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Efitablisbeb 1335.
g. L. "AIMS...^...-.Editor
Published every Wednesday in The
Aivertiser Building at $1.50 per year
i? advance.
Entered as second class matter, at
the postoffice at Edgefield. S. C.
Nr? communications will be published
ttniess accompanied^ by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries. Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Wednesday, July 29th.
It neves occurs tc fools that merit
and good tortuue are closely united
* _?
Less than 30 days to the first primary.
The war cloud 'that overshadows
Europe is larger than a man's hand.
The European war has already
caused wheat to advance eight or nine
cents per bushel.
The pardon record of the past three
years is giviner South Carolina almost
as much notoriety as the wholesale
graft of the old State dispensary.
Now that they have peace in Mexico
they do not know what to do with it.
Finally "Uncle Sam" will have to take
Mexico under his permanent protection.
Should England become involved in
the war between Austria and Persia
the cotton growers of the South and
all lines of business would feel the
effects of this war.
If you did not place your name on
the Democratic club and through the
failure to do so you are' debarred the
privilege of voting, you have no one to
blame except yourself.
Within a few day3 it will be known
how many votera have enrolled over
the State for the primary. The figures
will give some idea of what per cent
of the total vote two years ago was
Sufficient rewards have been offered
for the apprehension of the villain who
attempted to kill Dr. McIntosh of
Columbia to induce the leading detec
tive agencies in the country to place
their best men in the field.
Talk up the Edgefield High School.
While the first year was a success, let's
make the second year a greater success.
The faculty has been strengthened and
there is no reason why our High School
should not be one of the very best in
the State.
The Governor posed Tuesday in
Columbia for th" moving picture
machine. But we do not believe the
"movies" can save him from defeat.
It will require votes to elect him and
, reports from ail parts of South Caro
lina state that he is losing ground every
The treasury department in Wash
ington is not disturbed by the large
amount of gold that is going abroad on
account of the declaration of war in
Europe. "Uncle Sam" still has in cir
culation and stored in his vaults nearly
two billion dollars in gold. That is
enough to keep the wolf from the door.
Call at the office of clerk of court
and ask Mr. Cogburn to ?show you the
photograph of the legislature of 1868
which Senator Tillman recently sent
him. By sending these'photographs to
every clerk of court in the State Sen
ator Tillman has rendered an in
valuable service to his constituency.
Spartanburj's Good Fortune
The Journal and the people of Spartan- |
burg are to be congratulated upon the
removal of Mr. Harold Booker from .
Greenville to the "City of Success" to
reside. For the past five years Mr.
Booker has edited the Greenville Pied
mont, increasing very largely the in
fluence and prestige of the excellant y
paper. Hereafter he will labor as faith
fully for the continued success of The
Journal of Spartanburg. Mr. Booker "
- is a man of force and a writer of un- z
jsual versatility. H?3 leading edito
rials, together with his pointed 'para
rraphs, never fail to interest the
ueople, increasing the popularity of
the paper which he edits. Congratula
ron* to The Journal upon its good
Maintain Your Equilibrium
Do not lose your head. While this is
a very homely expression, yet it is al
together apropos at this time. As the
campaign draws to a close many men
who are greatly enthused over politics
are liable to make remarks during poli
tical discussions that will give offense.
In the years gone by we have known
near neighbors and worse still, men
closely related, to engage in heated
political discussions in which offensive
language was used, causing an estrange
ment that has not bien fully healed to
this day.
How foolish this is. Inj your sober
moments think seriously and take a
broadview of the situation. Nine poli
ticians out of ten care absolutely
nothing for their followers after they
have received their votes. The office
seekers may pretend to stand first, last
and always for the people's interests,
but what they are after primarily is
a sufficient number of votes to elect
them. Why should you sacrifice
the pleasant relations of friends and
those akin by blood in order to aid the
self-seeking politician? Furthermore
the average politician is short lived.
He may be in position to render you
temporary assistance now but soon
he will be cut clown like the grass of
the field and another will 'come upon
the scene, while you must live in the
?.ame community with relatives and
friends for the remainder of your earth,
ly sojourn.
Consider well before sacrificing long
scanding lies in order to serve some
office seeker. Always maintain your
equilibrium, especially in matters pei
taining to politics.
Spent Very Pleasant Day.
