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iiVJodern Wire Fencing, Which Has
Neat Appearance, Will Keep All
Fowls Out of the Gardens.
The old method of free range need
not necessarily be changed. The
fowls should not, however, be allowed
to run at will within the garden or
lin and about the farm buildings
Nothing is more aggravating or dis
igusting than to have the nice veget
ables or beautiful flowers scratched
up, and the doorsteps, the porch, the
barn floor and the farm machines
fouled with poultry droppings. Sep
arate the poultry also from the other
.live stock of the farm.
If the fowls are to be kept near the
farm buildings, provide ample range
inclosed by modern poultry wire fenc
ing. The latter requires ordinarily
but a few posts, is easily put up and
has a very neat appearance when in
Another way of separating the
fowls from the center of farm opera
tions is to place the henhouses at a
considerable distance from the farm
stead, in a pasture where the fowls
will have absolute range. The latter
plan may entail some extra travel by
the poultryman and there is the risk
in some localities of depredations by
foxes, hawks or other wild animals
or by thieves. The young, strong
farmer boy may find advantage in
the second or so-called "colony plan,"
while the housewife will probably
prefer the fenced inclosure near the
Thirdly, the farmer ls too careless
In the way he iisposes of his poultry
products. He is usually content to
trade his eggs at the nearest grocery
store when by a little extra effort he
could gain a select private trade
which would pay far better. His
pure-bred stock of one breed of fowls
?i their well-kept house and capacious
.grassy yards will be a great adver
tisement for hiB egg products, and
praiform clean appearance of the eggs
*a their attractive package will prove
an additional help in making sales.
Then, too, in disposing of his fowls
the farmer often sells the birds alive
when by carefully dressing them on
the farm and selling to his customers
on orders he could secure far better
illustration Given of House for tho
Benefit of Small Poultryman Where
Back Yard is Used.
To give the small poultryman (the
back yard man especially) an idea of
what is meant by using his small
piece of ground for a coop and scratch
ing shed, the accompanying picture is
printed. The picture i3 taken of a lay
ing house used by D. C. R. Hoff at
Neshantic. N. J.
Such a design might be used by a
man whose piece of ground faced the
Plan for a Scratchirg Shed.
south at the short si J 2. That is if his
piece of chicken giound was 10x18,
and the 10-foot sides faced north and
south. If his coop proper was ten
feet wide by eight feet deep he would
have a 10x10 scratching pen. These
figures are of course taken haphaz
ard, and the idea would have to con
form with the ground.
Push the pullets along to rapid ma
. ? *
The comb is the chicken's health
i indicator.
. * ?
"mu?ate the hens to eat more by
.c-ag a variety of foods.
* ? ?
Bfcart with Pekins-they are the
"?.ndiest and mature early.
* * .
Never aiiow ducklings to get wet
until they have a good coat of feath
ers. x
* . .
The nearer square you build a poul
try house, the less the cost of con
. . *
Ducks are pigs for food, and gobble
? down pretty nearly everything that
comes in their way.
* * .
Pekins do not need water for swim
ming, but they must have plenty ol
absolutely clean drinking water.
. . *
We could not think of armors sim
ple or efficient method of improving
the egg supply of this country than
the production of infertile eggs.
Street Compound Notice.
Notice is given that the annual
commutation tax for street duty for
the year 1914 has been fixed by the
town'oouncil at $2.00, the same to
be due and payable at my office
during the month of April 1914.
Persons liable thereto failing to pay
?ame must work on tho streets of
the town for the period of four
days. See ordinance.
E. J. Norris,
Clerk of Town Council.
March 20, 1914.
For Sale.
A complete bottling outfit foi a
small town. Any person contem
plating the bottling of soft drinks I
write for particulars.
E. Sheehan,
3-18-3t. Augusta, Ga.
Stock Baisers.
My Jack will stand the season at
my farm. Fee $12.50 to insure foal.
Thi3 is due as soon as mare proves j
with foal.
Edgefield, S. C.
Notice of Final Dis
To All Whom These Presents May
Whereas, R. M. Johnson has I
made application unto this Court]
for Final Discharge as Executor in
re the Estate of Geo. W. Johiason
deceased, on this the 13th day of
March 1914.
These Are Therefore, to cite any |
and all kindred, creditors, or par
ties interested, to show cause be
fore me at my office at Edgefield
Court House, South Carolina, on
the 18th day of April 1914 at ll
o'clock a. m., why said jrderof Dis
charge should not be granted.
W. T. Kinnaird,
J. P. C., E. C., S. C.
March 13, 1914-5t.
Spring Arrivals.
It is not too early to think of
your spring suit. We announced
ready for your inspection the most
complete aud attractive line of
sprigg styles for men and boys. It
matters not how your personal taste
runs, whether to the latest English
cut or the box back effeot to light
or dark patterns you will find here
the largest and most satisfactory
variety from which to make your]
selection and you may rest assured
that all properly conform to the
fashions latest decree in cut and
styles and that the quality may be
absolutely depended upon. We have
also received a large shipment of
men's spring style hats in the new
est shapes and most popular shades.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Edgefield.
By W. T. Kinnaird, Probate Judge.
Whereas, L. M. Johnson made
suit to nie, to grant him Letters of
Administration of the Estate of and
effects of G. C. Johnson.
These Are Therefore to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of the said G. C.
Johnson deceased, that they be and
appear before rae, in the Court of
Probate, to be held at Edgefield S.
C., on April 9th, 1914, next, after
publication thereof, at ll o'clock in
the forenoon, to show cause, if any
they have, why the said Adminis
tration should not be granted.
