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Millinery Offerings
Consist of many new sma it shapes.
WE have them for little Tots, Girls, Misses,
Young- Ladies, and for those of more mature
years. Each possess a charm of its own and
when on the person produces a chi c stylish
Among them you are very certain to find the once that
meets your own idea. Then too they are not high priced.
Beginning at $1.50 an up.
Come to see them you are welcome, as visitor, friends, or
buyer. Miss Samuel w" ?nd pleasure in assisting you
with many suggestionr gleaned from her years of experience. Remem
ber you are welcome as visitor, friend or buyer. So come bring the
children and feel at home.
Corner Store, W. H. Turner, Proprietor.
An Elaborate Luncheon.
TOP girls of the " strick Skule
have planned to give the boys ol
the skule an elaborate luncheon at
ihe home of Mr. and Mrs. J, L.
Mims Thursday evening. Unique
and very original invitations have
been issued to all of the boys and
their wives or sweetheaits, as the
ease may be. As there are gil ted
post-prandial speakers among the
beysf^there will be a number ol
Heavy Importations of Bananas.
For the past rew weeks the ba
nanas sold in Elsefield have been
superior to those that were shipped
here earlier iu the season. This is
probably due to the recent la:-?:c
importations from Jamaica. Darin?:
the past, month nearly 65,000 bunch
es of bananas have been received in
Charleston, which is the largest im
portation for a like period on rec
ord. Edge?eld is already receiving
some of this choice fruit.
Now Sole Owner.
Mr. T. J. Paul hns purchased
Mr. II. C. Watson's interest in the
auto livery and will hereafter con
duct it in his own behalf from his
garage. Mr. Paul will also have
control of t'ne sale of gasoline ai
his garage. He has several good
machines for hire and can supply
on J on short notice. Being a ma
chinist himself, Mr. Paul will keep
his automobiles in first-class condi
tion, such as will enable passengers
to reach their destination promptly
without delay on the road.
Lost Heavily by Fire.
About three o'clock Monday
morning Mr. Wylie Glover, one of
the leading farmers of the Meri
wether section, awoke to find his
barn enveloped in flames. It is be
lieved that the building wa* struck
by lightning. Mr. Glover's loss was
about $2,500, with no insurance.
In addition to the building, three
mules, two valuable horses, corn,
fodder, cotton seed, commercial fer
tilizers and farm implements were
burned. Mr. Glover came to Edge
field Monday to purchase some
stock to take the place of that
which was burned. Ile came up
Mr. Henry Cooper in the latter's
Karly Monday morning a number
of Mr. Glover's neighbors volunta
rily came together and offered to
render substantial aid in rebuilding
his barn. This is an evidence of the
high esteem in which Mr. Glover
is held by the peopieof the commu
nity. The Advertiser commends
most heartily this beautiful spirit
and substantial manifestation of
Ladies Hose, all tho new shades.
Smith-Marsh Co.
Will Serve Dinner.
The Greenwood boosters, about
150 or 200 persons traveling in 40
or 50 automobiles, will reach Idge
fielP by way of Parksville and Mo
doc at one o'clock Friday. In order
that the visitors may be properly
cared for, and, too, seizing this op
nity for making some money
lor tue building fund, the ladies of
the Hap:ist church will serve a pic
nie and barbecue dinner. Dinner
will be provided for 200 or more
people and it will probably be serv
ed in the same place and in about
the same manner that the Upsbaw
dinner was served. A bountiful din
ner will be served for 5U cents to
all who come.
A Veritable Gold Mine.
Our friend W. E. Ouzts of the
Hom's de? ' neighborhood is one
of the few f. *mers who realizes the
full value of stock on the farm, lie
has a stock of hoirs that for profita
ble results will take the blue ribbon
over some with the big sounding
names and long pedigrees. Will
Ouzts has a 300-pound sow with 14
|)i?rs, which is the second litter
within 12 monihs. She never has
less than a d'i/.en. A last-June pig
of this faith fui old sow also had
pigs last February (at nine month*
of age) and Mr. Ouzts sold these
for$16. If he can continue the
record he is makin"- he had better
purchase about a /.cn sows and
leave off cotton a1 toi. "nur. Tho best
part of it all is Will makes enough
corn to feed every mouth on hit*
Negro Shot Saturday Night.
It seems that two negroes, Will
Steadham and Rich Hamp, both
residents of Edgefield, had a dis
pute or quarrel over a small debt
Saturday afternoon. Saturday night
Will went to the home of Hamp
near Macedonia church and resumed
the quarrel af ter entering the house.
After the passing of angry words
HauiD took his pistol from a drawer
j and tired twice upon Will, one ball
taking effect in the arm and the
other in his side. It is Slid that
Will was in the act of drawing a
pistol at the time he was fired up
on. Will was operated on and his
?intestines were found tobe pur. bur
ied in 19 places, necessitating the
removal of two short sections of
the intestines. At this time ho is
still living but thu chances for his
recovery are slim. Hamp suirender
ed to tin; sheriff Sunday. Will
Steadham has a very unsavory repu
tation, while Hamp on the contrary
is a quiet, hard-working negro.
15.00 Flannel suits at $S.00. We
are determined to give the best
value in Augusta for the money.
Palm Beach suits $0.50, $8.00
F G Mertins, Augusta, Ga.
Program of the Edgefield Choral Club
Concert Friday Evening, May
1st at 8:30 O'clock.
1. Beautiful Roses. Two-part Chorus.(Faber)
Children of Graded School.
2. Duet-Somebody Loves You Dear_. (Harley)
Miss Miriam Norris, Mr. Ashby Davenport.
3. Concert Waltz Chorus...Ladies of Choral Club
4. So prano Solo-A Winter Lullaby_.(DeKoren)
Mrs. Shannonhouse.