After worshipping in the Baptist
church IL Johnston last Sunday
morning the editor of The Advertis
er and Mrs. Mimd spent the remain
der of the day in the home of Mr.
aud Mrs- P. C. Stevens. Have you
ever wondered why Mr. Stevens is
such a Brobdinag or giant in statue'-'
Well, it is because he has such a
big heart that it requires a big bodr
io house it. And , Mrs. Stevens is
likewise noted for her goodness and
greatness of heart. She has been for
a number of years the leading spirit
in the woman's missionary work of
the Ridge association. This is but
une of a number of commendable
enterprises i. which she is engaged.
Mrs. Stevens is also interested in
the county fair and will work for
its success. After discussing the
"burning issues" in particular and
politics in general, incidentally se
lecting and electiug a ticket from
coroner to the L'nited States senate,
Mr. Stevens and the writer took a
stroll over his splendid farm of 8U
acres, which is so valuable that,
like city lots, it will bell for so
much per front foot instead of so
much per acre. Mr. Stevens has the
ri nest cotton that we have seen,
competent judges having estimated
that much of it will make two bales
to the acre. His corn in spite of
lack of rain is also very line. Had
it not suffered, every acre of his
held would have rivalled some of
the "pet" acres of a few years ago.
Mr. Stevens is a zealous advocate
of planting the best seed obtainable,
whether it be cotton, corn, wheat,
oats or simply sor? hum. He pur
chased some of Mr. D. R. Coker's
prize corn and rye. From half
bushel of rye, planted on about an
acre, he has threshed 2i> and one
half bubhels.
Mr. Stevens is gradually equip
ping his farm in the most up-to-date
manner. He has orx'i of the best
barns in the county, it being con
structed from the material in the
old Harmony church. He will soon
install a complete water system for
his house and premises.
COstly Treatment.
I was troubled with constipation
and indigestion and spent hundreds
of dollars for medicines and treat
ment, writes C H Hines, of Whit
low, Ark. "I went to a St. Louis
hospital, also to a hospital in New
Orleans but no cure was effected.
Un returning home I began taking
Chamberlain's tablets, and worked
right along. I used them for some
lime and am now all right." Sold 1
by all dealers.
What Others Say
Good Homes
That country is most prosperous
whose working people have the best
and happiest home life..-Anderson In
Making New Record
For infinite varieties of cain South
Tarolina has fairly outdone her own
inimitable self in the political contests
of this year.-Charlotte Observer.
Few Rights Left
A Chester man has been sent to jail
for beating his wife. Slowly but sure
ly all of a man's personal rights are
being taken from him.-Sporting Jour
Significant Remark
When the candidates for the senate
began discussing the asylum investiga
tion one of the contemporaries had a
headline: "Candidates have got to
asylum at la?t. "-Greenville News.
The patriotic calamity howlers who
were lately so fearful that the Wilson
government would have to borrow
money to meet current expenses will of
course be pleased to note that the
Treasury comes cut ?of the fiscal year
with a* very comfortable surplus
even when the income tax has been
working little mme than half time.
Farm & Ranch.
. Billions Out of (?round
Latest Government estimates place
the total valuation of the year's crops
above ten billion dollars. This is more
than the total real estate assessment
of any State, not excepting New York,
.'.ome countries which consider them
selves important cannot muster, all
told,, such a sum of worldly goods. A
country which takes so much out of
the ground in one year-not reckoning
products of forest, mine and waters
is some country in a material way. -
Charlotte Observer.
Down on Pistol Toting
We now call for a governor who will
see that the pistol-toting law is enforced
to the letter. Every coward in the
state at present carries a man-of-war
in his hip-pocket, and at the slightest
provocation "pulls" and fires, sure
th'tt an easily obtained pardon will
be forthcoming. We stand ready to
sopport any lawmaker who will have
laws enacted, making pistol-toting an
jffense worth ten years at hard labor.
Show us a dead man in the road, with
i bullet hole over his heart, and we
.viii show you ten men in the crowdy
ibout who are prepared to send other
rictims along the pistol-shot route, and
who really rather hunger for the chance
to "pull."-Marion Star.
Smile Provokers
Wile-Any fashions in that pa
per, Jack?
Jack (who has just settled a dress
maker's bill)-Yes, but they're no
itse to you, dear. It's yesterday's
Siiicus-What's the matter, old
man? You look unhappy.
