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Office No. 61.
Residence, No. 17. IIA
Wednesday, January 7th.
Mrs. E. L. Strom of Kirksey is
visiting ber parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Dorn.
The choral club will meet Friday
evening at the home of Mrs. H. A.
Smith at 7:30 o'clock.
Miss Rosada Talbert of Para
ville is visiting her grand parents,
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Parker.
Mrs. S. M. Craig of Anderson is
.ere visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Cogburn.
Mr. O. L. Dobson of Augusta
spent several days recently with his
mother, Mrs. Emma N. Dobson.
WANTED-An old-style ma
hogany sideboard, claw feet de
sired. Write P. O. Box lil, Edge
-field, S. C.
Mr. J. Gordon Thomap, of
, Lynchburg, S. C., was a welcomed
visitor to onr town last week.
Miss Jessie Harris of Henderson,
is here visiting her cousins, Mrs.
John R. Tompkins and Mrs. W.
C. Lynch.
Ladies Suits, at half price.
Smith-Marph Co.
Dr. F. P. Byrd nf Ratesbnrg
uppnt. Sunday here with his broth
er-. Mr. W. A. Byrd and Dr. J.
8. Byrd.
Mrs. Mamie Brady of Washing
ton, D. C., is the guest of Mrn.
Lncy Dngas. She is accompanied by
two little children.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Paul, ac
companied by their children, pppnt
the Christmas holidays at John
ston with Mrs. Paul's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Matthews of
Columbia were among the recent
visitors in Edgefield, being guests
*>f Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stewart
while here.
Mr. W. J. Duncan has gone to
Savannah to confer with the fertili
ser manufacturers which hs ha?
been representing in this section for
several years.
Dr. A. H. Corley enjoved a trip
of two weeks to Cuba. He was ac
companied by Mr. Burrell Boat
wright of Johnston. Dr. Corley
says the climate in Cuba in Decem
ier is about like May here.
The newly elected officers of the
Edgefield lodge, Knights of Pythias,
wfre installed at fhe regular meet
ing Tuesday evening. At the close
of the business sesi?n the members
of the lodge partook of an oyster
FOR SALE-White Leghorn
pullet? at 80 cents each. Carl T.
Hill, Edgeficld, S. C.
Miss Mamie Cheatham ppent the
week end with Miss Ellee Swearin
gen at Trenton. She had the pleas
ure of attending the tacky party
Tv^rcrlnv night given bv Mis
JSvelyn Broadwater complimentary
U? ncr guest, Miss Nellie Cleckley
of Augusta.
Try the Barrington-IIall bakeriz
ed, steel-cut coffee with all chaff and
other injurious parts removed. It ip
something new and will not fail to
plea?e. Drop in and let us show you
what the steel-cut coffre is.
Dunovant & Co.
Mrs. Letitia Bailey left Monday
for her home in Lynchburg, Va., to
remain until early in March, when
she will return to Edgefield to man
age the millinery department of the
Rives Bros store for the spring sea
son. She will be greatly missed b\
Edgefield friends while away.
Dr. M. D. Jeffries has gone to
Richmond for a conference with the
Foreign Mission board of the
Southern Baptist convention. Be
fore returning he will visit his old
home in Culpepper, Va. Owing to
the absence of Dr. Jeffries there
will be no services next Sunday.
Mr. G. T. Ouzts, a prosperous
young merchant of the Mountain
Creek section, spent Monday in
Edgefield on business. I While hen
Mr. Ouzts placed an order with The
Advertiser job office for his offi e
supplies for the new year. Com
mencing with to-day Mr. Ouzts will
conducta pre-inventory sale which
will last through the 26th of Janua
ry. During this time he will sell
?staple merchandise very low.
Attention Teachers of Edge
field County!
The Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union of Edgefield wishes to
secure the interest and co-operation
of the teachers and school boyi and
girls of the county in their annual
essay contest
While we were gratified at the
number of schools that responded
last year, still we can be satisfied
with nothing less than the enlist
ment of every teacher and scholar
in this important work.
As long as the papers bring to ns
the daily record of the awful toll of
crime that is directly traceable to
intemperance. No teacher can affoid
to neglect this opportunity of aron<
ing interest and stimulating inquiry
about this vital matter of temper
ance with an earnest prayer for
God's blessing and guidance on the
effort. It may be the time of sowing
a seed of truth or a principle which
may be a futute safeguard for the
boy or erirl and therefore of inesti
mable value.
The subjects for this year are
"What will be the effect of a saloon
le?s nation in 1920," for oupils 16
ye<ir? and over. The ?econd is ' Why
is the cigarette an enemy of the
boy" all pupils under 15 years of
age. Thpre are two prizes of $5.00
each offered for the best essay on
each subject and two prizes of
$2 50 for the second best essay on
each subject.
All essays must be in by the loth
of March. Send these and any appe
lions for literatuie to
Mrs. Thos. H. Rainsford,
Edgefield, S. C.
Two Interesting Subjects.
Philip promoted, Saul converted,
Simon Peter broadened, Sunday
morning 11:30 at Methodist church.
