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O?fice No. 61.
Residence, No. 17.
Wednesday, May 13th.
Mrs. F. J. Bartley of Greenwood
is visiting Mrs. J. H. Keel.
Miss Miriam Norris is spending
this week in Augusta with relatives.
Miss Virginia Addison is in At
lanta visiting Mrs. P. P. Blalock,
Mr. J. .Manor Lawton o? Spar
enburg spent the week end in Edge
Miss Sallie Parker is visiting her
. sister, Mrs. T. Garrett Talbert ol
Park sv i Ile.
Mrs. J. C. Sheppard is in Ashe
ville with hw son, Mr. John C.
Sheppard, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Jackson of
Trenton were among the visitors in
Edgefield Monday.
Dr. A. H. Corley is attending the
Sb l iners- convention which is in
session in Atlanta this week.
Miss Mae Roper who is teaching
the Antioch school was the guest
of Mrs. W. E. Lott Saturday.
Do not forget the 7 it-cents sale
which the Corner Store announced
for next Tuesday, the 19th of May.
Miss Petula LaGrone of Johnston
visited her si.ten?, Mrs. .1. E. Hart
and Mrs. .1. H. Tompkins last week, j
Misses Kathleen and Evelyn
?Glover of North, S. C.. arrived yes
terday to spend some time here with
relativ? s.
Messrs. Julian arni Charlie Key
came over from Columbia and spent !
Sundav with theii parents. Mr. anni
Mrs. C. H. Key.
Mr. Giles D. M i ms parsed through j
Edgefield yesterday en route to I
Leesville to visit his mothir who isl
cow in ber 85th year.
"America's position in the world i
hattie,"* and New Yolk pictures
Thursday night at Edgefield Metho
dist church.
Rev. E. C. Bailey and Rev. P. !
P. Blalock left, yesterday to attend
a meeting of the Presbytery which j
is being held in Colombia.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Medlock re
turned from their wedding journey
Sunday afternoon, having visited
Washington. New York and other
northern paints.
Dr. M. D. Jeffries ami Rev. and
Mrs. John Lake left Monday morn
ing to attend the Southern Baptist
convention which is in session in
Have yon registered for the mu
nicipal election? Do not pm it ol?
until the books close. Every citizen
who is entitled .to vote should eas;
a ballot,
Mr. John Brimson spent Sunday
here with his brother, S. A. Brun
son. He lias been for a number ot
years in the employment ol' the
Southern railroad with headquarter.?
in Columbia.
Work on the handsome briek
mansion of Mr. H. H. Sanders i
progressing rapidly. .Mr. U'.. S. (?
Heath has been taking full advan
tage of the favorable weither we
have had for the past few weeks.
The Edgefield lodge, Knights of
Pythias, elected Dr. .1. S. Byrd and
Mr. A. E. Padg?ttdelegates to tin
grand lodg..' which soon convenes
in Chester. Mr. R. C. 1'a lgett and
Mr. N. M. Jones were elected alter
Steward .1. R. Scurry is said t >
h*ve a field of the finest corn in
this par of th-cou try. havenge:
abou knee high. However, Mi
Scurry told the writer Monday th..:
the unseasonable wind of last week
damaged his corn to a considerable
Our goori friend Pierce Steven?
of Johnston was in town Monday
and called to sec us. We wish Edge
field county h id hundreds of far
mers win? are as progressive as Mr.
Sievens. If we had them the old
county would blossom as the rose
from centre to circumference.
Mr. R. H. Middleton of Clark's
Hill is in town, having come up in
bis "Metz" car. IL- is agent for
these ears and has a number of
prospective buyers <>n his li?t. The
^letz1" stands high in automobile
circles. The popular pri?e is a str.-ng
point in its favor, e?pccially when
we consider the high quality of the
Mr. E. C. Barrett of Aiken and
Mr. S. H. D. Adams of Parksville
! .-.pent Monday herewith with Mr.
L. G. Quailes.
Dr. C. E. Burts and Rev. Join
C. Carman were guests of Mr. ind
Mrs. W. B. Cogburn during the
Sunday school convention.
Miss Mary Talbert, has closed her
school in Camden and is at home
for the summer. She has received
a very cordial greetings from her
Mrs. W. B. Cogburn left Satur
day to be absent for two weeks
visiting her son, Carroll, in Atlanta
and daughter. Mrs. Craig, in An
Mr. S. T. Williams spent Sunday
in Edgeiield and while he-e told us
'>{ his recent visit to Clemson col
lege to attend a meeting of the
board of visitors. Mr. Williams was
greatly pleased with every depart
ment of Clemson's work, He went
up in his new car. .