Cyuicus-I am. I'm almost as un
happy as a woman with a secret
that nobody wants to know.-Club
Gladys-Jack really has a soft
qjot in his heart for me.
Muriel-How do you know?
Gladys-He say? he is always
thinking of me.
Muriel-Why aman doesn't think
with his heart. The soft spot, must
be in his head.
The most ghastly superstition has
Dften its base in a ludicrous fact,
tt is like the case of Jones.
Jones, said a man, ' tells me that
?lis wooden leg gave him great pain
last night."
"Nonsense, was the reply. How
jould his wooden leg pain him?"
"His wife, explained the man,
hit him over the head with it."-Ex.
A doctor attended an old lady
from Scotland who had caught a se
vere cold.
"Did your teeth chatter when yon
felt the chill coming over you?"
asked th" doctor.
"I dinna ken, doctor; they were
lying on the table," was the pleas
ant response.
Tourist-"You have an unusual
ly large acreage of corn under cul
tivation. Don't the crows annoy you
ii great deal?"
Farmei-"Oh not to any extent."
Tourist-"That's peculiar, con
lidering you have no scarecrows."
Farmer-"Oh, well you see, I'm
mt here a good part of the time
nyself."-Sacred Heart Review.
Absent For Two Weeks.
I shall be away on my vacation
'rom July 18th to August 3rd. du
.ing which time my office will be
ilosed. Mr. E. J. Mims at Bank
?f Edgefield has kindly consented
o deliver finished work during my
Geo. F. Mims.
July 14-2t.
' Ringed? Streaked and Striped"
Clerk o'' Court W. B. Cogburn
.as lectsivefl the following letter
froin Senator IL R. Tillman, also
'.he photograph mentioned in the
Mr. W. B. Cogburn,
LUttVun?, ?. C.
My Dear Sir:
You have seen in the
newspaper* how I came into poss
ession of a. photograph of the
"Ringed, Streaked and Striped"
legislature of 18G8, the first one un
der the Recom?ruction Acts. I
have had it eiilaraed and ara send
ing a copy to each clerk of court in
i he state to be bung in-his office
for the benefit of the public.
Please acknowledge receipt and tell
me that you will hana it in your
offk'e so that South (Carolinians may
see, for a hundred years at least,
jost what the old men now passing
away had to endure to restore de
cent government in South Carolina.
Verv sincerely vours,
On the right side of the picture
are the names of the members of
thc legislature and at the bottom of
it-this printed in large letters:
Kadina I members of the Soutn
Carolina legislature ot 1868, signed
by Mr. li. R. Tillman, U. S. S.
Below this in smaller type?are the
photographs of (sixty-three (o:i)
members of the Reconstruction
South Carolina legislature. Fifty
(oO) of whom are negroes or mula
toes and thirteen (13) white.
Twenty-two (22) read and write (8
grammatical), the remainder make
their mark ami of an arianuensis of
nineteen (l!i) are taxpayers to an
aggregate of $143.10. The rest
pay no taxes and the body levies on
the whole people of the state $4,
'Below this is typewritten, "Pre
sented by Senator Tillman to the
Clerk's office in each county in
South Carolina as a warning to his
fellow citizens of the necessity for
white unity. 'Lord, God of Hosts,
Be with us yet, Lest we forget,
Lest we forget."
The members of this group from
Edgefield county were two negroes,
Dave Harris and Lawrence Cain,
both of whom are dead.
Another Confederate Veteran
Passes Away.
On Monday night at his home in
Johnston, Mr. John W. Payne pass
ed away after a week's illness, sur
rounded by his children and attend
erLby their kindly ministrations.
had been in feeble health tunee
tasl "winter, when he suffered a se
vere attack of grippe from which
he had never entirely recovered. Up
to the last week of bis useful life,
he was still full of energy and had
very recently made a trip to bis
plantation in Saluda county.
Mr. Payne had been a prominent
citizen of Johnston for many yyears,
ann post master for a number of
years. * He was a veteran of the war
of ^Secession, having been a con
spicuous figure among the Confed
erate soldiers, at local, county and
larger re-unions for many years.
