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Sstabltsbr?i 1835. :
? L. MI MS,.Editor
Published every Wednesday in Tho
.livertist-r Building at ?1.no ?vr year
;j advance.
Entered us second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield, ?. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied? by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries. Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Wednesday, July 22nd.
It nevee occurs to fools that merit
and good lortune are closely united
It can truly be said of the newly
chosen president of Mexioo that the
oliice sought the man.
Wonder if Columbia's square
meals" have anything to do with
the establishment of so many hos
pitals in that city?
Clinton his been added t? the
list of towns in South Carolina that
aie to have postoffice buildings erec
ted by the government. If Clin
ton, why not Edgefield, too?
Edgefield people are taking but
little Interest in county politics. It
seems almost useless to bold regular
campaign meetings.
Only a few more days remain
in which you can -place your name
on the Democratic club roll. Do
not put it off too late.
That 20,000 cartridges are being
smuggled daily across the Mexican
border at El Taso by both factions
means that the internal strife is
likely to continue in Mexico not
withstanding that a new order of
things bas been set np in the city of
William Jennings Bryan has ta
ken a high eat on the woman suf
frage band wagon. He is evidently
planning to ''come again" about
1020. Having failed for three times
to receive a majority of the votes
cast by the men he hopes for bettet
things from the women.
The four candidates for the
United States senate will address
the voters at Edgefield next Wed
nesday. It is probable that the at
tendance will be very large, and we
trust that each one of the candidates
will be given respectful attention
Let it be said that the meeting at
Edgefield was the most orderly cam
paign meeting that was held in
.South Carolina.
Attend the Farmers' Institutes.
*'The man who waits i"or the gov
ernment or the college of agricul
ture to do for bim what beean do
for himself will find considerable
delay in securing this assistance
The government ai.d the college
show the way, but they do not do
the work. It is no dishonor to be
shown, but it is a great mistake to
neglect instruction and suggestions
that would mean better farming and
better living."
The foregoing paragraph from
the Fanch is timely, and should
have weight in inducing farmers to
attend the institutes that are held
all over the country in tbe interest
of agriculture at this season. "It is
a great mistake to neglect instruc
tions and suggestions that would
mean better farming and better liv
ing." Valuable instruction and
suggestions will be given the far
mers of Edgefield county through
the institutes that are to be held un
der the auspices of Clemson and
Winthrop colleges. The following
are the ??laces and dates for these
institutes: McKendree, Aug. 4;
Cleora, Aug. ?; Edgefield, Aug. 6.
Talk up these meetings among your
neighbors and friends. j b
Is It Not a Disgrace?
Is it nota disgrace for people, ca
rdia ly the whites who claim su
pr'iioiitv, in a presumably civilized
..om m II ni ly, to live in the midst of
50 much filth? In our town, just as
in thousands ol' cithers, there is
enough debris to brent yellow fever,
to say nothing about typhoid amt
other diseases conveyed by conta
gion and- mosquitoes. Outwardly
things look comparatively clean and
tiu- interior of these homes are
cleansed and garnished, bat when
you have said that you have said
all: for tin cans, half filled with
stagnant water and mosquitoes, rot
ten rags, rotten wood, and other un
mentionable tilth we have galore.
If you doubt what I say, walk
around with your eyes half open,
and look behind our stores and un
der some houses, and you will be
come a convert to the gravity of
the situation. The sad part of it all
is that nobody seems enough inter
ested to organize a civic league or
to insist on the authorities bavinu
au inspector, who knows his busi
ness, look after things. These* very
persons who accumulate so much
and destroy so little tilth make
splendid mourners at the funerals
for which they are guilty.
The authorities give them dis
enfectants but they are too lazy to
use them. A cat or a dog would
use . , but people that will not
?.peak to you on the street are nut
ashamed of their back lots and
store lots and kitchen window! One
.sear ago last spring, making
ig h teen months, I purchased a bar
rel of rock lime for which was paid
one dollar and Hf teen cents. Every
day that lime has been used and
that bai rel is full to the brim to-day,
and daily being used, as it slacks.
