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O. fice No. 61.
Residence, No. 17.
Wednesday, May 20th.
Mrs. Henry Forresl and son visit
ed Mrs. Wates Monday.
The Advertiser man will join ti e
other politicians in Columbia to
Mrs. Rettie Thomas, nf Cleon,
in visiting her son, Mr. C. M.
Thomas this week.
Mrs. Stonoh, nf Pineville, N. C.,
is here visiting her brother, Kev. J.
H. Walker.
Mr. Dozier Lynch has gone to
Asheville to bp? nd the Hummer
Miss Mamie Cheathara has re
.nrned from a very pleasant visii to
relatives in South Georgia.
Ex-Gov. John C. Sheppard spent
Sunday and Monday in Asheville
?with son, John C. Sheppard, Jr.
Capt. William A. Woodson came
?p from Augusta and spent Sunday
here with his mother, Mrs. A. A.
Miss Sallie Hammond, of Col
liers, is now acting as saleslady at
the popular store of Mr. W. H.
Mr. James E. Hart, Jr., having
completed his spring ru the road,
?has come to sp.md the summer
months at home.
Think of it, more than 130 rao
*or-driven vehicles in the county
and not a one ours Never mind, we
will have our day whan the airship
**craze" strikes Edgetield.
The D.A R. Meeting was pleasant
ly entertained by Miss Gladys Chap
pell at the home of Mrs. J. H. Can
telou on Tue.-day afternoon. A ful
1er account will be given next week
Dr. W. E. Prescott has purchased j
a new threshing outHt and will
christen it by first threshing hi?
Fnlghum oats from l? acres. They
have been harvested and he is great
?y pleased with the .yield.
Hon. M. P. Wells will probably
be a candidate for the House ol'
Reprsentatives. Hon. J. P. De
Laughier will also be a candidate
for re-election. He did effective
work tn the House.
Miss Sophie Abney anu Mrs. W.
P. Calhoun returned Monday from
White Sulphur Springs, Fla. Mri?. I
Kate Kernaghan who accompanied j
them to Florida will not return foi
?orne time.
Miss Hortense Peak who been
teaching in Williamsburg count)
is at home for the mm mer. AJJ'SS
Soy al Peak who has been teaching
in Clarendon has also come lr, spend
.her summer vacation at home. These
young ladies have been very cordi
ally greeted by their friends.
Mr. F. Pierce Ouzts announces
that he is a candidate for the office
of supervisor of registration foi
Edyefield county. Mr. Ouzts wa>
Teared in the Meeting Street sec
tion and has a large family con
Section over the county. He als?
hutt many personal friends.
Mr. J. E. Holmes comes forward
this week as. a candidate for re-el ec
tion as coroner. He is now serving
his first term and feels that he can
fill the position more acceptibly af
ter having the experience of the
past. It is probable that the peo
ple wiU give him thc otHce for foui
years more.
Mr. L. Barnwell Jones has re
turned from a vacation of six week?
having visited Jessup, Savannah,
Vidalia. brunswick, Jacksonville,
St., Augustine and other points
South during that time. As Mr.
Jones has gained about 10 pounds I
he will have to lengthen last sum-j
mer's belt several notches.
Keep Bowel Movement Regular.
Dr. Kintr's New Life Pills keep
stomach, liver and kidneys in
healthy condition. Kid the body of
poisons and waste. Improve your
complexion by flushing the liver
and kidneys. I got more relief from
one box of Dr. King's New Life
Pills than any medicine I ever tried,
says C K Hatfield, of Chicago, 111.
??f>c at your druggist
We have added a touring car to
our livery equipment and all calls,
either day or night, will he prompt
ly answered. A competent driver
will have charge of the oar.
Wilson & Canteloa.
Union Meeting.
The union meeting ol the 2nd
division of the Edgefield Kapital
association will meet with Ked Hill
church M av 30-31.
Devotional exercises conducted
hy Kev. J I' Littlejohn.
Ai roi! call ^delegates to make
verbal reports of their* churches.
