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?stablial?r? 1835.
/. L. MIKS._Editor
Published every Wednesday in Trie
F. ivert.iser Building at $1.50 per year
*a advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield. S. C.
No communications* will be published
anlpss accompanied^ by the writer's
Cards of Thanks, Obituaries. Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Wednesday, May 27th.
Our greatest glory consists not ic
never falling, but in rising every time
we may fall -GOLDSMITH.
-'- i.M"|| . - m
Oyster Bay is again on the map.
Politicians, like ail other mortals
can be judged by the company they
The election machinery is ail right.
The great need now is honestjfmen to
operate it.
It appears thatjjthere^will soon be
more garages than corn cribs in JEdge
field county.
The Democratic convention did that
which the general assembly lacked the
mora ^courage to do.
The wise and fprudent gubernatorial
aspirant remains away from a State
Democratic convention.
Had it not been for the drought,
many farmers in Edgefield would have
had more oats than the traditional
Grace fools some of the Charleston
people all of the time, but he has not
been able to fool the State convention
a single time.
President : Wilson won over many
?Bull? .Moosers while the Colonel was
exploring,' the '(unknown regions of
South Am rica.
The commencement orato2\s are now
recounting the ills that exist and soon
the State campaign orators will tell us
how to'correct them.
It is positively unfair for the ladies to
have to listen to twenty-odd speeches
at a State campaign meeting and then
not be allowed to vote.
Black handkerchiefs are to be the
fashion. Bless your life, they've been
in use all the while in many places -
Edgefield excepted, of course.
The Greenville Piedmont says it will
publish the number of candidates in
the race for State^offices as~soon?as it
can get hold of an adding machine.
What a pi'y Charleston has mt the
plenary power to abolish the "day of
Grace" as completely and as effectively
as the Democratic convention has done
on two occasions!
The Smiths are having their day.
There are two Smiths among the Edge
field county candidates, two Smiths in
the gubernatorial race, and one Smith
is a candidat'- for the United States
senate. *
The people never forget a .straddler.
Some of the candidates for governor
are doomed politically because they
failed to tak** a decided stand when
opportunity was offered them in the
Just think ol' being at Niagara Falls
thi.-> hot weather! If those mediators
are half as long-headed as they arc
reputed to be, they will not make at.
official report before the cool nights in
The Spartanburg Journal pertinently
remarks: "The primary election in this
State is the real election; hence the
necessity of havin? an honest primary.
The general election is an unimportant
The bi-ennial, county-to-county, two
wing political show will open June 17
and is booked for 44 free exhibitions.
Among the performers, some of whom
are veteran artists, can be seen men
riding two horses, turn-coats, wire
pullers, men emitting fire and brim
stone, others swallowing the lie, and
still others performing political st'M ts
that have not hitherto appeared on
the billboards.
Thac Coker college has a wise board
->f trustees behind it is shown by the
election of Dr. Howard Lee Jones of
Charleston as president. Having thou
sandsof dollarsof endowment andhaving
practically a monopoly of the Pee Dee
section of the State, this instit ition will
forge rapidly to the front.
Only one more
Week to June's
Orange wreaths and
-The State.
One month more
Bachelors galore
Will be sour
Over loss of power.
Augusta Secures Encampment.
South Carolina, more particularly
Charleston, lost, heavily by not having
the encampment for the States of
North and South Carolina, Georgia
and Florida held there, as was at one
,time practically agreed upon by the
war department. Through the indis
cretion of the governor, this was lost
to the State. And now the announce
ment has been made that the encamp
ment will bc held in Augusta, lt is
well for the city across the Savannah
and for our sister State that she has not
such a governor as the one that the Pal
metto State is afflicted with. This,
however, is not the first and only loss
that the people have sustained since the
present executive has held despotic
Consider Seriously
Bt fore condemning the new rules for
the primary, answer this question:
"Should (my vote) the vote of an hon
est, hard-working citizen of South
Carolina be annulled by the vote of
some foreigner in Charleston or by
some man brought from Georgia or
North Carolina for the sole purpose of
voting in South Carolina's primary?"
