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Famous Lawyer Rescued Orphan
From Poverty and Started Him
On Way to Prosperity.
It is several years ago now, but
this story was told me shortly after
my admission to the bar; it left a
lasting impression, writes William
Sulzer in the New York Times.
How the biting-cold wind howled
and whistled-that night as it swept
down avenues and around corners.
A lawyer, whose fame was known far
and near, had just left his office on
Broadway, where he had been de
tained by an important consultation,
and was hastening as fast as he could
uptown. At the corner of Duane
street ho saw a newsboy leaning
against the lamp post; under his left
arm were a few evening papers. He
.was shivering with the cold and cry
ing. His shoes were broken so you
could see his bare feet. His clothes
were ragged.
He may have stood there for an
hour or more; hundreds of people had
passed him. Not so the lawyer. One
glance told him the story; b? ap
proached the little urchin, and in
quired the trouble. The boy, amid
sobs, said that it was his birthday; he
was just five years old; he had been
out all the afternoon trying to sell
bis papers, with small success. The
only friend he had in the world-his
widowed mother-was lying ill In a
tenement house a few blocks away.
* The story touched the heart of his
questioner. He took the boy by the
hand and led him home. Up the
_ rickety stairs to the top floor of the
tenement; he opened the door into a
little garret room; striking a match
he Ht che remains of an old candle.
To the side of the room some one
was breathing heavily. It was a wom
an lying on what was not even an
apology for a bed. Squalor and de
jspair only were there. A hurried
glance around told all. The little
JnewBboy's mother lay there; she was
?asleep. The boy went over and kissed
her affectionately. He put his arms
around her neck and said "Wake up,
mamma, wake up, here'B a nice man
who wants to see you."
She awoke with a start, dazed and
frightened. The stranger reassured
her. She had a raging fever-she was
dying there alone, and as well as she
?could she told her story of hardship
?and trials.
j The lawyer summoned a physician,
and everything that could be done to
save her life was done. But the dread
disease had progressed too far. and.
notwithstanding the best medical aid,
she died the next day, and the news
boy was an orphan. That week was
a busy one for the lawyer. He neg
lected briefs,. and clients, and cases.
- Se personally superintended the buri
al of the woman. After the funeral
he took charge of the orphan, sent
him to school and college, and for
years did for him all that a father
could do for a loved son.
The lawyer has long since gone to
Ibis reward. The little newsboy ls a
(prosperous merchant today in New
iYork. He is loved and respected by
(all for his kindly spirit and his many
?generous benefactions.
I He has an office downtown, and
jover his desk, in a most conspicuous
?place, hangs a large picture. Every
1?lawyer in the state knows that picture
-that massive head, those curly
locks, that stern, kindly countenance
J-the picture of the newsboy's bene
factor, James T. Brady.
J How to Grow TaM.
I A man's organs and those of his
ibones which are not subjected to pres
Isure grow continuously until he ls
{forty years old; that is to say, the
jheart should become stronger, the ca
pacity of the lungs increase, and the
,}brain should develop steadily until
Ahe fourth decade of life. Also one
?should wear a larger hat at the age
iof forty than at thirty.
{ A man ceases to grow tall, however,
at the beginning of the third decade,
{because after that time the downward
(pressure exerted by the weight of the
?body while in the erect position com
presses the vertebrae or small bone?
lin the spine, the disks of cartilage be
tween them, the pelvis, and the thigh
Ibones, and the pressure overcomes
Jthe natural elasticity of the disks and
ithe growth of these bones. However,
ia British scientist contends that were
man a quadruped, and therefore freed
from the downward pressure produced
by h's weight upon his spinal column,
he would continue to grow in height
for ten yearB longer than he does at
present, since it has been found that
bones not subjected to compression
Increase up to the fourth decade.
"Jag" Gone in Seven Minutes.
j Dissipating a "jag" in seven minutes
is the record that has been established
by the precooling plant recently estab
lished at San Benito, in the lower Rio
Grande valley.
While a car was being cooled pre
.paratory to loading it with fruits and
vegetables, the men having charge of
the work found an intoxicated man ly
ing in the gutter. Thinking to play a
joke on him, they placed him in the
car. He had been lying in the sun
with the temperature playing about
him in the neighborhood of 100 de
grees, and the sudden change to a
temperature only a few degrees above
the freezing point wai something of
a shock.
1 At the end of seven minutes he was
beating on the car door clamoring to
get out.-San Antonio Light.
Are to Be Brought From English
Estate and Turned Loose in
the Rockies.
