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?it iii ?u?U?vWliAr?
Group Chews Som: cf ?he Most Popu
lar Designs That Are the Mode
at the Present.
On the upper lett of the accom
panying group is shown an elaborate
piece of neckwear ot* satin and lace.
The scalloped revers and collar are
of white satin piped with wistaria
Batin and trimmed with buttery cov
ered with thc came. Around the outer
edge of these rovers cream lace is
planed a:td a frill of chiffon falls
from the bottom. The little vest is
made of shirred chiffon crossed by
straps of the satin. Fine batiste was ;
used for the little shirt front effect
shown. The cuter portion was of the i
plain batiste finished with a narrow ;
ruffle of "Val" lace. The little chem
bette is of the tucked batiste. The
girdle and peplum combined shown on ;
the upper right was of Roman striped I
ribbon, buckle covered with the same, j
One of the Most Ejective of the Hat
Trimmircia T??at Are Just
Nov/ Popular.
Tulle as a hat trimming is growing
in favor and wonderful things can be
done with ir. Tt ;r, placed on straw,
taffeta, salin or cn any material that
goes io make hi.'. It is used to
drape the crown, folded into ;;:ost
fantastic shapes. ;:;.<] it can fcc twist
ed into ? pirn'.s ~V.* rt ;embl . the ten
drils cf a feathsr, cr clipped io look
like poinpons: Ii i forSsIkah?e
as it Ioofcs? ca rc f
tulles which : v :. i -
ness c::-i : w . . : CC ?I?2
.limp. Lace la al : ' in hi h-wired
.effects and it: arti? cl; iv] .'.
The now Ecwerg sra works of art.
There is a great variety of siick-up
motifs, in wing and qui!! off ts, and
fantastic orran''?".'- nr. de entirely cf
thickly clustering small Cowers* in
eolor schemes that are truly wonder
ful in their beauty. Fine ferns,
grasses ar.d mo::s are used to subdue
too brilliant coloring.
Dainty pompons are made of forget
me-nots, lilacs and other-small How-1
ers. mounted on slender branchlike1
stems. Delightful little clusters of
flowers are composed cf a silk rose
bud, two fuchsias and a sprig of mig- ;
.oonette. placed on the brim of a hat. '
Berries are either worn as bunches or
else in trails right round the hat, often
being mixed with flower buds.
Cotton voiles strewn with small !
flower motifs and tulles printed in tho i
same effect are made up into smart
hats with the addition nf a small quan
tity of fine straw braid, lace or em- j
brokered edging arni small flowers or
fruit, and are elaborate enough to be
worn with rhe daintiest summer frock.
Best Method cf Protecting the "Party
Gown" When lt is Hanging in
thc Wardrobe.
Nearly every girl re^.h'r.es that the
average party gown gets more hard
usage when hanging in the crowded
wardrobe than while it is being actu
ally wcrn. .And as most girls have far
less wardrobe space than they need,
the best means of protecting the narty
frock from contact with the workaday
garments is to make a special cover
for it of lawn, dimity, muslin, cheese
cloth or a similar material. Having
measured the length of the gown from
shoulders to skirt hem. take two full
widths of the chosen covering material
and snaps an end of each one of them
into shoulders and "he half of a neck.
The shoulders and the long, straight
sides of the cover are then seamed
together, the bottom is hemmed, the
r.?.ck is neatiy bound with ribbon
towed in front at the top of two short
silken cords from wh;ch depend two
small square or oval sachets. When
the gown is adjusted to its individual
hanger and the muslin cover drawn
smoothly over its folds and draperies
it is in a condition to be as nicely kept
as it is possible to keep any unboxed
Fancy Linings.
Chiffon is a favorite. Procade is
very good. Soft satins are desirable.
Chang-able silk?, ar? effective. Lin
ings, in fact, vere nevor more im
portant than rh.' y arr this season.
For Qi
If your hair ?3
your brus!) i'1 w?
Cheap Floor Stain.
j A very inexpensive stain can be
made from burnt umber and hot wa
ter. Five cents' worth cf the burnt
umber will stain several floors; that is,
where a rug is used for thc center.
Pour the hot water over the burnt
umber, little at a time, till it is thor
oughly dissolved. Use a quart o? hot
water to five cents worth of umber;
that makes a pretty dark brown stain.
Let lt dry. then rub on any good floor
wax and polish.
Rubber Tree of All.