A young man who is making
good since leaving horne is Dr.
George Adams, a son of Mr. and
Mrs. George Adams cf Colliers. He
is in the government employment
and is located in Oklahoma. Ile has
been promoted several times since
be'entered the employment of Uncle
Sam, a considerable raise being
made in bis salary each time.
Religious Notices.
The subject of the sermon this
Sunday in the Presbyterian church
is, "The religion that gives us au
uplift." We extend a cordial invita
tion to all the community.
E. C. ]Z.
All Trenton, and especially the
young people from IO years up to
20-odd, are invited to hear au illus
trated sermon at Trenton Methodist
church next Sunday morning at
I intend t<> make an illustrated
address at union service at Presby
terian church next Sunday night at !
s::j!i to which alt are invited, ami
especially the young people from ?
10 vea rs up to twentv-odd.
J. R. Walker. i
! Classified Column.
FOR SALE-100 bushels of
King cotton seed for planting, best
quality. E. S. Johnson, Edgeiield,
S. C. '
WANTED-To exchange a good
automobile tor a g ood horse arni
J. L, Eidson,
t-29-2tp. Johnston. S. C.
FOR SALE-Some very fine
registered Berkshire pigs. at ?15
.*ach. eight weeks old, deliveries
May 1st. R. IL Middleton, Clark's
Hill. S. C.
Write us for Men s or Boys suil<.
we will convince you that we have
Suer goods for less money.
F G Merlins, Augusta, Ga.
.lust received .! barrel of Aragon's
fresh roasted coll?e, 25e.ts. a pound.
L. T. May.
15.00 Flannel suits at s.S.UU. We
an. determined to give the best
..due in Angus' i for the money.
Palm Beach suits ?6.50, ?8.00
F (J Merlins. Augusta, Ga.
liait Schaffner & Marx are tin
largest and finest (dollies makers in
t ie world. Their prices range from
818.0U up to the finest, now we
hive marked the price from $15.00
uni the liner grade.-1 i proportion.
See us about your m '. suit.
F G Merlins, Augusta (-Ja.
Notice of Fiiiai Dis
To Ail Whom Those Presents May
Whereas, T. J M. Scott bas
made application unto this Court
for Final Discharge as Administra
tor in re the Estate of Mrs. S. E.
(.'hai>man deceased on this the 8th
day of May lit 14
These Are Therefore to ... any
and all kindred, creditors, ?ir par
ties interested, to show cause be
fore me at my office at Edgeiield
Court House. South Carolina, on
the 12th day of June 1914 at li i
o'cb-ck a. m., ? by said order of
Discharge should not bc grained. ;
W. P. Kinnaird, j
J. P. C., E. E. C., S. C. I
May 8, 1UJ4. 4t.
For Supervisor.
1 respectfully announce th;?t I nm a
candidate for the office of Supervisor
of Edgefield county and solicit the votes
of the people, pledging myself if elect
ed to a faithful discharge of the duties
and to support the nominees of the
Democratic party.
R. J. Moultrie.
For County Treasurer.
Appreciating your past favors for
Treasurer of Edgefield County, I an
nounce my candidacy again for said office
and pledge myself to support the nomi
nees of the Democratic party. The
term of this office is now four years.
E. S. Johnson.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-election to the office of
Treasurer of Edgefield county and
pledge myself to abide the result of
the Democratic primary.
J. T. Mims.
For Auditor.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for re-election to the office
of auditor of Edgefield county and
pledge myself to abide the result of the
Democratic primary.
J. R. Timmerman.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the office of auditor of
Edgefield county and pledge myself to
abide the result of the Democratic pri
C. M. Mellichamp.
For Judge of Probate.
This is to announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Probate Judge. I shall abide the re- !
suit of Primary Election and support
nominees thereof.
W. T. Kinnaird.
For Master.
I hereby announce, that 1 am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Master in Equity of Edgefield County I
and pledge myself to abide the result
of the Democratic primary election.
S. M. Smith.
I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for Masterin Equity of Edge
field county and solicit the support of
thc people, pledging myself io abide
hy the result oj tho Democratic prima
ry election.
A. R. Nicholson.
for^.r pe or Registration.
^ announce that I am?J
CailOiaat re-election to the office of
Supers' jf Registration sud pledge
myse1 abide by the resal? of the
Der i atic primary.
E. N. Holmes.
I hereby announce that I am a candi-1
date for re-election to the office of
Supervisor of Registration of Edgefield
county and pledge myself to abide the
result of thc Democratic party and to
support the nominees of the same.
. S. VV. Prince.
For Magistrate.