After completing a hunting tour
which occupied the greater -part of
two years and which has been con
ducted in the wilds of three contin
ents, r: E. Lucas, an English hunter
and naturalist who ls visiting Van
couver, will make arrangements be
fore his departure with the British
Columbia government and game
wardens of the province for the accom
modation of several hundred red deer
which will be brought from his
father's estate at Warnham, Surrey,
England, early in September next
These animals have been given to
the government of the province by
C. H. Lucas, Sr.. the intention being
to turn them loose in the wilds of the
Rockies and allow them to increase
ur til their numbers warrant the pass,
ihg of a game ordinance allowing ttiem
to be shot in limited numbers.
Mr. Lucas said that it was originally
intended to send the deer out this
year, but unhappily the outbreak of
foot and mouth disease among Eng
lish cattle had prevented the exporta
tion of any live stock from the old coun
try. Consequently the animals wera
retained. About fifteen years ago his
father had made a similar gift to the
government of New Zealand and since
that time they have multiplied so
rapidly that they were now shot every
season. During a recent visit to the
islands he had been able to secure
four magnificent specimens.
Some of the Make-Shifts Which Have
to Be Employed in Various Parts
1 of the ?arth.
We in this country have so many
kinds of cheap pails, cans, boxes and
receptables of ail 3ortB ready to our
hand that it ls hard to realize what
straits the people in cruder lands are
put to fcc such things, in a large part
of the Orient wine and water are still
carried and stored in bags made of
skin, usually goatskin with the hair
side inside, just as in Bible days
Even now the same rule applies
against 'putting new wine into old
bottles," for the dampness soon rots
the leather nnd makes it weak.
. In Asia and Africa bamboo joints
are utilized for making receptacles in
great variety. The bamboo in favored
places; grows to a diameter of six
inches or more and a "joint" from a
foot to two feet or more long, makes
an ideal bottle or jug, for nature pro
vides it with a partition at each joint
which makes it water tight. Bamboo
is very light and very strong.-The
Tennyson and Tobacco.
Tennyson's devotion to his pipe
is well known, but the following story
of-it ?will probably oer fresh to 'most
readers. A friend had driven him
from Plymouth to visit an old lady
who stood in no awe of the poet. Tne
visitors were invited to remain for
ihe night, but on Mr. Tennyson s
stipulating that If he did he should be
allowed to smoke in his bedroom the
old lady bridled up That she could
not allow. Bedroom smoking was not
only objectionable but dangerous,
and for no one would she relax her
prohibition rule. Mr Tennyson prov
ing equally obdurate the hostess's *jwn
carriage was ordered out and he was
sent in it back to his hotel at Ply
mouth, whence, however, he returned
the next morning to breakfast.-From
Mrs. Walford's Recollections.
Men, Beware.
Simultaneously with the announce
ment that waistcoats for women will
be all the rage this coming winter
every married man dashed out and
bought an extra lock for his ward
robe. The announcement was made at
a recent meeting of women's tailors
in Pittsburg and brought joy to those
women who for years have envied men
their easy apparel. Attempts to ap
propriate trousers from the sterner
sex have been made from time to time
without much success, but ft is ex
pected that wemen will jump at the
chance to wear the snug-fitting waist
coat They are to be cut man fashion,
with enough room at the neck to show
the cravat, woman naving adopted the
latter when soft-collared waists be
came popular last summer.
All Resources Needed.
Those who are anxious that the
boundaries of knowledge should be en
larged ought to be most eager ?hat. the
influence of women should be in
creased, in order that every Bource ol
the human mind may be at once and
quickly brought into play. For you
may rely upon it that the time is
approaching when all those resources
will be needed and will be taxed even
to the utmost. We shall soon have on
our hands work far more arduous than
any we have yet accomplished; and
we shall be encountered by difficulties
the removal of which will require
every sort of help and every variety of
Told of Eugene Field.
Eugene Field and his wife once en
tered a street car. to find all the scats
taken save one at each end. When
the conductor collected fares, Mr.
Field announced audibly as he gave
him a dime, pointing to thc far end
cf tho car, "This is the fare for tho
lady there-the rne wearing the new.
beautiful brown dress. ' All eyes
turned, and her pretty face was rose
color; but back of her reproving
glance was mingled indulgence, appre
ciation, and mirth at the unexpected
and truthful announcement.-Youth's
Remarkable Pedestrian Excursion to
the Credit, of English Bird
in America.
Some years ago a wealthy resident
of our hills stocked his game pre
serve with English pheasants, which
have now spread over the country.