At this rate I am paying for lime
forty cents a year. Think 'of
it! And for that foi ty cents, and
few other precautions, I am proba
bly saving the life of some person
in my or another family, and saving
much distress and expense. Of
course the cleanest people in the
world have sickness, but it is trace
able to some filthy person some
where eUe. Kow to get any town in
a healthy state it is absolutely nec
essary to get rid of any wet and
stagnant place where mosquitoes
hatch; it is necessary for the town
to see that all clogged ditches are
cleaned out; that all back premises
are disinfected; that the sun be al
lowed to shine in these places. The
writer is not troubled with these
menaces; for he lives at a distance
from stores, and his neighbors are
painfully carefully about such
things. But if I did live near the
stores and had such neighbors there
would be a warm time in the old
town, for it is a specie of homicide
ind suicide for a so-called civilized
people to be less cleanly than cats
ind dogs. If we have bit one of
;hese animals, unintentionally, we
aope that the dog will yell and the
?ur will fly! Two ladies met each
)ther on the street; one was hand
somely dressed; the other in calico.
The calico lady scrubbed and swept
md limed; the silk lady would not
condescend to speak. On the street
me was a fashion-plate, the other
i real woman. At home one was a
ivhat? the other was a plain but
iubstantial lady. Oh, this world is
i 1 led with shams! If the town au
horitios do not look after these
choked up drains, iifthy yards, lazy
people and fashion platet., there is a
class that will look after them,
lamely, the doctors, the preachers
md the under.akers. Let's get up
i little public sentiment and a little
private cleaning. If we are ashamed
n the day, sneak around in the
light, but clean up.
Campaign Meetings.
The following is the schedule of
campaign meetings for the Oongres
lioual campaign for this District
Beaufort, July 27th,
Jasper, July 28th,
Hampton, July 29th,
Barnwell, July 30th,
Bamberg, July 31st,
Aiken, August 3rd, ^
ridgefield, August 4th,
Saluda, 5th.
Republican, July 24th,
Trent rn, July 25rd,
* Parksville, August (5th,
White Town, August 11th,
Edgefield, August 20th.
Costly Treatment.
I was troubled with constipation i
nd indigestion and spent hundreds ;
f dollars for medicines and treat- i
aent, writes C II Hines, of Whit
ow, Ark. "I went to a St. Louis I
ospital, also to a hospital in New i
Means but no cure was effected. 1
)n returning home I began taking (
/haraberlain's tablets, and worked (
ight along. I used them for some
ime and am now all right." Sold 1
y all dealer?. j 1
What Others Sar
A New Role.
Uncle Sam will pretty soon be known
as the international policeman.-Char
leston Post.
-> Doom Approaching.
[f Virginia goes dry-and the out
lock is that il will-the liquor people
had just as well give ap. There will be
no hope for them.-Anderson Mail.
'.Spies of Life."
"Women." says the Cincinnati En
puirer, "are the spies of life." Well,
wh\t they find out they don't keep
secret from the enemv.-Anderson
Poor Fellows!
If you are inclined to think your lot in
life hard, just consider the case of the
poor reporters who have to hear the 6ame
campaign speeches day after day on the
chance that some candidate may say
something new. -Greenville Piedmont.
The Wilson Way.
Often there is a short way. but cost
ly, a long war, but cheap, by which an
object can be accomplished. Wilson's
way with Huerta was "slow but sure"
and-there has been no war.-Spartan
burg Journal.
Slothful Man a Nuisance.
Water confined in a pool soon be
comes stagnant and amenace to health.
? Such is the slothful man who prefers
ease and comfort to labor. He is not
only worthless, but dangerous to oth
ers. -Spartanburg Journal.
Give Children a Chance.
Children in farm homes are entitled
to as good advantages for education as
the children in the cities and towns.
Then why not give the rural schools
more revenue so they may extend the
term of school, get better teachers anti
introduce courses in agriculture and
home economics'.' -Farm & Ranch.
Smile Provokers
Tommy--"Pop, what do we mean
by the dark ages?"
Tommy's Pop-"The days of
knights, my son."
Blowhard made one of those
Mother Hubbard speeches."
"Mother Hubbard-why ?" M
'It covered everything and touch
ed nothing.-Indianapolis "Star. .
"Oh, George, before you get
your razor I must tell you that I
I borrowed it yesterday." "What,
again! Y-yes. I had to do some rip
ping. But it's just as good as ever.
