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gdgepeld Redise?.
Election Returns.
The Advertiser will arrange to
have complete election returns (rom
all of the 22 precincts in the coun
ty next Tuesday night. Reports
from the tate in Col cm Ina ofn ce
" will also be received at The Adver
tiser office giving the figures from
all parts of the >tate as they are
>ent in to Columbia.
Watchful Waiting.
Let us contrast our condition
-with that, not only of the nations
at war, but the nations struggling
for peace in Europe today, and send
to the President assurance of ont
hearty approval of the course he
has taken and our congratulations
upon the success of that course,
which was so vehemently and con
stantly assailed.
Review the past eighteen months
and see under what pressure Presi
dent Wilson has persisted in. his
watchful waiting, and through that
patience and self-restraint has
brought two nations to this cordi
tion of peace and resultant pros
The people of America owe co
President Wilson to-day what the
people of America owed to George
Washington when he prevented a
-war with England, which France
and nearly all of America were
clamoring for. Surely Wilson wait
ed, and was made tired by wailing.
-Louisville Post.
Tne Clemson Home Coming.
Only Ex-Students Invited.
Clemson College, S. C., August
18. Everything is in readiness for
the great "Home coming" of ex
Clemsou students on August -'7 to
31. President Riggs states that lu
is expecting between 1,000 and
1,200. Au attractive program i:a>
bren arranged and no detail look
ing to th?- comfort and pleasure of
the visitors will be overlooked.
The expected number of old stu
dents will t :x to the utmost the ca
pacity of the dormitories, dining
hail and rn? m ?rial hali in widen all
the public exercises will be held.
For lhat rea- .rn, as well as the fact
that the "Homecoming" is afatuih
affair none bu: ex-stuieuts are in
vited or will l?e permitted to regis
ter or be entertained during the
'"Home coming " This rule will be
strictly observe 1.
Other visitor- are welcome to the
college campus at any other time.
This announcement is made in
J^y^nee so that none but ex-stu
Heiits^vTttTnake their plans to visit
the college during the "Home com
ing." Positively no accommodations
can be offered toothers at that time.
The "Home coming" is a strictly
college affair, commemorating tie
25th anniversary of the Act of Ac
ceptance which led to the estab
lishment of the collei:.'. Invitation
?iave been issued only to tiie ex stu
dents of the institution who number I
around 5,000.
The railroads have offered reduc
ed fares from all point- in the state
and from Augusta. At!.iota, etc., in
All in all the ""Hon; coming*"
bids fair to be the largest gathering
of college men only ever held in the
Antioch a Busy Community.
Many Visitors Come and Co.
Dear Mr. Editer: We are quite
lonely since so many of our visitors
have returned heme, After an e.\
treamely pleasant summer, ?ve will
have to"g?t busy as the fail months are
Mr. John and Miss Sallie Pettigrew
returned to their home in Anderson af
ter a very pleasant visit of '-vera'
weeks with their sister ?Mrs. Walker
Miss Emma and Bessie Pate have :
been two charming visitors of Miss]
Eugenia Minis. These friends [joint d
Miss Mims in Columbia on her way
from the Summer school and after
spending three very pleasant weeks re
turned to their home near Camden,
Saturday. These attractive young
girls have made many friends in our;
community, and we hope to have them
in our miust again.
Mr. Waymond Corley with his friend
Mr. Jack Byrd returned to Geor^U af
ter a short "visit to relatives and friends
near old Antioch. Reports are that
Mr. Corley is making quite a success
ful farmer in Georgia.
We are glad to welcome Mr and Mrs.
C. C. Jones, Charles Jr: and "Little" j
Mary back home agnin. who have been
spending ten days in Due West with
Mr. Mark Miller of Pleasant Lune
has been spending some time with rela
tive near Antioch.
Little Marie Hussey daughter of Mr.
lind .Mrs. Tillman Bussey is quite sick.
The trustees and j a? rons are busy at
work on the new sch< ol house. They ure
. xpecting to have it completed by the
noddle ol October. Miss Fergerson of
Tennessee will be principal, and Miss
Lula Quarks assistant. We hope that
in a few years Antioch will be one ol'
finest Graded Schools in the State.
Mrs. Cough made a very interesting
talk to the Antioch W. M. U. Monday
The following will be baptized at An
tioch Sunday morning. Miss L'aisy
Gardener, Miss Pearl Wood, Mr. G ra
die Pettigrew and Mr. Walter Brun- !
son, Jr. I
Rose Bud. j
Preterit of Grand Jury.
ress all along the line, and we pr<
ise to thorougjly investigate
matter and report fully at our n
term, at which time we hope to
able lo set forth in detail all fa
ind ri ITU res.
We submit the following c??mr
To tiie Grand Jury. Edgefield Co'
ty, S. C.