What is believed to be the largest
rubber tree in the world stands ia tho
Brazilian territory of Aero, on the
frontier o; P.oliva. ?ts stem is HT feet
2 7-i.O inches in circumference at the
base. For 120 days every year this
colossus gives 22 pounds of rubber a
day". At present -?rices this brings in j
Si', 100 a year, c a fair interest on
about $30,000, to us owners, a fami-y*.
ol" seven ?eriugueiros.
Miss Blank vvas not young when she
was married, wherefore the innocent
question of a little neighbor proved
annoying. "Why, how nice of you to
bring me flowers, Jimmie!" was the
way the trouble started. "And such a
surprise, too; I dou't think I ever had
such a nice surprise before in all my
life." "Not even when you got mar
ried?'' asked the wide-eyed child.
Earth's Temperature.
It has long been known that the tem
perature below the earth's surface in
creases at the rate of about one degree
per hundred feet, or 50 degrees per
mile. If thc rate of increase were con
stant, the temperature at the relative
ly small depth of 100 miles would be
above the melting point of all sub
stances under ordinary surface condi
Motive Fower in Norway.
The greatest single factor in the
possible industrial development ol
Norway lies undoubtedly in its cheap
and abundant hydroelectric power.
The country having practically no coal
resource?, the Norwegian industries
are coiling to depe.:d more and more
upon the utilization of waterfalls as
a primary motive power source.
Double Werk.
"Why is it that a .v.a:i won't wash
his face with a washcloth?" demand) G
??rs. Wombat, ''lien haven't tinte ?cr
ail that foolishness,'* said Xv. Wom
bat. "First you hive to wash your
faso and then you have to wash tte
wasliclctii.!'-Louisville Courier-Jour
Loit O oporto ni ?y. ..
First Jew-"D;.vcn;y years ago'Gold'
stein sold shoestrings on the corner
und today bo owes the corner on
which he stood." Second Jew (ex
citedly)-"Und if he had valked up
und t?cwn he might have owned tur
whole block."-Life.
Thc Difference.
A pessimist complains he bas eaten
1,000 oysters without coming on a
pearl; an optimist sf.es thanks that
he bas eaten that many oysters with
out getting ptomaines.-New York
Justify Confidence.
France bas an association which
gives loans on thc word of honor of
the people. It is chiefly for men or
women who are of humble position,
and in most cases the money is re
turned promptly.
Too Much for Hirn.
A ? olored porter for a local druggist
was mid to go lo another pharmacy to
get some cimcifugo rasi?nio:;es. He
stood, open-mouthed, and gazed at his
"boss." then asked: "Ain't thar any
other naine for dat?"
Loses its Charm.
It's difficult for a newly married
man to generate much enthusiasm
over his bride's beautiful hair after
he has seen her pile it on the bureau
for the night.
Why ls Thi3 Thus?
Every married man knows how
much easier it is for his wife to dis
cover a hole in his pocket than that
a button is missing from bis coat.
Unwarran'::d Liberty.
You arc taking a liberty when you
pat a strange horse on the nose. Sup
pose horses went around patting men
on the nose.-Louisville Courier-Jour
nal, ll
Talks About the Home City.
".Teach the facts about your home
city in the public schools," urges the
bureau of municipal reasearch, New
York city.
_ I
Lose Habits of Industry.
Women in France and other coun-j I
tries of Europe arc mach more ..idus
tribus titan when they come to this !
_ i|
(Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium)
Prompt Powerful Permanent
Its bcnc?cia.' cf- Stubborn cases Good results are
fects ;irc usually yield to P. ?. P. lasting-it cures
?tl; very quickly when other mee! i- you to stay cured
cia cs arc useless
Sf Hakes rich, red, pure blood -cleanses thc entire
r|| system - clears the brain - strengthens digestion and nerves.
A positive specific for Blood poison and skin dise:
IS! TW,...o DhstltKlt icn? nnA C?noe i?lfl Pr? lt* nit Ac
Drives out RneamstlRns and Siops ?S?e Pr,in ; cn 3s M? ||
a wonderful tonic and body-builder. Thousands indorse it. Sa
^r^^^^s^^:^;.'.? 'grotTfjiH^?T-^ ">'.'r:-;:;ssi^r?sra
ll I Q
it is free-it tells how you can have
local and long distance telephone ser
vice in your home at very small cost.
