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LOST-Cameo slick pin between
post o ll: ce and Pleasant Lane. Re
ward ii' returned to Bill Ouzts.
Edgefield, S. C.
M:<s Sa.lie Ellis returned to
Greenville yesterday after a very
pleasant visit to her sister, Mrs. 0.
P. Jinghi.
Miss Pauline Byrd has just re
turns! from a pleasant visit to
friends in Laurens.
Superintendent J. J. Lyon has
issued an attractive bulletin giving
information concerning the High
School. One can be had for the ask
Married, by Rev. P. P. Blanjie,
Snnday afternoon at the residence
of he officiating minister Isabelle
Ari . ir and Mr. Deward Piuitt,
but!, o. Edgefield.
Miss Sallie Smith has gone to
Waynesville and Lake Junaluska
where she will spend two or three
weeks. Before returning home she
will visit Asheville, Hendersonville
and other neighboring places.
Miss Rosa Pritchard and Mr.
Hey ward Morgan of Tampa, Fla.,
are visiting their uncle. Mr. J. L.
Mrs. R. E. Carpenter of Shelby,
N. C., who has been visiting her
mother, Mrs. T. G. Smith, has re
turned borne.
Miss Isabella Minis Chappell who
was a student at the Confederate
Home college, is here visiting her
school friend, Miss Mary Strother.
Politics and business will not
mix any more than watermelon and
whiskey. A man's business ?6 neg
lected in the proportion that he
talks politics. We refer of course
to the individual who allows him
self to be wrought up to the white
heat over politics.
Begin to plan your exhibits for
the county fair. Mrs. Pierce Ste
vens is already planning exhibits
for several departments. She is
working for the fair. Would that
scores of other influential women
over the county would imbibe some
of her enthusiasm.
Col. F. N. K. Bailey and Capt.
R. B. Cain were in Edeefield on
business connected with the B. M.
I. Monday. They went over to
Johnston before returning Monday
afternoon. Col. Bailey told The Ad
vertisers representative that the out
look now is that every place in the
building will bc tilled by the 1st
of September.
The county campaign meeting
which will be held Saturday, Au
gust S, at While Town school
house will probably be ir ore large
ly attended than any county cam
paign meeting yet held. A hash
dinner will be served and the pro
ceeds will be used to pay for the
piano recently purchased for the
The new hell of the Baptist
church was sounded for a minute
or more Monday morning, giving
the community an opportunity to
pass judgment on its tone. Thc
sound is similar to the old bell, the
difference being that it is some
louder and not quite as soft as the
old bell.
Miss Elise Lake returned Satur
day from the summer school at
Knoxville. She has accepted a po
sition to teach expression in thc
Maryland college which is located
about 10 miles from Baltimore.
This very talented young lady is
ambitious and has thoroughly
equipped herself for teaching.
Off For New York.
Mr. W. II. Turner has through
out his Ling experience been an
carly buyer. Ile left yesterday for
New York to spend two weeks ran
sacking the metropolis for the new
est and best of everything that the
Corner Store sells. Mr. Turner's
long experience as a buyer not only
stands him in hand in the matter
of selecting the best values bul it
also enables hun lo know where and
from whom to buy to the best ad
vantage. .Mi-^s K it" Samuel has also
gone to New York to study thc
niillinery styles and to assist in pur
chasing the fail niillinery. In about
j IO days the early fall arrivals will
make their appearance at thc Cor
ner store. Of course, the bulk of the
stock wili not an ive until later.
Negro Committed to Jail.
Tuesday night Sheri ff S wearingen
arrested Seymour Davis at Trenton
?..ni committed him to jail. Ile sh, t
Dubber Fitz?immons, another ne
gro, through thc heart at Trenton
Saturday night, killing him iiisUni
There is said to be a woman in
the case. Both negroes lived on
Senator Tillman's place. Davis has
employed.I. Wm. Thurmond, Esq.,
to represent him, and the case will
come up for trial next week.
White town Items.
Dear Mr. Editor: It lias been
some time since I've seen any dots
from this section in your paper.
What's the matter? probably every
body is en joying these pleasant sum
mer days so well that they have
just neglected writing.
Crops around here are rather late
btu looking very well considering
thc dry weather we baie had.
There were quite a crowd of men
from this section who attended the
speaking at Edgefield last Wednes
Mrs. Johnston Stevens, of New
berry, is spending several days with
relatives in this section.
Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Talbert, Mrs.
Joe White, were visitors at the
home of Mr. Jim Deale's last
Miss Carrie Talbert, of Rehoboth
section, entertained most pleasantly
last Wednesday in honor of her
guests, Misses Coreen Walls and
Nenie White.