Gentlemen:-At a called me
"mg of the town council of t
town, the question of providi
eloseis to he used by the town a
county jointly, and as mayor nf i
tmvn, with the consent and ;
thority of the town council,
make the following proposition
the county: The council have ugre
to pay balf -the expense for
j toilets for whites, with one uri
j trough, and two closets for colore
with urinal trough, separated
partition, cemented floors, in re
ot* the court house, willi septic tan
approved by the state and conn
board of health. The town to ii
nish all water and keep said toi ie
in a sanitary condition at all timi
without expense to the county, ai
?aili town ot" Edirelield furth
agrees to pay halt of the costs f
installing aforesaid toilets, if tl
county will bear the remaining ha
expenses for installing the said sa
kary arrangements. The town, al
.igiees to furnish five for court hon
rind jail, ali v ater necessary for o
erating ns many toilets as the cor.
ty sees fit to install therein. Ti
septic tank etc., to bc erected i
! county property.
:\n expert contractor has bee
?over the matter with us, and esl
mates that the costs of iustallii
the six while toilets and troug
and two closets and. trough for c<
ored, together with septic tank ar
ail necessary piping therefor, wi
? not ext..1 the cost of eight hu
1 died dollars.
Iii'j. ned i
A. H. Corley,
Mayor of the town of Edgeiiel
! August 11, i'.'!4.
Webighlv appreciate the need i
sucn necessary conveniences, s
I therefore- recommend that our Si
ll , - i.
pervisor and board ol county, cou
missioners iel with the town ai
thorities, taking such action as the
' think best.'
i It bas been brought to our attei
tion that the resident persons adj:
cent to ti?e territory covered by th
waters of tile Georgia-Carolin
Po wer Company are suffering froi
malaria to an alarming exten
scarcely a family esciping. Sue
sickness they are satisfied is cause'
from decaying vegetable malle
brought by the inundation of th
lauds. We therefore recommem
that the proper authorities tak
such action or actions as will, i
possible, abate this nuisance.
We desire to ext> nd ll,.inks t<
Judge De Yore, Solicitor Tim met
man, and other officials ot til
cour;, ic. their assistance renderer
us during this terra.
W. A. STROM, Foreman.
Edgifield, >. (.'.. Aue. n. iou.
In Loving Remembrance o? Lit
tie Saliie Miller.
An angel in the book of life \vrot<
down an infant's birth,
Tii-n added, erehe closed his book,
"Too beautifnl for earth."
And when the reaper deni h passet
by he read the words and smiled
Then gently folded in his arm tba
I lovely little child.
i The parents wept, 'out angels sans
j with soft and uiad accord, thej
welcomed the transplanted dower,
I In th.e ?arden of the Lord.
Ve- they wept, but will weep nc
When after the trials of this world
They meet at the beautiful gate
Their 'lurline- little girl.
On Monday August the 3rd, at U
?.'cl'.-ek tin* angel of tin? Lord came
and took the second daughter o'"
..lr. and Mis. Joe Miller. Little
Sailh Rebecca was too pure tu live
in this sin cursed world. lier mis
sion was ended, ami to-day she i-1
cia-ped in tue loving arms of her
Saviour, watching and waiting fur
lier ; i ?rent.-..
V- , s..me sweet day the little
angel will open tiie gates of glory
for )?.ipa and mania, and oh what
an a-: .' lie shout there will be when
[all tie* loved ones shall gather on
jth.il snore never to part again.
Many friends are expecting to meet
this sw wt child in that fair clime,
for lit . Sallie was not only loved
;by l-i:: id but by every one who
j knew i. r.
? Fun well darling till God bids
i us leave .; is world of w<>". and en
[terin t? t nappy laud, there lo
j wi ?r a < "vu with thee forever.
: We lovt lier, yes we loved her,
i But Je.- :s loved her more.
'And Ile luis sweetly called her
To Mino, r shining shore.
Thc golden gates were opened,
A gentle voice said come,
And with farewells unspoken
She calmly entered home.
i Tenth Annual Mesting Wo
man's Missionary Union Au
gust 26 and 27. Bethany
1st session 10:30 Woman's Mission
j Thanksgiving Service, Mrs.
Charles Strom, Rehoboth.
? Greeting and Responses, Miss
Mags ie Deal and Mrs. G. M. Scx:
I ton. >
Recognition of delegates fruin W..
?M. Societies willi reports.
Del?gales io wear badges. Be
seated at front.
Presentation of Visitors.
Survev of vears werk. Mrs. J. L.
MW. ' j
Our Tenth Anniversary, Miss
Hortensia Woodsbn.
Reading of Associational Policy,
Mr?. W. il. Lott.
Urlicial Visitor (a) message from
W. M. I", (b) Mrs. J, D. Chapman.
Noondav quiet hour. Mrs. M. D.
