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Planked !s, of Course, the Most Pop
ular, and P"-5uauly the Best- Never
?. S.no-id Be Fried-Salads to
Go With lt.
There is no moro templing cr deli
cious dish than shad.
S iad muy be prepared in many
ways; probably the most popular is
p?ai:.i?'d shad. Many housewives think
such a dish cut of the question, but
all that one needs is a gcod hot fire
and a plank. He sure, however, lo sea- ?
son and garnish your fish before it j
is placed on the table, or it will not j
bo a success.
You ask how eau I get a plank? j
j\ carpenter will make you one of oak
ttbeut two inches thick for the small
?sum of 50 ceuts. It can be used in
definitely for the constant charring
of the v.ood, only adds to the flavor of
the fish.
To plank shad first wash and wipe
the whole fish thoroughly. Sprinkle
with salt and pepper, then fill it with
this stuffing: Two cupfuls of bread
crumbs or mashed potatoes, a grating
of onion, a tablespoonful of parsley,
butter the size of an egg.
With a shar?) knife cut three or four
slits in the upper side of the fish, aud
put a thin slice of bacon in each open
ing. lt should be baked in a mod
crate oven for ul? minutes. If you
cook with gas bake it for part of the
time in *he oven, then brown and liu
ish under the flame.
Tl proper salads to serve with
shad are watercress and tomato, cu
cumbers and onions, or a salad of
radishes cut thin aud laid on lettuce
Hroiled shad may be accomplished
with the ordinary broiler, but great
care should be taken lest the tish
is seared, if it is cooked over the
open coals. Wise housewives never
fry shad, as it is apt to absorb the
grease and it loses much of its dainty
fiavor. if prepared in this manner.
An unusual recipe for shad is to put
it in a sour pickle, and let it remain
there for a day or so, then serve for
a light supper. The shad should be
cut in tipiares about three inches
square, then boiled for 20 minutes.
Heat some vinegar, season with pep
per and salt, and crush some allspice
in it. Pour this hot over the tish |
and keep it tightly covered for several j
hours before serving. It is delicious. I
as the bones are softened* and the j
ilesh tenner and juicy from tile vine
gar in which ii has lain.
Halibut a La Fiamanade.
Cover the bottom Of a baking-dish !
with two tablespoonfuls each o;'
minced onion and celery and one of
parsley. Pioce on this the iish. after ?
dusking it with suit and pepper to
taste and brushing with malted butter. I
l?ake in a quick oven. Put two ta- j
blespoonfuls of hut'.er in a pan, add ?
two of flour and mis; add one pint of j
cooked strained tomatoes and Mir un
til boiling- add one-half teaspoonful j
each of mace and white pepper. Strain
this around the lis?i and serve with
boiled potato halls basted with melted
butter ai:d dusted with minced pars
ley.-Woman's Home Companion.
Using Lemon Rinds.
Everyone will be slad to know of a
way to sove your lemon rinds after
making lemonade. Remove as much
as possible of the pith, cut the rinds
in strips, with scissors, about one
quarter inch wide. Get one pint of
pure grain alcohol and put In a glass
jar; into this drop the strips of lemon
until you have used 15 lemons. They
do not all have to be put In at the
.same time. The whole amount should
.stand a week. Then strain through
fine muslin. That ls all there is to it
.and you have the pure article with no
coloring or flavoring and it is a fine
Stuffed Corn Beef.
This ls a somewhat unusual way of
rcooking a familiar meat, and makes a
(pleasant variety. Select a lean, chunky
?piece and after cooking or soaking it
In fresh water, to remove the brine,
make several deep incisions in lt. Fill
these cuts with bread stuffing highly
seasoned with pepper and onion. Tie
the stuffed meat tightly In a cloth, dip
?it In vinegar, and then Bimmer lt In
[bolling water. Allow 20 minutes for
.each pound of meat. Drain before un
ifying the cloth.
Rice and Apples.
