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i-atabltaljrii 1B35.
JL L. M ?MS,....Editor
Published every Wednesday in TV
Advertiser Building at $1.50 per year
la advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield. S. C.
No communications'will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Wednesday, April 1st.
Take care to be an economist in
?prosperity; there is no fear of vour
heine one in adversity.-ZIMMER
Were you fooled this morning by the
foolishness of some fool?
It is no longpr apropos to speak of
petticoat government, but called by
any other name it is effective still.
All that Edgefield's 'roads need now
is a repairing 'squad to fill the holes.
Such a'squadTcould'feover }IQ] miles a
! The Home Rule movement is not
confined to'Ireland. A whole lot of us
are daily"1 confronted with the home
rule question.
The vote on the Panama tolls ex
emption was a test of President Wil
son's power. He'rules, as Thc Adver
tiser has stated before, with his bip:
heart instead of with a "big'stick." T
f Neither"the' McLaurin "or the Duke
warehouse plan will of itself provide a
royal road to wealth and independence
for farmers. Each individual farmer
must work out his own financial salva
The Dillon Herald is almost old
*?nough to vote, having celebrated its
20th birthday last week. Editor A
Dillon county's most vail
Wonder if the rpeople ot
and appreciate them as the
The Columbia Record is making a
commendable fight for the enforcement
of the ordinance against] rapid! and
reckless driving. Almost every city
and town, Edgefield included, needs a
better enforcement of the ordinance
regulating the speed of motorcycles
and automobiles.
Plant Some Early Corn.
Edge?eld county is steadily becom
ing independent of the western corn
growers. Let nothing retard the
progress that we are making. Now is
the time to act if we are to mak< r
tain an abundant yield of the creal
this year. Do not depend altogether
upon the late corn. Should it fail, next
spring you will have to pour your hard
earned cash into the pockets of the
western corn grower. Plant at least
.half of your corn now and by making
several pl antings later your corn crop
will hardlv be a failure.
Unwarranted Waste of Morney.
"Work has commenced on the Lincoln
memorial which is to be erected in
Potomac park, Washington, at a cost
of $2,000,000. While a suitable me
morial should be erected fcto Mr. Lin
coln, yet we believe the expenditure of
such an enormous sum for thia pur
pose is an unwarranted waste of money,
especially when thera are so many
needs throughout the' length and
breadth of the land which could be
supplied by public funds. It may be
said, too, in passing, that Mr.'Lincoln
does not deserve a memorial any more
than Gen. Lee and others who made
their names immortal at that time.""
Assuming Definite Shape.
Political matters aije assuming more
more definite shapej all along the line.
Decisions are being"^announced almost
daily that will affect some phase of
the coming campaign very materially.
Hon. John Gary Evans and Hon. W. F.
Stevenson have had under Jconsidera
tion for some time thc matter of enter
ing the race for the United States sen
ate but both of these gentlemen have
stated positively that they will not be
candidates for this office. Announce
ments concerning other offices are'also
being made.
Within less than a month, the|fourth
Saturday in April, the localj Demo
cratic clubs over the State will meet
for the purpose of re-organizing ?and
electing delegates to the county conven
tions to be held this year on the 4th
of May, and these county ^conventions
will elect delegates to the State Demo
critic,convention which will meeton
che 20th of May. As the legislature
failed to enact a la"w safeguarding the
primary, it is probable that an effort
will be made in the State convention
to adopt more stringent rules for con
ducting the primary election. This
should be one of the first things to be
considered by the convention. This
oocly will also provide for a Democra
tic campaign and for a Democratic pri
I mary election, but why hold an elec
tion at all if it is not to be honestly
Another matter that will be decided
by^the convention is the manner or
method of conducting the campaign.
There is a growing sentiment in favor
of discontinuing the county-to-county
campaign and it is to be hoped that
thia sentiment will predominate in the
North Aroused Against Whiskey.