I respectfully announce that I am a i
candidate for the office ot magistrate [
of the 4th judicial district and will
abide the result of the Democratic
J. F. Pardue.
? hereby announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 8th judicial circuit of Edgefield
county and pledge myself :o abide the
result of the Democratic primary.
W. E. Turner.
The friends of R. N\ Edmunds be;,r
to announce his candidacy for the of
fice of magistrate in fifth judicial dis
trict, subject to rules of democratic
primary, and pledge him, if elected, to
the faithful discharge of th" duties of
th<- office and to support nominees of
democratic party.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
magistrat.? of the 1st judicial district
of Edgefield county, pledging myself
to abide the result of the Democratic
\T. L. Brunson.
J hereby announce that 1 am a candi
date for magistrate of the 1st judicial
district ol" Edgefield county, pledging
myself to abide the result of the Derr
o.rat'c primary.
C. E. Quarles..
T hereby-announce myself as a can
didate for magistrate of the 6th dis
trict subject lo the rules and regula
tions nf the Democratic primary cloe
R. L. Roddie.
? respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
for the 5th judicial district of Edgefield
county and pledge myself to abide the
result of the Democratic primary elec
J. R. Blackwell.
Indigestion? Can't Eat? No Ap
A treatment of Electric Hitters
increases your appetite; stops indi
gestion; you can eat every tiling. A
real spring tonic for liver, kidney
and stomach troubles. Cleanses your
whole system and you feel fine.
Electric Kilters did more for .Mr.
T I) Peeble's stomach than any
medicine he ever tried. Get ? bottle
to-day. 50c and $1.00 at, your driiii
irist. Kuekleifs Arnica Salve for
$15,000 special suits, all wool
nicely made $25.50 values. Wc
have marked our gooda down at the
start, we can save you from *3.U0
to ?7.50 on a suit. Spend ?15.00
save ?5.00.
F. G. Merlins, Augusta, tra.
Rheumatism Quickly Cured.
My sisters husband had an at
tack of rheumatism in his ann
writes a well known resident of
?Newton, iowa. "I ?rave him a bottle
ol' Chamberlain's liniment which he
applied to his arm and on the next
morning the rheumatism was pone."
For chronic, muscular rheumatism
you ?viii lind nothing better than
Chamberlain'? liniment. Sold by
all dealers.
Most Prompt and Effectual Cure
for Bad Colds.
When you have a bad cold you
want a remedy that will not only
give relief, but effect a prompt anu
permanent cure, a remedy that, is
pleasant to take, a remedy that con
tains nothing injurious. Chamber
lain's cough remedy meets all these
requirements. It acts on nature's
plan, relieves the lungs, aids expec
toration, opens the secretions and
restores the system to a healthy con
dition. This remedy has a world
wide sale and use, and can always
be depended upon. Sold by all deal
Health a Factor in Success:
The largest factor contributing
to a man's success is undoubtedly
health. It has been observed that a
man is seldom sick when his bowels
are reirular, he is never well when'
they are constipated. For constipa
lion you will lind nothing quite so
good as Chamberlain's tablets. Thc;*
not only move thc bowels but im
prove the appetite and strengthen
the digestion. They are sold by all
! dealers.
Notice of Election and
Six Wardens.
j Council Chamber, Edgejield, S. C.,
March ??, IHM.
Notice is hereby uiven that or
the -Jtith day ot' May, A. J). lill*, a!
the Court House. County of Edge
Held, Slate ol' South Carolina, an
election will he held for Mayor ami
Six Wardens (one warden from !
each waid) to nerve the said ru wi- \
for the next ensuing term of two!
years. At said election, II. C. 1
Watson, W. Ii. Mee and W. S. ?
Covar are hereby appointed to aci I
as managers. By order ol' tin j
Town Council ol' the Town ol I
?dgefieid, S. C.
.1. (4. EDWARDS,
Mayor ?d' the Town of Edgerield,
S. C:
E. .1. Ni>u?:is (Corp. Seal) Clerk
.k Treas, of '1 own Council.
Ri-:<rtsru.vTiox N??TI?-K.
The, Booksof Kegistrotion of the
Town ol' Edgefield, S. C.. ui'i he
opened al my office in (he Partners
Hank ol' Kd-vri.-ld, S. ( : , on the
?5th day ol' April, A. I).. 1DJ4 t..
register thc qualified voters thereof
for the Municipal Election to be
held on the ??tUh day of May, A. D.,
Iii M.
Supervisor ol' lifiristration of the
Town of Edgetield.
April 15-1014.
Ideal Pressing Club
Liidies Coat Snits Cleaned and
Pressed. . 75c.
Ladies Pleated Skirts Cleaned and
Pressed .....50c.
