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/, L. [AHAS,....Editot
Published every Wednesday in The
A ivertiser Building at $1.50 per year
in advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield, S. C.
No communications will be publisher1
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Wednesday, March 18th.
* *
Take care to be an economist ir
prosperity; there is no fear of vour
being one in adversity.-ZIMMER
.'-i .,, .....i. i
The weather man is again normal
Let us all give thanks.
One advantage of being President is
you can "marry off" your daught*rs.
Frank's money is still unearthing
("newly discovered" evidence in
The'votere are asking what is the
length of thfiCeupervisor's term of of
fice for this county?
The 1913-1914 hunting season closed
Saturday. Every violation of the law
should be reported.
From the standpoint of the present
administration, 1 the affairs of the
Asylum will be kept "Strait hereafter.
Do"not plant too early. By thorough
preparation half of the cultivation of a
crop can be done before the seed are
There's a reason why the practice
of mixing fertilizers at home is steadi
ly increasing, and that reason is be
caus2 of a saving of from $4 to $7 dol
lars per ton.
If you have any building to do, you'd
better commence at once. There will
be a dearth of material after all of
those candidates for governor build
their "platforms."
Through the offorts of Congressman
Byrnes a map of the soil survey of
Barnwell county has just been issued.
P.-obably it will be Edgefield's turn be
fore long to have & soil survey made
by the agricultural department
A bald man has announced that he
"has started a nice growth of hair by
rubbing a few drops of coal oil on his
scalp every morning. " Now watch for
a sharp advance in coal oil, due to the
marvelous increase in consumption.
A leading store in Greenville adver
ases that "we neither buy nor sell on
credit" There would be less extrava
gance on the part of the individual and
f >wer failures among merchants if this
rale was adopted and rigidly adhered
to by all stores everywhere.
Abolish County-to-County Meetings.
While the State Democratic conven
tion is yet about sixty days off, the
manner of holding campaign meetirgs
is already being discussed. Opposition
to the old plan of holding a meeting in
every county in the State is steadily
growing. It requires about 60 day3 to
complete the campaign, commencing in
June and ending the latter part of Au
gust. The congressional district plan
has been suggested aa a substitute for
the old county-to-county plan. We
believe the suggestion to be a good one
and we trust that it will be adopted by
the State convention. Let one meet
ing be held at a central location in
each congressional district This will
give-the candidates an opportunity to
fully discuss public questions and their
several views will then be given to the
people of the State through the pre?s.
Of course, no one would be limited or
restricted to these particular meetings.
Candidates could accept invitations or
make engagements to speak wherever
they chose.
Let the old county-to-county plan of
holding State campaign meetings be
last Lyceum Entertainment.
The managers have announced that
the last entertainment of the present
lyceum course will be given in the
opera house Friday evening. April 3.
All four of the entertainments that
have preceded this one have been whole
some and uplifting, as well as ent?i?
taining. and it is to be hoped that the
present managers will arrange with
the Alkahest bureau for another series
of entertainments for next fall and
vin:er. ?idg?neld lias Ueen greatly
jenefitted by the lyceum entertain
ments during the past decade. The
bringing of the best talent here hts
been the means of cultivating the mu
sical and literary taste of our people.
At first these high-class entertain
ments were not appreciated, and con
sequently not largely patronized, many
oreferring a lower order of entertain
ments, but now all of the 13'ceum en
tainments are largely patronized and
are well received.
Edgefield needs this kind of whole
some diversion and enterrainment.
We therefore hope that in due season
che Alkahest bureau will be engaged
to furnish another course for naxt
School Terms Too Short.
As will be observed in this issue of
The Advertiser, Red Hill and Bacon
school districts are giving notice that
elections will be held for the purpose
of voting an additional levy for the
public schools. We are always glad to
see the rural schools take this progres
sive step and urge every voter to cast
his ballot for the additional levy.
Money spent for education is not an
expense but an investment. Jt is an
investment too that will not only bring
large returns in the matter of divi
dends, but it is absolutely safe.