Mr. Luther Ridlehoover 13 hav
ing bis dwelling house repaired and
two new rooms added, which will
make a handsome building when
Mr. Will Crawford and family
from n?ar Plum Branch were visi
tors in the home of Mr. J. A.
Walls, last Saturday.
Thc White Town base ball team
will play with the Cleora crowd
Wednesday, August 5.
Mr. Arther Newel, and one of
his friends from Abbeville, is spend
ing several days of this week with
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mann.
Remember well and bear in mind
that there will be campaign meeting
and big picnic at White Town
school house Aug. S, to which the
public is cordially invited. Din
ner will be sold an 3 the funds used
on the school piano which was pur
chased in February.
Mr. Editor we will be very glad
to see you present tbat.day.
White Town, S. C.
Woman's Christian Temperance
The W. C. T. U. will hold their
monthly meeting on Monday after
noon August 10, at the home of
Mrs. I). B. Hollingsworth, the pro
gramme beginning at 4:30 o'clock.
There will be some music and dis
cussions of various phases of W. C.
T. U. work. Every member is re
quested to plan to be there, as this
is the last meeting of the year be
fore the election of ollicers for
1014-1015. An afternoon at^bis
pleasant and hospitable home will
bean inspiration to all who attend.
If there arc any Christian women in
Edgefield who wish to beeome a
part of this organization and all it
represents for the uplift of humani
ty, let them come to this meeting
and add their influence, for God
and home and native land."
Lost Valuable Animal.
Rev. J.T. Littlejohn lost a valuable
horse last week. It was sick onh
about a day and as the animal seem
ed to be affected in an unusual man
ner a post mortem examination was
made. A large safety pin was found
ojien in the intestines of the animal
and as it had caused considerable
laceration inh'atnalion had sot in.
The pin had doubtless been dropped
in the food of the horse.
Edgefield and Horn's Creek
Baptist Churches.
There will be services at 11:30
a. m., and 8:30 p. m., at Edgefield
First church, pastor M.D.Jeffries
preaching. A protracted meeting
will begin at Horn's creek next
Sunday, second Sunday afternoon,
at 4 o'clock. Services twice a day
beginning with .Monday at ll
Dance Complimentary to Visit
The young men of Edgefield nave
a dance in the opera house Friday
evening in honor of ihc visitors in
town. Thc "erasion was very pleas
ant for all who attended. Music was
furnished by an orchestra from Au
gusta. Voting people attended from
Johnston, Trenton and Augusta.
The chaperones were: Mrs. P. M.
Feltham, Mrs. S. B. Hill, Mr. and
Mrs. S. .McG. Simkins, Mr. and
Mrs. B. Cantelou, Mr. and Mrs. A.
E. Padgett, Dr. and Mrs. R. A.
Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Evans.
We can give yon anything you
want in a Studebaker wagon.
Wilson & Cantelou.
Just received a car of Thornhill
Wilson & Cantelou.
Thornhill wagons aro not quite
as expensive as somo others, but i
will wear like steel.
Wilson ?fe Cantelou. i
Notice of Meeting of Executive
Notice is Hereby Given^ That the
Sxecutive Committee of the Dem
>cralic Party of Edgefield County,
South Carolina, vvill meet at l?lge
iclil Court House, Edgefield, South
karolina, on Friday, Angust 14th,
L914, at ten o'clock a. m., for the
purpose of examing and correcting
?hu club rolls. Any person who has
my complaint to make of errors in
the club rolls, will present the same
it said meeting. Every member ot"
Lhu committee is urged to be present.
B. E. Nicholson,
County Chairman.
August 4lh, lu 14.
Annual Excursion.
On August 1-2 the Southern rail
road will operate a special tram
from Augusta to Washington, D.
C., making the very low rate of
>'12.75 from Edgefield to \u? na
tional capital and return. This will
give those who desire to taite a sum
mer trip a splendid opportunity to
visit Washington. From an educa
tional standpoint there is no other
city in America that offers so many
attractions to visitors. A week
could be spent in Washington very
profitably and then lhere would be
many things of interest yet to be
seen. We would like to see a num
ber of Edgefield people take advan
tage of the very low rate to Wash
ington. There are also special rates
offered to points in Virginia and
North Carolina. Read the large ad
vertisement of the Southern rail
road in this issue.
Consider the Knocker.