1st Query: Do members ol fra
ternities feel more bound to ead)
.ther than Christians if so why?
Wallace Prescott, C E Flinn, Med
.jud Qnery: Prayer and the means
by which it is made effectual. Wal
ter Carpenter, -1 O Atkinson.
3rd Querv: To what extent may
all evangelical churches work to
gether. C M Mell ?champ, Rev. J T
4th Query: Thc ideal life. G W
."Wedlock, H L Bunch.
Sunday services to be provided
P. B. Lanham,
For committee.
Union Meeting.
The union meeting of the third
division will convene with the Beth
lehem Baptist church. May 30-31.
10:00. Devotional.
11:15. Enrollment of delegates.
1st. Why I am a Baptist? L. G.
Bell, J. M. ?ussey.
2nd. Can a Christian be loyal to
Christ and best|serve his cause while
his membership is elsewhere? Kev.
G. M. Sexton.
3rd. The young man and the
world? W. G. Blackwell, C. Y. D.
4th. Present day opportunities?
J. G. McKie, J. L. Bracknell.
5th. The perils of our times, G.
L. Timmerman, H. E. Bunch.
10:30. Sunday school.
11:30. Missionary hermon. Rev.
G. M. Sexton.
Adjourn an hour and a half for
din ner.
Sermon by Rev. G. W. Bussey in
S. T. Adams,
for Committee.
Religious Notices.
Rev. P. P. Bl al o ^k preaches this
Sunday in the Presbyterian church
at 11:15. Ail are invited to be pres
Rev. E. C. Bailey preaches al
Trenton at 11:15 this coming Sun
day. He will preach at, night in
Johnston at 8:30. Come on time.
Pictures patriotic and missionary
at. Methodist church Thursday
night. Service begins at 3:15.
Paul to the Ephesians, next Sun
day morning at ll o'clock at Edge
Held Methodist church. Come,
whether you have been coming Qr
At Edgefield mill Kev. J. K.
Waiker will preach next Sunday af
ternoon. Everybody invited.
On fifth Sunday morning I in
tend to preach at Edgefield. Chi'
Iren's day service that night at
I* renton.
J. K. Walker.
At prayer meeting, Wednesday
night of next week, May -?1, S:\o
o'clock. Dr. M. D. Jeffries will
tell of the meeting of the great con
vention of southern Baptists recent
ly held in Nashville, Tenn.
Classified Column.
FOR SALE-loo bushels of
King cotton seed for planting, best
quality. K. S. Johnson, Edgefield,
S. C. "
WANTED-To exchange a good
automobile for a g ood h?r*? and
J. L, Eidson,
4-29-2tp. Johnston, S. C.
FOR SALE-Some very fine
registered Berkshire pigs at ?15
each, eight weeks old, deliveries
Mav 1st. R. H. Middleton, Clark's
Hill, S. C.
Health a Factor in Success.
The largest factor contributing
to a man's success is undoubtedly
health. It has been observed that a
man is seldom sick when his bowels
are regular, he is never well when
they are constipated. For constipa
tion you will rind nothing quite so
good as Chamberlain's tablets. They
not only move the bowels but. im
prove the appetite and strengthen
the digestion. They are sold by all
For Congress.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for Congress from the 2nd
Congressional district, subject to the
j rules and regulations of the Democratic
i partv.
R. M. Mixon.
For Supervisor.
1 respectfully announce that I am a
; candidate for the office of Supervisor
' of Edgefield county and solicit the votes
of the people, pledging myself if elect
ed to a faithful discharge of the duties
arid to support t he nominees of the
Democratic party.
R. J. Moultrie.
For County Treasurer.
Appreciating your past favors for
Treasurer of Edgefield County, I an
nounce my cand idacy again for said office
and pledge myself to support the nomi
nees of the Democratic party. The
term of this office is now four years.
E. S. Johnson.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-election to the office of
Treasurer of Edgefield county and
pledge myself to abide the result of
the Democratic primary.
J. T. Mims.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the office of county treas
urer and solicit the votes of the people,
pledging myself to abide t he result of
the Democratic primary.
