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?West Jfetuspaper 3H ^otitb (tolina
New Century Club Meets, BJ
Show and May Pole Dane
Sad Death of Mrs.
The members of the New Cei
ry club tuet on Tuesday af tero
at the home of Mrs. F. M. Ko
the subject for the afternoon be
"Social hygiene," the meeting
inp led by Mrs. H. D. Grant, ch:
man of the program commit
This is a subject of vital imp
tance and a number of splendid
lections were given. Mrs. Grant
the opening, explained the nat
of the meeting, and gave many gc
points in har remarks. Followi
was the arranged program: "1
great importance of the subjec
Mrs. James While; ''Parer
responsibility," Mrs. J. W. Mar
"The parents duty," Mrs. J.
Dozier; "Never deceive your chili
Mrs. B. L. Allen; "When totead
Mrs. J. A. Dobey; "The great
danger," Mrs. C. D. Kenny;
boy lost;" Miss Clara Sawy
"Who shall tell the story," M
W. F. Seo*;: "A harvest of dise?
and der.!*," Miss Eva Ru?hti
"Treated as a joke." Mrs. E. !
Mobley; "White slave of to-da;
Mrs. Pope N. Litt; "Impu
thoughts." M rs. J. L. Walker: "T
while robes,"' Miss Aima Wot
ward; "The church awakening
Mrs. W. E. LaGrone: "Th- bea!
bill, Mrs. P. B. Waters. Jr.: "T
science of eugenics" Miss Ze
Payne; "The Trinity," Mrs. F. :
Poyd. Following the program,
.general discussion was had, aft
which a social half hour was enjc
ed, and the hostess served from
strawberries and cake.
The Mary Ann Buie chapter, I
D. C., met with Mrs. li. L. Alie
. and nytch _ business pertaining .
v eiiapter work was discussed. All a
rangements were perfected for M
mortal Day. which falls on Sund:!
the lUlh. The exercises will be bel
in the evening at the opera hons
and there will be a (inion serv?
participated in by all ihe local pa
tors. Some time since, the chapK
offered a medal for the best essa
on "The part South Carolina pl aye
in the Confederacy." the ionics
ants being the pupil?) of th?' LUI
and i 1th grades of the High Schoo
The historian, Mrs. O. D. Blacl
was ready to report results, an
saul that the judges considered th
best essay to be that of ."Miss Elis
Mobley, and the essay will be rea
ai commencement. AU of the oths
essays were considered excel len
'ones. Plans were made for the eek
bration of Jefferson Davis' bini
?lay. June 3rd, and the day will b
spent at thc country home <,i Mrs
Martha Edwards a member, and ;
picnic dinner will be given for th
veterans and elderly ladies of th
chapter. After all business, a whif
was spent socially, and fro/en pine
apple cream with fruit and pount
cake was served by Mrs. Allen
Mrs. Dozier assisting her.
Miss Elise Crouch was the charm
ing hostess for a party of young
people on last Wednesday evening
the affair being in honor of liei
friend, Miss Kebi - Solomon, ol
Brooklyn, X. J. The rooms wert,
fragrant with bowls of roses and
tables were about for progressive
games, partners being gotten by
one having on their card a city and
the other for their partner, having
the state of which it was capital.
An animated game was played and
the honor guest was presented with
a beautiful pieca of embroidery.
During the latter part of the even
ing a buffet supper was served.
Mrs. Lewis Blunt, Sr., is visiting
in the home of her son. Mr. Lewis
Mrs. Frances H. Williams has
gone to Clyo to visit friends and
Mrs. Solomon and daughter,
Miss Reba Solomon, who visited
Mrs. T. li. Denny last week, have
gone to Greenwood fora sh.?rt stay
be "ore their return to Brooklyn,
N. J. Before her marriage, Mrs.
Solomon was pleasantly remember
ed as Miss Ella Wills.
Mr. and .Mrs. J. E. Holland, of
Danville, Ya., visited hen- hist
week, and during the year will
build her?: and reside.
Mr. and .Mrs; W. L. Coleman left
this week tor Hot Springs for a
month's stay, Mrs. Coleman still
being a great sufferer from rheuma
Air. and Mrs. J. L. Minis and
Mrs. Mamie Tillman of Edgerielo
were guests of relatives here on
Sunday coming over to hear Rev.
.fohn Lake at the morning service
and Revs. Lausdell and Horsford
at the evening service.
May day was celebrated here by
a May pole dance and baby show,
these attractive features Oeing upon
the beautiful and the spacious lawn
of Mrs. H. W. Crouch, and were
arranged for by the members of the
Mai y Ann Buie chapter, I), of C.
