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Card of Thanks.
I take this means of thanking
my friends for their kindness to me
and for their substantial manifesta
tion of sympathy for me while suf
fering from the injury to my eye.
J. W. K. Smith.
A Negro Killed.
A negro was killed by another
negro on the plantation of Mr. Geo.
Swearingen Sunday night. We
have been unable to learn the names
of the negroes or the particulars
leading up to the killing, except
that one negro forced his way into
the house of another, believing that
his wife was in there, and was shot
on entering the house. It is reported
that an inquest was held and that the
jury rendered a verdict to the effect
that the killing was jusifiable homi
Are Planting Better Seed.
Farmers are now paying more at
tention to the kind and quality of
seed they plant than they have ever
.done before. One evidence of this
is found in the fact that many of
the merchants carry a tull assort
ment of the choicest field and gar
den seed. A few years ago it would
have been impossible for them to
?ell these seed, while now they can
-scarcely supply the demand. An
other evidence too is that farmers
-do not hesitate to pay three, four
and five dollars for a bushel of im
proved corn or cotton seed, while
a few years ago half of tnis sum
would have appeared to be an ex
orbitant price. Money spent for
good seed is a wise investment.
Annual Meeting of Bank.
The stockholders of the Bank of
Edgefield held their 25th annual
meeting at noon yesterday, and the
statement that has been issued shows
that the institution has had a very
prosperous year, the net profits for
the year being 17 per cent. Of this
amount 10 per cent was ordered
paid out at once as an annual divi
dend to the stockholders and the
remainder was passed to the ac
count of undivided profits and sur
plus, which is now ?34.000. The
bank's capital is $57,400.00 and it
has deposits of 8249,947.67 and
loans aggregating ?302,657.03. The
bank does not owe a dollar for bor
rowed money. The following offi
.cers were re-elected : J. C. Sheppard,
president; B. E. Nicholson, Vize
president; E. J. Mims, cashier; J.
Airen, iSsistUW'UilllBil "Ifiilg 1
was no change in the board of di
rectors except the election of E. J.
Mims a director to fill the place
made vacant by the withdrawal of
J. Wm. Thurmond from the board.
Last Lyceum Entertainment.
The last entertainment of the
lyceum course will be given in the
opera house Friday night by the
Alkahest Artists Company, which
is composed of three very talented
young ladies. A miscellaneous pro
gramme will be given, consisting
of vocal and instrumental music,
readings, recitations and impersona
tions. This entertainment should
be largely patronized in order that
the managers may make the bal
ance that is due on the entire course.
If the attendance is small Friday
night there will be a deficit that
will have to be paid by the manag
ers personally. The entertainment
is worth the price of .".imission and
more. If you attended such an
entertainment in a city it would
cost more than tickets are sold for
in Edgefield. Be sure to attend so as
to contribute to the financial success
.of the course as well as to contribute
to your own personal pleasure. In
contracting for the season's course
.the managers were actuated by pub
lic spirit motives aud we do not
want to see them lose money.
Deestrick Skule News.
Dear Mr. Editor:- We wrote a
piece for The Advertiser last week,
and you were kind enough to pub
lish it, so we've come again. Our
exhibition is comin' off on April
20, and we hear the people are
comin' from ever which er way to
see us act. We hope they will, be
cause its goin' to be worth seein'.
Prof. Threewitts knows how to
teach right, and all the children
love him. All the schools are after
him to teach them, but he likes
"The Deestrick Skule" better than
any he ever taught, and nobody else
need apply for him.
The Johnston Orchestra's comiu'
over to play for us between acts.
Everybody's comin' from Johnston,
so we thought as they would be
here anyhow, we'd jest let 'em play.
We can't do very well without
Johnston nohow. They like us and
we like them.
Jason Billings can tell you what
a volcano is, but not till the exhibi
tion, because teacher don't 'low us
to tell tales out of school.
Bubby Honeysuckle is anxious to
tell where he got his new shoes but
.you will find out April 20. at "The
Deestrick Skule" exhibition.
Announces For Supervisor.
The west-side comes forward with
a good man a& a candidate for the
office of supervisor in the person of
Mr. R. J. Moultrie. He has servad
the people in this capacity before
and his administration was without
fault. He grave his time and his
very best effort to the faithful dis
charge of every duty, both in the
office and out looking after the roads
and bridges. Mr. Moultrie will
igain serve the people faithfully
ind well if elected to this impor
tant office.
Trenton High School Music
Miss Miriam Holland delightful
ly entertained the T. H. S. music
club on last Friday afternoon March
27, 1914.
