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Marriage of Mr. Simmons a
Miss Wright. Mrs. Sf:an
sell Entertained. Death
of Mr. Mobley.
Mrs. M. W. Clark is rr. Monet
visiting: her daughter, Mrs. Eug<
Kneece and two little grandsons.
Miss Ruth Trowbridge, of J
gusta, has been visiting Misses 1
liet and Conva Hardy.
Protracted services will bej
here in the Baptist church about (
tober 5, Dr. King to be assisted
an eminent divine, of Tennessee,
singer will be with him to dire
the music. '
A called meeting of the D. of
was held or. Friday afternoon,
the home ot' *?r?. W. L. Coleras
the object being to plan for sor
form of entertainment on the d:
of the flower show, which will
the first week in November, t
date being subject to change,
was decided to have a mother goo
bazaar and the auxiliary chapt
contemplates having a fancy baza
in connection. A special committt
besides the flower shew commute
will be appointed to have char?
of the former. The first reguh
meeting for the fali months will 1
OM tiie afternoon of October 1,
the home ot' .Mrs. J. J'. Bean ;
4 o'clock.
On Thurs lay afternoon at :'?::
o'clock Mr. Manning Simmons ari
Miss Leon; Wright were mairie*,
the happy event taking place at th
Baptist parsonage, Or. King pe
forming lise ceremony. The ma
riage was not altogether a surpris
for some of their friends had ha
rumors of it. .'Immediately after th
ceremony they lett in a car for an
other point i:> board the northbouu<
train, being accompanied so far b;
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Wright and
W will visit Washington and other in
--'-l?&?h?z?iz places. - The bride -was at
tired in a handsome coat suit ol
blut^ with the details of her toile
harmonizing. .She is a youn^i wo
man of many beautiful and lovabh
traits of character, and for these at
tributes is loved and admired by al
that know her. Every good wish i:
wafted to the happy pair by theil
hosts of friends.
The following have gone to ih<
various colleges: Misses Lottie Bean.
Hallie White and Mary and Luci;;
and Elise Mobley to Coker college;
Misses Heien Lewis, Frances An
drews and Ella Jacobs to Winthrop;
Misses Annie Crouch and Eula
batcher to Columbia: Messrs. Rob
ert Kenny. William Watson, to
Wofford; Staunton Lott ami Joe
Scott to South Carolina university:
John Kenny Marsh, the Citadel:
Jefferson Lewis, Macon Business
Mrs. Leon Stans?;)] entertained at
cards on Tuesday muming last from
10:30 to 1 o'clock, and four tables
formed a very pleasant and conge
nial party. The highest score was
made by Mi>< Sue Smith, tin; prize
being a growing fern. Mrs. Stansell
was assisted by her motlier, .Mrs.
Pierce of Montgomery, Ala., and
Mrs. Wilmot Omits. Alter cards
were laid, aside, the hostess served
;-. d lightful two course rof>?st.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Alien and
Master John and Miss Mary Lewis,
of Meeting Street were visitors i::
the home of Mrs. Willie Tompkins
last week. ^
Miss Ada Williams of Lexing
ton is tlie guest of .Miss Clevie Moy
Rev. J. E. Crim of Liberty is
visiting in the home of his mother,
Mrs. Lizzie Crim.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Over
street of Aiken spent last week here
iu the home of Mr. W. R. Kidson.
Mrs. T. -T. Langston of Ashe
ville is here for a few weeks visit.
Mr. and Mr?. J. L. Walker re
turned on Friday from a two week's
stay at Old Point Comfort, Va.
Upon their return they participated
in the centennial of the Star Spang
led Banner, at Baltimore.
Messrs. Willie Pieice Stevens,
Fletcher Horne and Frank Kenny
and Powell Harrison have returned
to Clemson College. Wallace Tur
ner who waa to have returned with
them, has been quite sick ?nd it
will be some time befor he caa re
sume his school duties.e
Mrs. Law is Blount and liti'e Vir
ginia, hive returned from West
Brook, N. .1. Mis.-Sadie Gentry ac
companied them and wili spend the
winter here.
."..liss M allie Waters is at home
from a visit to her sister, Mrs. Lyn
L. Allen at Atlanta.
The death of Mr. James F. Mob
ley of Columbia, which occurred at
the city hospital, Wednesday Sep
tember it. For several months In;
had beeii unweil, and was operated
on, on Tuesdiy, the change for the
worse coming soon after. Mr. Mob
ley was a true christian gentleman,
genial and kind,, and will be sadly
missed in tho realm in which he
moved. He leaves a widow and
four sons, Messrs. E. R. Mobley
and Forman Mobley, of St. Louis,
and Bland and C?vde Mobley of
Chicago, also one sister, Mrs. Susie
J. Latimer, and four brothers. Dr.
S. J. Mobley and Messrs. W. S.
Moble}-, A. J. Mobley and William
Mobley, of Florida. The interment
was made on Thursday in Colum
bia, at Elmwood cemeterj, Dr. C.
