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VOL. 79.
EDGEFIELD, S. C., \#DNESDAY, JULY 1, 1914 NO. 15.
Mrs. ?. L. Jones is spending two
weeks at Glenn Springs.
Mr. J. A. Townsend, the agent
for the Southern, has requested us
to state that the freight warehouse
will be closed on July 4.
Our friend Bob Powell says he
has two stands of cotton now. The
belated rains brought up both the
first and second plantings.
The Glorious Fourth will not be
observed in Edgefield until next
Monday, when the stores and all
other places of business will be
Said a colored man a few day
ago: "If dere is enny place in
de next wurld dat is ho'.ter than two
days last week, I sho don't want ter
go dar."
For several months The Adver
tiser has not mentioned the names
of the new automobile owners. After
the political rush is over we will
set aside a page for that purpose.
Mr. George W. Adams and Mr.
H. C. Porter have opened an up-to
date garage in the Barker building.
They have a competent machanist
in charge to look after all repair
Col. S. B. Mays seldom fails to
ship a quantity of Elberta peaches
but be Kays that peaches are almost
a total failure this year. Up to this
time but few peaches have been
offered for sale in Edgefield.
As the Glorious Fourth comes on
Saturday, the stores and other
places of business will be closed in
Edgefield on Monday. And every
body will "take in'"' the Chautauqua
on that day.
Misses Natalie and Gladys Pad
gett and Mr. Elliott Padgett and
Master Edgar Padgett spent last
Thursday at Longmire's with their
grandfather, Mr. E. S. Reynolds.
They went up in their car.
Miss Teresa Bund/ of North Au
gusta is the guest of Miss Helen
Dorn this week. Her brother, Mr.
John Bunch, the manager of the
North Augusta branch of the Bank
of Western Carolina, brought her
l,n in his car Saturday.
Mr. Allen Samuel is spending a
week's vacation at home. Mr. Samu
el is now in the employment of the
American Tobacco Company and
was recently promoted because of
the srood record he has made.
John Scavens & Company, bet
ter known as the Greeks, will ope
a branch store in the Barker bui. I
ing next door to Mr. II. H. Sanders
about the first of August. They
will conduct a 5 and 10 cents lunch
stand in addition to their stock of
The hospitable home ol' Misses
Emily and Marjorie Tompkins in
Buncombe is the scene of a merry
house party. Their guests are Mis
ses Kathleen and Margaret Purcell
of Harrisonburg, Va., and Miss
Helen Sheahan of Roanoke, Va.
These very charming young ladies
were classmates of Misses Emily
and Marjorie at the Georgetown
Convent of Washington, D. C.
Mrs. W. C. Tompkins will en
tertain?this afternoon in honor of
her guest, Miss Virginia Thomason
of New York, and also in honor of
Misses Kathleen, Margaret and Ma
rie Purcell and Miss Helen Sheahan,
guests of Misses Emily and Marjor
ie " .jpkins and Miss Allene Smith.
Good -Reason for His Enthusi
When a man has suffered for sev
eral days with colic, diarrhoea or
other form of bowel complaint and
is then cured sound and well by one
or two doses of Chamberlain'*? colic,
cholera and diarrhoea remedy, as is
often the case, it is but natural that
he should be enthusiastic in his
praise of the remedy, and especially
is this thc case of a severe attack
when life is ireatened. Try it
when in need ?,."* such a remedy. It
never fails. Sold by all dealers.
Remarkable Cure of Dysentery.
"I was attacked with dysentery
about July 15, and used the doc
tor's medicine and other remedies
with no relief, only getting worse
all the time. I was unable to do
anything and my weight dropped
from 145 to 125 pounds. I suffered
for about two months when I was ad
vised to use Chamberlain's colic,
cholera and diarrhoea remedy. I j
used two bottles of i? nd it gave
I me permanent relief,' ./rites B W
Hill of Snow Hill, N. C. For sale
by all dealers.
We take this means of notifying
the public that our roller mill will
begin operation on July 1. We
have purchased a new bolting cloth
and guarantee to turn out a good
grade of flour.
W. H. & E. N SMITH, j
VOL. 79.
