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(Sdgcjiet? ^??ttimt
Established 1835.
/. L. MMS,.....Editor
The crowning fortune of a man is
to be born with a bias to some pursuit
which finds him in employment and
The appearance of the juicy shad
sends the cost of living still higher.
The legislature is costing the peo
ple$S and up to this time has done prac
tically 0.
Wonder how those militant suffra
gettes are going to ride in the inaugu
ral parade, sidewise or "otherwise"?
Don't tell the suffragettes that they
are injuring their cause by smashing
plate glass windows. Such couduct
stays the coming of the evil day-that
of equal suffrage.
Some of the other counties may vote
on the dispensary question, if they so
desire. As for Edgefield, the people put
their feet squarely and very heavily on
thc proposition about a year ago.
The people of Chicago are shocked
by some of the new plays that are be
ing presented at the theatres in that
city. It is indeed surprising that a
people who tolerate Jack Johnson as
Chicage has done would be shocked by
The treasury department has deci
ded to change the design of currency
by reducing the size of paper money
by one-third. A change which the
people would appreciate more would be
the enlarging of its purchasing power
by one third.
From some counties farmers are
flocking to the corn exposition by the
hundreds, while they are only attend
ing by the dozens from Edgefield. This
should not beso. There are yet three
days of grace, the exposition remain
ing open until Saturday night
Wonder if the Charleston society for
the prevention of cruelty to animals
includes the "blind tiger" in the cata
logue of animals that it has taken un
der its protecting care? The people
down there en masue seem to be look
ing after the welfare of this pestifer
ous animal
Will not somebody revive the Edge
field society for the prevention of cru
elty to animals? During its short lite
the poor dumb brutes were treated
more humanely around Edgefield. The
annual report of the officers of a simi
lar society in Charleston shows that
splendid work has been done.
Editor DeCamp of the Gaffney Ledg
er has chartered a whole train for the
trip to Washington to witness the in
auguration. Wonder what "plum" he
expects to fall in h?3 basket that will
be so large as to require a whole train
to bring it home? Our good friend de
serves the most luscious "plum" on
the Democratic tree.
It is worth going to Washington to
see a squad of battle-scarred Confeder
ate soldiers, clad in gray uniforms and
carrying old muskets as they did in
the sixties, marching down Pennsyl
vania avenue in the inaugural parade
to the strains of Dixie. To nome ex
tent?t least this will be an official
recognition of the righteousness of the
Lost Cause.
The^.suggestion to raise funds from
among the Confederate soldiers to re
pay the amount of Gen. Sickles' em
bezzlement was misdirected sentiment.
It is altogether out of place to appeal
to Rebel veterans to come to the r< -
lief of a man who refused to vote for
Woodrow Wilson "because he was the
son of a rebel." It is pathetic in the
extreme to see a man nearly 90 years
of age in the plight which Gen. Sickles
has placed himself, but having made his
bed hard he will have to ?ie upon it.
A bill has been introduced in the leg
islature prohibiting the sale of ciga
rettes and cigarette papers in South
Carolina. The passage and enforce
ment of such a law would add millions
to the state's resources by making the
incoming generation of young men
stronger physically, mentally and mor
ally. The pernicious little cigarette
lowers the character and quality of our
Sentiment Against Mourning Apparel.
There isa growing sentiment againsf
the donning of conventional black when
death removes a loved [one from the
home circle. The press and the pulpit
seem to have joined hands in creating
such a sentiment. In one of his SDlen
iid sermons recently from the Baptist
pulpit, l>r Vines expressed the hope that
the custom of wearing crepe and heavy
mourning would soon be abolished. Dr.
Francis Orme who died in Atlanta
few days ago provided against an ex
pensive funeral and the wearing
conventional mourning. He had thi
to say of the custum of thus advertis
ing one's sorrow:
/'In some respects the wearing of
mourning is a barbarous custom. I de
sire and especially enjoin that my wife
and children shall not wear mourning
because of my death. To mourn at
heart upon the loss of friends is una
voidable; to wear the habiliments of j
mourning is a form. While the prac
tice may accord with the pomp of I
courts and the parade of wealth, it |
seems to me unfitting in a republican
country. Were it abolished it would I
leave much bread for hungry widows <
and orphans."
Building Valuable Property.