Some of the rural schools are greatly
in nr ed of additional funds in order
that the school term may be length
ened. Several schools have already
closed and others will soon close. Chil
dren in the vicinity of these schools are
nat given the opportunity for obtain
ing an education that they should have.
Au of the schools in the county should
run from seven to nine months. The
example that Bacon and Red Hill town
ships'are setting in the matter of pro
providing additional funds should be
followed by other districts which at
present can only afford short term
Death of a Sterling Citizen.
Early Tuesday morning Mr.
George C. Johnson died at his home
in Edgefield after an illness of
about 10 days. The body was car
ried to Greenville Tuesday and the
interment will take place to-day at
Bethesda church in Anden on coun
ty near the Greenville line. Mr.'
Johnson leaves four children, two
daughters, Miss Mattie Johnson
who teaches in the Edtrefipld graded ,
"ohool, and Miss Virginia Johnson
who is teaching in Aiken county, :
and two sons, Messrs. Lynn and
Shields Johnson. He was in the 55th
year of his age.
Mr. Johnson purchased the Rates
place four miles north of Edgefield
about three years ago and soon
thereafter moved to Edgefield to ?
make his home. He recently pur
chased a lot of five acres adjoining t
Mt. George Miras' home and ex
p.-cted to build on it this summer.
Mr. Johnson had not been among \
our people long before they realized
that he was a valuable acquisition
to our community. He was gent TO .
public-spirited, high toned, honor
able, always exerting a wholesome
influence. His death has been a dis
tinct loss to Edgefield. Mr. John
son was a very devout member of
the Methodist church.
Union Meeting.
The union meeting of the third
division will convene with Ked Otk
Grove Baptist church, March, 28-2?
10.30, Devotional exercises by
11.00, Enrollment of delegates
and verba. . ?oorts trom churches.
1st, The prtnent cris's in foreign
missions? L G Hell and G W. Bus
2nd, Every member canvass in
the interest of missions? J C Harv
ley and Kev G M Sexton.
3rd, Love its evidences and pro
duct? P H Bussey, Jno AloKie
and Grover McDaniel.
l? 3D, Adjourn for one hour and
a h .If.
4th, How men should unite in
world-wide evangelizition? WK
Le g uat, and Kev G M Sexton.
5th, Opportunity the measure of
responsibility? Dr W G Blackwell
and C Y D Freeland.
10 30, S. S. mass-meeting by
Superintendent. -
Missionary sermon by ?ev
Geo M ?exion.
Adjourn for dinner.
Sundiy sohool mass-meeting,
Supt. J M Bussey an i J C Morgan.
The teachers, J C Harvley and L
G.Bell. The scholars, W R Leg
gat andT G Talbert.
S. T. Adams,
for Com.
For Sale.
A complete bottling outfit foi a
small town. Any person contera
plating the bottling of soft drinks
write for particulars.
E. Sheehan,
8-15-3t. Augusta, Ga.
What Others Say |
Adjourned For a Year.
At any rate, South Carolina is bet
ter off than some States. Ours baa
adjourned.- The State. :
Reveal Character.
Trials and failures reveal the tough
ness of character. He who emerge
from these with clean hands and a pure
heart can be d-pended on at all times.
-Spartanburg Journal.
Learn of Germs.
A physician says that one million
germs can live for a week on a one
dollar bill. Housekeepers would do
well to go to the germs and le*rn some
thing of their secret.-Columbia Rec
Kentucky Reforming.
There is no telling what is going
lo happen in this old world. The
Kentucky legislature is considering
a law to regulate the toting of pis
tols in Kentucky.-Greenville Pied
Stockingless Age.
It is to be presumed that husbands
of ultra-fashionable women will not
have to pay for stockings this spring,
at least, as stockingless feet is the de
cree for the fair ones.-Columbia Rec
Do Your Besf.
