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Notice of Openirg Books of
rollment For Voters in Tl
Democratic Primary
Election, Etc. Etc.
. Notice in hereby given, tha
following committee? for eu
ment have been appointed to ei
the voters of Edgefield county
the Democratic Primary for
year 1914, and said books of en
ment will be opened at the pl
designated for each club Tues
June 9th. 1914:
Enrollment committees for
Democratic clubs of Edgefield ct
ty, South Carolina, and pl
where books are to be opened:
Bacon: .TM Wright, Sec.,(
Smith and J H Bouknight; at Bc
night's atore.
Cleveland: C C Jones, Sec.,
S G Heath and T L Talbert; al
C Jones' store.
Colliers: Dr J N Grafton, Sec.
T Mathis and E B Mathis;
Mathis' store.
Edgefield Democratic Club N<
Walton W Fuller, Sec., A E F
gett and W E Lott; at Ramsey
Jones store.
Edgefield Democratic Club N<
J W Kemp, Sec., L L Clippard :
T J Paul; at the Mercantile Co ste
Hibler: Dannie White, Sec., (
Cartledge and W L Ridlehoover:
Dan White's store.
Lee: W L Coleman, Sec., W
Sawyer and W M Wright;
Wright's store.
Calhoun: AM Clark, Sec., J
iiOtt and J W Hardy; store of Lc
Walker Co.
Long Branch : R L Scott, Se
Lewis Clark and Luther Yonce;
Lewis Clarks' store.
Meriwether: H F Cooper, Se
Walter Cheetham and J C Shaw;
Walter Cheathatn's residence.
Meeting Street: J K Allen, Se<
JfR Blocker and W S Stevens;
Steven's store.
Moss: P W Cheatham, Sec.,
A Williams and W T Reel;
Reel's store.
-Moss: P. W. Cheatham, Sec., 1
A. Williams and W. T. Ree
Reel's store.
Pleasant Lane: J T McDowel
Sec.,ST Williams and F L Tin
mermau; at F LTiraraerman's ston
Plum Branch: J R Bodie, Sec
J H Lyon and W R Freeland; a
Freeland's store.
Red Hill: H E Quarles, Sec., ,
W Bailey and J W McDaniel; a
Quarles & McDaniels' store.
Rehoboth: D I Morgan, Sec., <
Strom and W A Winn; at D
Morgan's store.
Ropers: J E Dobey, Sec., J I
Timmerman and R A Timmerni*n
at Timmermart's store.
Shaw: W W Wise, Sec.. Cr 1
Long and J R Moss; at J R Moss
South Hibbler: J D Huerhey.
Sec., W E Sheppard and R B
Quarles; at Quarles' store.
Washington: B M Bussey, Sec.,
A Y Bussey and N W McDaniel:
at the depot
Parksvil'.e: D N Dorn, Sec., W
R Parks and C Robertson; at Bank
of Parksville.
Clark's Hill: J O Marshall, Sec.,
J P Nixon and W S Middleton; at
Marshall's store.
The qualifications for member
ship in any club of the party and
for voting at a primary are as fol
lows: The applicant for member
ship, or voter, shall be 21 yeaisof
age, or shall become so 1; .fore the
succeeding general election and be
a white Democrat. He shall be a
citizen of the United States and of
this State. No person shall belong
to any club or vote in any primarv
unless he h w resided in the State
two years and in the oouuty six
months prior to the succeeding gen
eral election and in the club district
60 days prior to the first primar v
following his offer to enroll; pro
vided that public school teachers
and rainist?rs of the gospel in charge
of a regular organized church shall
be exempt from the provisions of
this section as to residence, or oth
erwise qualified. The town of Edge
field and the adjacent territory is
divided into tivo club Districts as
follows: All wards north of Colum
bia road and street, Main street,
Jster street and Abbeville road shall
<L institute one c ab District, and all
^ ards south of "aid Columbia road
ii ad street, Main street, Jeter street
Rad Abbeville road shall constitute
'je otherolub district for said town,
and that are citizens residing in town
ships adjacent to said town and
nearer theruto than to a;?y other vo
ting precinct north of said line
shall vote in the first district, and
those residing south of said line
shall vote in the second district.