For a number of years there] has
been a strong public sentiment in the
South against whiskey, this sentiment
having crystalized into law in some
States prohibiting the sale of intoxi
cants. In portions of the West also
there has been a strong anti-whiskey
sentiment, but not until recently has
t here been any very decided opposition
in the North to the sale of whiskey. It
is very gratify ing however to those
who have been struggling for years to
suppress the sale of whiskey to know
that now the fight is practically nation
wide. Northern cities have become
aroused and have enlisted in the fight
to overthrow the monster evil. The
following resolution passed a few days
ago and forwarded to congress by the
board of trade of Pittsburg (think of |
Pittsburg, Pa., opposing} whiskey) is
exceedingly encouraging:
"Whereas, this organization, realizing |
as never before the increasing burden j
of taxation caused by the liquor traffic
in this country, as so conclusively
shown by the figures given out by the
census of the United States; realizing
the great gain morally to citizenship of
our country by a material reduction of
our saloons; realizing that it is poor
economy to allow the granting of liquor
licenses which annually grind out of a
grist of humanity for which we must
increasingly pay an unnecessary tax;
realizing the economic loss to the coun
ty through the insufficiency of the in
dividual, and recognizing the fact that |
more than 47,000,000 of the popula
tion of our country already live in ter
ritory from which liquor has been
banished by the sovereign will of the
people; therefore
"Be it resolved, that the Pittsburg]
board of trade places itself on record
aa favorable to the passage of the bill
now before Congress submitting the
question of National prohibition to the
several State Legismt^res_ that _the"
qoesTi?fi~tftfiy BTeT' settled m harmony [
with the will of the people."
Report of Receipts and Dis?
bursements of School Im
provement Association.
Amount on hand from last
year, 10 75
Received from booth at fair 0 00
Masquerade entertainment 30 65
Prize for float 5 00
Lunch party 19 05
Entertainment given by Miss
Bayly 48 75
Total $120 20
Amount paid out for school float
To Mr. W. H. Turner.
26 quires of paper, 4 9i
Ribbon wire 35
2 boxes tacks 10
To Smith-Marsh Company.
5 yards cambric 25
10 yards bl ~' 'ng 50
40 yards Ci'CI_c cloth -2 00
10 rolls crepe paper 50
3 papers of pins IS
To Rives Bros.
5 yards bleaching 25
Easly for building school float 3 75
Amount paid out for work
on campus.
Wallace Morgan for 4 trees 1 00
Work on grounds 3 00
H C Watson for fertilizer' 2 00
J B White tfc C?. for window
sh ides 29 50
Expense for masque de enter
To L. T. May.
Chocolate, sugar, crackers and
bags 1 30
To Penn & Holstein.
1 box of candy (for prize) 80
Expenses for lunch party:
To L T May.
2 cans of pineapple 50
Tea 30c, lemons 15c 4f
Sugar 50c crackers 80c 1 30
Lemons 25c, oranges 15c 40
Grape juice 25c ginger ale 25c 50
Expenses for entertainment
given by Miss Bailey:
To Miss Bayly for 1-2 amount
collected 24 25
Miss Bayly's board 5 75
Dr. Penn for opera house 3 50
Bob Perry for returning bor
rowed articles 75
Edgefield Advertiser for print
ing tickets 1 25
Library 21 31
Total amount of expenses $116 26
Balance on hand 3 94
Hortense Padgett,
Treas. School Improvement Asso,
What Others Say
False Standard.
Too many have but one rule with
which to measure things and the spaces
on it are dollars and cents.-Orange
burg Times & Democrat.
Like Drawing a Gun.
Launching a dreadnaught dedicated
to peace is very like putting an
end to a quarrel by pulling your gun
on the other fellow.-News and Cou
Brains Scarce.
When they get eye-grafting perfected
maybe it will be possible for the aur
geons to do a iittle brain-grafting,
etting the spare brains would be1
some trouble, however.-Spartanburg
Weak Government.