Under the new rules only bona fide
citizens of this state can vote. Surely
no man who wishes to see the primary
election honestly conducted can or will
object to provisions that will prevent
foreign sailors and worthless stragglers
from adjoining States from voting.
Consider seriously before condemning
thc work of the State convention.
The Class Opposed to Reform.
Hon. John Gary Evans, chairman of
the State Democratic executive com
mittee, has received a "black hand"
letter threating him and other party
leaders with- death if the matter of
primary reform is pressed. The let
ter was crudely written and bears evi
dence of having been written by an
illiterate person. All sorts of vile epi
thets were applied to those who have
been most active in their efforts to
safeguard the primary election.
God save the State from this class of
citizens! The restrictions that have
been thrown around the primary were
not intended to debar any honest white
citizen of South Carolina, however
poor or ignorant. But it is desired that
every unworthy man, though his skin
be white, who is perhaps sojourning
here for only a short season, be debar
red from voting along with the sturdy,
honest citizenship of this State. We
L'onfidently believe that the vast ma
jority of the men of South Carolina, re- '
gardless of factional differences, will
unite for the purity of the ballot.
Largest Vessel Afloat.
The "Vaterland", the largest
steamship afloat, which was recently
built for the Hamburg-American Line,
aas just completed its maiden voyage
with 3,OW passengers aboard. This
monster of thc sea is 950 feet in
length, 100 feet in width and has a dis
placement of 58,000 tons. On the trial
cruise of two days its engines devel
oped 90,U00 horse-power, making an
average speed of more than 25 nautical
miles an hour. This giant of the
ocean is so unwielrily that it required
20 powerful tugs to dock it af ter reach
ing its birth in thc port of New York.
All modern steamships are veritable
floating palaces, and in its luxurious
appointments the "Vaterland'' out
strips its competitors. The grand din
ing saloon winch has a seating capaci
ty of 800 guests is finished in white
and gold and the ceiling is supported
by Ionic columns. The cabin, smoking
and Iounging-rooms are as richly and
handsomely furnished as wealth and
art can supply.
Some idea of the enormous number of
men that are required to man the
"Vaterland" can be gained from the
dispatch from New York .Monday sta
ting that -130 stewards and 000 of the
ship's firemen are on a strike, demand
ing higher wages. The Stewards re
ceive from $12 to $14 per month and
firemen about $20. The entire crew
consists of 1,234 men.
We invite the ladies in to see our
stylish ready-to-wear hats. Prices
very reasonable.
Mukasu.> 'argain House.
Just received a barrel of Aragon's
fresh roasted coffee, 2?ets. a pound.
L. T. May.
I What Others Say
Truth Too.
The more some of the candidates
talk the less the people will know about
the questions at issue.- Daily Mail.
Honest Men Pleased.
Honest men are pleased at the pros
pect of an honest primary. The con
vention did its work well. -Lancaster
An Apt Comparison.
Trying to publish a newspaper when
nothing of interest happens is as hard
as trying to make a crop when it won't
rain.-Barnwell People.
The Hit. Man.
The man who paid $1,570 for Martin
Luther's Bible will find therein a sug
gestive thought concerning rich men
and the eye of a needle. -The State.
Cigarettes Will Down Him.
We saw a boy roller skating and
smoking cigarettes the other day. We
could't help but hope he would-fall and
break his neck, but he didn't.- Daily
No White Man Debarred.n
Bear in mind that the new primary
rules do not disfranchise a single white
Democrat of South Carolina, whatever
else the damagogue may tell you.
Greenwood Journal.
Poor Fellow!
"Edison Obeys His Wife" says a
Yes, we have read that he works
nineteen hours out of the twenty-four.
-Greenville News.
Hurrah For Spartanburg.
Spartanburg is to be congratulated.
There were forty-seven births during
April against twenty-five deaths.-The
Journal. Send that to your advertising
agents and maybe you can get a Mrs.
