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Wednesday, April 15th.
Wanted-Bine Back Spellers for
"The Deeetriek Sknle."
Every shoulder is pat to th? wbe?l
Ais week-th? whesl of the cotton
flan ter.
Prof. Obed ?ab Tireewitt* belieTes
ibat if yon spare the rod yon
'"spile" a good scholar.
Misses Elisabeth and Jane Rains
ford came home from the College
for Women to spend Easter.
Mrs. J. P. Onzts accompanied by
ber two children, Edith and Byrnes,
.risked relatives at Ridge Spring
last week.
Mr. W. J. Hatcher is about the
best auto salesman to be found ia
forty states. He ?penda some time
m Edgefield and every now and
?lien places a new car.
Mrs. Julia Heints, and her daugh
ter, Miss Mataline He in tx, of Au
gusta were gaesta of Mrs. J H.
Allen Friday.
Mr. B. B. Wilson is here spend
big several days. His Edgefield
friends are always glad to clasp his j
Cadet Egbert Morgan came home
from the B. M. I. and spent Faster
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.
E. Morgan.
The Choral class will meet Fri
day night in the High School au
ditorium at 8:15 o'clock. A full at
tendance is desired.
Prof. Obediah Threewitts thrash
es his scholars right and left, mak
ing no exceptions of the girls, some
cf whom are more "mischeevious"
than the boys.
Miss Mamie Dunovant came home
and spent the week-end here with
*?er parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
Dnnovant. She Tras affectionately
greeted by her friends.
Edgefield was well represented at
the centennial celebration at Philip
pi church Sunda.!. Candidates and
prospective candidates from other
parts of .the county were also there.
Mr. W. B. COgburn received a
letter from Mrs. J. L. Hardy of
Savannah Monday stating that her
sister, Mrs. Tee Wates, is very ill
and is not expected to live but a
few day s.
Those who fail to attend the
"Deestrick Skule" next Monday
night will regret it when they hear
afterwards of the splendid success
that was made of the play. Every
part is well rendered.
Large assortment of Men's straw
i ats just received in the late styles,
dome in while we have yonr size.
Mukashy Bargain House.
Mr; W. A. Edmunds spent Sun
day here with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs/* A. A. Edmunds, while en
route from Anderson to Walterboro
to accept a position m a newspaper
office of the latter place.
Mr. B. M. Sullivan was in town
yesterday for the purpose of pur
chasing a mule to take the plac? of
a valuable mule that died Sunday
morning. The loss was something
like $300, which falls heavily upon
a farmer, especially at this season
of the year.
The old-style guano horn has
been abandoned, as it could give
a Htream of guano large enough for1
the latter day intensive farmer. It i
was all right when 200 poends per
acre was considered good fertilizing,
bot since the mark has reached 600,
800 and 1,000 per acre a dirtributor
drawn by a mule is required.
Hon. J. C. Sheppard spent the
latter part of last week with his
?oaf Mr. J. C. Sheppard, Jr., at
Blick Mountain, N. C., and early
.Mt Friday morning while viewing
the beautiful mountain scenery in
the vicinity of Black Mountain he
saw one prominent peak covered
with snow. It was rather an unusual
sight for Good Friday.
Mr. C. M. Mellichamp was in
town Saturday and while here stat
ad to The Advertiser's representa
tive that he has definitely decided
to become a candidate for the office
of auditor. The Morgan school
which he haR been teaching for sev
eral years will close next week,
after which time Mr. Mellichamp
will not be regularly engaged and
can devote much time to the cam
Popular Prices.
1 Tickets on sale at the store of
Penn ds Holstein for the ''Deestrick
Skule.'' Reserved seats ?0 cents,
general admission 35 cents. Better
secure your seats early. The at
tendance npon ihit entertainment
will be a record breaker for Edge
j fiald. People are coming: a distance
of 8 and 10 miles.
For Judge of Probate.
This issue of The Advertiser con
tains the annoancemen J of the can
didacy of Mr. W. T. Kinnaid for
re-election to the office of Jad ge of
Probate. Mr- Kinnaird has been
constantly at his post and bis r?
'cord is aa straight as a shingle,
i Upen this record he offers for re
election. He is a good man and
has friends throughout the eounty
; who will gladly cast their ballots
for him.
Card of Thanks.
To each and all of my dear
friesds who hara so kindly remem
bered me during my past sickness
I wish to take this means of thank
ing you.
I shall never forget each thought
fulness and shall ever cherish fond
memories of each kind deed show n
I shall leave thia week for the
city hospital of Augusta and will
cordially welcome all of you there!
at any time.
Mrs. J. S. Williams.
Religious Notices.
Resurrection sermon at Trenton
Methodist church Sunday morning
at 11:15. Yon are invited.