Given under my H ind this 23rd
day of March A.' D., 1914.
W. T. Kinnaird,
P. J. E. C. S. C.
Spring Millinery.
The daintiest and most exquisite
reflection of style, ta??te and beauty
is shown by a glimpse of gorgeous)
display we make. Our store is be-1
decked by patterns of latest types,
colors of thi6 seasons demand and
shapes j'ou'll find chat becomes your
own style of beauty to its bestad-!
vantage. Why pay a big price for
yourjhat elsewhere as you can buy
here just as good for half price.
Anyone Rending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether on
Invention ls probably patentable Communica
tions strictly conlldentlal. HANDBOOK on Patents
sont free, oldest aconcy for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. re?oive
special notice, without charco, In tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.areest cir*
culatlon of any nclentlUc Journal. Terms. $3 a
year: four months, fl Sow by all newsdealer?.
MUKN & Coj64B~?dwa? New Y|i*
Bras ea OOoo. CH F SU WaabkBBten, BL C.
Reward Offered.
I will pay $35 in ca9h'for the ap
prehension and evidence to convict
the party or partieslwho about
the 15th of December took a
pair of shafts from a buggy in my
shop yard and who on the night of
January 31 took a wheel from a
buggy in my yard. I am determined
to apprehend and punish the guilty
pirties if possible.
W. H. Powell.
Make the Old Suit
Look New
We are better prepared
than ever to do first-class
work in cleaning and press
ing of all kinds. Make your
old pants or suit new by let
ing us clean and press them.
Ladies skirts and suits al
so cleaned and pressed. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
Edgefield Pressing
Ideal Pressing Club
We can please the most fastidious
person. All kinds of repairing and
dyeing. We make a specialty of \
cleaning and pressing-ladies coat "
suits and skirts-and do the work
nicely. We appreciate your patron
age. Guarantee satisfaction.
Bacon Street,
Edgefield, South Carolina.
Eyes examined and glasses fitted
only when necessary. Optical
work of all kinds.
Notice of Election.
State of South Carolina,
County of Idgefield.
Whereas, a petition has been filed
with us, and all legal requirements
have been met, it is Ordered that 6.
W. Quarles, R. M. Johnson and L.
J. McLendon. constituting the reg
ularly appointed Board of Trustees
of Red Hill School District No. 3,
do hold an election at Red Hill
School House on Saturday, April
4th, 1014, to vote upon the'ques
tion of levying and collecting an
additional tax of one and one-half I
millson the dollar of all taxable
property in said district, proceeds j
of such levy to be used for school
purposes in Red Hill School Dis
trict, No. 3.
At this election only such resi
dent electors as return real or person
al property for taxation, and who
exhibit their tax receipts and regis
tration certificates as required in
general elections shall be allowed
to vote.
Those favoring the increased levy
shall cast a ballot with the word
1 Yes" written or printed thereon,
and those opposed to such increased
levy shall cast a ballot with the
word "No" written or printed
thereon. Within ten days after
the election, if a majority of those
voting shall favor the increased
levy, the managers will submit to
County Auditor the result of elec
tion. The polls shall open at
o'clock a. m., and close at 4 o'clock
p. m., and in all respects comply
with Sec. 1208, Code of Laws of
South Carolina.
W. W. Fuller,
E. H. Folk,
Co Boaad of Education,
Edgefield Co., S. C.
Two years ago I purchased some
improved cotton seed from a Geor
gia farmer who had bred it up, pay
ing ?l. 18 cents per pound for the
seed. It is large, deeprooted, re
sisting drought storm and rust,
llave made 664 pounds per acre of
lint on thin land by using only 200
pounds of standard guano. On same
grade ? land (with my next best
variety only made 300 pounds of
lint. Seed cotton from 32 well de
veloped bolls weighs a pound. Will
stand drought three weeks longer
than other varieties.
I have a limited quantity of seed
that 1 will sell for ?5.00 per bushel.
Send in your orders at once.
R. F. D. No. 2,Batesburg, S. C.|
-FOR 1914
We desire to notify our farmer friends that we are ready to supply them
with fertilizers in all of the popular brands and formulas. We sell-the cele
Etiwan Brands
These goods have been used by farmers of this county for many years and
have given satisfaction.
We also have contracted for a large supply of ingredients for mixing fer
tilizers at home. Bear in mind that we can rill your orders for any kind of
plant food, the dependable kind. Come in to see us.
W. W. Adams, & Company.
Seasoable Implements.
WE desire to call the attention of our farmer friends to the John Deere Uai
versaPDisc[Harrow,^in both the solidjand cutaway.
WE also have aeceptcd the agency for the new Eclipse smoothing harrow,
something new. Be sure to call and see it.
WE have a few John Deere Stalk Cotters on hand that we do not want to
carry over and will close out at reduced price.
Stewart & Kernaghan
Two Large Furniture Stores
We invite our Edgefield friends when in Augusta to call at either of our two large
stores-down-town store No. 972 Broad and up-town store No. 1,286 Broad. We
carry a large assortment of furniture and house furnishings at both stores. At the up
town store we also carry a tull stock of farmers' hardware. Call to see us when in
need of anything in this line.
We can sell you bedroom suits, waidrobes, china closets, tables, chairs, rockers
mattreses, iron or enameled beds, rugs, art squares, pictures, toilet sets, shades, etc.
just as chea as they can be bought anywhere in the country. We buy direct from the
factories in large quantities and are in a position to make very close prices. Com to
see us when in Augusta. Mr. Wyatt H. Hammond of Colliers section can be found at
our up-town store.
j 972 Broad, Phone 445.
12S9 Broad, Phone 2311

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