J. R. Smith.
For Auditor.
I respectfully announce that lama
candidate for re-election to the office
of auditor of Edgefield county and
pledge myself to abide the result of the
Democratic primary.
J. R. Timmerman.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the office of auditor -of
Edgefield county and pledge myself to
abide the result of the Democratic pri
C. M. Meilichamn.
For Jucge of Probate.
This is to announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to thc office of
Probate Judge. I shall abide the re
sult of Primary Election and support
nominees thereof.
W. T. Kinnaird.
For Master.
1 hereby announce that I am a ean
didate for re-election to the office of
Master in Equity of Edgefield County
and pledge myself to abide the result
of the Democratic primary election.
S. M. Smith.
I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for Master in Equity of Edge
field county and solicit the support of
the people, pledging myself to abide
by the result ci" the Democratic prima
? ry election.
A. R. Nicholson.
For Supervisor Registration.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for re-election to the office of
Supervisor of Registration and pledge
myself to abide by the resalt of the
Democratic primary.
E. M. Holmes.
I hereby announce that I am a candi
date for re-election to the office of
Supervisor of Registration of Edgefield
county and pledge myself to abide the
result of the Democratic party and to
support the nominees of the same.
S. W. Prince.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the qfiice of supervisor of registration
for Edtrefield county and pledge myself
to abide the result of the Democratic
primary election.
F Pierce Ouzts.
For Magistrate.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 4th judicial district and will
abide the result of the Democratic
J. F. Pardu e.
I hereby announce that I am a
candidate forthe office of magistrate
of the Sth judicial circuit of Edgefield
county und pledge myself :o abide the
result of the Democratic primary.
W. E. Turner.
The friendsftf R. N. Edmunds beg
to announce ra's candidacy for the of
fice of magistrate in fifth judicial dis
trict, subject to rules of democratic
primary, and pledge him, if elected, to
the faithful discharge of the duties of
the office and to support nominees of
democratic party.
1 hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
magistrate of the 1st judicial district
of Edgefield county, pledging myself
to abide the result of the Democratic
N. L. Brunson.
I hereby announce that I am a candi
date for magistrate of the 1st judicial
district of Edgefield county, pledging
myself to abide the result of the Dem
ocratic prim arv.
C. E. Quarles.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for magistrate of the 6th dis
trict subject to the rules and regula
tions of the Democratic primary elec
R. L. Boddie.
? respectfully announce that ! am a
?.andidare for the office of magistrate
'or the 5th judicial oistrictof EdpefcVId
.ounty and pledge rm self to abide the
result of the Democratic primary elec
J. R. Blackwell.
For Coroner.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to theofhec of
coroner of Edgefield county and pledge
myself to abide the result of the Dem
ocratic primary.
J. E. Holmes.
Come in to see our beautify] line
of dress goods. Just received.
Mukashy bargain House.
815.UUO special suiis, all wool
nicely made $?5.50 values. We
have marked our goods down at the
<tart, we can save you I rom ?3.00
I to 67.50 on a suit. Spend 815.00
save $5.00.
F. G. Merlins, Augusts, Ga.
Full stock of King Quality ox
fords for men. Try a pair.
Mukashy Bargain House.
'High class Traveling Salesman
to sell Pumps, Tanks to Garages,
Stores etc. Big money fur right
Milkwaukee Tank Works,
Milkwaukee, Wis."
1 lot white corduroy skirts. Prices]
np to 2.00 at 98 cts. One lot ratine j
in black, blue and pink 36 inch
winn 35c values at 15c.
Let us sell you ice and fresh
meats.' We have built an ice bous,
and have installed a refrigerator lui
fresh meals.
Jackson & Co.
The men should try Bachelors
Friend tmx. Four pair for ?1.00.
guaranteed four months.
Mukashy Bargain House.
Han Schaffner Ss Marx are tin
largest and li nest clothes makers in
;the world. Their prices range from
'?18.00 up to the finest, now we
have marked the price from $15.00
and the brier grades in proportion.