The call of the world and pic
tures of Lakes Champlain and
Geonre at Methodist church, Thurs
day night at 8:15.
At the Baptist church Dr. M. I).
Jeffries, having returned, will
preach at 11:30 a. m. on '"Mine ?r
whose?" Monthly union service at
8. Regular appointment at Horn's
Creek at 3:30 p. m.
Classified Column.
FOR SALE-Some very fine
registered Berkshire pigs at $15
eao?, eight weeks old, deliveries
May l*t. R. H. Middleton, Clark's
Hill, S. C.
plantation at a bargain, thirty miles
frcra Macon, containing 2790 acres.
Address Land Trost Company, 51 fi
Grant Building. Atlanta, Ga.
FOR RENT-Butler Hill, with
about 40 acres land. Apply to O.
FOR SALE-Plants for your
garden, cabbage, tomato, peppers,
egg, potato, okra seed and ricinus.
Orders with aasb, left at Jones &
Son may be sent parcel po9t.
R. G. Shannonhouse.
Many an Edgefield Household
Will Fin ?Them So.
To have the pains and aohes of a
bad back removed, to be entirely
free ?rom annoying, dangerous uri
nary disorders, is enough to make
any kidney sufferer grateful. The
following advice of one who has
suffered will prove comforting
words to hundreds of Edgefield
Mrs. L K Dunn, Edgefield, S. C.,
says: "Kidney complaint came on
me qniekly, undermining my health
with its toituring pain. My kidneys
and bladder both caused me mach
suffering and I had fainting and
dizzy spells. Doan'a kidney pills
had been very beneficial to others
of our family and I decided to try
them myself. I wa? not disappoint
ed in the results for this remedy
relieved me from the first and soon
restored me to good heilth. I shall
always recommend Doan's kidney
pills, for I do not think there is an
other kidney medicine quite as
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's kidney pills-the same
that Mra. Dunn had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Prop?., Buffalo, N. Y.
Just received a large shipmen"; of
Carhart Overalls for men. There is
nothing better mode. Try a pair.
Mnkashy Bargain House.
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies Wcn't Cure.
The .worst cases, no matter of how lone standinr.
.-.re cured hy thc wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oil. It relieves |
Fain and Heals at the snme time. 25c, 50c, $1.00
For Supervisor.
To the Voter3 of. Edgefield County:
I respectfully solicit your unbiased
suffrage as a candidate for Supervisor
of your county, and if elected will tr>
to serve the people as near right as I
conceive, pledging myself to support
the nominees of the Democratic party.
W. G. Wells.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of Supervisor
of Edgefield county and solicit the votes
of the people, pledging myself if elect
ed to a faithful discharge of the duties
and to support t he nominees of the
Democratic party.
R. J. Moultrie.
For County Treasurer.
Appreciating your past favors for
Treasurer of Edgefield County, I an
nounce my candidacy again for said office
and pledge myself to support the nomi
nees of the Democratic party. The
tenn of this office is now four years.
E. S. Johnson.
For Judge of Probate.
This is to announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Probate Judge. I shall abide the re
sult of Primary Election and support
nominees thereof.
W. T. Kinnaird.
For Magistrate.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the office of magistrate of
tie 8th judicial district and pledge my
self to abide the result of the Demo?
eratic primary.
T. J. McDowell.
A Good Drug Store.
It takes more than a stock of
drugs and good intentions to make
a good drug store. It requires an
intimate knowledge of weighing,
measuring and mixing, which comes
only after careful study and experi
ence. Tonr prescriptions will be
properly filled at our ?tor??. We
have every modern facility and-we
know how.
Penn & Holstein.
Just received a barrel of Aratron's
fresh roasted coffee, 25ots. a pound.
L. T. May.
See our Lion Brand work shoes.
They are made right and priced
right. Every pair guaranteed.
Mukashy Bargain House.
Sec our large spring line ot' Men's
and Boys' suits in all ot' the popu
lar weaves and colors.
Mnkashy Bargain H?use.
Wo invite the ladies to call lo see
our beautiful assortment of ready-,
to-wear hats. We can ?ave yb? I
Mnkashy Bargain Iloust.
Have vou tried the new bread
"Tip Top" at
Dunovant & Co.
Hart Schaffner & Marx are the
largest and finest clothes makers in
the world. Their prices rauge from
$18.00 up to the finest, now we
have marked the price from $15.00
and the finer grades .in proportion.
See as about your next suit.
F G Mertins, Augusta Ga.
WTrite us for Men's or Boys suits,
we will convince yon that we have
finer goodn for less money.
F G Mertins, Augusta, Ga.
Georgia Cane syrup at 45,cents a
Dunovant & Co.