Love's Demonstration, or Per
se nal service, Mrs. Thomas'-Lamb.
Seivern Academy, T. H. Posey.
Condensed Division report last
year, V. P. Mrs. B. B. Jones.
^Report of Committee on Literature
(with many samples on exhibition)
Mrs. W. S. Middleton.
Report of committee on obitua
ries (received standing) Mrs. J. T.
G ri th's.
Election of nominating commit
Appointment of committee on
Announcements, Hymn. Adjourn
ment lor lunch*.
2nd session 2p m, Sunbeam and R. A.
Session,Mrs. \Y. E. Loll,presiding.
Prayer rind Praise, Mis. Mamie
Wai kel'.
; Reading id' minutes of morning
session, Mrs. Prescott Lyon, Sec.
Roll Cali ol bands and chapters
! with reports.
! Summary of years work by Asso
ciate Supt. of V. p. S.. Miss Ouida
i Pattison.
A message from Mrs. W. J.
i Hatcher, telling hov; we stand.
Recommendations of State Supt.
j Eileen Ha ri in g.
Responsibility of W. M. S. for
! V. P. S.. Mrs. John 0. Cough.
Teaching the Bible, the most ira
; portant work of thu leader, Mrs.
The possibilities of R.A. Work,
Mrs. W. B. Cog burn.
Anything new for Sunbeam and.
R. A. Leaders'? (Open discussion.)
Minute* of Second Session, An
nouncements, Hymn, Prayer.
3rd Sesdon, Wednesday morning!
10 am Young Woman's Auxiliary.
Watchword: The Kingdom of
<-rod in the hearts of the girls of
S. C.
Intercessory Service. Mrs. S. T.
Adams, Clark's Hill.
Roll Call of V. W. A. with re
Delegate* seated in front and
wearing badges.
Report o? 5'ears work by Asso
ciate Supt.
Recommendations for Y. W. A.
Message from State Supt. of Y.
W. A., Mrs. Ceo. Davis, Orange
The Cad <d the Girl, Inspira
' tiona!, Mi- Justine Canteh u.
An exchange of plans. Open dis
Report on Mission study.
Miss Hortense Padgett.
Repon on Training School with
discussion, Miss Jennie Pattison.
Report of Committee on Nomi
nations. Election of Officers.
Appointment of .-tan ling com
mittees. Report on Resolutions and
Farewell Service. Led by Mrs.
How can we make a better meet
ing next year? open Question.
Cotton Marketing Reforms Must
I- it practicable to have every
bab' of cotton graded-correctly
graded according to its real value
to th,- spinnet-and its weight fixed j
before it leaves the hands of the!
farmer? There i.? more trickery
and dishonesty connected with the
handling of cotton, hinging around j
the question ol' - rode, length of sta-j
jib*, sampling and weight than seems j
? to be necessary. A large planter who j
: has handle:; cotton for thirty-live j
years as a factor ami who has for
: years been'a member of one of the,
cotton exchanges of the country j
states that the honest weight of a
I a bale changes but little and that
mott of .thc docking in weight is
plain robbery. To a man not per
sonally or financially interested, it
?seems that even a superficial look
into tito handling of cotton should
show plainly that the colton crop
is supporting loo many unnecessary
men for the marketing of the crops,
who live high and spend freely. The
numberof men living* off the mar
keting of cotton is too fr rea t and
they are living too well, considering
tbe service they render lo i iu-far
mer and the fact that he pays them.
Just as certain as night follows day
there must bc a reform in the mar
keting of cotton. It c??ts tco much
and there are too many opportuni
ties for graft and the levying- of
tribute for small service rendered.
Some or these days cotton will be
properly,graded before the produe
lecsells it, the g i ade will remain as
-established, and there will be less
sampling and docking for weight,
as well as a smaller tax paid the
middlemen Matu of those now liv
ing off the present irrational and
expensive methods of marketing
cotton had better begin looking for
other means onmaking a living, for
the intelligence of the people is too
great and tiie tribale levied too
heavy for the services rendered lo
permit of the farce being continued
much longer.-Progressive Farmer.
Richard !. Manning, of Sumter,
For Governor.
Vote for Man n i iiir, because:
He is a practica' and successful
farmer and knows what the farmer
needs. He is working for better fer
tilizers, and for better country con
He is a practical and successful
business man and can administer
the affairs of the state in the best |
He is a level-headed man. of'
Bound judgment, with line adminis
trative ability; he is the kind of
man that gets things done.
. He is a courageous man and he
jis'an honest man; he does not form
"u?s views just to please a crowd,
nor does be pretend to be due thing
to one mau, and another thing to
He will enforce the law ein the
statute books without favoring one
man over another, or town or coun
ty over another.
And because, with Manning
governor, South Carolina will pros
per, will b" law-abiding, will he)
well governed, ami you will never]
be sorry that you voted for him.