A crreat life, Sunday night at 7:30.
Week of prayer observed Thursday
at 3:30 and 7:30. .. ?
A London Adventure.
In my laBt article I had lost Mrs.
Walker in London Saturday ni^ht.
She and some others had lest M?M
Del p.
Mr. Baty, our Canada friend,
phoned to Miss Delp's hotel to find
ont if she had returned. She and a
few others of our party had rooms
at a hotel under same management
as and near the one in which most
of our 80 people were staying. In
some way the hotel office did not
have Miss Delp's room number and
Mr. Baty could get no information
there. About 11:30 o'clock our five
people began to try to get hack to
our hotel. One of their troubles in
rinding their way was a drunk street
car or bus conductor. After goins.?
in different directions and trying
different modes of travel, they final
ly reached Miss Del p's hotel, anil
then how were they to find out
whether she had returned in safety
or not, for they did not know the
number of her room and had not
been able to find out from tin
office? But at last they aroused some
others of our party rooming in this
hotel and found from them the
Soon after getting her seat at the
horse show, Mies Delp grew uneasy
at being separatad from her five
friends in this crowd of 10,000 peo
pie in great London, so many miles
away from her hotel, and decided
while it was early she had best
start for her hotel. She happened
not to have enough money with her
to hire a taxi, so she had to make
her way by car or motor bus. In
ellinging and trying to find the
right way, she to her dismay found
herself wandering about in what
seemed to be one of tho worst sec
tions of London. But finally ?he
found her way safely home before
her friends reached her hotel.
By a little after 1:30 Sunday
morning Miss Delp had been found
in her room. Mrs. Baty, who in
great anxiety had been walking her
room, was relieved by the return of
Mr. Baty, and I was happy again
by Mr. and Mrs. H rann and tho
others bringing Mrs. Walker bac'<
in safety.
Old Fathionod Parts of Holland.
I shall probably next week tell
you about a day spent in old fash
ioned parts of Holland.
January finds me still writing
about last summer's pleasant and
helpful experiences. Allow Mrs.
Walker and mo to express hist
wishes to The Advertiser ?ind ?ll
he readers. May this he your best
vear. especially in spiritual life and
work, i-lod and you can make it so.
J. R. Walker.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stop? the
Cough and Headache and works off tho Cold
Druggists refund money if it fails to ?tire,
E. WTGROVE'S signature on caca box. SSc,
Contest Closed and Prize.1
According to the announcement
puhlihhed, The Advertiser's sub
.*eription contest cloned at 12
o'cloek on Thursday, January 1
All of the contestants were inviten
and urged to be in our office at th?
time it cloned. Seve/al were presem
but the the almost impassable con
dition of the roads kept some aw y
As soon as the last report wac
made by the contestants, the hallo
hoi was, in the presence of th
co a les tan ts, turned ever to a com
millee consisting of Mr. E. J. Nur
ris, Mr. ... P^Ouztsand Mr. W. A.
Byrd, and upon the report of this
committee the prises were awarded,
as follows: Miss Mario Blackwell,
the piano; Miss Maggie Winn, the
diamond ring; Miss Sara Stevern?
and Miss Emily Tompkins, a gold
watch each; Miss Mamie Cbeaiham,
Miss Essie Hussey and Miss Maggie
Shaffer, a gold bracelet each; Mis?T
Naomi Prescott, Miss Ellie Mae
Miller, Miss Maria Hill, Miss Ki iee
Swearingen, Miss Jessie Parkman,
Miss Lila De Laue hier and jy]jg?,
Nellie '?'odie, a gold brooch each.
All the contestants were reward
ed in some measnre for their work
in the contest. The prises were pre
sented at an informal luncheon giv
en at the home of the editor of The
Advertiser Thursday afternoon in
honer of the contestants.
The contestants received votes as
follows: Miss Marie Blackwell 790,
OOO, Miss Maggie Winn 687,300,
Misi Sara Stevena 560,850, Miss
Emily Tompkins 548,950, M?BS Ma
mie Cheatham 456,250, Miss Essie
Hussey 259,450, Miss Maggie
Shaffer 194,050, Miss Naomi Pres
cott 115,600, Miss Ellie Mae Miller
94,500, Miss Maria Hill 93,100,
Miss ElleeSwearingen 86,000, Miss
Jessie Parkman 53,250, Miss Lila
DeLaughter 44,950 and Miss Nellie
Bodie 40,300.
Any ot the contestants or their
friends are at liberty to inspect the
book in which all of the subscrip
tions and votes were entered by the
contest manager. The records show
how each young lady secured her
votes, everything being fairly and
impartially conducted.
Williams-West Wedding Near
Tuesday evening, December 3P^
at the home of Mr. C. M. William
at Cleora. Miss Katherine Leonora
Williams was married to Mr. Pat
rick Brooker West.
Within the home clinging ivy
formed a delicate tracery about the
walls and gracefully festooned door
ways and windows.