Nice line of straw hats, men's
and boys, at a very low price.
Dunovant <fe Co.
Landretn's seed Irish potatoes,
Maine grown, in all of the popular
varieties at 4fi cents per peck.
W. E. Lynch & Co.
We have just received a large
shipment of eastern Irish potatoes
for need. Can supply all of the popu
lar varieties.
Penn & Holstein.
Fresh supply of Landreth's vege
table seed, the kind that never fail
to germinate.
W. E. Lvnch & Co.
We have just received a lot of
shapes high grade Humps Milans in
the very npwest styles in black,
white and all the newest spring
shades. We also have a big assort
ment of Dress Hats, the new Eas
ter Pattern. Hats trimmed in flow
ers, lace, and any othes kind you
can mention. See our line before
you buy your Hat, and you will
find a great saving.
Ru ben stein.
Cough Medicine For Children.
Too much care cannot be used in
selecting a couch medicine for
children. It should be pleasant to
take, contain no harmful substance
and be most effectual. Chamber
lain's cough remedy meets these re
quirements and is a favorite with
the mothers of young children
everywhere. For sale by all dealers.
(Continued from first page)
capillaries ot the lungs, and injure
the celle of the body. Did you evei
see a cigarette fiend-one on whom
the cigarette habit has fastened it
self to that h? ?aa not leave it off
tho'he knowe it is killing- him?
People who ?ie th? cigarette ar?
restless in their movements and
eancot remain in on? pla?? lone ai
a time.
Mother knows a young man who
was so nervous from smoking ciga
rettes he c?uk aot sleep well so bc
weald f?t mp in thc morning and
smoke o?a or two boxes. The last
time she heard from him he was in
the Adiro&dack mountains with
tuberculosis or lang disease.
Men or boya who smoke cigarettes
do not make good marksmen be
cause their weakened nerves make
the hands unsteady. Ia a class at
Yal? College 90 per cent of the
first known men were non users of
tobacco. Some of the best col
leges in the United States have
taken the stand against tobacco in
any form. Some of the minor ef
fects of the cigarette are irritated
eyes and eyelids, stained lips and
teeth. TL is staiu is a poison called
aicotine which injures the heart so
Boys, the worst is yet to come.
Besides all this harm the cigarette
does to the body, it weakens the
will power so that you cannot re
sist sin in its many forms. You
can be led into evil placen, you can
not resist strong drink, you are in
everything a moral coward. When
you start the habit of cigarette
smoking, every 5 cent piece goes
for tobacco and cigarette leaves.
When you get out of monty the
awful craving will cause you to beg
others for a cigarette. White boys
and men bare been known to even
sink so low as to beg a negro for a
Now, boys I guess I've said about
enough. We may not be athletes
but we want to have a strong body
and a clear brain. We would like
to be first known men in our classe.-*.
We want to be a success. So lets
take care of these bodies God gave
us. Lets take part in every thing
we po.--'My can for our own up
building, and the betterment. of
''Know ye not that your body is
the temple of the holy ghost."
Grady Scott.
Oak Grove School
We handle the King Quality
oxfords foT men. For style, quality
and durability they are unsurpassed.
All of the popular leathers.
Mnkcshy Bargain House.
Notice of Election and
Six Wardens.
Council Chamber, Ederefield, S. C.,
March 20, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that on
the 26th day of May, A. D. 1914 at
the Court House, County of Edge
field, State of South Carolina, an
election will be held for Mayor and
Six Wardens (one warden from
each waid) to serve the said town
for the next ensuing term of two
years. At said election, H. C.
Watson, W. H. Bee and W. S.
Covar are hereby appointed to act
as managers. By order of the
Town Council of the Town of
Edgefield, S. C.
Mayor of the Town of Edgefield,
S. C:
E. J. NORRIS (Corp. Seal) Clerk
& Treas, of Town Council.
The Booka of Registrotion of the
Town of Edgefield, S. C., will be
opened at my office in the Fanners
Bank of Edgefield, S. C., on the
15th day of April, |A. D., 1014 to
register the qualified voters thereof
for the Municipal Election to be
held on the 26th day of May, A.D.,
Supervisor of Registration of the
Town of Edgefield.
April 15-1914.
The worst mistake one is likely
to make in painting is wrong paint;
it is easy to make.
We all say "Ours is the best;" aud
there are 1.000 of us. One is best;
but a dozen are so near on a level
that no one knows, for sure, that
his is the one.
The worst paints are worst liars;
they know w?at they are, put on a
bold face, and brazen it out.