Ladie Hain Skirts Cleaned and
I ?iflies Evening Gowns Cleandd and
Pressed _ .. 50c.
Ladies One-Piece Dress Cleaned and
Gents' Suits Sleam Cleaned |wd
Pr. s sed ... ._?5c?
Gents' Suits Dry Cleaned and
Pressed. . 50c
Hats Cleaned and Pressed. 25c.
Hats Cleaned and Plucked.. . 50c.
Remember we are first-class in
every workmanship and can please
thc most fastudist person. Work
done while you wait. Don't throw
away that old suit or hat. Bninjr it
to us and let us make it look ?ike
new. We appreciate y our patronage
and guarantee satisfaction.
Paeon Street.
Edgefield, South Carolina.
Absolutely Isas no seifos&fss??
Many mixtures are offered as
substitutes for Royal. No other
baking powder ?s the same in
composition or effectiveness, of
so wholesome and economical,
nor will make such fine foodo
Royal is the only Baking Powder made
from RoyaS Grape Cream of Tartar
j-M--isi--- H m HIP' piunirin-" i--i
Notice to (Creditors.
AH Kindred and Creditors hold
ing any claim, 'r claims, against!
the estate ?d' .Tames U. Rives, de
ceased, are hereby notified tn file
same with me, as Administra trix of
said estate, as required hy law.
Mrs. Annie E. Rives,
Administratrix of estate of J. V. \
Rives deceased
Wc have added a touring car to ,
our livery equipment ?md all rails, j
either day ur nicht, will he prompt-j
ly nnswered. A competent driver
will have charffo of thc car.
Wilson <? Camelon.
A Good Drug Storer
It takes more than, a stock of
drug* and good intentions to make
a good drug store. It requires an
intimate knowledge of weighing,
measuring and mixing, which eoraes
only nfi'-r cnr?'fiil study and experi
ence. Your presciiptions will be
properly filled at our store. We
have every modern facility and-we
know how.
Penn & Holstein.
Land rei h's seed Irish potatoes,
Maine grown, in all of the popular
varieties at 4."> cents per neck.
W. E. Lynch & Co.
(Prickly Ash, Poke Rcot and Potassium)
Prompt Powerful Fermaient
Its beneficia' cf- Stubborn cases Good results are
feets arc usually yield to P. P. P. lasting-it cures
felt very quickly vhfn other med?- you to Stay cored
cir.es arc useless
Makes rich, red, pure blood - cleanses thc enn're
system - clears the brain - strengthens digestion and nerves.
A positive specific for Blood Poison and skin diseases.
Drives out Rheumatism and Stops the Pain; ends Malaria;
is a wonderful tonic and body-builder. Thousands endorse it.
More Grain and Better Prieces
You want, a thresher that will thresh clean from the straw -that
will give more bushels -and make your seed command a higher price,
if you want to secure the utmost from your
Thc; Frick Threshers are the mest dependable, thorough, thresh
ers built to-day. We've been building big farm machinery for years.
An old 6 H. P. Frick Engine built in 187S is still being run to-day.
That's the way v/e build machinery. Our threshers are built in all
sizes. There is the Eclipse No. 4 that only requires from 4 to 6 H.
P, with acapicity of 30 t:> 5? bushels per hour. It threshes and thor
oughly cleans wheat, oats, rye and buckwheat, it weighs but
?bs. There is our big "Landis Eclipse" -a combination of every
thing good in threshing. You'll find we have just the machine you
need. Hundreds of farmers will have nothing but Frick iMachir.es.
One man writes, ''the ?\o. I didperfect work in every way-has the
bc^i reputation of tiny thresher that ever mashed mud. Kasy terms
Special discounts for cash. Steam Traction ana Portable Engines.
Saw mills. Don't
take any chances
in buying a thresh
Free Catalogue.
Write us for our
f r e e illustrated
catalogue, giving
full information
and get our price.
It'll pay you to rio
this. Our cata
logue show? why.
Send for it to-day!
THE FRICK COMPANY, Columbia* S. C. Box 177
A. E. PADGETT, President W. IL HAULING, Cashier
Vice President. Asst. Cashier.
State and County Depository
Desires to thank its patrons and the public for the liberal patronage it
has enjoyed rim ing the past year.
Twenty-three years of close personal relations with our patrons with
the satisfactory service we have given our many depositors establishes the
basis upon which we solicit new accounts.
Our combined capital and surplus profits our conservative methods,
and our lone successful experience enables us to offer the best service.
We are always in position to extend to our customers such accommodations
as their business, their balances and their credit justifies.
We Invite New Accounts for the Yeer 1914.

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