EDGEFIELD, S. C., \#DNESDAY, JULY 1, 1914 NO. 15.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
for the 5th judicial district of Edgefield
county and pledge myself to abide the
result of the Democratic primary elec
J. R. Blackwell.
This is to announce that I am a can
didate for the office of magistrate of
the 8th district and hereby pledge my
self to abide the result of the Demo
cratic primary.
A. C. Ouzts
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 2nd district and pledge myself to
abide the result of the D?mocratie pri
mary election.
Wallace W. Wise.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 5th district of Edgefield county
and pledge myself to abide the result
of the primary election.
J. R. Boddie.
I respectfully ennouno, that I am a
candidate for magistrate for the 7th
magisterial district of Edgefield coun
ty, pledging myself to abide the result
of the primary election.
W. E. Sheppard.
I hereby announce that I am a candi
date for the office of magistrate for
the 8th judicial district of Edgefield and
will abide the result of the primary
election. J. C. Timmerman.
For Coroner.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
coroner of Edgefield county and pledge
myself to abide the result of the Dem
ocratic primary.
J. E. Holmes.
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Insurance company, fire life and
each insurance company of any
kind or any company or corpora
tion or society having insurance
features other than charitable or
benevolent 5 00
Ice dealers ? 00
Ice cream peddlers j 50
/ J
Job printing and soliciting
agent 3.00
Junk dealer 5.00
Liveiy and feed stables 15.00
Lamber vard 5.U0
Millinery not carried with gene
ral stock 5.00
Map agent's per day 1.00
Mattress and feather renovators
per day, for each solicitor 2.00
Merchant's licenses shall be 1.00
per 1,000 of annual business done.
Newspaper S.00
j O
Oculist or optician 5.00
Oculist or optician, traveling,
per day 10.00
Or?ran grinders 1.U0
Opera House 5.00
Photographers 3.00
Photographers, intinerant, per
week or fractional part thereof 3.00
Peddlers and hawkers, day 10.00
Planing mills 5.00
Railroad for business done with
in the state not including that done
without the state, or interstate com
merce and not including that done
for the government 150.00
Restaurants 5.00
Repair shops, carriage, and wag
on f>.00
Soda fountain not connected with
other business :j.00
S*hoe shop and harnet:? 5.(JO
Skating rink 5.U0
Sales stables and feed 25.00
Standing of stallion or jack,
each. 5.00
Sales, feed and livery 35.00
Telegraph companies., for busi
ness done within the state and not
including that done without the
state or for the government 25.0U
Telephone business done within
the state and not including that
done without the state or for the
government 35.00
Transient painter, per dav 2.uo
Woodwork shop 5.00
Wholesale dealers in kerosene
oil 20. uu
Watch maker and jeweler, for re
pairing and selling, or either 5.00
Warehouse storing cotton 10.OG
All licenses shall be issued by the
clerk as herein provided. If it be
Costly Treatment.
I was troubled with constipation
and indigestion ami spent hundreds
of dollars for medicines and treat
ment, writes C H Hines, of Whit
low, Ark. "I went, to a St. Louis
hospital, also to a hospital in New
Orleans but no cure was effected.
On returning home I began taking
Chamberlain's tablets, and worked
right along. I used them for some
time and am now all right." Sold
by all dealers.
The Fact
No amount of mi
peddlers of alum bak
gJin'g with cliemicals,
or cooked-up certifie
any kind, can change
has been foui
clal examinatic
highest leaven
free from alam,
purify and vu
Roy^l Baking Bc
io/ making .finest and
a firm, shall contain the name of
the firm proposing to do business
under same, and all the names of
individuals composing- such firm.
If it be a corporation, it shall con
tain the name of the corporation
ann the officers of same.
Any pewon or pei sons carrying
on bu.-iness or occupation or run
ning- any establishment named in
this or preceding sections, without
having taken out license therefor
as herein provided, upor. conviction
shall be tined not less than one dol
lar, nor more than one hundred dol
lars per day, or fraction thereof, or
to be imprisoned in the coi'* -
ty j:iil or to be sentenced to
hard labor on the streets or public
works of tue town for a period of
not less than one nor more than
thirty days for each and every day,
<>r fraction thereof, such business or
profession i? carried without such
licence. Fur any business, calling,
occupation or profession not enu
merated in the foregoing, a license
tax of not more than 825 shall be
paid to the clerk by person, firm or
corporation engaged or running
same. All licenses issued tinder
this ordinance shall be po.?ted in a
conspicuous place on premires where
business or profession is carried
on, and subject to inspection at any
and all times by the officers of the
Any person or persons failing to
post said license shall be subject to
afine of not more than five dollars or
imprisonment for not more than
ten days.