You'll never notice the difference. I
sharpened it un the stove pipe"
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"I don't think that one should
always obey one's parents, do you,
Araminta?'' inquired Arabella.
"Why, I don't know, said Ara
minta, what makes you say that?"
"Last night when Bob was here
paoa, called down,Arabella, put out
the light, ami of course I did it. j
And when he came downstairs and
found us in the dark he was raving
Master of the house (married to
a suffrageite)-What's happening
about the dinner, May?
Maid-There ain't going to be
none, sir!
Master-What! No dinner?
Maid-No, sir. The missus 'as
come 'onie from jail, sir, an' ate up
hevervthink in the 'ouse!-Pearson's
Weekly. ^_
Robbie's grandfather was a veter
an of the Civil war, and in talking
to his little grandson about the bat
tles be said: "Nearly a generation
and a half ago, Robbie, my head
was grazed by a bullet in the battle
of Chickamauga."
Robbie looked at the bald pate of
his grandsire attentively and said:
"Not much grazing there now, is
there?"-Pittsburgh Chronicle
The moving picture director was
saving trouble in getting one of the
scenes right. The girl was supposed
to resist and attempt to kiss her,
but the rehearsal was far from sat
"Think now said the director,
coaching her, haven't you ever tried
to stop a voting man from kissing
"No, was the girl's frank reply."
"We receive many queerly direct
ed letters, of course, acknowledged
a post office assistant iu answer to
in urgent question. But the queer- (
?st I ever remember having seen had ,
in address that ran somewhat as ,
Follows:" (
"To my son Thomas if he is as- j
iodating with decent young fellows
ind calling on respectable girls. If ;
ie ain't, please return to above ad
iress, because the letter has two
lollars in it." I
"I've often wondered whether the
etter got back all right."-Cleve
and Plain Dealer. ?
"ls the Young Man Safe." |
All "day long at the city gates
The royal watcher sits and waits,
While the buttle rages fierce and wild
Gainst his traitor son. his rebel child.
The lagging sun to the westward
?ut rhc King bia lonely vigil keeps,
Caring naught For his haughtyfoes,
But tense with the pain that a father
Lo'nlc! O'er the {'lain, with failing:
. breath. |
A courier corned from the fieid.of death. '
"New.-- i'rom the strife, my lord, the '
King. , I
Tidings glad from the field I bring: I
For the lighting's e'er anil the foemen
Thy throne is save and thy kingdom
"Is the young man safe?"-the htart
wrung cry
Has an age-long ring that brings it
'Tis the nameless dread at the father's
As he sees his son from the home de
'Tis the burden of many a mother's
For the boy who wanders she knows
not where:
'Tis the harrowing fear that will not
Till it plows in the forehead its fur
rows deep.
"Is the young man/safe?" can he safe
ly tread
In a path with clime and pitfalls
Can he pass unscathed the devil's
That are clustered thick in the city
Can he rest secure when he little knows
That his seeming friends are his subtlest
"Is the vomis man safe" when in very
His path is strewn with the wrecks of
Safe? When the state protects the den
That gluts its till with the lives of
Safe? When a man for a paltry toil
May seta snare for a fellow's soul?
"Is the young man safe" when our
laws condone
The "Thou shalt nots" on the slab of j
"Is the young man safe?" Let the
church and state
"Heed David's cry at the city gate;
Let the church forget its warring
And wake to the call of living needs; ?
Let the city guard as its choicest
The young man's vigor and moral.
God make us wise-for the hour is;
When the youth is gone, and the man ?
?5 hure.
- Selected.
Engineers to be Honored.
Atlanta, (4a., July 10.-Southern
Railway engineers who have made
exceptionally good records in keep
ing their locomotives in good'con
dition are to be honored by having
their names painted on the panels
of their cabs. In announcing this
new plan, vice-president and gener
al manager E. H. Coapman states
that it has been adopted as a mark
of Southern Railway's appreciation
of the interest which its engineers
have taken in. the condition and ap
pearance of their locomotives.
