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Established 1835.
/. L. N?H?S..-...Editor
Published every ^Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building: at SlToO per year
in advance. . *
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield. S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
? 1
Nature has made occupation a nec
essity to us; society makes it a duty;
habit may make it a pleasure.-CAP
Bryan vs. Johnson-who will win?
Farmers have all "laid by" and have
gone a-fishing.
The past week has been exceedingly
quiet politically. During that time no
candidate has announced for governor.
Unless the rain soon comes, farmers
will have to bring suit against the
weather man under the mental anguish
The Advertiser ?3 pleased to learn
that several of the school districts of
the county are planning for longer '
terms. Practically every rural school
in the county needs a longer term. No
school should run for a shorter time
than eight months.
In the matter of elections, this is not ?
an off-year for all of the counties of ,
the state. Fully a half dozen will have ,
a dispensary fight on their hands this |
summer. Are you not glad that Edge
field county has settled this question ,
once for all? I
It is said that the only hope now for 1
the capture of Henry Austin is for the 1
mosquitoes to drive him from the Sa- 1
vannah river swamps. The question '
naturally arises. How is he living? '
Somebody must be supplying the brute 1
with food. 1
At one time it appeared that Edge
field county would harvest more oats
than the traditional Carter had, but ;
within the past two weeks there has <
been a decided change in the situation, i
The prolonged drought, which is almost i
without precedent at this season, has i
greatly injured the grain. i
The Southern Baptist convention, 1
representing 29,000 churches and a tot- '
al membership of 2,500,000 is in session 1
this week in St. Louis. At this annual !
gathering plans will be effected for
raising a fund of $1:000,000 to com- 1
mem?rate the 100th anniversary of the 1
inauguration of missionary work in 1
India. !
President Wilson, accompanied by
Mrs. Wilson, visited Mount Vernon
Saturday for the first time since he
became president. As he stood by the
grave of George Washington, the first
president, for a few minutes with bared
head, would you not like to have snap
ped him with a camera? Such a pic
ture every true American should prize
beyond measure.
We are again reminded that the
South Carolina Co-Education al Insti
tuve is soon to leave us. The time for
holding the last commencement in
Edgefield is near at h?nd. These an
nual occasions have always been pleas
ant and already regrets are expressed
on every hand that the commencement
which begins to-morrow evening will
be the last.
Joe Grant has lost again, but he is
unwilling: to give up the fight and come
back to Edgefield county for trial. His
negro lawyers have again appealed to
a higher tribunal, and will doubtless
continue to appeal until the money is
exhausted. Grant is still in jail in
Philadelphia, and Edgefield county will
have to pay the expense, which is
much greater than it would be in South
Mayor Grace's cry of corruption in
the recent primary in the first con
gressional district would have received
greater consideration had he spoken
through some one else. While no one
is disposed to oppose an investigation,
yet when one is reminded of Mr.
Grace's checkered political career, it
requires a considerable effort to say
amen to any suggestion he may make,
however good and timely it may be.
Wonder what the railroads have been
doing to Brother Knight of The Bam
berg Herald? He has gone on record
as being "agin" the exchange of ad
vertising space for passes or transpor
tation, and has announced that he will
force a line up one way or the other of
all the newspaper folk at the annual
meeting at the Isle of Palms in June.
Let us hope that Brother Knight will
repent and come back into the fold be
fore the day set for the annual meeting
During the month of June a majority
of the 35 nations of the world will hold
a conference at The Hague for the
purpose of taking steps looking to the
stamping out of the use of opium ex
cept in medicinal preparations. Like
the whiskey evil, the use of this bane
ful narcotic will probably never be
stampe'd entirely out, yet every effort
made in that direction has its effect
and is praiseworthy.
I Unless the law is allowed to take its
course and the practice of paying ne
groes out of trouble in order to get
them as farm hands is discontinued,
Edgefield county is going to be greatly
shocked by having some Austins stalk
forth as walking arsenals, committing
nameless crimes. For the sake of the
negroes and for the good of society let
criminals suffer for committing crime.
Wheri light offenses are committed and
he goes scot free, the criminal will
be emboldened to commit larger and
more aggravated crimes. When both
white and colored people willfully vio
late the law they should be punished
for their wrong doing.
Elect Teachers Early.
From reports published in the papers,
it appears that trustees over the state
are electing teachers for the session of
1913-14 much earlier than usual. This
is well. In the first place it is better
to select teachers early because the
best talent that the money in hand can
command can be had. Trustees who
delay engaging their teachers are
forced to take what other .schools have
In the second place, trustees owe it
to the teachers to pass upon their ap
plications early. If they are not to be
re-employed in the school in which they
?lave taught the past session, they
should know it as early as possible in j
jrder that they may apply elsewhere i
before the choicest places are filled.
