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Published every Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at $1.50 per year
3j ad/ance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice a: Edgerield, S. C.
No communications will he published
Unless accompanied, by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries. Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Wednesday, Sept. 16tK
The shortest life is long enough if j
it lead to a better, and the longest j
life is short if it do not.-COLTON, j
Baptist Association at Ebenezer
The country about Trenton is a
part cf-the most thrifty and pros
perous in the state and now in the
beginning of the Autumn we can
truly say of this good land.
Parting Summer a serene blue,
With golden lieht enlivened
wide, invest
A happy world, attempered
one's wills
Sweet-beamed and shedding
oft through lucid clouds,
A pleasing calm, while broad
and brown below.
Extensive harvests hang their
heavy heads.
Rich, silent, deep they stand,
far as the eye can shoot around
Unbounded, tossing in a Hood
Of corn,
And planters only prosper who
grow corn.
The 107th session of the Associa
tion was called to order at lu o'clock
a. m. on Wednesday Sept 9 in
Ebenezer Baptist. Church near Tren
ton by the moderator Orlando Shep
pard, Esq., with Rev. J. T. Little
john as secretary and S. B. Mays
as treasurer.
After a few sweet moments of j
prayer, the moderator proceeded to
call the roll of delegates and almost j
every church in this Association
was re prese i ted, making a good
average attendance. On motion of
Rev. P. B. Lanham the same offi
cers were re-elected: Moderator 0.
Sheppard; S .ry J. T. Little
john: Treasurer, S. B. Mays,
The moderator expressed witl
deep gratitude this continued ex
?iression ot' confidence and he sp<.k<
with profound sorrow of the au i n
?var in Europe ami urjred upon al
?he importance of inculcating lh<
'licked principles of religion in lin
hearts of our people and our pray
..rs for those unfortunate victim!
of that bloody strife across thi
After a melodious song from th?
choir Rev. C. .T. Thom >son the
representative of Mo:]- Mission
Board preached a mest excellent sei"
mon in which he showed the Chris
lian duty of giving of our substance
to thu Lord's cause.
Anions the visiting brethren
present were Dr. E. M. Po teat,
President of Furman University,
Col. F. X. K. Bailey, of B. 31. I,
Greenwood. C. J. Thompson ot
Home Missions; T. J. Watt, Sun
day school state secretary; Mr. J.
D. Bozeman, of Baptist Courier;
Kev. Nelson of Rock Hill; Dr.
David Ramsey, of Greenville Fe
male College; Rev. W. T. Hun v;
Rev. A. T. Jamison, of Connie .
wjll Orphanage; Dr. W. T. Derieux
secretary State Missions, and they
wert all recognized by the moder
ator in felicitous words of welcome.
The report on Aged Ministers was
prepared by J. G. McKie and
read by Rev. M. D. Jeffries. This
was an able report. It was re
gretted that Mr. McKie could not
be present. A good suggestion
was made that every one give some
thing as a birthday offering to these
most worthy and noble brethren wno
lave worn themselves out in the
?ervice of God. j
The report on Woman's Work
vas a good one, presented by J. D.
hughey, and several good speeches
vere made dwelling on the devo
ional zeal and powerful co-opera
ion of the good women in all the
:auses of the church. Without her
irayers and service the church
vould lose most of its power.
Tiie report on Education was
nade by A. S. Tompkins, who was
ol lowed by a most earnest and mas
erly plea by Dr. Poteat for belier
ural schools and a more universal
ompulsory education among the ig
orani and lowly in all classes of [
eople. Col. F. N. K. Bailey also ;
lade a cooa talk.
The report on Sunday Schools
'as a well prepared document by
V. B. Cogburn. Mr. Watt made a
plendid talk on this most impor- ,
int subject, in which he empha- ]
zed the necessity of better teach
The report on Home Missions
'as a tine one by Dr. M. I). Jeffries,
ad was well arranged and listened .
) with interest.
The report on Foreiirn Missions j I
was rend hy R*?v. J. E. Johnston, i J:
and Dr. Thompson delivered a most j*
profound, and comprehensive nd- g
[dress rm these two far-reaching ami jj
diversified eiForis tn scatter thc h
seeds of gospel truth "From (riven ?J
land's icy mountains to India's coral ?
' strand." Special mention was mn.le : j
in this connection o? John Lake ?j
land his wife. jj
Ono of li? a.ilcst reports made j ?
j wns on Periodicals. This report ;
: wa< the finest ev.-r made on thissnb-lt
.?L'Ct, and was prepared by J. L. ?
.Minis, who was detained by illness. J.j
It was so well appreciated that a j
motion was made to have it punted ;|
in the Baptist Courier. It was read j j
by Dr. Jeffries and discussed by j j
Rev. P. B. Lanham read the rf
port on State Missions, which was ?
interesting. Dr. W. T. Derieuxlf
then made a short, earnest address
on our State Work.
The report on Layman's Move
ment* was prepared by W. E. Lott,
and tlie report on State of Religion
was made by Rev. J. T. Littlejohn.
The hospitality of the Trenton
people was as deliciously abundant
as it was most graciously bestowed
by the fair bands of the lovely
women of this blessed community,
the Bettises. the Miller?, the Days,
the Mathises, the Salters, Wises
and all these goo? Trenton folks.