Because Col. F. N. K. Bailey has de
cided to move his institution to Green
wood, leaving our building possibly va
lant, so far as a boarding school is con
:erned, should cause no regret on the
part of our people. The three-story
jrick building which gi aces the acade
ny grove is valuable property and
:an always be utilized to advantage
"or educational purposes. The best
jart of it is, the building is admirably
idapted to either a high school or
warding school purposes, which really
nakes it more valuable as a piece of |
?wo property than one of the modern
graded school buildings which towns
nach smaller than Edgefield are erect
ngat a cost of from $15,000 to 530,000.
furthermore, instead of having any re
grets that the $15,000 bond issue was
nvested in this building, we should
ather congratulate ourselves that the
chool property was thus improved be
ore the tremendous increase in tne
ost of building. Making rather a
ough estimate, it is hardly probable |
hat such a building as Edgefield now ?
wns could be erected at this time for |
he sum of $25,000.
The town of Gaffney will in a short
i me vote upon the question of issuing
onds to the amount of $30,000 for j
recting school buildings. Of this
mount $6,000 will be used to improve
wo buildings that are already in exist
nce and $24,000 will be used to erect
nother large graded school building.
Gaffney is taking this forward step
otwithstanding the fact that the
jwn has Limestone college in which
j educate its girls.
It matters not what kind of a school
'ill succeed the S. C. C. I. in Edge-1 (:
eld, whether another boarding school
r a high school, the point we wish to
take is that Edgefield has not "an ele
hant on its hands" in the form of the
resent three-story building. Let us be
lankful that we have the building, a
ig bargain for the money invested, .
od go to work in earnest to establish
ie right kind of school in it.
"Hoist by His Own Petard."
A certain prominent Baptist minister
i Charleston has doubtless seen the n
rror of his way and has repented, but f(
i it not too late for him to counteract n
ltogether the evil influence which he ^
et in motion? Several years ago when
a effort was made to carry the state
or prohibition this minister prtached a
ermon against prohibition in which, if nt
re remember correctly, he referred to a
; as "a screaming farce." Possibly a a
rohibitory law would have been a h
arce in Charleston, but would prohib?- *?
ion be alone in that respect? Is not the ('
nforcement of Some other laws in tl
Charleston more or less farcical? While
Charleston county may or may not have
een bene/fitted by the success of the j
rohibition movement, yet there is no
ainsaying the fact that practically all
f '.he other counties would have been
enefitted. At the time, this promi
ent minister, unwittingly let us hope, j
llowedhis influence to be used to the
efeat of prohibition. Some ofhisas
ertions were sweet morsels for the li
uor people, frequently quoting them
nd referring with evident satisfaction
D the source from which they came, j
"his minister should have realized that
he prohibitionists all over the state n
ad set a high standard, using every s
onest means to measure up to it, and <.
/hile his own community may not have f
een benefitted he should have taken d
igh ground and helped to attain the- a
leal. t
What has finally happened? The ut
erances of this minister have acted as t
i boomerang, and he doubtless finds y,
?imself "hoist by his own petard." v
.'ho low standard which he set several o
ears ago was seized with avidity by v
Charleston's lawless element and it
lasjhad its part in causing conditions in
hat city to go from bad to worse. So
ntolerable ha ? conditions become 5
brough the operations of blind tigers, a
ace track gambling, etc., that this f
ame minister has changed the range c
f his guns. Instead of pointing up- r
tate they are now pouring hot shot
nto Charleston. He is endeavoring j
brough a series of sermons to change a
ir cure a "diseased public sentiment"
vhichhis utterances helped to create,
.nd which had an important part in de
eating state-wide prohibition.
Moral: A man of influence, especially
. minister of the gospel, should seri
usly reflect before uttering words that
re calculated to retard moral reforms. J
I Current Comment
Tillman v3. Blease.
Let's see: Is it Tillman's time tore
ply to Blease or Blease's time to reply
i.0 Tillman. We have sort of lost track
>f this business.-Greenville Piedmont
It is well that the track has been
ost. Both replies are untimely.
Their Time Limited.
South Carolina Solons who like a good
rime are respectfully reminded that
Lent will begin next Wednesday, when
they are expected to put aside world!
m joy ment.- The State.
Maybe the lawmakers will get down
to business when Lent begins and some
>f the d?versions are eliminated.
Tax Burden Heavy.
If you do not know that taxes are
ligh it is because you haven't paid
fours yet. People are paying a lot of
noney for city, county and state. Are
:hey getting value received?-Newber
.y Observer.
Down here in Edgefield our taxes are
ligh and we are not "getting value re
Lee Equally as Deserving.