Send for it today. Write nearest Bell Tele
phone Manager, cr
: i aim :y. i s;ocx. Vi e ate now --. c?:r warehouse, corner of Fsa wick
and Cummins streets, rwobiocio frew thc Union Vasverper Station
where ye hjiyt* the; most modern \yar?shou5e in:?T>ga?ta with licor
space ot 24,8(iC squa.e feet ard it is literally packed with Groceries
ard fe??s from cellar ?i> icof. Ocr stock rr.ustbe seen to bo appre
ciated. Our expenses ar; ?il least $45G.C(i 'i month les.* since discon
tinuing our stoic i-i ?6- Kr&ad street, and a* goods are unloaded
ircm cai>: to wateber.se. we are in a position to name very ciose
prices. If you really '.van: the worth of voar money see or write us
? Pi
Augusta, Ga.
^rmrnr^ 11 i II II rm I IMI. i m mi iiiiiiiii.ipini i ur ,1 H TiiTiftn.
MM-B-Uigag- millf?t?iv||pii:Ji:gnr -"-.?THtll(n
/arp,Crack,Rot,Curl or
Like Wood .Shingles
They can be laid ri,<rht over an old v/ocd-shinglc roof with
out dirt or bother, and they make it stormproof and fireproof.
5 They're inexpensive. For particulars address
Stewart & Kernaghan
Edgefield, South Carolina.
All persons wanting pictures framed will please
leave same ?it store of Dorn & Minis.
Best work guaranteed, and pri?es right.
All pictures will be trained the same day left at
p! c. Si s 1 P & G? 9, Y* ? T" im m il Y\ Q
?J C V- U ? C & U i ? illili iMl?,
JL.C . v 11 \5J V ?s !~-1 V- .
he Mc
? n
, - -
Life Assurance Society
Offers beyond a reasonable doubt the
best insurance that can be obtained. Be
fore taking ont insurance willi some
other company. Let ?me show von my
20'Pay Life, oaid ap III 35 84 years.
Dividends declared after the first year,
increasing yearly.
Don't fail to set the best when von
injure. Therefore, von had better see
an Equitable policy.
Ashby W. Davenport,
Equitable Life Assurance Agent
Edgefield, S C.
More Grain and Better Prieces
You want a thresher that will thresh clean from the straw-that x
will give more bushels-and mave your seed command a nigher price.
If you want to secure the utmost from your
The Frick Threshers arc the most dependable, thorough, thresh
ers built to-day. We've been building nig farm machinery for years.
Ar; old C H. P. Frick Engine built in IS7? i-: still being rcn to-day.
That's the way webuild machinery. Our threshers are built in Jil
sizes. There is tht Eclipse No. ?i that only requires from 4 to 6 H.
P. ??. i til i capacity c* ".' to 5u bush is per hour. Ir threshes .-ind thor
oughly cleans wheat, o--z?. rye and buckwheat It-.weighs pat 2SC9
1..*. "V\ .??;.; "Lfindi^.- L'.-h'pee"-a combination of o- ?ry
???.T--.T t'i" V< ?MI f ud we have just rho nmcfair.e you
need: Hundreds o' tansers '.viiinothing bot Frick Machines.
One ma! write.-, ''tho Jp. 1did per feet work in every w:vy-hf:;; vjie
--!-:.: ... ! dis ; ror-casr. ?ruction ar.. Portable'Engines.
av_^ Sawmills. Don't
:1 ?
i : buyln j a thresh
? .
rzze Catalcene.
write us for oUw
f r ?. e jitasfc?t?d
catalogue, giving
full information
and get our price.
It'll pay you to co
thh. Our cata
lojrrit? shows why.
S snd for it to-day!
?\V mei
THE FRICK OMPANY, Columbia, S. C. Box 177
S J. C. LEE, President
as? amase BBBBBSEBBB
F. E. Gibson, Sec. and Treas
If you are going lo [build, remodel cr repair,
we in vi le you ^inquiries.
We manufacture and deal in doors, sash, blinds
stairs, interior trim, store fro.-.ts and fixtures,
pews, pulpits, eic., rough and dressed lumber,
lath, pine and cypress shingles, flooring, ceiling
and siding.
Distributing agents for Flintkote roofing
Estimates cheerfully and carefully mane.
Woodard Lumber Co.
Corner Roberts and Dugas Streets.
Our Motto: SSS
Large Shipment
of Furniture
WK will have a large shipment ox Furniture to arrive
this week, and in ihr ?iii are some beautiful Dressers,
Sideboards and j?uiTets. Full supply ol'Chairs. Mat
tresesfand Spiin *s in stock.
See our line Porch Chilli's.

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