E. Burts conducting the service.
The many friends of Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Cogburu, and Messrs.
W. C., Paul and Horace Cogburu
wer; delighted to see them here on
Sunday. Rev W. T. Hundlev, a
former pastor of the Baptist church
accompanied them and preached at
the morning service.
At the Y. vv". A. meeting on
Sunday afternoon Miss Martha
Watson was elected delegate to the
state W. M. IT., which convenes at
Newberry on November JO. Officers
for the corni.ii: year wore elected as
follows: President, Miss Sara Nor
ris; vice-president, Mis-; Martha
Watson; secretary, Miss Alma
Woodward; treasurer, .Miss Zena
Payi ..; organist, Miss Marni Nick
Mr. Avery Bland who has been
making Washington, D. C., bead
quarters, arrived on Saturday and
aas resumed his duties as bookkeep
er in tli<' bank of Western Carolina.
Tile New Century Club will re
sume activities on September thc
?Sib, the meeting to be held with
Mr*. B. L. Allen. This year the
Muir will take 'np American authors.
Clark's Hill News.
The farmers are truly 'making
hay whiie the sun shines" reaping
the abundant harvest which the
rains of August provided. They
ire aiso making preparations lo put
in a large oat crop and were provi
dent enough to save their own seed.
So the high price of that product
will not affect them. The Ful gi um
ind Appier are the kinds planted.
Since this disastrous fall in the
price of cotton one of our farmers
lias decided to somewhat change his
tactics. Mr. W. M. Rowland, who
has bought a quantity of hom and
sattle wire, and will raise porkers
ind beef for market, but will not
1 niL * kin?i cotton," will still show
his allegiance by giving him the
hest of the ?and, usinir only
[he waste places for his pastures.
Already has the ''Developing
Power Plant" I gun to work woe
to those unfortunate enough to live
u'ose to the river, so many people
?iv doun with chills.
.Mr. li. C. Middleton of Augusta,
spent tile week-end with his mother.
.Miss Lula M civ ie leaves in a few
lays io take charge of her school in
tin- lower part of the state.
.Mr. Clyde Dorn "spent Sunday
with Mr. D. W. Sharpton.
Mr. ! ?. T. Mathis, dr., passed*
iliru Clark's Hil: on his way to
Clemson. He was fortunate enough
to win a four years scholarship.
Or. S. G. Meriwether, who is
itayiug at present with his daughter,
Mrs. F a n II i e Middleton ?las
been much indisposed for the past,
few days.
Clark's Hill, S. C.
Teachers' Examina
The next teachers' examination
will be held at Edgefield Friday,
Oct. 2. Questions upon the usual
branches, and work will begin
promptly at 9:80 a. m., and close at
4:30p.m. Applicants from other coun
ties will td <e notice that their pa
pers will ?e sent to home County
Board, i nless they are teaching in
Edgefield County. White applicants
?will report at court house; colored
at Macedonia school building.
Co. Supt. Education,
Sept. 14, 1914.
Protracted Meering Conducted
in Baptist Church by W. Ri.
Smith. Encouraging
School Opening.
Mr. Editor:- We have had with
us for the past week Rev. Mr.
Smith from McCormick who has
been conducting* a series of meet
ings here in our Baptist church.
Much enthusiasm was shown, and
the community will undoubted
experience much lasting benah
from the untiring earnestness and
devotion of this able minister. We
hope to have Mr. Smith back with
us again soon. A great addition to
our meeting was the sweet music
rendered by Miss Lucy Osborne,
formerly from North Carolina, but
now of Parksville. During the
meeting she and her sister sang a
very sjrveet solo, which I am quite
sure was enjoyed by all who heard
it. We are glad to have these good
people who have come to make
their home in Parksville with us
and we welcome them heartily.
We are sorry to report that Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. Gilmer and children
have been on the sick list for the
past few weeks.
Mrs. Maggie Ilolston of your
town visited her sister, Mrs. W. P.
Parks hore list week.
Mr. .Jasper Talbert, Jr., is visit
ing relatives in our town.