The town of Johnston and the ad
jacent territory is divided into, two
club districts as follows: The South
ern Railway shall be the dividing
line between thy ttfo Club districts.
The first district shall embrace all
of tue Town of Johnstou North
West of the Southern Railway, and
the second distiict shall embrace
all of the town of Johnston South
East of the ooutbern Railway, and
that those citizens residing in adja
cent townships and nearer to the
town of Johnston than to any other
voting precinct shall be allowed to
vote at the club district situated on
the ?ame side of the railwav as they
reside. At Trenton, Modoc, Park6
ville and Plum Branch the club dis
tricts shall embrace the respective
town limit*, and those citizens in
the adjacent townships living: nearer
the voting precincts in said towns
than to any other voting precinct.
In all other cases the voter must
enroll in the club nearest bis place
of residence calculated by the near
est practical route and can vote only
at the voting place of such club
and the territory included by this
test shall be considered the club dis
trict of such club. Each voter must
sign the club roll in person giving
his full uame, age, occupation and
post office address. The books for
enrollment will remain open until
the last Tuesday in July, at which
time they will close. AU voters are
urged to go in person and enroll
their names upon the club rolls of
the respective clubs to which thev
belong B. E. NICHOLSON, *
Oounty Chairman.
June 2, 1914.
Always Lead to Better Health.
Serious sicknesses start in disor
ders of the stomach, liver and kid
neys. The best corrective and pre
ventive is Dr. King's New Life
pills. They purify the blood, pre
vent constipation, keep liver, kid
neys and bowels in healthy condi
tion. Give you better health by
ridding the system of fermenting
and gassy foods. Effective and mild.
25c at yosr druggist. Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve for all hurts.
A Good Drug Store.
It takes more than a stock of
drugs and good intentions to make
a good drug store. It requires an
intimate knowledge of weighing,
measuring and mixing, which comes
only after careful study and experi
ence. Your prescriptions will be
properly filled at our store. We
have every modern facility and-we
know how.
Penn & Holstein.
E. J. 1
Edgefield, Sc
9When Your Blood
Your Who!
If You Have Any Bli
Do Not Delay until It
a Complete and P
And all other Forms of
Hot Springs Physicians prom
and Skin Remedy eyer
Full Course Treatment
Single Bot
We Prepare a Reme
Write us your Troubles. All (
Hot Springs
827 1-2 Central Avenue,
Winthrop College Scholarship
and Entrance Examination.
The examination for the award
of vacant scholarships in Winthrop
College and for the admission of
new students will be held at the
county court house on Friday, July
3, at 9 a. ra. Applicants must not
be less than sixteen years of age.
When scholarships are vacant after
July S / they will be awarded to
those making the highest average at
this examination, provided they
meet the conditions governing the
award. Applicants for scholarships
should write to President Johnson
before the examination foi scholar
ship blanks.
Scholarships are worth ?100 and
free tuition. The next session will
open September IO, 1914. For
further information and catalog,
address President D. B. Johnson,
Rock Hill, S. C.
Hot Weather Tonic and Health
Are you run down, nervous, tired?
Is everything you do an effort? You
are not lazy, you are sick! Your
stomach, liver, kidneys, and whole
system need a tonic. A tonic and
health builder to drive out the waste
matter-build you up and renew
your strength. Nothing better than
Elictric Bitters. Start to day. Mrs.
Jame* Duncan, Haynesville, Me.,
writes: "Completely cured me after
several doctors gave me up." 50c
and $1.00 at your druggist. Bu or
lan's Arnica Salve for ?ats.
My flour mill is in good order
and 1 ara ready to serve the public'
to the best of ray ability. I will
start up by running two (2) days in
a week, Friday and Satnrday.
J. L. Outts.
Kirksey, S. C.
Cures Old Sores, Otter Remedies Won't Cure.
The worst cases, no matter of how lone standing,
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter's Antiseptic Healinfc Oil. It relieves
Pain and Heals at the same time. 25c, 50c, $1.00
is a Life Insurance Policy in our
company. The possession of it
is proof of wisdom and fore
r thought. The little it costB puts
it in reach of the humblest citi
zen, and every man ought to have
his life insured for the benefit of
his family. Let us talk with you
on this subject if you are not al
ready insured. You will find
that we can make you a very at
tractive proposition.
luth Carolina.
is Right,
e System is Right.