5. Love's Old Sweet Song.Choral Club
6. Quartette-"I Softly Dream.'' Harmonized..._(Mohring)
Misses Mims and Norris, Mrs. Dunovant, Mrs. Shannonhouse.
7. "Welcome Pretty Primrose". .Pinsuti
Ladies of Choral Club. Soprano Obligato Mrs. Shannonhouse. ;
H. Duet-My Love.(Shoevel)
Misses Mims. "j_' _ ^B*
9. Flow Flow-Waltz Chorus..(Frise)
Children of Graded School. a* ? -t *""""*
PART. II " t!
I. An Old Sweetheart of Mine. Living Pictures. James Whitcomb Riley
2. The Lord Is My Shepherd.(Smart)
Ladies of Choral Club.
3. Violin Solo-Traumerei. .(Schumann)
Mr. Ashby Davenport. Accompanied by Miss Miriam Norris.
4. Duet-A Summer Night.(Nevid)
Misses Emily Tompkins and Lura Mims.
5. Mobile Bay._.Quartette |
Men's Voices.
6. Bridal Chorus-From "The Rose Maiden".(Cowen)
Choral Club.
lohnston Well Represented.
It was very gratifying to the
?d?o?eld people, particularly those
vho weredireetly interested in the
uccess of the play, to see so many
>ersons from Johnston in the andi
mce Monday night, which is but
>ne of the many evidences of the
rery cordial relations that exist be
ween the two towns. Instead of
>eing jealous and envious of the
mccesB of each other, as are some
mill towns, Johnston and Edge
ield rejoice at each others success.
)nr people must remember the
iplendid patronage which the people
if Johnston gave the Deestnck
>kule and when an entertainment
s announced for Johnston our peo
ile must in turn patronize it large
y. We feel sure that such will be
he case. Thc Advertiser stands
.eady to make any announcement
jor.oerning any entertainment that
?hat the good peoplo of Johnston
nay undertake.
Thrown From Horse.
Mrs. W. W. Sheppard wa?
thrown from her' horse Thursday
and was painfully bruised. While
riding from ber home to town the
stirrup brokp, causing her to lose
control of the horse which was ge
ing at a rapid gait. When opposite
tho Grice Hotel Mrs. Sheppard was
thrown against a wagon as the
horse tamed. She was carried at
once into the Grice Hotel and a
physician summoned. At first it was
thought that she had sustained se
rious injuries as a result of the
violent fall, but upon making an
examination the physician stated
that there was no serious or perma
nent injury Mrs. Sheppard ts an
experienced rider and would not
have fallen had not the stirrup brok
en. The day after the fall she was
removed to her home and will be
able to be out in a few days.
Men's silk hose at 25o.
Smith-Marsh Co.
The Opportunity is Here. Back?
ed by Edgefield Testimony.
Don't take our word for it.
Don't depend on a stranger's
Read Edgefield endorsement.
Read thc statements of Edgefield
And decide for yourself.
Here is one case of it.
W p Doro, Edgefield, S. C.,
iays: "I can recommend Doan's
adney pills, for one box rid me of
cidney and bladder trouble. I glad
y comfirm all I said, praising
Doan's kidney pills when I endorsed
Lbem some years ago. I authorize
o continue publication of that
Mr. Dorn is one of many Edee
ield people who have gratefully en
lorsed Doan's kidney pills. If your
>ack aches-if your kidneys bother
rou, don't simply ask for a kidney
emedy-ask distinctly for Doan's
:idney pills, the same that Mr.
)orn had-the remedy hacked hy
lome testimony. 50c all stores.
''ester-Milburn Co., Props.. KufT.i
o, N. Y. ''When your back is
ame-Remember the name."
(Prickly Asl
Its beneficia' ef
fects arc usually
felt very quickly
Makes rich, red, pun
system-clears the brain - stre
A positive specific for BIoo
Drives out Rheumatism and i
is a wonderful tonic and body-t
Large Shipme:
of Furniture
WK will have a large shipni
this week, and in the lot ure
Sideboards*and Buffets. Fi
treses*and Springs in stock.
See our line Porch Cha
Jones &
Composition on "The Cow" by
Alexander Popham of the
Deestrick Skule.
There is a great many kinds of
cows, I will name a few of them.
The cow boy, the cow frog, the
cow dog, the steer and the milk
cow. The only cow that counts for
much is the milk cow. John Bull
who comes to school must be a cow
boy, because his maw in name Sallie
cow and he is not a 'milk cow. Cow
boys and steers is kin somehow.
Steers is not very good for milk.
Daniel Webster says that the cow
is a illustrated animal containing
milk. Besides we get cream, clabber,
butter, buttermilk, cheese and whey
out of the cow- The cow carrie?
her milk around in a bag, and gives
out a little every night and morn
ing. I don't know how the cow get?
ihe milk in her bag but we have to
work hard to get it out. When wa
get it all out she is dry and it takes
her a long time to till up again. The
cow always gets to be a grass wid
ow, because her husband quits her
and then she has to live on gras*.
We handle the King Quality
oxfords for men. For style, quality
and durability they are unsurpassed.
All of the popular leathers.
Muksrshy Bargain House.
i, Poke Root and Potassium)
Powerful Permanent
Stubborn cases Good results arc
yield to P. P. P. lasting-it cures
when other medi- you to stay cured
cines oro useless
P. P.
: blood-cleanses the entire
ngthens digestion and nerves.
d Poison and skin diseases.
Hops the Pain; ends Malaria;
milder. Thousands endorse it.
? 'ar ?^tt?B?Lii tai M m m
eut of Furniture to arrive
some beautiful Dressers,
ill supply of Chairs, Mat
? Son.

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