Lee County Endorses Manning;
For Governor.
Bishopviile, S. C., Aug. 13, 1014. i
To the Democratic Voters of South
It is a poor policy to split up out
votes among a great many candi
dates: by doini:' so some man that
the majority does not want is apt
to <ret a plurality in the first race I
and so bethe candidate in the sec
ond race, when as a matter of fact
a big majority of people are op
posed to him. We, farmers an.l
business men of Lee county, wish
to commend to all our fellow South
Carolinians nur neighbor ami a man
we know well, Hon. Richard I.
Manning-, as theil' choice for govern
or. Mr. Manning is first.of alla
successful farmer, and next, is a
successful business man. He is a
niau whose privat - lib* is above re-'
proach, wlio.se -public life is always
open, who takes a stand to what he
thinks is right and does not put his
honest convictions aside for a stand
! that he does not believe in but
?which will bring him votes. If elect
ed he will make South Carolina an
able governer, conducting the allah's
of the -l ite al??ng sound but pro
gressive line>.
'United we stand: divided we
fall." We urg< everj good South
Carolinian who wants tn SIM our
state well governed for the next two
years to -.ote for Richard 1. Man
.'. II. Stuckey. .'. W. Boykin,
Dr. A. II. Brown', W. .1. Josey, J.
C. MeDuftie, B. W. Segar*, 1. F.
lier nett, E.Alexander, A. F. Fowl
er. F. A. Hancock, F. I>. Seal bor
ough, J. 1'. Wilson, Jr.
Dr, Sing's New Discovery
?n Memory of Ellen
Well beloved in all our land,
Thy pare unsullied spirit dwells
Above with ransomed blood bought
Whose voices blend in sweetest
song. .
Their harmony and cadence ring
The praises of their Saviour
Dearly beloved in all our land,
When Azrael came to call thee
home ?
Twas not in wrath, but love of
Thy work well done, thy task
And now beside the mercy seat
The snowy robe by angels worn,
Tne starry crown thy faith hath
won '
Are thine alone, and thou wilt
The izlory of thy Saviour king.
Dearly beloved throughout our
We weep for t'nem who mourn
for thee;
Thy joy can ne'er their pain dispel,
But Ged who doeth all things
Can bring them to thy blest abode
_ Where all will sing with sweet
And heavenly arches gladly ring
With praises of" our Saviour
I. L. M.
A Man of Peace.
Some policies of President Wil
son have been assail! in these col
umns, and they - will be assailed
again, and persistenly, until some
of them are changed or defeated.
But Woodrow Wilson, the man,
has one great claim to the everlast
ing gratitude of the American peo
ple, a claim that Mr. Taft, .also,
would have earned were he in the
executive chair: it is based on the
fact that the United States i> at
peace today, liad the jingoism of
Hobson and Theodora Roosevelt
prevailed, this continent might now
be torn by a struggle, smaller in
scope, but no less horrible, than
that raging on the continent of
Europe. Thanks to Woodrow Wil
son's steadfast adherence to the
ways of peace, in face of a wide
si re id and hysterical clamor for
uar. this country is today a vast
workshop instead of an armed
camp. Instead of having sown the
seed of lasting hatred in the breast
of a neighboring nation, we have
strengthened the bonds of friend
ship, and won the respect and trunC
of all the nations of the two Ameri
cas. Nor can anyone say that we
have lost prestige in the eyes of the
warlike nations of Europe.-Boston
Advertiser. (Rep.)
Cures Old Sores, St?iar Remedios Won't Cure.
The wo. st cases, no matter ef liow long sund?n?,
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter s Antiseptic Healing Oil. It relieves
Pain and Keals at the sr.iiie time. 25c, 50c, $1.00
f Do you want to place him in
? a Chistian Military Institute
$ where his health will be carefully
5 looked after, his mind thoroughly
4 trained, and where he will be
t taught habits of obedience, punc
5 tuality, and industry? If so send
2 him to the
t Bailey Military Institute
^ Here each student is under
? the close personal control and
J watchful care of the teachers,
? from the time he reaches the
? school until he leaves for his home
g The faculty is composed of 10
? men, all of whom have had experi
? ence in teaching in High Schools
J and Colleges. Last session 192 ca
2 clets were enrolled, and at least 51
<> others were turned away on ac
? count of lack of room.
? Write for phamphlet and illus
^ t rated catalogue.
^ Superintendent,
t Greenwood - - South Carolina.
When your automobile needs new tires (io not
send off* for them mid nay express charges. Let us
re-tire your machine with the celebrated GOOD
YEAR TI RES, all sizes in stock. Nothing better
on the market. Prices very reasonable.
We also carry a fulfline of tire accessories for
repairs ol' all kinds. Come to us to relieve your
tire troubles.
W. W. Adams &

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