White Holland Turkeys.
White Indian Runner Ducks.
Edgefieid, - - - ?=?, C.
A Hero in a Lighthouse.
For years J S Donahue, So.
Haven, Mich., a civil war captain,
as a light-housekeeper, averted aw
ful, wrecks, but a queer fact is, he
might have been a wreck himself
if Electric Bitters had not prevent
ed. They cured me of kidney troub
le and chills, he writes, "After I
had taken other so-called cures for
years, without benefit and they also
improved ray sight. Now, at seven
ty, I ara feeling fine." For dyspep
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I desire to thank
business which they
I am happy over th<
and I realize that I ?
my purpose to carry
shall endeavor to m;
spend your money a
I will always make i
Thanking you for
happy and prospero!
Advertiser Bldg
r Store's Clearance Sale
,'ith too many shoes and for the next few days offer
mdable foot wear at such prices that will pay you to buy
going at> per pair
ii H ii it
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ash only.
Happy New Year
s We have had a very success
ful year and are grateful for
the patronage of the people.
We shall strive to merit their
confidence and continued pat
ronage for the new year that
lies before us. We wish one
and all a prosperous New
A Satisfactory Year
Having had a very satisfactory year
we desire to thank our friends and the
public generally for the large patron
age accorded us. We trust that the
old year has been as generous to you
as it has been to us. We hope also
tl at you will have a satisfactory year
during 1912. We solicit a continuance
of your generous pa tronage.
Dorn & Hims
mn te YMmmkS
the people of Edgefield for the large
gave me during the year just closed.
3 large amount of business I have done,
am indebted to the people for it. It is
r a well selected stock hereafter and I
ake it to your interest to continue to
,t my store. If everything is not right
it so.
the past business and wishing you a:
as New Year, I am, yours truly,
i. Edgefield, S. C?

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