See us about your next suit.
F G Mertins, Augusta Ga.
We have a full stock of stylish
clothing for men and boys at re
tdnced price for 15 days.
Mukashy Bargain House.
Landrelh's seed irish potatoes,
.Maine grown, in all of thc populai
varieties at 4 5 cents per peck.
W. E. Lvnch & Co.
We sell Carhart Overalls. Noth
ing better on the market.
Mukashv Bargain House.
15.00 Flannel suits at *8.00. Wt
are. determined to give the besi
value in Augusta for the money.
Palm Beach suits 8G.?0, >>S.o?.
F G Mertins, Augusta, Ga.
Come in to see our beautiful line
of men's and boys' straw hats.
Mukashy Bargain House.
Write us for Men's or buys suit?-,
we will convince you that we ha\ej
liner goods for less money.
F G Mertins, Augusta, ?a.
We invite the ladies in to see our
stylish ready-to-wear hats. Prias
very reasonable. J
Mukashy Bargain House.
Just received a barrel of Aragon's
fresh roasted coffee, 25ets. a pound.
L. T. May.
The hot weather is here. Lei
me supply you with light weighi
Mukashy Bargain House.
Just received a lot^of laoies Pana
ma Shapes at ?2.50 something nice.
Don't fail to look at them hefuie
yoi buy your Summer Hat.
We have put in a storage tank
and can now supply the public- with
gasoline at 20 cents per gallon.
Jackson & Co.
Try a pair of Knos knit hosiery.
You will be pleased.
Mukashy Bargain House.
Notice to Creditors.
All Kindred and Creditors hold
ing any claim, r claims, agains
the esiate <?f dames VJ. Rives, d?
ceased, are hereby notified to fi??
same with me, as Administratrix ol
said estate, as required by la?v.
Mrs. Annie E. Rives,
Administratrix of estate of J. U.
Rives deceased.
Notice of Election and
Six Wardens.
Council Chamber, Edgefield, S. C..
Much 'JU, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that on
ihe 20th day of May, A. D. 19U at
the Court House, County of Edge
Held, State of South Carolina, an
election will he held for Mayor and
Six Wardens (one warden from
each waid) to serve the said town
for the next ensuing: term of two
rears. At said election, H. C.
'Watson, W. H. Bee and W. S.
Covar are hereby appointed to act
as managers. By order of the
Town Council of the Town of
Edgefield, S. C.
Mayor of thc Town of Edgefield,
S. C:
E. J. NORRIS (Corp. Seal) Clerk
& Treas, of Town Council. .
The Books of Registrotion of the
Town of Edgefield, S. C., will bc
opened at my office in the Farmer.*
Bank of Edgefield, S. C., on tin
loth day of April, A.D., I?U u
register the qualified voters thereof
for the Municipal Election to b?
held on the -ji.th day ol' May, A.D..
Supervisor of Registration of th?
Town of Edgefield.
April l?- lill t.
Cure for Stomach Disorders
Disorders of thc stomach may In
avoided by th us-of Chamberlains
tablets. Manx very remarkable cine
have been effected by the-e tablets
Sold by all dealers.
Most Prompt and Effectual Cun
for Bad Colds.
When yon have a. b:>-' cold yoi
want a remedy that will not oni;
give relief, but effect a prompt au?
permanent cure, a remedy ?hat i
pleasant io take, a remedy that coi
tains nothing injurious. Cham bei
Iain's cough remedy meets all ihe*
requirements. It acts nu nature'
plan, relieves the lungs, aids ex pei
'oration, opens the secretions an?
restores the system to a healthy coi
dition. This remedy has a worl
wide sale and u>e, and eau alway
be depended upon. Sold by all dea
Two young Jersey cows fresh t>
Edgefield, S. C.
One lot 1-piei e Dresses in dark
and light colors. A big iss rtrnent
to select from at *1.00.
More Grain anc
You want a thresher that will
will give more hush els-and make
If you want to secure the utmost f
The Frick Threshers are the m
ers built to-day. We've been buili
An old 6 fl. P." Frick Engine built
That's the way we build machiner
sizes. There is thc Eclipse No. 4 !