The sight was a lovely one as the
2U little maidens in the Confederate
colors, red and white, courtesied ta
the waiting crowd, and skipped to
the May pole and each with a red
or white streamer, went through
the mazes of the May festivities to
the strains of bright music. After
this the baby show, there being two
classes, A, to -l years, and B, from
2 to 4 years, two prizes being offer-1
ed in each class for the finest and !
prettiest. Eaeb child was so sweet
and attractive th it it was a most ;
difficult task for the judges, Mes-i
dames Moss, Day and Holland of I
Trenton, to come to a decision, con
seq nen liv a tie was made in each
class, lu class A, Harriet Toney and ;
(-?race Ellen Cassotis tied for the |
prettiest, the former winning by ,
drawing. For the finest of this class
Minis Edward Walker and Marion
Williams Hoyt tied, the latter win
ning. In class ll, Fletcher Dunbar
tied with Estelle Meyer Wright,
lor the prettiest, the hater winning.
Ami tor the Knesi, Mary Toney and
Burrell Boatwrigut lied the funner j
winning. The prizes were Buster
Brown sterling silver spoons. The
occasion was held lo raise funds fun
the premises of the annual flower
show, and a good season was real
ized by liberal patronage. Johnston*
iles are very patriotic ano: it is al
ways their pleasure to co-operate.
Mr. M.-T: Turner relamed Tues-:
day from Pine Heights Sanatorium !
wileri' bc spent two weeks for treat
ment.. His friends ire delighted io
know that he is much improved.
Mi>s Sadie Buiiir of Trenton
speiil last week with Mrs. John
Miss Maggie Tompkins entertain
ed the members id' the 1'i Tau club
00 Wednesday afternoon aad two
hours were pleasantly spent by the
members in busy laney work and so
cial chat. Delightful refreshments
were served.,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Durant
Kenny have announced thc en
gagement of their daughter. Miss
Flor:: Kenny, to Mr. Daniel Fran
cs Moorer, the wedding to take
place June L', at their home.
Mrs. A. 1'. Lewis and Miss .h. \
sephine Mobley attended the Sunday
soho"! convention at Midge Spring I
last week.
Mrs. B. B. Ashil! was buried here
011 Saturday afternoon at .'? o'clock, ;
Rev. W. (4. Hutcheiison, pastor ol j
the Methodist church of which she j
was so long a member, conducting
the servie.'. Before her marriage,
Mrs. Ashil 1 was Miss-Aunie Reames,
and this place w is always her home
until about til ree years agc-, when Mr j
Ashil I moved to Winston-Salem,
N. C. When a few months ago her
health failed, she went to Ellenton
to be near her sisters. Mrs. Asbill
was greatly beloved ?o .ill here and j
her death brought sadness. She was,
a sweet Christian character and ai-1
ways labored in any cause that per
tained to good. Besides her hus-j
bind" is left one (laugh ter, .Miss, An-j
nie Louise Asbill, Ami three sisters'
Mesdames McElheiiney, Ralph '?
Dunbar and W. C. Batley, ail ot ?
Ellenton, and one brother, Jeff er-j
*?on Reames.
Ought to Paint.
I ought to have painted last year,!
but I hated to j ay 82 a gallon.
Eve got to paint this year; it'll
take a little more paint; I suppose
1 gallon in nj; and a little more
work, I suppose 1 day in 10.
My job would have cost last year
about $50; it is going to cost this
year $55.
*? gone. 1 suppose it'll be the
same again, if I wait again.
What if paint goes down to il 7">
a gallon? fc?.?U on the juli!
1 shan't wait; whit. ,-i fool I was!
1 )ei oe.
Stewart &, Ktmaghan sells it.
lom Watson on the Torren
Tom Watson-there is only on
Tom Watson -ts a lawyer and
mighty good one. 13ul he is a pee
pie's lawyer and is never afraid t
speak out about the evils and fail
ares in our judisial and legal syf
In the last issue of his paper, thi
Jeffersonion, a reader asks hin
to e x ]) 1 a i n the Torren
System, and he does so in his usu?
clear and forceful manner. Her
is his editorial, which we hope will
make more farmers in other Stat?
resolve that all the South sbal
quickly follow North Carolina ii
providing this law for the benefi
of its farmers and other citizens
Tom Watson answers his inquirj
as follows:
"The Torrens System, in a nut
Bhell is this:
"The State examines the title
surveys the property, and registen
a clear title, accompanied by th<
plat; a certificate is then issued t(
the owner, arid when he sells ano
makes a deed to the buyer, he sur
renders his certificate to the regis'
trar, who issues a new one to th?
new owner.