Winslow's ad.-Greenville News.
Want Honest Election.
When Mayor Grace says the country
people are up in arms about the changes
made in the primary rules by the State
Convention he is talking through his
hat. We simple country folk want
honest elections, and gladly welcome
any rule that will prevent the stuffing
of the ballot box iri Charleston or any
where else.-Orangeburg Times and
Smile Provokers
Distressed damsel-Oh, sir, catch
that man. He wanted to kiss me.
Passive pedestrian-That's all
right There'll be another along in
a ininute.-Purple Cow.
Nell-She's a regular prude, and
yet she doesn't object to telling lies.
Belle-Maybe she's such a prude
the naked truth shocks her.-Phila
delphia Record.
'That booby made a bluff at kiss1
ing me last night and then quit."
"But he says you scratched hh
face, blacked his eye and stabbed
him with a hatpin."
"Well, a girl has to put up a lit
tle maidenly resistance."
'Yon say you haven't anything
to be thankful for?" said the clergy
man to one of hid parishioners.
"Why look at your neighbor,
Hayes. He has just lost his wile bj
. "Well, said the parishioner, th At
don't do meany good. I ain't Hayes."
-Dallas News.
"Our congressional committee
heard 30 ladies in two hours. That
many men would have kept ns lis
tening for several days.''
"That shows that women can
transact public business. But how
did they manage tu crowd 30
speeches into two hours?"
"Oh, they spoke three and four
at a time.
President Wilson, who has been
bemoaning his fate at being what he
called a "national exhibit," is a
very frank, unconventional man.
On one occasion, in a burst of mod
esty, lie recited this limerick to a
"As a beauty I ara not. a star:
There are others more handsome
by far.
But my face-I don't mind it,
For I am behind it
The people in front get the jar."
The young man edged himself
diffidently into the presence of the
old mau.
"What can I do for you sir?" ask'
ed the elder.
UJ shall come directly to the point
said the youngster. I wish to marry
your daughter?"
This was the old gentleman's cue
to get out his handkerchief, and he
did it.
"Alas, he sniffled, how shall I
ever spare her? Her mother is dead
and she is ail I have left. And I am
an old man, not long for this
"You interest me strangely, put
in the suitor cheerfully, what other
recommendations has she?"
Drought Causes Oats to Riper.
Prematurely. Mr. freeland's
New Store. B. Y. P. U.
Dear Advertiser:- Give me space
for a lev/ Iiii?*s ?his morning. We
are in the midst of the mest serious
drought that we have experienced
for a long time. The farmers of thi.
portion of the state are looking and
not only looking hut are serious
over the outlook. The oat crop that
was so promising three weeks ago
is now ripening prematurely 01
rather drying up for the want of
rain, and the seed that they have
planted still in the earth as dry as
a powder house no sign of coming
up. Some of our fanners have a
stand of cotton and" some few that
planted early corn have a stand,
hut what little that has come np is
not doing well on account of the
c dd winds.
Yesterday evening the elements
showed some signs of rain which
gave us a faint hope, hut soon that
hope was dispelled hythe cool wind
springing up in the night and stars
shining forth in all their brilliancy
put an end to what little hope we
had in the evening before.
Weil, Brother Mims, our town is
moving up to the front with her
many new buildings and others mak
ing preparations to build.
W. R. Freeland will soon be es
tablished in his new store on the
west-side of town, and like all the
merchante in our town he is pre
paring foran extensive trade this
summer and fall legardless of the
crop and outlook. While the town
people are doing their part in the
improvement of the town, the rail
road people are also doing their part
by improving the depot and plat
form and a work that bas been need
ed for a long while.
Last Wednesday evening the I?.
Y. P. IT. enjoyed a very pleasant
time at the home of .Mr. and Mr?,
I M. B. Sturkey. The oak grove was
beautifully lighted up, and with
Rev. Mr- Covington and Mrs. Dr.
Adams to manage the affair and
hand out the lemonade.
While I write the sun is shining
bright, the atmosphere is clear, th"
wind is blowing a brisk breeze and
from all appearances the rain is in
the remote future.