The following program was very
successfully carried out by the club
Beetles dance, Miss Laurie Moore
Waltz, Little Susan Mathis.
Wild flowers and butterflies, Miss
Louise Padgett.
Life and works of Joharaes
Brahma (reading) Miss Edith Hu
Rustic dance, Miss Miriam Hol
Happy days. Miss Ruth Padgett.
What the little girl said (recita
tion) Miss Leila Quarles.
Queen of the elves (waltz) Miss
Callie Wise.
After serving delicious refresh
ments the club then adjourned.
Callie Wise, Sec.
Program of Upshaw Meetings.
Opera house Sunday morning
April 5, ll a. m. Dr. M. D. Jeffries
Doxology and invocation.
Hymn by congregation. My
country 'tis of thee."
Scripture readirr and prayer.
"Abide with me," vocal solo, Mr.
Ashby Davenport.
Address. "The old time religion,"
Mr. William D. Upshaw, of Atlan
Music by choir 105.
Vocal solo, "To show my love,"
Miss Miriam Norris.
Choir No. 46.
Picnic dinner served.
3 p. m. In the court house, Rev.
R. G. Shannonouse presiding.
Choir 116 and 51.
Vocal solo, "The child at the
iwjfi?>riii"~Rin jrtmirr Cogbnrn
Address, The stainless flag," Mr.
Presentation of prizes in essay
Song by choir and congregation
Announcements, benediction.
Evening service 8:30 p m. opera
house, Rev. J. R. Walker, presid
Hymn, "Stand up for Jesus."
White Ribbon rally song 64.
Scripture reading and prayer.
Vocal solo, "Victory," Mrs. R.
G. Shannonhouse.
Triumphal song.
Address, "Young America," Mr.
W. D. Upshaw.
* Saloons must go," 93.
Choir, "Oh sound the jubilee."
America. Benediction.
Pure Water Supply.
A recent bulletin that deals with
the water supply for farm homes has
just been issued by the United States
Department of Agriculture. This
bulletin should be in the hands of
every Southern farmer, and applica
tion should be made for it at once.
In disc?ssing the widespread need
for the strictest attention to
the home water supply, this bulle
tin says:
"A pure water supply is one of
the most important factors in farm
life to-day, as typhoid fever, dysen
tery and other disorders may be
carried by impure waters. Farm
water supplies are very subject to
pollution. Of seventy-nine typical
water supplies in Minnesota, inves
tigations showed that twenty were
good and fifty-nin? polluted. Twen
ty-five of those polluted were bad
only because of poor sur
face protection, and could easily
have been made safe. Practically
all the surface supplies were pollu
ted. During these investigations
twenty-three of the farms examined
showed a record of typhoid fever.
Surface water supplies should not
be used for household purposes, or
for washing milk cans. They should
not even be used for laundry pur
poias unless no other supply is
available. Rain water from the
roof is often polluted by dust,
leaves, and the droppings from
birds. Any person who drinks wa
ter from surface supplies endangers
his health if such supplies are not
adequately protected and then pu
rified."-Progressive Farmer.
Ladies Hose, all the new shades.
/ Smith-Marsh Co.
Found a Cure For Rheumatism.
I "I suffered with rheumatism for
two years and could not get ray
right hand to my mouth for that
length of time," writes Lee L
Chapman, Mapleton, Iowa. I
suffered terrible pain so I could not
sleep or lie still at night. Five year?
ago I began using Chamberlain's
liniment and in two months I was
well and have not suffered with
rheumatism since." For sale by all
Straight at it.
There is no use of our "beating
around the bush." We might as
well out with it first as last. We
want yon to try Chamberlain's
cough remedy the next time you
have a cough or cold. There is no
-reason so far as we can see why you
should not do so. This preparation
by its remarkable cures has gained
a world-wide reputation, and people
everywhere speak of it in the high
est terms of praise. It is for sale by
all dealers.
Look to Your Plumbing.
You know what happens in a
house in which the plumbing is in
poor condition-everybody in the
house is liable to contract typhoid
or some other fever. The digestive
organs perform the same functions,
in the human body as the plumbing
does for the home, and they should
be kept in first-class condition all the
time. If you have any trouble with
your digestion take Chamberlain's"
tablets and you are certain to get
quick relief. For sale by all dealers.
Spring Laxative and Blood
Flush out the accumulated waste'
and poisons of the winter months;
cleans your stomach, liver and kid
neys of all impurities. Take Dr.