Southern Railway practice is, as
far as possible, to allow each regu
lar engineer to have his individual
locomotive. The engineers feel a
great personal pride in the appear
ance of their locomotives aud many
of them have been beautifully deco
rated in which the company has co
operated with the men. As a result
of the attractive appearance of
Southern Railway locomotives,
they have attracted wide spread at
tention and much favorable com
ment. L'nder the new arrangement
each engineer who has run an in
dividual locomotive for a stated
number of miles, rated according to
tue class of the engine, without go
ing into the shop for general over
hauling, will have his name placed
on the cab panel. The arrangement
was effective July I, but mileage
made during the past tvo years by
enginetrs running individual loco
motives will be applied.
Notice of Dissolution
By mutual agreement the firm of
A. M. Timmerman & Company has
this day dissolved. I having pur
chased the interest of W. A. Tim
merman, will assume all indebt
ness of the firm. All persons in
Jebted to said firm are hereby noti
ied to settle with me.
A. M. Timmerman.
For Weakness and Loss of Appetite ,
Thc Old Standard general strengthening tonic, ,
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out '
Malaria and builds up the system. A true tonio '
UK! wre Appetizer. For advlU ann children. 50c
For Congress.
I respectful!}' announce that I am a
i-anniuale for Congivss from th*? 2nd
Congressional district, subject to the
rules and regulations of the Democratic
R. M. Mixson.
1 hereby announce my candidacy for
re-nomination by the Democratic party
for Representative in Congress from
the Second District, pledging myself
to comply with the rules of the party.
James F. Byrnes.
For House of Representatives.
. I respectfully announce that I am a
cand?ate for the House of Representa
I tives from Edgsfield county and solicit
? the (support of the people, pledging
: myself to abide the result ot the Dem
! ocratic primary.
S. B. Marsh.
I respectfully announce that I am a
? canidate for the House of Representa
! tives and solicit the support of th**
people, niedging myself to abide the re
1 suit of the Democratic Primary.
S. T. Williams.
I I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to" the House of
I Representatives, and pledge myself to
abidje the result of the Democratic
J. P. DeLaughter.
Thereby announce that I am a can
' didate for the House of Representa
tives, subject to the rulesof the Dem
! ocratic Party, and I /gree to abide the
i result of the election, and support the
I nominees of the party.
M. P. Wells.
For ounty Treasurer.
Appreciating your past favors for
j Treasurer of Edgefield County, I an
! nounce my candidacy again for said office
?and pledge myself to support the nomi
nees of the Democratic party. The
term of this office is now four years.
E. S. Johnson.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-election to the office of
j Treasurer of Edgefield county and
pledge myself to abide the result of
the Democratic primary.
J. T. Mims.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the office of county treas
urer and solicit the votes of the people,
pledging myself to abide the result of
the Democratic primary, ?A
J Am Smith.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for re-election to the office
of auditor of Edgefield countv and
pledge myself to abide the result of the
Democratic primary.
J. R. Timmerman.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for rtv office of auditor of
Edgefield county and pledge myself to
abide the result of the Democratic pri
C. M. Mellichamp.
For Judge of Probate.
This is to announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Probate Judge. I shall abide the re
sult of Primary Election and support
nominees thereof.
W. T. Kinnaird.
For Master.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Master in Equity of Edgefield County
and pledge myself to abide the result
of the Democratic primary election.
S. M. Smith.
I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for Master in Equity of Edge
field county and solicit the support of
the people, pledging myself to abide
by the result or the Democratic prima
ry election.
A. R. Nicholson.
This is %to announce that I am a
candidate for election to the office of
Master of this County, and that I will
abide the result of the Primary Elec
tion. J. H. Cantelou.
For Magistrate.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 4th judicial district and will
abide the result of the Democratic
J. F. Pardue.
I hereby announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 8th judicial circuit of Edgefield
county and pledge myself to abide the
result of the Democratic primarv.
W. E.Turner.
The friends of R. N. Edmunds beg
to announce his candidacy for the of
fice of magistrate in fifth judicial dis
trict, subject to rules of democratic
primary, and pledge him, if elected, to
the faithful discharge of the duties of
the office and to support nominees of
democratic party.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
magistrate of the 1st judicial district
of Edgefield county, pledging myself
to abide the result of the Democratic
N. L. Brunson.
The friends of W. W. Miller anf
nounce his candidacy for the office o
Magistrate of the 4th Judicial District
sf Edgefield County, piedging him to
abide the result of the Democratic pri
VOL. 79.
EDGEFIELD, S. C., \#DNESDAY, JULY 1, 1914 NO. 15.

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