Don Carlos,
Union Meeting.
union meeting of the 1st di-j
vision of the Edgefield association,
will meet with Stevens Creek church
May 30 and :> 1.
10:00 o'clock: Song and prayer
10:15:, Enrollment of delegates
and reports from churches.
1st Query: The kind of pastor 1
would like to have. J K Allen, R T
Strom, C M Mellichamp.
.Jnd Query: The kind of church
members I would like to have. .1 E
Johnson, J R McKittrick. Dr. M D
Dinner 1 hour and 15 minutes.
3rd Query: The greatest hindran
ces to the prosperity of trie church
es. M B Hamilton, A S Tompkins,
O Sheppard.
4tb Query: What is the work of
the state mission board? W Ri
Smith or Dr. M D Jeffries.
5th Query: The best method of
increasing the-attemiance in Sunday
school. J R Bryan, W Hailing, W
B Co'gbnrn.
Sunday lu a. m. Sunday school.
lat Query: Would you encourage;
tithing, if so why. if not, why not?I
O Sheppard, Dr. M I) Jeffries, H
B White.
Sermon J E Johnson alternate
Dr. M. D. Jeffries.
Dismiss for dinner.
2nd Query: The gain to the
church and individual hy pro tu pt
n 'ss in attendance on church servic
es. W E Lott. W G Collins. W P
The iirst cost of a good job of
pajnt -Dcvoe-is ?50 (average size,
of course.) The first cost of a second
or third or fourth rate job, to
The wear is likewise. The better
you paint, of course, the longer it
wears. And the m< rd yon pay for
your job, the shorter it wears.
Devoe is ?.?ne of a dozen good
paints. There are hundreds of bad
ones. As likely as not Devoe is the
only good one in this town.
Stewart & Kernaghan sells it.
15.00 Flannel suits at ?8.00. We
are determined to give the best
value in Augusta for the money.
Palm Beach suits *6.50, $8.00
F G Mertins, Augusta, Ga.
Come in to see our beautiful line
of men's and boys' straw hats.
Mukashy Bargain House.
Don't Wait till the Eleventh Hour [
to get your life insured. The
younger you insure the smaller
will your premium be. And re
member that delays in vita! mat
ters of this kind are always dan
gerous. It is the duty of all men,
particularly of those with families,
to insure their lives, and thus pro
vide for the future of their loved
ones. Let us talk the matter
over with you. /
E. J. Norris,
Edgefieid, South Carolina.
i^',!{ua?WM?iimt^^ .?-regan
A. E. PADGETT, President
Vice President.
W. H. HARLING, Cashier
Asst. Cashier.
State and County Depository
Desires to thank its patrons and the public for the liberal patronage it
has enjoyed during the past year.
Twenty-three years of close personal relations with our patrons with
the satisfactory service we have given our many depositors establishes the
basis upon which we solicit new accounts.
Our combined capital and surplus profits our conservative methods,
and our long successful experience enables us to offer the best service.
We are always in position to extend to our customers such accommodations
as their business, their balances and their credit justifies.
We Invite New Accounts for the Yeer 1914.
That's an advantage when you
have to heat something quickly
in the night.
heats instantly without smoke or smeii.
It has all the convenience of gas and
costs less for fuel than any other stove.
lt is the best oil-burnmg device yet pro
duced for cooking purposes.
The New Perfection No. 5 has the
new Fireless Cooking Oven, which
roasts and bakes perfectly-slow, fast or
fireless cooking, to suit every need.
New Perfection Stoves are also made in
1, 2, 3, and 4-burner sizes. No. 5 stove
includes broiler and toaster. These
utensils can be obtained separately for
the smaller sizes. Sad-iron heater and
cook-book free with every stove.
At dealers everywhere, or write direct
for catalogue.
Washington.n.e. (New Jersey) Charlotte,N.C
Norfolk, Va. BALTIMORE Charlestown.W.Va.
Richmond. Va. Charleston, S. C.

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