The pheasant is a walker. You can
not mistake his tracks, for he puts
one foot neatly down directly in front
of the other, making a elean impres
sion, as if he had picked it up again
very carefully. One morning I found
close to the house the end of a pheas
ant trail. Something had evidently
scared him, and he had risen from
the ground, brushing the snow on
both sides with the first flap of hi3
wings. Curious to see how far he
had walked, I put on my pedometer
and followed that trail. It led me
through my little swamp, up the hill
through a neighbor's yard, across the
road, through a spruce hedge, across
the great lawn of a big summer estate,
into the woods behind. I put on my
snow shoes in the woods and kept on.
The trail finally ceased in a brush
heap, where the snow was tracked all
about, and In one place scratched
through the bro* n leaves. That
pheasant had walked exactly one mile
and a quarter-a long walk for a bird!
And in all that distance there was no
sign that he had stopped to scratch for
food. It was as if he had set out
deliberately to walk to my house. I
could not flatter myself that such was
the case; doubtless some sense of his
had told him it was useless to scratch;
or perhaps he had fled from the
bushes through which he had walked.
But his trail was without a break.
Walter Prichard Eaton, in Harper's
Uncle Aaron Allred Wanted Nothing
to Disturb Him During Period of
"It's a matter of total indifference
to me whether Capper beats Hodges,
or vice-vercy!" triumphantly ex
claimed Uncle Aaron Allerd. 'The Bul
gars may put the Turks to the sword
as fast as they can ketch up with 'em,
for ali I care. I am not troubled about
Stubb's defeat by What's-his-name. My
nephew, Claud Duval Sisson, who
looks just that way, and has lived on
me ever since he graduated from the
village academy, three years ago,
b'cuz I didn't have the nerve to give
him both barrels in a vital spot, and
differed with and from me in politics
and religion and for the same length
of time, and acted superior to rae
b'cuz he didn't have to work and I
did, has just married, under the im
pression that he is going to enjoy a
good home and a vacation all the rest
of his life, a large and eminently able
red-headed widow lady with masterr*
ful methods and six children, &oM
blast him! Hi-lo! Hi-lee! ?hjdWB
ho>! Lay-he-O-e-e-e!" * r-pmm?fggm
Cat in Church.
A stray cat roamed into the Metho
dist church ono morning at the 10:30
service and for a time all service was
interrupted while some of the mem
bers of the church tried to catch lt.
Rev. J. N. Patterson was speaking in
the pulpit at the time and Choirmaster
Henry King left the loft to chase the
cat out.
Finally other members followed In
the pursuit and the cat seemed to play
tag with its pursuers, much to the
amusement and delight of the entire
congregation. Finally Pastor Patter
son suggested that the cat be let alone
and thc service continue, which was
done, and the cat after a while started
from the front platform without inter
ruption, walked down the aisle and
passed out of the building.-Thomp
eonville Cor. Hartford Courant.
Imitation Sandstone.
The Prussian government has
erected at Stettin a building composed
cf imitation sandstone, granite and
marble. The sandstone forms the
greater part of the exterior. The
framework is of brick.
All tho blocks, window frames, sills,
columns, roof, balcony and portal
ornaments are of imitation stone, and
they were so exactly cast and num
bered that they were fitted together
and set with little or no chiseling.
The pressing or stamping of theO
molded pieces was done by hand.
From three to four weeks were re
quired for drying.
The cost is said not to have ex
ceeded half that of natural stone, and
the durability is believed to be equal.
Why the Jeweler Fainted.
Paddy Dolan bought a watch? from
a jeweler out home, with (a guaran
tee to keep lt in order for twelve
months according to standard time.
About six months after the purchase
Paddy took it back because it had
"You seem to have had an acci
dent with it," said the jeweler.
"A small one, sure enough, slr.
About two months-ago I was feeding
the pig and the watch fell into the
"But you should have brought lt
"Sure, I brought it as soon as I could.
We only killed the pig yesterday."
Latest in Hosiery and Shoes.
New ideas in hosiery and in shoos
are constantly appearing. Despite
the protests of medical men, stockings
are still cobwebby. The latest idea
appears to be the netted silken hosi
ery, which, when drawn on the foot,
have the appearance of a fish scale.
To throw the mesh into high relief, an
understocking of very fine silk is worn
-white if the upper hose be black,
black if the net fish scale be In white.
The State of South Carolina
County of Edgeficld.
By VV. T. Kinnaird, Probate Judge
Whereas, Mrs. Emma H. Atkins
made suit to me, to grant her Let
ters of Administration of the Es
tate of and effects of John F. At
These Are Therefore to cite and
admonish ail and sinirular the kin
dred and Creditors oTthesaid John
F. Atkins deceased, that they be
and appear before rae, in the Court
of Probate, to be held at ridgefield
C. H., S. C., in my office, on Feb
ruary 7th next after publication
thereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore
noon, to show cause, if any they
have, why the said Administration
should not be granted
Given under my Hand, this 20th
dav of Januarv A. D., If! 18.