It wa? said of a young man whose
career was marked with success, "He
never does less than his best, and be
betters his best most of the time." If
the same resolve were more fully acted
upon life for many people would pre-,
sent fewer failures. --Orangeburg Timesl
and Democrat.
Use Your One Talent.
When a man of great wealth dies
there are always people who moralize
on his life and death. The most im
portant question with you is this: Are
you using your small means in a proper
manner. You are as answerable for
the use of the one talent as the rich
man is for one hundred. -Spartanburg
Journal. '?
Not Inviting to Capitalists. j>] "v
Everywhere in South Carolina more
railroads are desired but the righi is
reserved of voting further reduction
in passenger rates immediately after
the roads are built. Invitations to
capitalists to put their money in South
Carolina railroads are presented with
marvelous cleverness in these times,
The State.
Smile Provokers ?
"We had a dandy meeting of the
mothers' club this afternoon."
"What was the topic of discus
"What to do for French poodles
when they had distemper."-De
troit Free Press.
"My word Jacob, said Steinberg,
that is a beautiful diamond you
have in your pin. How much did it
"I paid $1,000, replied Jacob.."
"One thou-atid dollars! Good gra
cious, exclaimed Steinberg. Vyi, I
did not know you ver vorth so much
"Veli, you see, exclaimed Jacob,
ven der old man died he left $1,000
for a stone to be erected to his
memory, and dis ts der stone,"
Kansas City Star.
A Sunday school teacher was
quizzing her class of boys on the
strength of their desire for right
eousness. ?'j
"All those who wish to go to
heaven, she said, please stand." .
All got to their feet but one
small boy.
"Why, Johnny, exclaimed the
shocked te-ioher, do you mean to
say that you don't want to go to
"No ma'am, replied Johnny
promptly. Not if that bunch is
A lawyer for a railway company
once had to defend his employers
from the charge of negligence in
the case of a farmer whose produce
cart was demolished at a grade
crossing, not without bodily injury
to the farmer himself, who was
The accident happened at night
and the principal witness was an old
colored man who was on guard arm
ed with a lantern to signal the ap
proach of trains.
"Now, John, said tho lawyer, did
you swing your lantern whenyou
caw the cart coming?"
"Yassir, I sut'nl.v did, suh, I done
swung dat lantern right crost de
road "
On the strength of this testimony
the lawyer won his case. He took
occasion to thank the witness.
"Much obleeged to yo', Marse
Torin, replied that worthy, ,1'ne
pow'ful glad I could he'p yo.' But
1 was plumb scairtdat other law\er
gwine ax me ef dat lantern was lit."
-New York Evening Post
eady For Spring Business ?
We have supplied our store bountifully with new ?
and up-to-date Spring Merchandise and we want d
your business. "We are ready for you." f
Millinery I Millinery !! ?
Spring Oxfords to Fit Any Taste or Any Size Foot. >
Embroideries and Laces at a special Reduction Price.
Oxfords ! Oxfords I! Oxfords III
Bought from the best and r. up-to-date concerns in the shoe world. We
can show you today the most up-to-date and best selected stock to be found any
where. Have any style and any kindot'Ieather for men, women, boys, girls and
children. A guarantee of satisfaction groes with every pair.
Embroidery and Laces.
Our I^ace and Embroidery Departmeat is well worth a visit from you. It's
all new and v/ell selected and at*prices 25 to 50 per cent. less.
Before making your purchases, be sure and visit our Millinery Department.
Dress Goods.
Our line of Spring Dress Goods is second to none. We have a very select
stock in faucy and solid colors and at a price less than the other fellow. Come
and let us prove this io you.
We are receiving daily, 4
New Suits for Men and Boys, Hats and Caps. J
Watch our Windows. Call and Inspect. #
Yours to please, #
Israel Mukrshy,
Next to Dunovant & Go. - - Edgefield, S. C.
Requests the pleasure of
your presence
Saturday, March
20th and 21st
To their showing of Spring
Corner Store
W. H. TURNER, - - Proprietor.

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