To the strains of Lohengrin'*
wedding march, rendered by Mis
Mamie Cheatham, the bride and
groom descended the beauiifull?
decorated stairway into the pari n
preceded by Misses Alma Williams
and Nellie" Hill. Tho bride and
groom advanced to the center of
the parlor and lhere, beneath a beau
I ifni wedding bell, the ceremony
was impressively performed by
Rev. T. T. Littlejohn. Miss Cheat
ham very softly and sweetly played
*'Whisperings of Love" during the
The bride wore an elegant coat
suit of rich brown, most becoming
to her brunette type of beauty, and
harmonizing hat, g'oves and shoes
After the ceremony a delightful
Bil ad course was served to all the
A table in the hall was laden
with beautiful and useful gifts from
friends and relatives. Among them
was a handsome set of silver tea
spoons given by Mr. Tom Brimson
who was killed by his horse during
the holidays. He bought them just
a day or so before his death then
expecting to bo one of the wedding
guests but God willed otherwise.
Mr. and Mrs. West are now at
home to their friends" near Cleora.
A Guest.
Lumber For Sale.
My saw mill is located five
milts north ol Edgcfield in a
tine body of native forest
pine Bills for sawing so
licited. Will deliver lumber
in Edgefield. Price reason
R. T. Hill.
Ginning Notice.
We notify ourj pat rons that on
Ginnery will close down from D<
cern bei 22 to 28; and commencin;
December 30th we will gin only
? wo days in the week, Tuesday and
Beaver Dam Mill.
Vleeting of Chamber of Com
In response to the call of Presi
dent O. P. Bright a meeting of the
hamber of commerce was held
Monday night. A report waa made
hy Messrs. 0. P. Bright, W. P.
Calhoun and M. P. Wells of the
meeting which they attended some
time ago at Abbeville in the inter
est of the proposed electric road
from Easley to Augusta by way of
Anderson, Abbeville, McCormick
and Edgefield. The matter was gen
eral' v discussed and all present
heartily favored the construction of
the road. A commission has been
obtained for organizing the new
.ompany, the capital being placed
at $100,000 with the privilege of
increasing to $2,000,000. The books
of subscription are open for this
county at the office of Mr. W. B.
Cogburn and will close February
9, at which time the company will
he regularly organized and officers
elected. Edgefield will raise $100 as
our part of the cost of the charter.
Mr. "W. P. Calhoun asked that
.orae one else be chosen in his place
on the board of corporators. Mr.
M. P. Wells was selected.
Tho matter of assisting the Edge
field Rifles was discussed at the
meeting. The company can pay the
rental of an armory hut assistance
8 needed in equipping it to meet the
neeas of the company. The finance
committee was requested to raise
the sum of $250 to be used in
equipping an armory for the Edge
field Kifles.
The matter of securing better
long distance telephone service was
also discussed. President Bright
was requested to take the matter up
with the telephone company.
W E take i
rons and frien
business whicl
1913. It was 1
we have had
shall try to sh
better values s
have ever don<
For the ye
ly enlarge oui
values of our
shall stand sqi
and make eve:
Our Millir
enlarged for tl
better position
have ever beei
We shall <'
whether they
us when in tc
you in any wa
It will be
meeit your co:
year 1914:
act Remains
No amount of misrepresentation by the
peddlers of alum baking powders, no jug
gling with chemicals, or pretended analysis,
or cooked-up certificates, or falsehoods of
any kind, can change the .fact that
Royal Baking Powder
bas been found by the offi
cial examinations to be of the
Highest leavening efficiency,
free from slum, and of absolute
purity and wholesomeness?
Roy^al Baking Bowder is indispensable
iqr making .finest and most economical food.
FOR SALE-Brown horse 1
years of age, in good condition,
will work anywhere. J. E. Ouzts,
Edgefield, S. C.
Some odd sizes in Shoes, very
Smith-Marsh Co.
WANTED-Sober, steady young
man for wages on farm and dairy.
Apply to Mrs. J. C. Lanham. North '
Augusta, S. C. I
Best Cough Medicine for Chil
I ara very glad to say a few
words in praise of Chamberlain's
cough remedy writes Mrs. Lida
Dewey, Milwaukee, Wis. "I have
used it for years both for my chil
dren and mjself and it never fails
to relieve and cure a cough or cold.
No family with children should be
without it as it gives almost imme
diate relief in cases of croup."
Chamberlain's cou^h remedy is
pleasant and safe to take, which is
of great importance when a medi
cine musv be given to young chil
dren. For sale by all dealers.
rateful For
e Patronage
??ii- iPjii iiiiwiiiiMii iw1.1 MPU^n-?-KMC; nM^Hm^MM
his means of thanking our pat
ds for the very large volume of
i they gave us during the year
the best year for business that
in a number of years, and we
LOW our appreciation by giving j
md service in the future than we
3 before.
iar 1914 it is our purpose to great
: stock and give the very best
' patrons that can be had. We
larely behind everything we sell
ry transaction entirely satisfac
iery Department will be greatly
he Spring season, placing us in a
i to serve our friends than we
always be glad to see our friends
wish to buy or not. Come to see
>wn, and whenever we can serve
y do not fail to command us.
our constant aim and purpose to
ntinued patronage throughout the

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