W. T. Kinn aid, P .1 E C.
You owe it to yourself, your family and
your work to keep in the best possible con
dition. If you have strong, ready muscle7
?-rich, heathy blood and a clear brain, yon
can do more and better work and really
live, and enjoy living and bc a blessing to
those you love.
Much of the eternal grouch and many
of the aches and pains you see every day
are caused directly by a lazy, torpid, over?
worked liver, and all of that may be abso
lutely cured by R. L. T. (Richardson's
Laxative Tonic). One fifty-cent or dollar
bottle of this magnificent tonic will prove
to you that it is the finest laxative and the
quickest strength building tonic ever of
fered sick, suffering humanity. Get a bot
tle from your druggist today, and keep it
always in the family medicine chest ready
to put the Liver right in one night or curs
malaria, constipation, or bilious fevers in
the shortest possible time. If not on sale
in your town, write R. L. T. Go., Ander?
son, S. C.
A Perfect Tonic
50c & $1.00 per Bottle. All Drag Slorzs.
Make the Old Suit
Look New
We are better prepared
than ever to do first-class
work in cleaning and press
ir!?rof all kinds. Make your
old pants or suit new by let
ing us clean and press them.
Ladies skirts and suits al
so cleaned and pressed. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
Edgefield Pressing
Light Saw, Lathe and ?Shin
gle Mills, Engines, Boilers,
Supplies and repairs, Porta
qle , Steam and Gasoline En
tines, Saw Teeih. Files, Bells
and Pipes. WOOD SAAVS
Gins and Pre.-s Repairs.
Trespass Notice.
AH persono are hereby notified
not to trespass in any manner upon
tile lands ol' the undersigned. Those
who fail to heed this notice will be
prosecuted under the law.
J.E. Johnston,
F. A. Johnston,
T. E. Wood,
W. F. Holston.
A Hero in a Lighthouse.
For years J S Donahue, Soj
Haven, Mich., a civil war captain,
as a light-housekeeper, averted aw
ful wrecks, but a queer fart i.->, he
might have been a \*reck himself
if Electric Hitters had not prevent
ed. They cured me of kidney troub
le and chills, he writes, "After I
had taken other so-called cures for
years, without benefit and they also
improved my nulli. NOW, al seven
ty, I am feeling tine.'' For dyspep
sia, indigestion, all stomach, liver
and kidney troubles, they're With
out equal. Try them. Only 5Uc at
Penn & Holstein's, W E Lynch &
White Boys and Girls from 12 to 25
years old to learn to spin and weave
in Bagging Miil;will start pay at from
Per week while learning. After
learning can earn from
00 $10.00
. Per week
Mill runs 57 hours per week, 1-2 day
holiday Saturday. Families having
3 or more boys or girls to work can
get new houses, with bath, electric
lights and, and water, and all mod
ern conveniences at very reasonable
rent within 5 minutes walk of mill.
If interested fill in coupon below
and mail to us.
How many in family wanting work_
Mail to charleston Bagging Mfg. Co.
mm a--mm
Round Trip Excursion Fares to Columbia,
S. C. and Return
-VIA- "-^ \
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
National Corn Exposition
Jan. 27- Feb. 9,1913
Account of this occasion, the Southern Railway an
nounces very low round trip fares to Columbia. S. C. and
return, tickets on sale January ?3. 25, zl and 31, February
3, ?5, 7, 1913 with final limit returning to reach original
starting pomt nov, later than midnight February 12, 191 3,.
as follows :
Aiken, $2.45 Edgefield, $2.10
Batesburg $1.20
Leesville $1.20 Johnston, 1.70
Proportionately reduced fares from other points. At
tractive side trip fares from Columbia. For further infor
mation cali on nearest ticket agent, or?
A. H. Acker, TP A., W. E. McGhee, A GPA
Augusta, Ga. Columbia, S. C.
H. F. Cary, GPA., S. H. Hardwick PTM
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C..
Whose Fciulf?"
If you do not get value received for your money. Ii
you get inferior goods for which you pay as much as
we charge you for the gcod kind, you can blame only
yourself. Our 20 years experience in the grocery
business and our -'square deal" policy ir. worth some
thing to the prospective buyer and all we ask isa trial.
'"We can deliver the goods." Groceries and feed for
man and beast.
Augusta, Ga.
Office and salesroom 863 Broad Warehouse Ga. Railroad
P. S. Mr. M. Gary Satcher is with us and will be glad to see his friends S

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