There is a disposition on the part of
some trustees owing to a lack of in
terest, to delay action on al! matters
pertaining to their school. As it is
public business they 3eem to think any
time will do. No trustee should take j
that view of so important a matter,
[f he accepts the position of trustee
ae should at least make an honest ef- j
fort to measure up to the responsibil
ities which devolve upon him.
White Town School, a Model.
Elsewhere in this issue will be found
in intelesting report of the closing ex- j
?rcises of the White Town school. |
which in many respects is a model ru-?
ral school. Judging from the manner j
iii which the school has flourished, we |
ire constrained to believe that, in addi- ]
tion to two capable, conscientious
teachers, the school has at its back a
jood, live board of trustees, although
?ve are not informed as to the person- <
iel. '
The board has acted wisely in select- 1
ing teachers who have made a study of
teaching, just as the ambitious lawyer
jr doctor does of his profession. In
stead of resorting to the school room 1
for temporary employment and teach- j
ing so many hours a day for a given 1
number of months in order that they '
may draw a stipulated sum of money,
these ladies are thoroughly in love with
their work. And while it is true they
are interested in the financial feature. ,
just as every one else would be, that
to them is not the only thing to be con
sidered in connection with teaching.
They are interested in the development
and progress of the boys and girls un
der them as well as in their pay check
each month.
After, acting wisely in selecting their
corps of teachers, the White Town
patrons and trustees again acted the
part of wisdom in retaining the same
teachers from session to session. A
child is placed at a disadvantage by
having a new teacher each year. It
requires the better part of one session
for a teacher to become thoroughly ac
quainted with a child's temperament,
talent and capacity. This being true
more satisfactory results are obtained
the second year than during thc first
year's work. When a child is placed
under a new teacher session after ses
sion, instead of rapid or even normal
advancement, the same preliminary
work of the previous session has to be
gone through with again. Our honest
belief is that a boy or girl will do more
satisfactory work and make better
progress in two years under one teach
er than during three years when teach
ers are changed each session. There
fore, The Advertiser urges trus
tees and patrons to retain good teach
ers after they have been fortunate
enough to secure them.
This is just what the White Town
school has done. Both of the ladies
have been elected for another year, and
for the good of theuchool and the .com
munity at large we hope they will I '
accept these positions again.
i What Others Bay f
f +
Kindness Not Appreciated.
Those for whom one tries to do the
most are the ones who are the least'
appreciative.-Anderson Mail.
It Takes One to Catch One.
There are those A'ho believe that Mr.
G race is sure of his ground for the
reason that he has been over it so many
times himself.-Yorkville Enquirer.
Must Explain "Shut Downs."
It is an old and a favorite trick of
the protected industries to shut down
plants and reduce wages when tariff re
vision is talked of being undertaken,but
Secretary Redfield has given notice
that all such "shutdowns" now will be
investigated by his department.-Or
angeburg Times and Democrat.
Will Not Precipitate Disaster.
There are people who continue to|
predict disaster for the Wilson admin
istration and we do not blame them.
The individual who thinks that such
ideas and principles as Mr. Wilson is
trying to establish, can be established
without terrible friction, is enthusias
tic indeed, lt is possible that the Dem
ocratic party may be completely, over
thrown next year; but even that will
not be evidence of the failure of^Mr.
Wilson. - Yorkville Enquirer.
Well Provided For.
The salary of the president of the
United States is $75,000, but the appro
priations made for the president, his
help and for the household expendi
tures of the White House aggregate
$259,000. divided as follows: Salary,
$70,700; contingent fund, $25,000; trav
eling expenses, $25,000; household ex
penses, vehicles, horses, etc., $35,000;
fuel, $6,000; care and repair of green
houses, $12,i!00; punting invitations,
6tC., $3.000; lighting White House!
md grounds, $8,600. -Columbia Record
h *
I Smile Provokers |
"I'm sorry I ever married you!"
thrieked the bride on the occasion
)f their first-quarrel.
"You ought to be, retorted the
?room. really angry and bitter for
he first time. You beat some nice
rirl out of a good husband."
"You look wann.*'
"I have been chasing a hat.''
"Did your hat blow off?"
"It was not ray hat; it belonged
;o a pretty girl."
"Did you catch it?"
"Yes. My wife saw rae chasing
t. "-Chicago Record-Herald.
"My wife lost her purse with
three pounds in it to-day, said a
tad looking man.
"While going to town or coni
ng home?" inquired a sympa
"Didn't I say it had some money
in it?" answered the sad looking
nan. and every one knew when she
lost it. - Exchange.
The old friends had had three
lays together.
"You have a pretty place here,
John, remarked the guest on the
morning of his departure. But it
looks a bit bare yet."