The national house of representa
Iv?s on Tuesday adopted a concurrent
esolution for a memorial to the mem
iry of Abe Lincoln, at Washington,
ost two million dollars. He wasn't
porth it.-Newberry Observer.
Lincoln may be wc-th it, but Robt,
i. Lee likewise deserved to be honored
long with Washington and Lincoln.
: Smile Provokers J
"Tell me," said the lady to the
ld soldier, "were you cool in bat
le?" "Cool?" said the truthful'
eteran, "why, I fairly shivered."
-Ladies' Home Journal.
He- What are you going to give
i?tty and Jack for a wedding pres
nt? She-Oh, I guess I'll send
utty the bunch of letters Jack
. rote me when we were engaged
-Boston Transcript.
"I suppose you and your wife
an remember your first quarrel,'
aid the meddlesome person.
'"Remember it!" returned Mr
rrowcbe?; "1 should say so. It
?n't over 3ret."
Old Jones-''Can you give my
laughter the luxuries to which she
ias been accustomed?"
Cbolly (engaged)-Not much
jnger. That's why I want to get
Wife, "where is my new silk ura
rella cover?"
"I guess there has been a slight
tistake," admitted his wife, after a
Bw moments, 4'I sent it to my dress
?aker and told her to let it out a
rifle over the hips."
Fond .tiamma-Here's a photo of
ly little boy when he was a baby,
nd I ?-ant you to make one of him
s he is now. Photographer-But
aven't yon brought him with you?
'ond Mamma-No, I thought you
ould make an enlargement from
his-Pell Mell.
A little girl remarked to her
lamina on going to bed, "I am
ot afraid of the dark."
"No, of course not," replied her
"I was a little afraid once, when
went into the pantry to get a
"What were you arraid of?"
"I was afraid I couldn't find the
Mark Twain was spending a sum
1er in a small town while a sub*
cri pt ion was being raised by the
itizens for the building of a new
ence around a very old and dilapi
ated cemetery. Mark Twain was
sked several times for a contribu
ion, but each request was refused.
Upon being asked for an explana
ion of his disinterestedness he re
lied : "I see no reason for it. Those
/ho are in the cemetery can't get
mt, and those that are out don't
rant to get in.
An old negro, who for several
ears had conducted an illicit s'.ill
,mong the mountains of Kentucky,
ell a victim at last to the vigilance
if the revenue officers, and was
?rought before the court.
"What name?" inquired the
udge, when the frightened negro
ppeared before him.
"Joshua, Yo' Honah.'"
"Ah," returned the Judge, "I
uppose, then, you are the .Joshua
rho made thc sun stand still?
"No, sah," was the prompt reply,
I's no dat Joshua at all; Va de
oshua what made the moon shine."
i he Man Wiih The Pistol.
There dieri in a hospital in Co
lumbia Saturday night a'young man
#ho had been Hhot by another
troung man a few days before. From
.he evidence adduced at the inquest
tappears that these two young men
vern xi ra ii ?re rs to each other, and
net hy chance at a railway station,
some triflintr misunderstanding took
ilace, one slapped*the other's f-icn,
thereupon the latter quickly drew
i pistol and tired into the body of
lis assailant several shota. The man
dayer says the deceased appeared
:o throw his hands towards a hip
There is in this killing the old
esson of law breaking leading to
leeper lawlessness. What reason
lad either of these young men with
i pistol? It turned out that the dead
nan did not have one about him.
Why did the other tbink he had
me, and was about to draw it? Sim
ply because he himself was a law
jreaker, and was armed and ready
0 kill. Because he knew that he
limself had a pistol in his own hip
)ocket, he was ready to believe that
1 slight movement of the hand of
he other meant that he, too, was a
ximinal and ready to kill a fellow
nan. Hence, thc real law-breaker
i'aa ready to draw and tire and
ill-and he did so.-Abbeville
Treasurer's Notice.
The County Treasurer's office will be
pen for the purpose of receiving taxes
rom the 15th day of October, 1912, to
he 15th day of March, 1913.
All taxes shall be due and payable be
ween the 15th day of October, 1912,
nd December 31st, 1912.
That when taxes charged/ shall not
e paid by December 31st, 1912, the
?ounty Auditor shall proceed to add a
enalty of one per cent for January,
nd if taxes are not paid on or before
ebruary 1st, 1913, the County Auditor
rill proceed to add two per cent, and
ve per cent from 1st of March to the
5th of March. After which time all
npaid taxes will be collected.by the
The tax levies for the year 1912 are
s follows:
'or State purposes 5 3-4 mills.
