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(Conducted by the National Woman's
Christian Temperance Union.)
A Kansas City saloonkeeper, who
has been in the business 22 years, re
cently announced that his place was
for sale at a bargain. ;'My reason," be
said, "for quitting the liquor trade is
not that I am old or rich, or troubled
by ray conscience. I simply have de
cided to get out while the getting is
good, for I believe that I can read the
handwriting on the wall. I believe
.that the finish of the booze busineB6 in
this country is in sight, and I prefer
to step from under before the roof
falls in.
! "I would not undertake to say when
nationwide prohib'tlon is going to ar
rive, but it is coming, as sure as fate,
and it is not many years away. It is
coming, not so much as a result of
feverish and hysterical agitation, but
as a result of a majority of the voters
of the country making up their minos
that boozing is a criminal waste of
time and money, and booze a nuisance
and a dangerous drug."
He goes on to say that "drunkards
there are and will be so long as there
is booze to be had, and they are panic
stricken at the suggestion that coun
try-wide prohibition may prevail. But
the self-respecting and social drink
ers, the real dependence of the liquor
.traffic, are preparing to banish booze.
And I don't know but everyone will
be glad of it, in the long run. I've
never been proud of being a saloon
keeper, and I don't believe any other
self-respecting man can be. We jolly
ourselves along with the argument
that it is legitimate, recognized by the
national government, the state, the
county and the city, but we know in
our hearts that lt is a rotten business.
"Anyhow, good or bad, I am going
to get out of it before the fireworks
begin, and I'd advise every other man
with money invested in it to do the
same. John Barleycorn has had his
(By JUDGE A. B. WATKINS of Texas.)
Why does the state so abnor the sa
loon on election day? Absolutely one
would think it no worse to sell whisky
at one time than at another. It knows
only too well that this right of free
men and the sale of .drink are at hope
less war; that the liquor traffic has al
ways been the sworn enemy of the
honest ballot; that to furnish the voter
with whisky would be like arming a
madman. If the saloon be the inno
cent and harmless thing its advocates
claim, why not unchain it on elec
tion day?
But in spite of these and every oth
gravest menace to an honest vote. Not
content with taking ita place in soci
ety as a business simply, it is ambi
tious to become a ruler.
Who ever heard of a drug store
ticket at an election? Who ever heard
of the family groceries, or the shoe
trade claiming the right to elect their
And yet one hardly need inquire
for any man that ever lived in a sa
loon-ridden county or city that has
not heard of or voted for or, against
the "saloon ticket?"
It is always there. And from con
stable to governor those lords of vice
demand that society shall bow tc
them. Many have wondered at the
cause and asked why a simple busi
ness should not be satisfied to be a
business simply. But the answer ie
not far or hare' to find.
The saloon seeks the election ol
candidates who are willing or pledged
to do its bidding. It is needless foi
another business, for it follows thc
law. It is necessary for the saloon,
for it defies the law.
"Just booze, that's all," was the rea
son given by Carl Beyer, a one-armec
sailor, for the "murder by him ol
George Brisbin, in Indianapolis, or
November 20. "I was drunk; he was
drunk; and I guess that tells it," the
murderer said. They did not quarre!
with each other; the booze-otherwise
beer-quarreled with them. Beyei
was the buyer, and for the seller In
diana stood responsible. Brisbin paid
the price; and another Brisbane, ed
iting a great newspaper, keeps on
pleading for men to drink more teei
and less whisky. "What's in s
name?" If beer, there's murder in it
-The National Advocate.
A large number of cities are at hil
time grappling with the cancer of so
cial vice. There is one thing we maj
writ? on the first page of the record o:
thiB war: Always there will be a peri;
to woman so long as society is ir
league with the saloon. The back dooi
of the saloon is the front door of th?
brothel, or leads to the home of puritj
where the brothel will find its victim
Is there any investment of time,
energy, talents, that will count foi
more than the work with the chil
dren? "If you write the law of total
abstinence on the hearts of the chil
dren," says Congressman Hobson,
"they will see to it that it is written
on the statute books of the state and
the nation."
This is why the W. C. T. U. gives sc
much time and thought to teaching
children the nature and effects ol
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