"Oh, that's because the trees are
JO young, answered the host, com
fortably. I hope they'll have grown
Lo a good size before you come
again."-Harper's Magazine.
A prominent congressman decid
Bd to turn over part of his practice
to hrs son. Shortly afterwards the
young man entered the office and
with a face beaming with pleasure
exclaimed :
"Father, you know that Wilbour
case you'd been trying for the.last
ten years?"
The congressman admitted that
he did.
"Well, said the young man tri
umphantly, I've settled it!"
* Settled it, reiterated his father.
SeUled it! Well, my boy, I gave you
that case as an annuity."
Bobbie had been allowed to sit
upa little while after supper on
condition that he k p quiet. But
Bobbie had a lot of queutions that
he wanted to ask and the sum of
them sent him to bed.
"Papa," he began innocently
enough, "can God do everything?"
"Ye?, my son, surely."
"Can he make a two-foot rule
with only one end to it?"
"Don't ask such foolish ques
tions, sonnie!"
Brief silence: then:
"Pa, is it true that a camel can
go 10 days without water?"
"Yes," a little wearily.
"Then, pa, how many days oould
he go if he had water?"
And that, of course, was Bob
bie's oue to go swiftly upstairs.
niiiimmJQ Mlld " Laxative,
BITTEBtt Family Medicine.
Are Arra
By this systeir
showing how ms
witft what degr??
The book will sb
the credit sta
map, who trades
rating the poor L
secure a higher i
does not.
Good I
Just received a shipment of men's
and boys' suits. Give us a trial be
fore you buy your suit.
Two car? of wagons just unload
ed-one car of Hackney wagons
and one car of White Hickory wag
ons. Call on us when you need a
Ramsey & Jones.
e Representatives ol
ants' Cr
tnging for the Publk
edit Qu
i each individual i;
my places they s<
3 of promptness tl:
ow, not the financ
nding9 of every!
i on time, and as it
nan who pays his I
.ating than the n
Credit I
That's reason enough son
1 learned that lesson before
And ray father learned it tx
There isn't any "better" tha
There can't be?
I read something ?n a news]
and I cut it out; 1 like t
Listen to ib
"Wherever wheels turn-v
cleaves ?ts way into the
traveler from America
that is synonymous will
tine, isn't it? And gospel t
time he went to Europe
bim feel to find Studeb
and to find, too, that t
there as it did herc.
Eut that isn't what I'm getti
What I men is, that you'c
wagon with your eyes s
best money's worth you
What I mean ?3, that the St
icned golden rule into
part ol an inch rn fifty ]
Don't you see thai nothing a
ot that downright positi
Lauppoac if al' *ho wagons tl
r. linc Uiey'c
And I've never I
Don't let r.nyonc
bc?jutc it ?
m 1 ?m[?
?__)_. _ _ ? -
Now ia time to begin the ear
ly garden, ?Ve can supply you
with seedsf all kinds from the
seed farms Buist and Ferry, both
are thorou^ dependable.
immons & Morgan.
No bettejjrgy made than the
Brock way.FIave you ever used
one? Let ujow you our mock.
hilson & Canteloa.
edit Co
;ation of a
3 placed on record
Bcure credit and
iey pay their bills,
ial standing, but
)ocly, man or wo
; is not a financial
)ills promptly will
ian of means who
Boy, Because it's a
because ii's a Studebaker,
you were bora. , * ,
jfore mc. . ''t>'J' "
n Studebaker.
5aper the other day aoout SWeb?ier trag?te.
0 hear good things about old friends.
/li er ever roads aro built-wherever commerce
: wilderness-anywhere in the world-there the
meets with a thrill of patriotic pride the name
h vehicle service and vehie'e value."
rue, too. I remember your Uncle William, thu
, bock in 1S91, telling mc how good it made
fikcr wagons in the little out-of-the-way places,
he name Studebaker stood jest as high over
I. be safe today if yon bought a Studebaker
hut-you could be sure you r/ere getting tha
r dollars could buy.
udebaker notion of building the geo? o!d-fash>
their wagons hasn't iet down the thousandth
nyone else tn?.y offer you can take the flaco
ve Studebaker certainty?
rit Slutkrb-?kers have ?uilt -A-cro ctrunjj out lat
1 !jo around the niobe MV: a daren Ibr.m.
:card cf cr.e flint ii;dn't rna!:'.' good.
. e.o? your minci ?t? th?.l idea-buy it, my boy,
a S?adc?alicr.
We al ways oarry alarie assort
ment of fresh cakes and crackers
from the National Biscuit Com
Timmons & Morgau.
For Weakness and Loss of Appetite
The Old Standard general strengthening tonic?
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out
Malaria and ba i kb up the system. A true tonia
Appetizer. For adulta and children. 60c.

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