" Ordinary County 41-2 "
" Cons. School tax 3 M
" Special County tax 2 3-4 "
" Bacon S. D, Special 2 "
,, Edgefield S. D. 2 "
" Long Cane S. D. 3 "
" Libertv Hill S. D. 3 "
" Johnston S. D. 5 "
" Collier S. D. 3 "
" Flat Rock S. D 4 "
" Prescott S. D. 3 "
"Plum Branch S. D. No 1 5 "
" White Town SD 3 "
" Trenton SD 2 "
" Ward SD. 2 "
Moss SD 3 "
Parksville SD 3 "
" Washington SD 2 "
" Oak Grove SD 3 "
>" Red Hill SD 2 1-2 "
" Shaw 2 "
" R R Bonds Wise T's'p 11-4 "
" R R Bonds Pickens 3 "
"RR Bonds Johnston 3 "
" RR Bonds Pine Grove 12 "
" RR Bonds Blocker 12 "
" " Bonds Town Edgefield 1-2"
" School Bonds 1 "
" Town of Edgefield
Corporation Purposes 10 "
All male citizens between the ages of
L years and 60 years except those ex
mpt by law are liable to a poll tax of
ne Dollar each. A capitation tax of
) cents each is to be paid on all dogs.
The law prescribes that all male ci ti
aras between the ages of 18 and 55
ears must pay $2.00 commutation tax
r work six days on the public roads,
.s this is optional with the individual,
o commutation tax is included in the
roperty tax. So ask for road tax re
eipt when you desire to pay road tax.
James T. Mims,
Co. Treas. E. C.
Shocking Sounds
in the earth aro sometimes heard
efore a terrible earthquake, that
ram of thc coming peril. Nature's
rantings are kind. That dull pain
r ache in the back warns you the
idneys need attention if you would
scape those dangerous maladies,
ropsy, diabetes or Bright's dis
ase. Take Electric Bitters at once
nd see backache fly and all your
lest feelings return. "My son re
eived great benefit from their usc
or kidney and bladder trouble,"
..rites Peter Bondy, South Rock
wood, Mich. It is certainly a great
idnt'3 medicine. Try it. 50 cents at
*enn tfc Holstein's, VV E Lycch &
He Had One.
"Now, Bobby," asked the teach
r, "if I gave you a rabbit and Susie
ives you a rabbit, how many will
ou have?''
"Three, ma'am."
"Three? How do you get that
nswer? How many does one and
ne make?"
"Two, ma'am; but I have one of
iy own at home."-St. Louis Post
No.. 666
This is a prescription prepared espe
ially for Chills and Fever. Five or
ix doses will break any case of Chills
nd Fever, and if taken then as a tonic
he Fever will not return. It acts on
he liver better than Calomel and does
ot gripe or sicken. 25c.
Not Always Lasting.
To marry one's ideal would be fine,
If we could only be assured of not
waking up.
We desire to notify our farmer friends that we
are ready to supply them with fertilizers in ali of
the popular brands and formulas. We sell the cel
ebrated brands
Bradley, Baldwin
and Etiwan
These goods h;ive been used by farmers of this
county for many years and have given sati.staction.
We also have contracted for a large supply of
ingredients for mixing fertilizers at home. Bear in
mind that we can fill your orders forv any kind of
plant food, the dependable kind. Come in to see us.
W. W. Adams & Co.
McCall Patterns in Stock
We wish to inform the ladies of EdgefieM
and the surrounding country that we now han
dle McCall patterns and are keeping some in
stock that you will not have trouble of waiting
to order. We will take orders for the McCall
Magazine for
and give you any 15c pattern out of stock.
Any little girl 12 years old and under calling
at our store will be given free by asking, one
doll pattern.
Yours to serve,
Rives Brothers
oming Noxons Hippodrome
For One Weeks En
gagement, Coming
Monday, feh.g^
Wild West and Minstrels,the highest class (LITTLE)
:how of its kind on earth. 'Boosted by every towi:
md city they have played in.
ay the Wi?d Wesf Show a
See the cow boys and and cow girls, some riders,
f you have a mule or horse that can't be ridden bring
t to the Wild West ?how. The boys will break him
or you and you can ride him back. Mr. Parker, the
western cow boy will ride anything, that wears hair.
??emember ?he name, date and Place.
Moxons Hippodrome Shows,
Edgeheld, S. C.
Week of Mo-day, ffoh ?Qfa

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