Their one true argument is low
price; but low price paint is always,
must be, a fraud ; it is made to cheat
cheatable people.
the Fad
No amount of m
peddlers of alum bal
gling with chemicals
or cooked-up certifie
any kind, can change
Royal Bald
bas been iou
dal examin&tft
highest leavei
free from alan!
purity sed- \i
Roy,aJ Baking B
iqr making .finest and
s^m,i?..TTn',^jr.'?Jit'lc-a^^ii,.:viiv.r.' ? ?. ?ix.
Men's Knox straw hats.
Smith-Marsh Co.
Look to Your Plumbing.
You know what happens in a
house in which the plumbing is in
poor condition-everybody in the
house is liable to contract typhoid
or some other fever. The digestive
organs perform the same functions
in the human body as tho plumbing
doe* for the house, and they should
be kept in first-class condition all the
time. If you have any trouble with
your digestion take Chamberlain's
tablets and you are certain to get
quick relief. For pale by all dealer?.
Spring Laxative and Blood
Flush out the accumulated waste
and puisons of the winter months;
cleans your stomach, liver and kid
neys of all impurities. Take Dr.
Kine's New Life Pills; nothing bet
ter for purifying the blood. Mild,
non-griping laxative. Cures consti
pation; makes you feel fine. T*ake
no other. 25c at your druggist.
Bucklen's Arnica sal ve for all hurts.
Straight at it.
There is no use of our ''beating
around the bush." Wc might as
well out with it first as last. We
want yon to try Chamberlain's
cough remedy the next time you
have a cough or cold. There is no
reason so far as we can see why you
should not do so. This preparation
by its remarkable cures has gained
a world-wide reputation, and people
everywhere speak of it in the high
est terms of praise. It is for sale by
all dealers.
from 10,000 to 12,000 mi lei
With most cars, especially tl
be considered an impossibilit
forance for the METZ *22'
cars frequently report even <
1914 IMPR
METZ "22
The Gearless Car-No Clutcl
THE METZ "'22" is easy on ti
weight, and is equipped with geai
start the car with a jerk. It trave
lon of gasoline-another big savin
car the most economical on the ma
The METZ "22" makes from 5
to 6t miles per hour on the high
speed, and climbs hills fa?t as any
car made. It is a fully guaran
teed car, torpedo semi-enclosed
body, left-hand drive and center
control, fitted with standard
equipment throughout, including
4-cylinder 22 1-2 h. p. water-cool
ed motor. Bosch magneto, 30"
artillery wheels, best quality
Clarks B
t -Remains
isrepresentation by the
dng powders, no jug
, or pretended analysis,
?ates, or falsehoods of
? the ?act that
Lng Powder
nd by the offr
ons to be of the
King efficiency?
i* and of absolute
owder is indispensable
most economical food.
High grade clothing: at $10.00
and $12.50. Specializing on these
two prices we offer ready-mad?
Men's garments that cannot he
equal in any other store for less
than $18.00 and $22.50 in newest
and latest styles. The national are
in blue, tan, gray and the neat
?triped affects. By no means par
?'iase until you see our line.
41-> uuu npedal suns, an wool
ni?ely made $25.50 values. We
have marked our goods down at the
start, we can save yon from $3.00
to $7. 50 on a suit. Spend $15.00
save *?.00.
F. (T. Mert j ns, Angust?*, Ga.
Clears Complexion, Removes
in Blemishes.
Why <ro through life embanesed
and disfignreu iv i th pimples, erup
tions, blackheads, rel y >ngh skin,
. * suffering the tortun s of eczema,
itch, tetter, salt rheum. .lust af>k
your druggist for Dr. Robson's ec
zema ointment. Follow the .simple
suggestions and your skin worries*
are over. Mild, soothing, effective.
Excellent for babies and delicate,
tender skin. Stops chapping. Al
ways "helps. Relief or money back.
50c at your druggist.
Notice to Crediitas^
All Kindred and Creditors hold
ing any claim, < r claims, against
the estate of .Tames U. Rives, de
ceased, are hereby notified to fil?
same with me, as Administratrix of
said estate, as required by law.
Mrs. Annie E. Rives,
Administratrix of e6tar.e of J. U.
Rives deceased.
; on a single set of tires !
ie heavier ones, this would
y. But it is a common per
in fact, owners of these
greater mileage.
h to Slip-No Gears to Strip
res because it carries no surplus
.less transmission-which does not
ils from 28 to 32 miles on one gal
g. It is a thoroughly practical
rket to operate.
Goodrich clincher tires, etc. The
METZ team of three cars won
the last Glidden Tour in compe
tition with cars costing from five
to ten times as much; and the
METZ team was the ONLY team
that held a PERFECT SCORE,
without additional allowance or
time extension of any kind, for
the entire eight days of the con
, Gen. Distributor,
[ill, S. C.

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