"You can see at once how/thil
process simplifies the transfer ol
property, cuts out fees for ab'
st rads of title, and abolishes lan
suits over titles and boundary
"Any dispute about the titlei
Or the ?ines is settled by the Stat?
before the property is registered. ;
"This elf?ring of the title and
lines is done ny an official examiner,
appointed for that purpose, and
under a bond.
"'If any dispute arises, all partie*
are notified and lite c.".se is laid
before a court. Un New York the
ease goes at once to the Supreme
"When this court passes upai
the questions raised, they are.setr
tied -forever. '
"il is strange that I have urged
this simple and most beneficial
change so many years without hav
ing aroused anything more than a
casual interest.
"Year after year, neighbors
fusa over land lines, get into fights,
and then go into law suits.
"Year after year, lawyers are
paid to look up cha>ns of title and
make costly abstracts.
"Year after year, lawyers, jurors
and judges are taken up with liti
gation over titles.
"All of this expense, worry and
bad feeling could bc cul out. by
tho adoption of the Torrens Su
"Mut the dear people fill the leg
islatures with Sawyers, and thc
lawyers are naturally slow to dry up
s> bountiful a stream of revenue."
- - Progressive Farmer.
What Have They Scan in Thine
The substance of the last sermon
preached in the Presbyterian church,
from -J, King -Ju:10, we give as fol
lows: Said tilt speaker, there are
some texts that cause us to retro
spect: there are some that cause ns
t > introspect: lhere are some that
canse us to reflect. This text should
cause us to seriously reflect. The
man who asked this question was
Isaiah, the old testament gospel
preacher, the faithful pastor, ??ie
evangelist. He was a preacher be
loved by many, but mortally des
pised by ^ome. But he outlived
three kings and when he died he
left his foot prints upon the sands
ol' time. The man lo whom these
words were addressed was kin^
Hezekiah, who while a son of wick
ed Aha/., be himself was one of the
btst kings of Judah. lu his dealing
with thu sins of Israel, the kimi
wai merciless, for he realized the
mercilessness of sin, which his fa
ther had established. Hezekiah was
desperately sick unto death. When
the prophet came in answer to
prayer, the king's life was spared
fifteen years. I'pon his recovery the
heathen king of Babylon sent am
bassadors to congratulate Hezekiah
upon his recovery. Instead of trying
lo convert these heathen, Hezekiah
showed them the glory of his house.
Isaiah said to Hezekiah, "What
have they seen in thine house?"
The king told the prophet they had
seen till that he possessed. But, said
the speaker, th ?y failed to have seen
what they ought to have seen; what
people oiiuhi to see in our homes
to-day; namely, a well regulated
Miss Mamie Cheatham Write
An Interesting Letter From
Vidalia and McRae
Dear Advertiser:- No doubt you
reader? will be. sn prised to see ?
letter from me but I mci ely wan
to prove to them though I am now
in South Georgia having a grane
time I often think of my friends ii
On April 17, I left Edgefield anc
my friend EMee Swearingen joiner
me at Trenton. We were sooi
Georgia bound.
We ?pent the night in August!
and left next morning at 0:35 01
i he Georgia and Florida and ar
rived in Vidalia about 1:3U or :
I spent the following week witl
Eliee at her sister's Mrs. Floyc
Johnston, of that town.
Vidalia is a beautiful wide-awak<
little town. I can but fail to exprest
how I enjoyed myself with Mr. ant
Mrs. Johnston. Von can iniagrini
what a lively little crowd of Caro
liniants we were in Georgia.
At the end of a week, I, with I
sad good-bye, left Kl lee and th
others to ?ro to Helena thim-thre
miles further down south. Yoi
know how one feels going to ;
place they have never been befon
and not a familiar face to bc seen
well that was me. But scarcely hat
I landed in Helena when there wa
my uncle, J. b. Cheatbam to grce
We then drove out to his bean ti
ful country horne five miles fron
McRae and I have been spending
the tim" since then very pleasantly
with him and family.
I believe most people are inclin?e
differently from what they should
This is indeed a_ beautiful country
You would think soUoo Mr. Edito
If you could see the beautiful wile
flowers and the stately trees witl
long ?rra.v moss hanging Irorn thei
This part of Georgia \< a grea
turpentine region. It seems strangi
to me io see tho nine trees cut am
caps fastened to them. 1 haven'
been to a turpentine si ill yet. al
though there's one not very fa
from here. I am going to visit i
before I come home.