Misses Josie and Maggie Qtiarles
of Kel Hill viMt"d their cousin,
Miss Mae Adams last week.
Miss Julia Stone spent a.?.-w
days wiih relatives in Parksville
lust week.
Mrs. M. li. Walker and her son,
Eddie, from Mowoo visited in the
home of Mrs. Sallie Dorn during
the past weed.
Our school opened Monday morn
ing with the same teachers we h2?
last year, Mr. and Mis. 0. C. Sfc'W
.ly who-gave UH successful wo/ -<,.
we wish them much success again.
Those who will leave us for col
lege are Mr. Warien Stone and
Watson Talbert for Clemson and
one of our pretty Pelles, Miss Mag
gie Mae Roberson for Orangeburg
and oh, the sad hearts she will leave
behind, who will lung for the holi
days. Rose Bud.
Lancaster Citizen Writes New
James II. Thayer, Th. D., of
Lancaster has written a hymn, to !
the tune of "Greenland's Icy Munn-1
tains," having been moved to the <
task by criticisms heard and read of i
"My Country, 'Tis of Thee."
"i do not. agree," says Mr. Thay
er, with the ernies of our national '.
hymn because I think sentiment is j
inure than form. However, this j
hymn of mine I have striven to ;
make nation-wi le in character as '
well as sentiment.'"
The hymn is entitled A Mighty j
Nation Calleth." It consists of live i
stanzas and is as follows:
'Where breaks the northern ocean .
Upon New England's short-:
Where sun-kissed southern waters,
Send back their answering roar; :
From wavering western prairies, j,
To palm and orange grove,
A mighty nation calleth, l?
Our love, our hearts, to prove.
''From far the alien Hocking
Our ports and cities throng;
Amid our golden harvests
Is heard their shout and song;
And where the southern breezes
O'er corn and cotton blow;
Two races dwell contented,
And live and thrive and grow.
'O'er hill and plain and liver.
The solemn church bells peal;
From school house and from play
Tue children's voices steal.
Fnun ocean unto ocean,
Upon the restless tide,
The Stars and Stripes are waving,
Our hope, our joy, cur pride.
"God bless our mighty nation!
United may we be;
The Lord ol' hosts our captain,
His word our guide to be.
From ocean unto ocean,
From palm to waving pine,
Thj' nane shall e'er be houored,
Great Ood, and only thine."
r?en. J. (J. Sheppard issues
Statement Concerning The
Business Outlook.
Mr. Editor:- I enjoyed tlie privi
lege of participating in a confer
ence of our farmers and other busi
ness men, in our court house on
last salesday, and ? was greatly
gratified at the spirit of wisdom,
moderation and justice which was
manifested; and upon the adjourn
ment of the meeting, I felt satisfied
thar, our people would meet th?1
emergencies which confrunt them
in that spirit of co-operation which
is essential to a wise and just solu
tion of unusual and unexpected
Since that day a great deal has
been said, and a great deal has been
written, concerning the best policy ?
!:o be pursued by our people under
Lhe conditions which exist.
Since that day many bankers in (
Dur state, and in other states, have
made propositions which were in- '
;ended to ameliorate the conditions 1
jf their respective .patrons. These '
propositions have been practically f
is various as they have been nu- 1
nerous. In point of fact, much va- '
.iety of suggestion must exist when ^
.he condition of one citizen, or of
me community, differs so much
Tom those of another, that the so- *
ution of one condition might be r
he aggravation of another. 1
At our meeting on salesday many "
varying conditions were represent- a
id., There were citizens present, who '
lave no cctton, and who owe no r
nouey, but, need ni o ne;, for neces- v
?arv purposes. There were citizens "
vho have no cotton, and who owe
none?, and must obtain money for v
leeessarv uses. I'here were citizens c:
vho have cotton, bal owe more v
abney than thev can realize on :
heir cotton at current prices. Many 1
Inferences exist in the conditions c
)f our people. Since that day I am j*
atisfied that the general con->
litiou has very much improved;
md I am satisfied that conditions 1
viii continue, to improve; andi feel }
;onndent that before long we will 1
di be getting along in the usual '
vay. 1
Asl write I observe in a leading '
kl i to rial that t!it chances are that
hree weeks from now the main ^
mases of the problem will have d<*- 11
ined themselves much mure deli- 1
lit'3!v than at present, and that we :1
mall be able tn see our way more 1
dearly towards a satisfactory sola- '
ion. j
I concur in the opinion of this e
K?tor; and hence I am writing a i
?rief statement of my views >iiice L|
[ had the pleasure of staling them ; '
it our meeting i?n salesday.