One cupful of rice and five large
cooking apples. Wash the rice well In
l?verai waters, pare and slice the
ipples; cover with water. When
boiled sweeten to taste. Eat with
cream. To make lt look nice whip
the whites of two egss. sweeten,
cover the dish, brown in the oven for
a minute, take out and put drops of
current Jelly on top.
Orange Filling.
One-half cup .sugar, two level table
spoonfuls cornstarch, grated rind one
half orange, one-third cup orange
juice, one tablespoonful lemon Juice,
one egg beaten slightly, one teaspoon
ful melted butter.
Mix the ingredients and cook in dou
ble boiler for 12 minutes, stirring con
stantly. Cool before using.
Cutting Hot Bread and Cake.
When cutting hot cake or bread, if
the knife ?B heated first lt will prevent
piem crumbling.
Of One Mlud.
Foxy Uncle (after leaving the curio
shop, showing his nephew the way to
buy curios)-"There you are. you see.
When you are dealing with people
like that just hargile the point a bit,
und down conies the price ten shill
in's." Curio Dealer (to his nephew) -
"There you are, my boy. When you're
dealing with .a man like 'im. and you
see as 'ow 'e's going to hargue the
point a bit. all you've got to do is
to pur the price up ter. shillin's to
start wich."-Sketch.
Li'g;-,t From the Earth.
The darkes part cu' the sky is al
ways aglow. The earth itself gives
off a lot of light. Scientists of the
Franklin institute have measured this
earth light and have found that it is
of the order of one-tenth part of the
intensity of a star of the first order of
magnitude. It is attributed, at least
partially, to a permanent aurora bore
alis which is revealed by the charac
teristic green ray observed on ob
scure nights in the whole heavens.
Bad News.
Small Peter, disguised as a district
messenger, was delivering play tele
grams to his sisters, who were im
provising dispatches of a more or less
startling nature. When it came Lil
lian's turn, she read aloud from her
bit of yellow paper, amid finely simu
lated wails of woe: "Railroad wreck.
I was instantly killed; Your loving
Soldier's Mest Trying Position.
The average soldier linds the most
terrifying position to be that of staud
inj motionless in the front rank, ex
posed to the enemy's fire without be
ing able to reply. The order to ad
vance or to charge with fixed bayonets
is then received as a release from
agony. Movement, even into greater
peril, distracts the mind and greatly
reduces the mental anguish.
No Chances for Kim.
A dealer selling cloth in a small
town asked an irishman who was
passing if he would buy a suit length,
and added: "You eau ha."" it for ten
bob." To which Pat replied: "Begobi
sir. if tuppence would buy the makings
of a topcoat fer an elephant I couldn't
buy the makings of a pair ol' leggings!
for a canary this minute."
Shrewd Elopement Trick.
Tiie newest elopement tri: k was re
cently worked in Switzerland, where
the parents of the couple went on a
trip Lo the top of a mountain. . While
they were there the couple get a bob
sledi coasted down the mountainside
and were away on an express before
the parents could get (iowa ilu U* ;un
:.ai.'i ou the railway.
Airs. Walter Vincent,
of Pleasant Hill, N. C.,
writes: "For three sum
mers, I suffered from
nervousness, dreadful
pains in my back and
sides, and weak sinking
spells. Three bottles of
Cardui, the woman's
tonic, relieved me entire
ly. I feel like another
person, now."
for over 50 years,
yr{ Cardui has been helping
@)| to relieve women's un
&JB? necessary pains and
^gji building weak women up
agJ to health and strength.
It win do the same for
(?J you, if given a fair trial.
?y So, don't wait, but begin f/&
@i taking Cardui today, for ig)
\J its use cannot harm you, ?fi
wJT' and should surely do you
JPj good. E-72 N|
(Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium)
Prompt Powerful Permanent
Its beneficia1 cf- Stubborn cases Good results aro
iocts arc uuually yWd to P. P. P. lasting-it cures
itu very quickly vrben other medi- yo:: coitiycurtd
cines arc useless
fMakes rich, rod, pure bloo-i - cleanses the entire
system - clears the brain - strengthens digestion and nerves.