Any firm or officer of any corpo
ration making any false or frauda
lent returns where a return under
oath is by this ordinance required,
shall upon conviction, be fined not
less than twenty-five dollars nor
more than fifty dollars or be im
prisoned not more than thirty days
nor less than ten days at the discre
tion of the mayor.
Any person, firm or corporation
liable to the license tax herein be
fore set forth, whose said tax is reg
ulated by the amount of business
done or the amount of stock carried
is required to make a return under
oath to the clerk of the town coun
cil on or before the 15th day of
August 1914, and on failure so to
do, such person or officer or agent
of such firm or corporation shall be
liable to a tine not exceeding one
hundred dollars or imprisonment
not exceeding thirty days for each
aud every day or fraction thereof
such person, or officer or agent
aforesaid shall be in default of mak
ing such returns.
The license on all dogs of every
age and sex has been reduced to fif
ty cents and shall be due and paya
ble at same time with city licenses
,\bove called for, to the town clerk
and treasurer at his office in Far
mers1 Bank in Edgefield.
All licenses issued under the fore
going sections are NON TRANS
I ninia.iiisgnmraHg
Entrance Examinations to 1
lina will be held by the Count;
at the County Court House Fri<
The University offers varie
literature, history, law and bus
era te and many opportunities fi
large number of scholarships an
leges in tins State receive free t
the School of Law. For full pi
University of t
^representation by the
ing powders, no jug
or pretended analysis,
ates, or falsehoods of
the .fact that
ng Powder
id by the offi
ms to be of the
lng efficiency,
, and of absolute
>wder is indispensable
most economical food.
Done and ratified in town council
I assembled this the 1st July 1914..
A. H. Corley,
|R. C. Padgett,
Town Clerk.
Keligious Notices.
Revival Meeting.
A meeting is to be held in the
Edgetield Methodist church from
first to third Sunday in September.
Rev. T. G. Herbert, pastor of Main
street Methodist church, Columbia*
is to do most of the preaching. Mr.,
Herbert is consecrated and able.
Methodists and Others.
I call attention to the tact that inr
July the Edgefield Methodist
church will be open for service
every Sunday at 11 and 8:30 except
3rd morning and 4th night. Metho
dists are requestad and others invit
[ ed lo come. Prayer meeting: Thurs
day nights.
J. R. Walker.
Trenton Methodist service next
Sunday at 5 o'clock.
Ther.? will be Baptist services
next Sunday morning, at 11:30 in
the High School auditorium and in
the Presbyterian church at 8:30
You're Billious and Costive!
Sick headache, bad breath, sour
stomach, furred tongue and indiges
tion, mean liver and bowels clog
ged. Clean up to-night. Get a 25c
bottle of Dr. King's New Life
Pills to-day and empty the stomach
and bowels of fermenting, gassy
foods and waste. A full bowel
movement gives a satisfied, thank
ful feeling-makes you feel fine.
Effective, yet mild. Don't gripe..
20c, at your druggist. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve for burns.
Has Your Child Worms?
Most children do. A coated,
furred tongue, strong breath, stom
ach pains, circles under eyes, pale,
sallow complexion, nervous, fretful,
grinding of teeth, tossing in sleep,
peculiar dreams, any one of these
indicate child has worms. Get a
box of Kickapoo worm killer at
once. It kills the worms, the cause
of your child's condition. Is laxa
tive and aids nature to expel the
worms. Supplied in candy form.
Easy for children to take. 25c at
your druggist.
ihe University of JSouth Caro
y Superintendent of Education
lay, July the 10th, 1914.
d ourses of study in science,
?ness. T'ne expenses are mod
>r self-support are offered. A
; available. Graduates of eol
uition in $11 courses except in
irticiil.irs write to
South Carolina,
S. C.

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