One of our exchanges said recent
ly: "Newspaper men have a hard
time. If we say nice things in our
paper, we seldom hear from them,
but if we make a mistake, or if
some one fails to see what they
think we ought to see, the paper is
That's too sadly true. Its an old
saw "that the doctor buries his mis
takes, but the newspaper man can't
hide his." Did it ever occur to
you, how few mistakes creep into
the newspapers. 'Tn yesterday's
issue of The Daily Intelligencer,
there were nearly 200 separate arti
cles and items. Is there a merchant
in Anderson who can <ro on day af
ter day, wrapping np 200 s?parait?
articles without making some mis
Newspaper workers are a proud
race of peuple. They love their
\ ork. They are jealous of its good
repute. And whenever you hear a
sore head or a failure, or a chea,,
job hunter, knocking newspapers,
don't believe what he says. He
might be the biggest and meanest
liar in creation. The best way is
to read the newspaper and see for
yourself what lt is. Thc man who
can't use newspapers for his selli>li
ends abuses them.-Anderson In
Heart Disease Almost
Fatal to Yourtg Girl
"My daughter, when thirteen years
old, waa stricken with heart trouble.
Sho was so bad wo had to place her
bcd near a window
so she could sr-t
her breath. Ono
doctor said, 'Poor
child. sho 'a likely
to fail dead any
time.' A frkmd
told rac Dr. Miles'
Heart Remedy had
cured lier father,
so I tried rt, and
she began to im
prove. She took
a great many bot
tles, but she la
ypnred to me to
day, a fat. rosy
chocked girl. No one can Imagine the
confidence I have in I>r. Miles' Heart
Remedy." A. R. CANON. Worth, Mo.
Thc unbounded confidence Mr.
Canon has in Dr. Miles' ll curt Rem
edy is shaftH by. thousands of
others who know its value from
experience. Many heart disorders
yield to treatment, if thc treatment
is right. If you are bothered with
short breath, fainting spells, swell
ing of feet or ankles, pains about
the heart and shoulder blades, pal
pitation, weak and ^hungry spells,
you should begin usi:i?{ Dr. Milos'
Ik-art Remedy at r>v.cc. Profit by
thc experience of others while yO'.!
may. 4
Dr. Mites' Heart Remedy Is sold ind
guaranteed by all druggists.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
Detroit, Mich.-A ford touring car, dust-;
?jcovere.^ and with motor huming sturdily, recently^
E?drew up to the bio; Admisistration building at De-i^J
introit. Bright penants, inscribed with the names ol?!g^
??Sjcities visited enroute gave a holiday dress to the ma-j?gj
^jchine. and marked the itinerary ot* a long journey-J^g
bleach one a service chevron.
!<?? The car . stained R. W. Gray/his wife andj^gj"
SSStwo children, of El Centro, California. Detroit was!
JjSjthe half-way point in a round trip of .5300 miles.I
???Eighteen days was the actual running time"] for] thef^
?S^rst half of the journey.
"The onl.v difficulty which we had enroute,jggj
ff?p&said Mr. Gray, was in being hauled across rivers^"
??where bridges had been washed away. We were?
kuJobliged to lav over in Roswell, New Mexico, and fei
ainview. Texas, on account of the rain. Att
I^South Canadian, Okla, where a bridge had disappear^
I^jed, we loaded the car on a wagon and had it hauledL
^gjacross the river by four mules. Near Brawley, Cal.j
sS&is the.big sand stretch known as the Mamoth Wash.!
^jThis is a bad spot for automobiles and most cars(?S?
rajrequire assistance to get through-in fact, one indi
Sjrejvidual makes a business and an excellent revenue?
iSJhauling cars across this seretch. This "helpin?
??K'hand" followed us with proffers of aid and premoni
^jtions of disaster, but the little Ford pulled through
.without a halt." SK
?$?&? The party carried a complete camping outfit,sS8_
???and at the close of each day's run, the tent was un-jjQj
{^'strapped from its carrying ])lace at thc- back of thejj^
jj^Scar, thc stove unslung from the running board, andra^
Kathe meal was soon cooking merrily. Good campings?!
Esfplaces were numerous, and but very few nights were^g
?SSspent under the cover of a conventional ro of. jSjj
Jg?J The party did not attempt to break any|g^
agSrecords, and all expressed themselves as delightedjra|
ks^Avith the trip, and are looking forward with muchea**
(Hjpleasure at the return journey. |@
j^S Thc Ford touring car used has been run aboTit|^
fipfllSOOO miles before the journey was started.
Do you want to place him in $
a Chistian Military Institute ^
where^hisj health will be carefully
looked after, his mind thoroughly
trained, and where he will be
tiiught habits of obedience, pune- ?
tuality, and industry? If so send f
him to the ?
Bailey Military institute |
Here each student is under <|
the close personal control and J
watchful care of the teachers, $
from the time he reaches the g
school until he leaves for his home J
The faculty is composed of 10 ?
men,fall of whom have had experi- 0
ence-iii teaching in High Schools J
and Coll?ges. Last session 192 ca- %
were enrolled. z.nd at least 51
others were turned away on ac
count of lack of room.
Wi lie for phamphloi and illus
trated catalogue,

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