And now, Mr. Editor, I knov
you would enjoy riding gophers oe
f isionad v. They ari a curiosity tc
me as I had never seen a Georgi,
gopher before I fame doun here
Tnere are some things i lehr h
South Georgia, the most dread .
being the rattlesnakes. Unelo Br
'Killed a tremendous one the first ii i;
1 came here and brought it to UM
house 1<M me L" MI*.
Notwithstanding thal it. i< ver.\
dry and dusty here the crop-; an
generally very good. Some of tin
farmers abound here have linishet
c topping cotton.
Uncle Hart is going to take ;
crowd of us fishing on the rive!
Siturday. Now wouldn't you like ti
bd with us?
If nothing prevents I will be her.
another week with my aunt, Mrs
J. C. Smith, lie i Miss Mamie Sett
Mr. Editor, really I am g<utin?
uneasy about Eliee. I fear thal sin
will decide that she had rather bi
a "Georgia cracker" than a "Sam
home, where the children kno\
nothing of disobedience; where the
Bible is the well worn hook; when
the family ailar is essential ti
home life; where husbands am
wives are in one faith, hope am
love; where only good literature i
read; where no Sunday newspaper
are ever seen; where the Christiai
graces are daily practiced: wher
Christ reigns supreme in the hopes
hearts and lives of the family. I
commenting upon these points whit
were sent to the heart, he said,
{iodless home is the way to hell
trood literature is bread or poise
to the soul; family prayers arces
sential as regulators to the tamil
life; the Bible is a home-makin
book; the nation suffered as a coi
sequence of Hezekiah's worldliuest
our homes will determine the hist*
ry of America; Dives went to bel
ou a chariot of worldliness an
Lazarus went to heaven by iii
grace cf God in the person ?
Christ Jesus. Amen.
.Mamie Cheatham
Tribute to Mr. L. P. Boone.
Editor Advertiser: Please allow
me space in your paper to chronicle
the death of another grand old Con
federate hero, Mr. L. P. Boone,
who has dossed over the river and
?6 resting with his comrades who
have gone before.
The subject of this sketch was
one of the first men that I ?vei
ls new, and for sixty years has been
my most loyal and cherished friend.
Therefore I feel fully competent t .
speak some facts of this noble and
generous life. He had the greatest
sense of justice of any min I ever
knew. He seemed to know exactly
what was lue by him towards his
fellowmen and he lilied that cup lo
overflowing. He was a devoted hus
band to as noble a wife as ever
lived. He was an indulgent father
to his children, but stern in his de
mands as to their deportment and
honor and duty towards others. We
ill know it takes a brave man to
dways speak the truth and to ad
vise his friends as to the right re
gardless of their wishes or feelings.
But he was surely this kind of
man. In his quiet, child-like way he
never allowed his feelings for his
friends to swerve him from the path
>f duty and honor towards them.
The crucial lost of this dear
friend's life was as a Confederate
soldier. And he brilliantly met every
issue sqnately and bravely as he had
met all other things in life. He was
a member of the first South Caroli
na regiment, Capt. A. P. Butlers
oom pa ny. McGowan's brigade Stone
wall Jackson army corps. I saw bim i
when he donned the gray and buck
led on his armor and marched uffi
;.> battle for his beloved south.
Though I was but thirteen years
old at thal time, ho was my ideal of
a good and brave man and 1 knew
thal be would never show the while
feat ht r ami he didn't. But lie fought
and he bled ami he languished in
prison until he almost died all for
thc glorv of this dear south land of
I had three brothers who died in
battle lighting by his side, there
fore I am not talking or guessing j
bout his life. I know what he]
\< a< and what he did. He was made
a prisoner in one of Jackson's hand
I to-hand struggles when he was
I clubbing .his foes with the but of
*| Ins gun. He never surrendered, he
r|\. as just simply overpowered by
I overwhelming numbers, disarmed
?iud ma le a prisoner.
i t was just .such men as he that
mad* possible Stonewall Jackson's
brilliant achievements which hire
t ?lied the whole world and made him
i vneible in battle
.' ' The lite that 1. P. Boone lived
i <vas always an inspiration t<- mi
ami J am sure th*I its influence!
k ; helped me to he a bolter citi/.eii.
j I lcd so thankful lo my maher j
i I ?int ti is dear friend of mine in bis
ld-cl?liing years was placed in the!
L I li iuds of Mix Joe ll. Cartledge his!
devoted daughter and her noble.1
husband, who tenderly and loving-j
1 v looked.after his every want. It
was just beautiful to see how these J
good pccple smoothed his pathway
as he tottered on down towards the
A Friend.
C'eora, S. C.
Dinner for Veterans.