Dod or Skin Disease
is too late but Order
ositive Remedy for
Blood and Skin Diseases
Dunce this the Greatest Blood
placed on the Market,
-Three Bottles-$12.50
dy for Every Disease
Correspondence Strictly Private.
Medicine Co.,
Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Cures Stubborn, Itchy Skin
"I could scratch .nyself to piec
es" is often heard from H II fte re rs of
eczema, tetter, itch and similar skin
eruptions. Don't scratch, stop the
itching ar. once with Dr. Hobson'*
eczema ointment. Its first applica
tion start* healing: the red, rough,
scaly, itching skin is smoothed by
the bealing and cooling medicines.
4rs. C A Einfeldt, Rook Island,
III., after usina1 Dr. Hnbson's ecze
ma ointment, writes: "This is the
first time in nine years I have been
free from the dreadful ailment."
Guaranteed. 50c at your drusgtis.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Every family without exception
should keep this preparation at
hand during the hot weather of the
summer raonlhf. Chamberlain's
colic, cholera and diarrhoea remedy
is worth many times ito cost uhen
needed and is almost certain to be
needed before the summer is over.
It has no HUperior for the purposes
for which it is intended. Buy it now.
For sale by all dealers.
Take Plenty of Time to Eat.
There is a saying that "rapid
eating ?3 slow suicide." If you have
formed the habit Of eating too rap
idly you are most likely suffering
from indigestion or constipation,
which will result eventually in se
rious illness unless corrected. Di
gestion begins in the mouth, Food
should be thoroughly masticated
and insalivated. Then when you
have a fullness of the stomach or
feel dull and stupid after eating,
take one of Chamberlain's tablets.
Many severe cases of stomach
trouble and constipation have been
cured by the use of these tablets.
They are easy to take and most
agreeable in effect. Sold by all deal
Shake off Your Rheumatism.
Now is the time to get rid of
youl rheumatism. Try a twenty
five cent bottle of Chamberlain's
liniment and see how quickly your
rheumatic pains disappear. Sold by
all dealers.
Make the Old Suit
Look New
We are better prepared
than ever to do first-class
work in cleaning and press
ing of all kinds. Make your
old pants or suit new by let
ing tis clean and press them.
Ladies skirts and suits al
so cleaned and pressed. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
Edge field Pressing
We have just received 50 Men's
suits in blue, browns and lights,
which we have bought real
cheap. It will pay you to look
over before you buy your suit.
and Fg
Our two store
Street, stand wide
In our up-tow
furniture we carrj
that^we are selling
mond of Colliers i
upper store and w
field friends.
We can supi
Call to see us wher
If we haven't wha
for you.
972 Broad, Phone 445,
$15.00 special suits all wool
nicely made $25.00 vaines. We
have marked our goods down at the
?*tart, we can save you from $3.00
to $7.50 on a suit. Spend $15.00?
save $5.0o.
G. Me nins, Angus ia. Ga. I
15.00 Flannel suits at $8.00. We
are determined to give the best
value in Augusta for the money.
Palm Beach snits $6.50, $8.00
F G Mertins, Augusta. Ga.
A steak broiled on the New
Perfection Oil Cook-stove is
tender and delicious.
The New Perfection has a
special broiler, a hood that
sits away from the flame but
which gets all the heat. It
broils both sides at once.
All the flavor of the meat is
Oil Cook-siov?
means easier work and a cool,
clean kitchen.
Made with 1,2,3, and 4 burn
ers; also a new stove with
fireless cooking oven.
At all hardware and department stores.
Washington, D. C (New Jersey) Charlotte, N. G.
Norfolk, Va. BALTIMORE Charlestown, W. Va.
Richmond Va. Charleston, S, G.
Furniture, Furniture
irmers Hardware.
s, No. 972 Broad and No. 1,286 Broad
open to our Edgefield friends,
n store in addition to a full stock of
r a large supply of farmers hardware
; at close prices. Mr. Wyatt H. Ham
s a member of the salesforce at our
ill always be pleased to see his Edge
)ly anything you need in furniture,
i in need of anything for the house,
t you want in stock we will order it
12S9 Broad, Phone 23II

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