I have no distinct proposition to:v
.iahe t'i the patrons and friends of
he Bank of Ed ge ii eld that would j
ipp'y exactly equally satisfactorily 8
o the conditions ?d' each one of -
hem; "out u gives me pleasure to '."
. ive the assurance that we will do 'I
mr best to take care of everyone v
>f them. I am satisfied that those 1
rho are indebted will do their best '.'
md I wish all to feel assured that j '
ve will do our liest; and the spirit
d' mu tu a j co-operation will result -
n a satisfactory solution ofcondi-p
ions as they may arise.
In my judgment conditions are v
lot as bad as the surface indicates. '
have known cotton to sell here in j '
mr town, and in Augusta, and in
New Voil;, for much less than itIa
low brings. 1 have known much
nore gloomy conditions than now | J
txisi. I have seen darker and lower j1
?louds than those confronting us; a
md I am satisfied that in a shori '.'
,ime conditions will adjust them
selves and settle down upon,a nor
na! basis.
Very respectfully,
J. 0. Sheppard,
President Bank of Edgefield.
Pleasant Rook Party. I
Misses Hortense and Royal Peak
?rere the gracious hostesses for a t
rook party on Wednesday morning,
Lhe guests of honor being Miss Jen- *
kins of Charleston visiting Miss 1
Marion Bailey and Miss Marie An- i
[lerson of Edisto Island, a visitor
at the home of Misses Ed ward ina i
and Marion Bialock. 1
The guests were seated at six ta- ;
bles and when the games bad been :
completed Miss Mamie Dunovant
was declared the most successful,
having won first prize. Guest prizes -
were presented to Misses Anderson
and Jenkins, handsome autograph i
handkerchiefs. The refreshments :
consisted of an elaborate salad
Mrs. J. P>. Knights' beautiful
card party on Thursday afternoon
was the enjoyable social event of the
week. Miss Moore made the highest
score and was presented with a love
ly little work-apron. Mrs. Knight
served an elegant salad course at
the conclusion of the game..
Prof. and Mrs Scott's horne will
be thrown open on Friday evening
i>f this week for a Box Party, the
proceeds of which v. ill be ap pl jed
to the School Improvement Fund.
Both vocal and instrumental music
Krill be rendered during the evening
md an all-round good time is wait
ng for those who attend.
The cemetery association met at
he home of Mrs Fate Posey on
Tuesday to make arrangements for
heir annual chrysanthemum fair
?arly in November.
Mrs Howard Haynes from Atlan
a, who has been visiting i:i Rich
nond, Ya., stopped by on her
lomeward return for a little visit
0 Mrs J W Bryan. Mrs Haynes
s remembered here as lovely and
ovable Alice Hobson, who won the
?eart of all whom sh? met during
1er visit here several summers ago.
Mr Herbert Satcher will leave
lome on Tuesday of next week tof
esume his course in Theology at j
he Philadelphia Divinity School. |
Ve shall all miss this young man
,nd especially will his going away
?e a loss to the chut ch since he has ,
er.dereil such faithful and able ser
ice as organist for the past several
The prayer meeting service was
irell attended MI our Methodist !
burch on Sunday evening last, j
rilli Mr L E Jackson as leader and '?
-1rs Scott as organist. These meet-j
hgs will be held at the different
burches, and the place for the next
.ne is the Episcopal church on next
sunday evening.
Miss Sarah Sch orb, who made
nany sincere friends during her
rjtdt to Mrs Willie Miller returned
OvxeVHitrnte-n-r:- .?plarrjbTa on Fri
lay. She was accompanied for the
reek-end by Mrs .Miller and little
)o rothy.
Mrs Lizzie Hughes and Miss Ad- j
lie Hughes, after a pleasant sum
ner at ? hick Springs and the moun
ains of N. C. are at home again lo
he delight of their numerous
Mrs Julia Con liney from Colima
da made a short visit to her moth
rMrs Julia Holland ibis week.
Miss Sallie Mae Tillman has
../iii' to resume her school work a;
^gnes Scott.
Miss Helen Clark after a lovely
?sit to a class-mate in Winnsuoro
las returned home.
.Mr and Mrs W F Roper have
:one to make their home in Fior
nce, S. C.. .Mr Roper having ac
epted a government job with head
1 uar te rs there. Trenton gives this
Cling couple'up with great relue
ance, but ti e sincerest and best
fishes of their countless friends
rill always be willi them.
Miss Annie Walker from N >rth
Lugustfi is ihe guest ol' her sister
1rs J li Moss.