A ? ositive specific for Blood Poison and skin diseases.
Drives out Rheumatism and Stops the Pain; ends Matena;
is a wonderful tonic and body-builder. Thousands endot
Copyrieht 1909, by C. E. Zimmerman Co.-No. 41
Put some money in the Bank of
Edgefield and you will defeat pov
erty. Everybody has a horror of
poverty. There is only one way to
insure against it, that is to culti
vate a habit of thrift which you
can easily do by putting money in
this bank. Courteous and prompt
attention given to all business.
OFFICERS: J. C. Shephard, ^rea.; B. E. Nicholson5 Vice
pres.: K.J. Muns, Cashier: ?I. ll. Allen, assistant Cashier
DIRECTORS: J. C. Sheppnrd, Geo. W. Adams^ Tho*, ll.
Rai nsf ord, John liai nsf orri M. K Nficiiols.cn, A. S. Tompkins, C.
C. Fuller j K. -I. Minis..?, ii. Alien;
If net interested. Fur yoe are c.
cy is to be saved ii: Ibe purchase .
self and livestock. V7c aie now ir
arc Cumming sl:eets, two blocks *
whcif we have the most mulern 1
space cf 24.BOO squa.e feet ard it
and Iceos hom ce:h".r to roof. C
ciated. Our expenses ure .it ?east
t'.nuins; our storr ar 363 Broad s'
from ears io waicheuse, we are in
I rices h y un itally want the wt
'iiged to be interested where rr.on
i nerwuties of lit-.* both for yoar
our warehouse, corner of Fenwick
'orr. thc Union Passecgei Statirm
rarebouse in Augusta with floor
is literally packed with Gr<v;eric"j
:r stoci; must be seen lo l-e apprc
i45t.0C a month ic?;. since dwun
reet, and as goods aie unloaded
a position to name very close
rib. of your money see or write us
Augusta, Ga.
?bk For T.rii5 Mark
You'll find it on the top of each
Metal Shingle
It ?3 put there to protect you as well
as us fror.1 the imitator. Roofs covered
with those shingles 27 years ago are
good today, and nave never needed re
pairs. That's why they're imitated
Therefore, look for this stamp.
For Sale by
Stewart & Kernaghan
Edgefield, South Carolina.
Black, Tan and White
The Equitable
I Life Assurance Society
Offers beyond a reasonable doubt the
I best insurance that ran be obtained. Be- ?
^ fore taking ont insurance with some
I oilier compa?v. Let me show you my |
I 20Tay Life, paid up in 15 34 years,
g Dividends declared after the first year,
increasing yearly.
Don't fail to ?et the best when von
insure. Therefore, von had better see
an Equitable policy.
Ashby W. Davenport,
Equitable Life Assurance Agent
Edgefield, S. C.
Phone Your Orders
It is not necessa for you to come
to our store to buy. Just call up on
the phone and we will take your
order and deliver it promptly, and
you will find both quality and quan
ti llfadEm? Mi \ . . -
y tity just as good as if you had per
: j'j.'w..'*^ ?:? *??. sonally selected the goods. Weare
J! !.!"'3 . SJv^'j K&'V anxious to have vouas a customer
^*5.*v?cai V wi are sure wc will hold von as s.ich
; v V- 1
after the first purchase
r IT M a V
: Ju. I o l?lii I
j Edgefield, South Carolina.
t? J, C. LEE, Pr?sid?t F. E. Gibson, Sec. and.Treas
If you are going to [build, remodel or repair,
we invite your^inquiries.
We manufacture and deal in doors, sash, blinds
stairs, interior trim, store fronts and fixtures,
pews, pulpits, etc., rough and dressed lumber,
lath, pine and cypress shingles, Mooring, ceiling
and siding.
Distributing agents for Flintkote roofing
Estimates cheerfully and carefully mane.
Woodard Lumber Co.
Corner Roberts and Dugas Streets,
Our Motto: ?32

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