The sovereign State of South Caro-1
lina would not be degraded to the uses
of the American race course gamblers
if the State had a government strong
enough to enforce the laws.-The
Keep Cool.
Regularly The Index means to drop I
a weekly remark to the effect that al
though this is campaign year, do not
get excited. The candidates all want
I you to get stirred up, but keep cool
and attend to your business. Weigh
the men, see what they have done and
what they are, then vote. Don't get
wild-eyed over them. -Greenwood
Bnjoy Special Privileges.
"She is a woman; I must receive
her," said Gaston Calmette, as he per
mitted the murderous Mme. Caillaux.
to enter his private office. "I am a
woman, you must not touch me," said
the lady a few minutes later, as a por
ter attempted to seize and disarm her,
while her victim lay dying at her feet.
Remarkable privileges the women of
France enjoy apparently, and they do
not vote either. -Columbia Record.
Searched For a Dime.
Andrew Carnegie recently attended
a dinner in New York, and while at the
table accidentally dropped a dime. The
coin rolled under the table, and afters
wards Carnegie got on his knees ani]
found it. He also found an extra
nickel. Had an average citizen drop
ped the dime, he would either have ig
nored it entirely, or called a waiter
and then tipped the waiter a quarter
for finding lt.-Greenville News.
Snr Provokers
Tlk curate of a fashionable^
church was endeavoring to teach the!;
significance of white to a Sunday
school class.
"Why, said he, does a bride in
variably desire to he clothed in i
white at her marriage? As noone
answered he explained. White, said
he, stands for joy, and the wedding]
day is the most joyous occasion of j
a woman's life." ?fi}
A small boy queried: "Why do<:
the men all wear black?"
"What, cried the careful house
wife, you charge me $1 a bushel for
these potatoes?"
"Yes, ma'am, answered the polite
grocer. That is the very lowest price
we can sell tbem for."
"How is it that I can get them
from Brown's for 90 cents, then?"
I can not say, madam. Perhaps
Mr. Brown has taken a fancy to
you. He is a widower and you are
beautiful. Unfortunately. I-Yesrm.
(1.00.-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The jury, after long deliberation,
were unable to agree in a perfectly,
clear case. The judge, exasperated
at the delay, said:
"I discharge this jury."
One sensitive juror, indignant at
what he considered a rebuke, faced
the judge.
"You can't discharge me, he said
with a tone of conviction."
"And why not? asked the judge
"Because, announced the juror,
pointing to the lawyer for the de?
fense, I was hired by that man
Patience and perseverance will
accomplish all things, was a favor
ite saying of an old miller, relates
the Montgomery Journal.
He had made this remark in a
train one day on the way to market,
when a pompous individual in the
corner turned to him crossly and
"Nonsense, sir, I can tell you a
great many things which neither pa
tience nor perseverance can accom
"Perhaps you can, said the miller,
but I have never yet come across'
one thing."
"Well, then, PH tell you one.
Will patience and perseverance ever
enable you to carry water in a
"I would like to know how?"
"Simply by waiting patiently for
the water to freeze."
lt doesn't matter what kind Suit you want for EASTER. Its here.
We are showing this season about twenty-five styles in Men's Suits. Prices
from $5.00 up to $22.50, never before our Clothing Department was so
well assorted than it is this season.
1 Lot Mens Blue Serge strictly all wool retails everywhere at $13.50
our prices from now on until after Easter only $8.50.
1 Lot Mens Suits in solid Blue Serge tfnd other colors to select from
retail everywhere at $20.00, our price $12.50.
Edgefield, S. C.
Mr. Calhoun Makes Formal
Announcement|for Mayor.
I am a candidate for the office of
mayor of the town of Edgefield in
the election to take pface on May
536 th, 1914.
k _Jxhave in the past done all in my
Vower for thVlid^vancement or' the
interests of the town, and I expect
to continue those efforts. If elected
mayor, I will certainly give the of
fice all the attention that my abili
ties and energy will permit.