P, with a capicity of 30 to 50 bush?
oughly cleans wheat;, cats, rye and
his. There is our big "Landis E<
thing good in threshing. You'll Iii
need. Hundreds of farmers will \
One man writes, "the No. 4 did pe
best reputation of any thresher th
- Special discounts for cash. Ste?
A Good Drug Store.
TL takes more than a stock of
I rugs ami coo?] intentions to make
i good drug Blore. It requires an
uti mate knowledge of weighing,
Measuring and mixing, which cornea
oily after careful study and experi
nce. Your prescriptions will, he
properly tillen at our store. We
?ave every modern facility and-we
know how. %
Penn & Holstein.
25c a gallon for paint is about
*2 5U on the average job, and lota
.if men waited last year for that;
but they didn't reckon; they got
mad; wouldn't pay it.
There are times to get mart and
refuge to pay; but when one's prop
erty needs protecting is nc time to
get mad and not paint.
Besides, it costt" more to get mad
and wait than to paint.
Getting mad doesn't do any good
to your property; paint does it good
by keeping out water; no water no
rot; no paint, some water and rot;,
and aliule rot is more than enough
io make a man liberal towards hie
painter and paint.
Paint costs not a cent. AU the
paint in the world, so long as it
keeps-out water, costs not a cent.
Stewart & Kernaghan sells it.
Answer The Call.
Edgefield People Have Found
That This is Necessary.
A cold, a strain, a sudden wrench,.
A little cause may hurt the kid
nej s.
Spells of backache often follow,.
Or some irregularity of the mine.
A splendid remedy for such at
A medicine that ha> satisfied.
? hoiisaii?s.
ls Doan's kidney pills a special
kidney remedy.
Many Edgefield people rely on it..
Here is Edgefield proof.
W B Paul, Butler street, Edge
?ield, S. C., says: "I ./as bothered
.?y kidney complaint from child
lood. It got worse after I had the
.ii?a?les about twelve years ago. I
uffered from acute pains through
?ut my body and I had much troub
e from weakness rVom'tl?e'kidHe^K
.nd bladder. Doan's kidney pills
vere ju?t what 1 needed, driving
iway the pains and strengthening
ny kidneys and bladder. Whenever
L arr. in rited of a kidney medicine
. ince, Dean's kidney pills have
rome lo my aid. I consider them
die be?il kidney medicine to be had."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
imply a?k for a kidney remedy
et Doan's kidney pills-the same
hat -Mr. Paul bad. Foster-Milburn
. Jo., Props., Buffalo. M. Y.
Rheumatism Quickly [[ Cured.
My sister's husband had an at
.ack of rheumatism in his arm
??.rites a well known resident of
Newton, Iowa. "1 gave him a bottle
if Chamberlain's liniment *vhich he
inplied to his arm and on the next
morning the rheumatism was gone."' .
For chronic muscular rheumatism
von will rind nothing better than
Chamberlain'? liniment. Sold by
rill <1e:lle?".
I Better Prieces
thresh clean from the straw-that
your seed command a higher price.
'rom your
ost dependable, thorough, thresh
ing big farm machinery for years.
in 1870 is still being run to-day.
/. Our threshers are built in all
that or.iy requires from 4 to 6 H.
ils per hour. It threshes and thor
buclcwheat. It weighs but 2800
elipse" -a combination of every
nd we have just the machine you
lave nothing but Frick Machines,
r feet work in every way-has the
at ever mashed mud. Easy terms
im Traction and Portable Engines.
Saw mills. Don't
take any chances
in buying a thresh
'CTJ*^ Free Catalogue.
ffiSS^^ Write us for our
ggjli&S free illustrated
j^ro^A catalogue, giving
SSjjggi^ fail information
TjrMTpyfryiiiiii md got our price.
~tSp?i3 it'll pay you to do
Send for it to-day!
Columbia, S. C. Box 177
rNE3iiOKO, PA.

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