King's New Life Pills; nothing bet
ter for purifying the blood. Mild,
non-griping laxative. Cures consti
pation; makes you feel fine. Take
no other. 25c at your druggist.,
Wait Paint.
There are painters and waiters.
Which am I going to do? Paint or
Which is better?
How much ara I worth with my
property waiting? How rauch if I
paint? Will my house be worth
more or less if I paint?
Say it costs $2 a gallon Devoe
I wouldn't paint any other-and $3
or #4 more for putting it on. That's
$50 or $60 a 10-gallon job.
The money is gone. Is it in the
house? Is it all in the house?
Suppose I were selling; what
should I get for that house fresh
painted and what should I get for it
. needing paint?
I wonder why men paint before
Stewart & Kernaghan sells it.
Notice of Election.
State of South Carolina,
Cour ty of Edgefield.
Whereas, a petition has been filed
with us, and all legal requirements
haying been met, it is ordernd that
O. W. Wright, T. A. Broadwater
and H. H. Herlong, constituting
the regularly appointed Board of
Trustees of Bacon School District
No. 34 do hold an election at Har
mony School House on Saturday,
April 4th, 1914, to vote upon the
question of levying and collecting
an additional tax of two mills on
the dollar of all taxable property in
said district, proceeds of such levy
to be used for school purposes in
Bacon School District No. 34.
At this election only such resi
dent electors as return real or per
sonal property for taxation, and
who exhibit their tax receipts and
registration certificates as required
in general elections shall be allow
ed to vote.
Those favoring the increased levy
shall cast a ballot with the word
Yes" written or printed ^thereon,
und those opposed to such increas
ed levy shall cast a ballot with the
word "No" written or printed
thereon. Within ten days after the
eleotion, if a|majority of those vo
ting shall favor the increased levy,
the managers will submit to County
Auditor the rtsult of election. The
polls shall open at 8 o'clock, a. m.,
and close at 4 o'clock p. m., and in
all respects comply with Sec. 1208,
Code of Laws of South Carolina.
W. W. Fuller,
E. H. Folk,
Co. Board of Edncation,
Edgefield, S. C.
For Sale.
A complete bottling outfit for a
small town. Any person contem
plating the bottling of soft drinks
write for particulars.
E. Sheehan,
3-18-3t. Augusta, Ga.
w ?LV3-'* "LV^^"LV5^^L51
Easter Season.
The Easter season is now ap
proaching and you should make
your selection for the Easter out
We can show you all the new
weaves in the newest Spring fab
rics. The crepes having the lead
in popularity. We have these in
cotton as well as the silk fabric.
Our Millinery Department in
which we are now holding the
Spring opening is the best we
have ever brought out and in
charge of Mrs. L. C. Bailey. This
department will be supplied with
the new things as they come out.
Pull line of Mens and Ladies
Oxfords now in of the well known
An unusual large line of the
new Laces and Embroideries from
which to make your selection.
Cough Medicine For Children.
Too much care cannot be used in
selecting a cough medicine for
children. It should be pleasant to
?take, contain no harmful subatance
and be most effectual. Chamber
lain's cough remedy meets these re
quirements and is a favorite with
the mothers of young children
everywhere. For sale by all dealers.
Strengthens Weak and Tired
I was under a great strain nurs
ing a relative through three months
sickness, writes Mrs. J C Vau Da
Sande, of Kirkland, 111., and Elec
tric Bitters kept me from breaking
down. I wi'l never be without it.
Do you feel tired and worn out?
No appetite and food won't digest?
It isn't the spring weather. You
need Electric Bitters. Start a
month's treatment to-day; nothing
better for stomach, liver and kid
neys. The great spring tonic. Re
lief or money back. 50c and $1.00
at your druggist.
Your Spring Suit.
Now is the time to select your Spring # garments j|
while every department of our store is repleted
with the newest and best that the leading manu
facturers can supply.
Come in and see our assortment of Spring Suits
in all of the popular fabrics and the popular colors.
We can supply the men with the latest style Ox
fords in the latest style toes in patents, tans, gun
metal and vici kid. We carry a large assortment
of Crossett and Sele-Schawb shoes.
Now is the time to select a new Spring Hat. Let
us fit you in the latest style at a reasonable price.
ECLIPSE SHIRTS. We have just received a
large shipment of the celebrated eclipse shirts,
which are conceded to be the best medium priced
shirt on the market. Full size and patterns very
We have every style of underwear that men and
boys could wish. Drop in and let us show you the
newest things in men's wear.
Dorn & Mims.

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