Tin- members ol' the Edget?eld
chapter. I*. I). C., will serve bar
becue dinner in tin.1 Adams hall for
all of tile Confed?rate veterans in
i ?ie county next Sunday afternoon
at l:;tu o'clock. The following com
mittees have been appointed to ar
range for the entertainment of the
Invitation: Chairman Mrs. J B
Kennerly, Mrs. J I) Holstein, Mis.
A A Woodson, Mrs. !' M Fei thain,
Mrs. James S Byrd, Mrs. Sallie I
Moseley, Miss Sallie Parker and
.Miss Sophie Dobson.
Dinner: Mrs. C E May, Mrs. J
I) Holstein, Mrs. A E Padgett.
Mrs. Hugh Nicholson, Mrs. W Sj
Cogburn, Mrs. M F Wells and'
Mrs. P P Blalock.
Commi iee to receive baskets:
Mrs. N M Jones, Mrs. J T Minis,
Mrs. B E Nioholson and .M.r.s. .1 II
Can tel OU.
Coffee committee: Mrs. Maggie
Hill, Mrs. J W Feak ami Mrs.
Susan B Hill.
Fresh supply ol' Land ret h's vt
i table seed, the kind that never f.ii
I to germinate.
W. F. Lvnch it Co.
Measles Raging, Breaks Up
School Picnic. Lady Injured
by Run-Away Mule.
It bas been some time since,
you've hoard any thiner |from thi?
section, so I will try and give you
v few dots.
The farmers are as buisy as can
be in their crops, and nearly every
body around here has a good stand
.f cotton np, and some are going to
chopping this week.
Mr. Hiram Walls and sister
(loreen, were the guests of Mr. .and
Mrs. Ollie White Sunday.
We weie very sorry to know Miss
('arrie Talbert couldn't be with us
nur two last weeks of school, as she
was cal led home on account of a sister
in-law who lives with them being
critically ill, also her aged mother
wasn't at all well. We hope they
will soon be all right.
White Town School will close
Friday May 8th, and on account of
measles, our big oicnic which we
were all looking forward to is en
i ?rely kroken up, and we regret very
much to miss the speaking that had
been promised us. Mr. Swearingen
State Superintendent of Education,
Mr. Fuller County Superintendent
?>f Education, also .Miss Mary Eva
?lite, from Aiken were lo speak for
us, so you see would have bad a full
evenings entertainment, while in the
?iiornin? the school was going to
i entertain them with several songs,
organized plays; etc.
I'm sorry to report the misf ortune
nf Miss Gussie Barde?;, which was
caused by an accident at Bethany
i burch last Sunday. She was kr.ock
e I down and stepped on by a run
; way mule, and right bailly bruised
l y the buggy running over her.
lier physician say* she's nu serious
ly burt. We hope for her a speedy
A Beautiful Home Wedding.
A beautiful wedding occurred at
the home of Mrs. Bessie Carmichael
Wednesday at noon, the occasion
I being thu marriage of her only
daughter. Mus Mattie Lake Carmi
chael, tu Henry Townes M ed lock.
I On account of recent bereavement
?in the home only the members of
the immediate families, anda few
near relatives were 'present. The
j and parlors of ibo borne were
decorated with natural Howers, roses
?ind sw eet peas predominating. The
conventional wedding march was
dispensed with. The bride entered
the parlor with the groom. The
Kev. J. R. Walker, the pastor of
the Methodist church, performed
the ceremony.
For some time interest in the ap
proaching nuptials nf these young
people has been widespread, on ac
count of their popularity and the
prominence of the old and greatly
honored families which they repre
sent. The bride possesses all of the
graces and charms of the trae South
ern woman and is inherently fitted
to reign as the queen of a happy
borne. The groom, a son of Mr.
?and Mrs. George W. Wedlock, of
the Meriwether section of the coun
ty is a young man of exemplary
habits and who possesses, stet ling
quantities having steadily grown in
the confidence and esteem of
the people of Edgefield from the
day that he came among u*.
Tiie Advertiser wishes these
young friends a long and happy
Immediately after the ceremony a
salad course was served with iced
tea. About 1 ::iU o'clock Mr. and
Mrs. Med lock, accompanied by a
part,\ of young friends, left in an
automobile for Johnston to board
the northbound train for Washing
Ion, New York and other places.
Indigestion? Can't Eat? No Ap*
A treatment of Electric Bitters,
increases your appetite; stops indi
gestion; you can eat everything. A
real spring tonic for liver, kidney
?md stomach troubles. Cleanses your
whole system and you feel fine.
Electric Bitters did more for Mr.
T D Peeble'* stomach than any
medicine he ever tried, (iel a bottle
ic-day. ">(ie and ai your drag
gist. Bucklen's A rn i cn Salve for

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