.Mrs J B Jordan after a weeks
isit to her daughter Mrs A B Mil
er has returned to her home in
.'?lr S W .Miller from Ropers was
visitor io our town on Monday.
Miss Lola Hunter and Mr Teague
Linter left home on Tuesday. Miss
I unter to take up her senior work
t Winthrop and Mr Hunter to j
nter the University in Columbia.
Trenton, S. C.
What is it?
How Devoe?
It's IOU years old; but that isn't
It has long been the best; but
hat isn't how.
It has been developed by use and
itudy, by study and use; that is
iow; and approved by experience,
nany years; that's how.
It commends itself by long lasi
ng and small paint-cost; not cheap
>V the gallon, but cheap by the job
ind cheap by the year and ten
fears, cheap by the lifetime.
That's how.
Stewart & Kernaghan sells it.
Boy's suits all wool from ?3.00
np. Pants from *-2.50 up. No
matter what others offer, you will
Hud ours the cheapest
P. G. Merlins, Augusta, Ga.
Miss Martha White Passes
Av/ay. Building in Progress.
Many Visitors Coming
and Going.
j Well I believe everybody is very
busy in this section gathering their
crops, cotton picking being the oc
cupation of most all the fanners, as
it seems to be opening so fast. As
the price is so low and no demand
hardly at all, they will have to hold
it for a while and we all hope war
erie? will soon be ended, and cotton
a better price than it has been for
many years.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mann, ?spent
the week-end at Abbeville, visiting
Mrs. Mann's sister who is very ill
with typhoid fever.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walls wire
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clark, at
Callison's last Sunday.
Miss Orene Rankin spent the
week-end' with her brother Mr.
Noel Rankin and family.
Miss Coreen Walls, 9pent last
Friday with Miss Maggie Deale.
Misses Maggie Medlock and Leo
na white were the truest of Miss
Annie Sue McKinnie, near Plum
Misses Rosa and Mattie Sue Mi
nor were the guests of Miss Maggie
Deale last Friday and Saturday.
Mr. Hiram Walls and sister Co
reen were the guests of Misses Geor
tria and Dora Crawford, last Sun
Tho people of this community re
ceived a very sail . message last
Thursday ix m.. that, aunt Martha
Palsy White had passe?1, away, at
the age of !).r> or loo years. The body
was put awn" at Bethany cemt?tary
where her sister aunt Betsy was laid
to rest nearly four months ago.
Misses Augustas and Cornelia
Walton of Meeting Street spent
several days last week with relatives
Mr. and Mrs.' Mayes Koiliday. ^
have been the guests of Mr. W. R.
Holiday and family.
We are glad to say that Mrs
Jessie Ridlehoover, who has been
quite sick is improving rapidly.
Mis Cindy White, from McCor
mirk, is spending a while with rel- '
atives in this section.
Mrs Walter Ridlehoover has
been the guest of her mother and
father. Mr and Mrs George Long of
Mr Willie White and family were
the guests of Mr O D White re
Mr Win free Freeland, who has
been a worker on th" C <fc W C
railroad is spending some time with
home folks in this section.
Miss Black from Chester, S. C.
lias been spending a while with her
lister Mrs Henry Gibson of this
Mr Press Holliday from P >rt
Royal is visiting his parents Mr and
Mrs Robt Holliday and other rcla
Miss Emmie Thurmond, from
Modoc is visiting Mrs Ftearden.
Mr J A Walls and Mr J S Mann
went on a business trip to Augusta
Mr and Mrs Bob West were the
guests of Mr and Mrs L E White
last week.
Mr. Gary McKinnie, Misses Am
itie Sue McKinnie and Maggie Med
lock have been the guests ol' Mr Joe
White and family.
Mr ami Mrs JT Koiliday have
been visitors in the home of Mr.
NV ?Ison and family.
Mr Eugene Mann ;s having two
nice rooms and a hall built on to
his house which wi!! make a hand
some building when finished.
C. w.
Po-Do-Lax Banishes Pimples.
Bad blood, pimples, headaches,
biliousness, torpid liver, constipa
tion, etc., come from indigestion.
Take Po"Do-Lax, th J pleasant and
absolute sure laxative, and you won't
suffer from a deranged stomach or
other troables. It will lone up the
liver and purify the blood. Use it
regularly and you will stay well,
have clear complexion and steady
nerves. Get a ?Oc bottle to-day.
Money back if not satisfied. All
If you want the best h ?".ness
made, buy Gr., ft Mornbbaok ?.^ ^
Wilson & Cautclou.

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