I am not a candidate of any fac
tion. My platform is Edgefield and
its good, not in any one particular
line, but in every respect and for all
of the people.
Wm. P. Calhoun.
Upshaw Meetings.
The people of Edgefield are mak
ing groat preparations for the Sun
day meetings when Mr. W. D Up
shaw of Atlanta will be present
and lecture in the morning in the
opera house at 11 o'clock, in the af
ternoon at 3 o'clock in the court
house, and in the evening at 8:30
? in the opera house.
Dinner will be served in some
place convenient to the opera house
and courthouse and everybody from
far and near is expected to come
and hear Mr. Upshaw and be enter
tained at dinner. Let everybody in
Edgefield come and bring a basket.
The following committee? are
asked to assist for Sunday:
Arrangement: Messrs. W. B.
Cogbnrn, L. B. Jones, L. G.
Quarles, G. F. Miras.
Table committee: E. J. Norris, J.
T. McManus, D. B. Hollingsworth,
W. H. Harling, E. J. Mims, W. E
Baskets: Mesdames W. E. Lott,
T. H. Rainsford, N. M. Jones, C.
E. May, J. E. Hart and J. W.
Publicity: Mesdames W. B. Cog
burn, B. Timmons, W. C. Tomp
kins, H. N. Greneker, J. L. Mims.
Music: Mr.j. Mamie Tillman,
Miss Eliza Miras, Mrs. R. G. Shan
nonhouse, Mrs. J. M. Cobb, Mrs.
W. L. Dunovant, Mrs. J. R.
Ushers: Messrs. Charlton Lynch,
N. M. Jones, J. W. Stewart and
Clears Complexion, Removes
Skin Blemishes.
Why go through life embarassed
and disfignrea with pimples, erup
tions, blackheads, red rough skin,
or suffering the tortures of eisetna,
itch, tetter, salt rheum. Just ask
your druggist for Dr. Hobson's ec
zema ointment. Follow the simple
suggestions and your skin worries
are over. Mild, soothing, effective.
Excellent for babies and delicate,
tender skin. Stops chapping. Al
ways helps. Relief or money back.
50c at your druggist.
Collett & Mitchell
Our Specialty: Prescription Work.
A full line of drugs. Complete assortment
of toilet articles. Fresh candies, cegars and
Up-to-Date Soda Fountain
Purity, Accuracy and Honesty."
All of the New Things,
Our Spring stock is now complete in every de
partment. It matters not what the ladies want we
have it. Come in to see all the new Spring fabrics
that we are showing in the beautiful colors of the
season. Goods for dresses, goods for skirts, goods
for waists-for misses and ladies. We also have a
very large stock of trimmings, lace embroidery, etc.
We can please the most exacting buyer in these
We are showing a beautiful assortment of un
derwear for ladies, misses, men and boys. Come in
before you buy your supply of light underwear.
Our Shoe Department is well supplied with the
most stylish oxfords and slippers. We have them in
the popular lasts and in patents, gun metal, tans and
vici kid.
We invite the men and boys to see our stock of
clothing and hats. Our prices are reasonable.
Check Your April Cough.
Thawing frost and April rains
chill you to the very marrow, you
catch cold, head and lungs stuffed,
you are feverish, cough continually
and feel miserable. You need Dr.
King's New Discovery. It soothes
inflamed and irritated throat and
ungs, stops cough, your head clears
up, fever leaves and you feel fine.
Mr. J T Davis, of Stickney Corner,
Me., was cured of a dreadful cough
after doctor's treatment and all oth
er remedies failed. Relief or money
back. Pleasant-Children like it.
Get a bottle to-day. 50c and $1.00,
at your druggist. Bucklen's Arni,
ca;salve for all sores.

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