Mrs. Payne, who was Miss Joan
na Smylv had preceded him to the
grave several years ago and since
that time be had lived at the John
ston home with his daughter, Miss
Zena Payne, and son, John Howard
Payne. The other daughters, Fan
nie, Mrs. Toney Turner and Ethel,
Mrs. Oscar Black, lived near and
were with bira to comfort and bless
by their presence. Mr. Pavne was
buried in the Johnston cemetery on
Tuesday afternoon.
Petit Jurors, August Court
T M Glover, Meriwether
J L McKinney, Plum Branch
T K Holmes, M od oe
M S Boatwright, Johnston
J K Corley, Hibler
A Harling, Blocker
C E Hobton, Modoc
Walter Lanier, Blocker
T M Seigier, Parks vii le
M A Lott, Johnston
Daniel White,. Hibler
J C Allen, Elmwood
H S Toney, Johnston
W M McDaniel, Jr., Modoc
W N Parrish, Meriwether
Geo T Wicker, Trenton
W H Scott, Johnston
Harry Bunch, Meriwether
Chas Lamb. Johnston
M R Yonce, Johnston
Gary Miner, Hibler
Geo W Wise, Trenton
A F Walton, Johnston
W M Sawyer, Johnston
L W Lyon, Plum Branch
H C Sanders, Plum Branch
A B Barton, Hibler
A F Shaffer, Elmwood
W W Rhoden, Johnston
Wallace Robertson, Parksville
W B Ouzts, Johnston
E M Tiramerman, Blocker
J G McKie, Modoc
J P Seigler, Blocker
D A Parris, Trenton
J JJ Scott, Ward
For Congress.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for Congress from the 2nd
Congressional district, subject to the
rules and regulations of the Democratic
R. M. Mixson.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
re-nomination by the Democratic party
for Representative in Congress from
the Second District, pledging myself
to comply with the rules of the party.
James F. Byrnes.
For House of Representatives.
"I respectfully announce that I am a
candiate for the House of Representa
tives from Edgsfield county and solicit
the support of the people, pledging
myself to abide the result of the Dem
ocratic .primary.
S. B. Marsh.
I respectfully announce that I am a
canidate for the House of Repre.-enta
tives and solicit the support of the
people, pledging myself to abide the re
sult of the Democratic Primary. *
S. T. Williams.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the House of
Representatives, imd pledge myself to
abide the result of the Democratic
J. P. DeLaughter.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the House of Representa
tives, subject to the rules of the Dem
ocratic Party, and I agree to abide the
result of the election, and support the
nominees of the partv.
* M. P. Wells.
For ounty Treasurer.
Appreciating your past favors for
Treasurer of Edgefield County, I an
nounce my candidacy again for said office
and pledge myself to support the nomi
nees of the Democratic party. The
term of this office is now four years.
E. S. Johnson.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-election tn the office of
Treasurer of Edgefield county and
pledge myself to abide the result of
the Democratic primary.
J. T. Mims.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the office of county treas
urer and solicit the votes of the people,
pledging myself to abide the result of
the Democratic primarv.
J. R. Smith.
For Auditor.
J respectfully announce that I am a
cai'lid?te for re-election to the office
of auditor of Edgefield countv and
pledge myself to abide the result of the
Democratic primary.
J. R. Timmerman.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the office of auditor of
Edgefield county and pledge myself to
abide the result of the Democratic pri
C. M. Mellicharap.
For Judge of Probate.
This is to announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Probate Judge. I shall abide the re
sult of Primary Election and support
nominees thereof.
W. T. Kinnaird.
For Master.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Master in Equity of Edgefield County
and pledge myself to abide the result
of the Democratic primary election.
S. M. Smith.
I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for Master in Equity of Edge
field county and solicit the support of
the people, pledging myself to abide
by the result of the Democratic prima
ry election.
A. R. Nicholson.
This is to announce that I am a
candidate for election to the office of
Master of this County, and that I will
abide the result of the Primary Elec
tion. J. H. Cantelou.
For Magistrate.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 4th judicial district and will
abide the result of the Democratic
J. F. Pardue.
I hereby announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 8th judicial circuit of Edgefield
county and pledge myself to abide the
result of the Democratic primary.