Rev. Graves L. Knight the popu
lar pnstor of Ebenezer, in spite of
his dark and doleful name was very
happy ii. bis sunny smile and warm
welcome and made cadi delegate
feel at home. Rev. W. T. Handley
was gladly welcomed and made an
earnest talk.
This association regretted rr?!f.a
have to lose from its borders the' '
valuable co-operation and spiritual! 1
power of Dr. M. D. Jeffries.
The Moderator, O. Sheppard in
graceful dignity piloted the pro
ceedings io such a way as to tacili
tate free and easy discussions and
adjourned the Association in his
own earnest and fraternal spirit of
good fellowship and thc delegates
returned to their homes filled with
, . i cv
new inspiration to consecrate their ? "
. .ten
services more devotedly to the j j-0
.ause of our Lord and Master Jesus
This gathering did much good.
Next Association will be at Red
Hill A. S. T.
Thornhill gives a deeper body
ivith his wagon than any other
Wilson & Cantelou.
We still handle the Tyson &
Tones buggy.
Wilson it Cantelou.
? We now have on
jj that we have ever shown
inspect these garments.
In our other depa
departments complete.
When You Take a Bath.
Don't just lie and swusle. Hub
nd scrub the skin thoroughly from
ead to foot Massage tho flesh,
'his stirs the blood and washes off
ie dead skin so that the body is
?ally cleaned and the porn?.- opened
p. All this promot.'s health. It
dps the body to get i id of the waste.
I you don't take a bath every morn
2, co over 3ourself with a roush
?wei. This will help some. It is
pecially necessary in winter to
'ep the skiu open. lu summer one
u'spires, and this eliminates the
?ste that the skin pores are sup
ped to carry away. In winter
ere is none of this openness in the
?res. The body is then like a
?use with all the doors and win
iws tightly closed so that no fresh
r can circulate and carry off the
iste gases. Some prominent man
,s said that those who take a bath
ery morning belong to a differ
t order of bein irs from those who
How a weekly (or monthly) bath
hedule. A daily bath is a vaina
e education and a physical and
un tal tonic. Try it, if you are not
ready a convert.-Golden Age.
Studebaker is the lightest mu
ng and the longest lasting. We
tarantee Studebaker tires to go 5
jars without shrinking.
Wilson <fc Cantelou.
If you will use the celebrated
?aft moren back harness your bar
iss trouble will cease.
Wilson A Cantelou.
exhibition, the largest line of Jad
and invite the ladies of Edgefiel
A Ve will please you and save yo
rtments we are receiving goods
Vours truly
Rheumatism Pains Stooped. \ J
The first application of Sloan's'!
liniment socs right to the painful < ?
part-it penetrates without rub
bing-it stops the rheumatic pains ;
around the joints and gives relief j
and comfort. Don't suffer! Get a j
bottle to-day! It is a family medi-i
cine for all pains, hurts, bruises, j
cuts, sore throat, neuralgia and
chest pains. Prevents infection. Mr.
Chas. H Wentworth, California,
writes: "It did wonders for my
rheumatism, pain is gone as soon as
I apply it. I recommended it to my
friends as the best liniment I ever
used." Guaranteed. 25c at your
Every strap and every stitch in
graft inorshback harness is guaran
teed by the manufacturer. We sell
Wilson cfc Cantelou.
Hats to close out at 81.00 to
j 83.00. broken lots. 82.50 and $4.00
J was the regular prices,
j F. G. Mei tins, Augusta, Ga.
;i rockway buggies have ad van ta- j
gc-, you find not in others, regard- ,
lt.- i of price.
Wilson cfc Cantelou.
We can give you anything you .
want in a Studebaker wagon.
Wilson cfc Cantelou.
We have just received a ship
ment of saddles, saddle blankets, etc. v
Wilson cfc Cantelou.
ies' coat suits, arid cloaks
il and vicinity to cal! and
u money on this line,
each dav. makins our
:u*i*5Bfl? v*;ic?. -ii! ) F,: iHK' '..> -1;
If you could take out an in
surance policy that would
guarantee your horse or
mule against colic for fifty
cents you would hurry to do
so, would'nt you?
Dr. Boyd's Sure Pop
Colic Remedy
is colic insurance in drop form.
60 drops instantly relieves sever
est case. Price 50c and $1 a bottle.
No drenching. Results guaran
teed or money refunded by
For Sale by
G. T. Ouzts,
Kirksey, S. C.
Tyson cfc Jones buggies are the
>est buggies on the market for the
uoney. .>
-. Wilson cfc Cantelou.
If yon want to ride 2nd to none
?ny a Brock vay.
Wilson cfc Cantekmr"
Every customer who has a Brock
ray is delighted.
. . . ; Wilson & Cantelou.
Realizing the condition of our people who are depen
dent on the price of cotton to meet their obligations, in this
extremity, occasioned by the European war, we haye decided
to share the loss with our customers; therefore, for one week
beginning September 14th and ending September 21st, we
will accept cotton of not lower than middling grade on ac
counts due us at ten (10) cents a pound.

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