W. E.Turner.
The friends of R. N. Edmunds beg
to announce his candidacy for the o?
fice of magistrate in fifth judicial dis
trict, subject to rules of democratic
primary, and pledge him, if elected, to
the faithful discharge of the duties of
the office and to support nominees of
democratic party.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
magistrate of the 1st judicial district
of Edgefield county, pledging myself
to abide the result of the Democratic
N. L. Brunson.
The friends of W. W. Miller anf
nounce his candidacy for the office o
Magistrate of the 4th Judicial District
?'f Edgefield County, pledging him to
abide the result of the Democratic pri
I hereby announce that 1 am a candi
date for magistrate of the 1st judicial
district of Edgefield county, pledging
myself to abide the result of the Dem
ocratic primarv.
C.. E. Quarles
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for magistrate of the 6th dis
trict subject to the rules and regula
tions of the Democratic primary elec
R. L. Boddie.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 6th district of Edgefield county,
and pledge myself to abide the result
of the Democratic primary.
J. D. Quarles.
This is to announce that I am a can
didate for the office of magistrate of
the 8th district and hereby pledge my
self to abide the result of the Demo
cratic primary.
A. C. Ouzts
I respectfully announce tha.. j am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 2nd district and pledge myself to
abide the result of the Democratic pri
mary election.
Wallace W. Wise.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the office of magistrate
of the 5th district of Edgefield county
and pledge myself to abide the result
of the primary election.
J. R. Boddie.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for magistrate for the 7th
magisterial district of Edgefield coun
ty, pledging myself to abide the result
o? the primary election.
V?'. E. Sheppard.
I hereby announce that I am a candi
date for the office of magistrate for
the 8th judicial district of Edgefield and
will abide the result of the primary
election. J. C. Timmerman.
For Coroner.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for re-election to the office of
coroner of Edgefield county and pledge
myself to abide the result of the Dem
ocratic primary.
J. E. Holmes.
Remarkable Cure of Dysentery.
"I was attacked with dysentery
about July 15, and used the doc
tor's medicine and other remedies
wit h no relief, only getting worse
all the time. I was unable to do
anything and my weight dropped
from 145 to 125 pounds. I suffered
for about two mouths when I was ad
vised to use Chamberlain's colic,
cholera and diarrhoea remedy. I
used two bottles of it and it gave
me permanent relief," writes B W
Hill of Snow Hill,' N. C. For sale
by all dealers.
Has Your Child Worn??E
Most children do. A co?t<?d?
furred tongue, strong breath, stom
ach pains, circles under eyes, pale,
sallow complexion, nervous, fretful,
grinding of teeth, tossing in sleep,
peculiar dreams, any one of these
indicate child has worms. Get a
box of Kickapoo worm killer at
once. It kills the worms, the cause
of your child's condition. Is laxa
tive and aids nature to expel the
worms. Supplied in candy form.
Easy for children to take. 25c at
your druggist.
You're Billious and Costive!
Sick headache, bad breath, sour
stomach, furred tongue and indiges
tion, mean liver 3nd bowels clog
ged. Clean up to-night. Get a 25c
bottle of Dr. King's New Life
Pills to-day and empty the stomach
and bowels of fermenting, gassy
foods and waste. A full bowel
movement gives a satisfied, thank
ful feeling-makes you feel fine.
Effective, yet mild. Don't gripe.
26c, at your druggist. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve for burns.
Good Reason for His Enthusi
When a man has suffered for sev
eral days with colic, diarrhoea or
other form of bowel complaint and
is then cured sound and well by one
or two doses of Chamberlain's colic
cholera and diarrhoea remedy, as is
often the case, it is but natural that
he should be enthusiastic in hi*
praise of the remedy, and especially
is this the case of a severe attack
when life is threatened. Try it
when in need of such a remedy. It
never fails. Sold by all dealers.
Stops Neuralgia-Kills Pain.
Sloan's liniment gives instant re
lief from neuralgia or sciatica. It
goes straight to the painful part,
soothes the nerves and stops the
pain. It is also good for rheumatism,
sore throat, chest pains and sprains.
You don't need to rub, it pene
trates. Mr. J R Swincer, Louisville,
Ky., writes: "I suffered with quite
a severe neuralgic headache for four
months without any relief. I used
Sloan's liniment for two or three
nights and I haven't suffered with
ray head since." Get a bottle to-day.
Keep in the house all the time for
burts. 25c, 50c and $1.00 at your
druggist. Bucklen's Arnica; Salve
for all sores.

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