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A Romantic Marriage. Ordi
nance of Baptism Admin
istered. Reception by
Miss Mobley.
There wa;, the culmination of a
very pretty romance here on Sun
day afternoon when Miss Iva Tur
ner became the bride of Mr. Wal
lace Ruff, a prominent lawyer of
Lynchburg, Va. Miss Turner is the
daughter of Mrs. Ellie Ivy Schnell,
of Greenwich, Gonn., and during
the summer has been with her
grand mother, Mrs. Eleanor Ivy.
During the four years course of
Miss Turner at Randolph-Macon
college. Va., cupid began his pranks
and during this time the bond be
tween them was strengthened. Miss
Turner had accepted a school in the
upper part of the state and was on
thc eve of departure, but upon the
arrival of her fiance be persuaded
her to return with him. The mar
riage was solemnized in the Metho
dist church and was witnessed by
only the intimate friends of the
bride, Rev. G. T. Hutchen*on per
forming the ceremony. Immediate
ly after, the happy pair, accompa
nied by Mr. Joseph Cox and Miss j
Elise Lybrand left in a car for
Batesburg, where they caught a
branch train for their home in
Lynchburg, Va. Kind good wishes
follow thom, for the bride by her
bright and pleasant manner, had
many friends here.
The ordinance of baptism was
administered on Sunday evening at
the Baptist church and 24 were
buried ;n baptism arith their Lord, j
The historical meeting of the j
Mar^v Ann Buie chapter was held j
,"^n_Thursday afternoon at Ced^rj
?ve," the ai i rao ?jfvT5--~n?1?W'^r Bf f**|
B. T. Boatwright. Two hours of
profit and pleasure were spent, the
subject being rear admiral Raphael
Sem mes, and the historian Mrs. U.
D. Black had arranged an interest
ing program. After the ritual, the
following was enjoyed: Musical se
lection, Mrs. B. T. Boatwright;
"Life of Raphael Sommes," Mrs.
G. P. Cobb; "The Confederate
navy," Mrs, Eleanor Ivy; Recita
tion, Master Burrell Boatwright;
"Description of the vessels, the
Sumter and the Alabama,'* Miss
Emmie Wright; vocal solo, Mrs.
James White; paper, "In the pres |
ent crisis that confronts us, will tho
southern women rally to the cause
of patriotism as did the women of
the confederacy?" Mis> Zena Payne.
Before the meeting adjourned the
hospitality of the gracious hostess
was enjoyed.
Mrs. Hattie Mobley of Coombia
is visiting friends hore. !
Mr. Junius Bailey has accepted a
position on the American Lutheran i
Survey, a religious magazine being)
published in Columbia.
Mr. aud Mrs. F. M. Boyd spent
the first of the week in Augusta.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Blount and
Miss Sadie Gentry spent Sunday
at Meeting Street, the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Smyly Stevens.
Mrs. Daniel Moorer of Fairfax is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. I). Kenny.
Mrs. Walter Derrick entertained
with a dining one day last week fori
several of her relatives, among
them being Mrs. Gertrude Foster!
of Augusta.
Miss Ida Satcher is at home
from a visit to her sister, Mrs.
Chas. Early at Florence.
Mrs. James Hniet and little son
have returned tu Trilby, Fla., after
a visit in the home of Mrs. M. A.
Miss Ella Smith has gone to
Wagner to accept a school.
Misses Lois Lynch and Mary
Marsden of Augusta have been
guests of Miss Bertha Woodward.
Mrs. J. S. Watson recently en
tertained the members of the Royal
Ambassadors, vt which organization
she is leader. Two hours or more
were happily spent and all enjoyed
the refreshing ices and cake.
A beautiful reception was that of
last Tuesday when Miss Marion
Mobley entertained i . compliment
to her cousin, Miss Mary Dunovant
of Chester. The interior of the home
was attractive with autumn flowers
and foliage and about were the
mysterious symbols of Hallowe'en.
There were about 75 friends that
called, the matrons from 4:.'50 to
5:3<J, the young ladies coming the
next hour. A cordial greeting was
given all by Miss Josephine Mobley
who received at the front entrance,
and Mrs. Mirna Walker and Sue
Smith escorted the guests to the
parlor where the receiving line
stood, this composed of Miss Mob
ley, Miss Dunovant, Miss Ruth
Smith, of Tenille, Ga., and Sadie
Gentry of Brooklyn, N. J. lu the
dining room the guests were served
with block cream and cake, in gold
and white, Mesdames P. 2sT. Keesee
and Lewis l?lount presiding at the
table. The centerpiece used here
was a large pumpkin, basket shaped,
rilled with fruits and bright color
ed foliage. Out in the hallway in a
prettily arranged alcove, coffee was
poured by Mesdames J. L. Walker,
Daniel Moorer and A. P. Lewis.
The favors were tiny handpainted
pumpkins and black cats, being the
handiwork of Miss Dunovant and
were pinned on by Miss Antoinette
Johnston has six young gentlemen
at Clemson college and nearly
every week we hear something of
merit concerning them. Last week
Wallace Turner was appointed cor
poral in his company.
Baptist Conference Held.
At the close of Sunday school
last Sunday morning the members
of the Baptist church held an im
portant conference. The attendance
was large and representative. After
other matters of business were dis
posed of a committee consisting of
O. Sheppard, .1. L. Mims, W. B.
Coo bum, A. E. Padgett, J. Wm.
Thurmond, J. C. Sheppard, W. A.
Collett, B. B. Jones, A. S. Tomp
kins, Mrs. Mamie N. Tillman and
Mrs. Fannie Tompkins, was ap
pointed to take steps looking to
the calling of a pastor, and also to
provide for the holding of service
^?t^JmtmrnF' ;>>v "r-^i"rr ministers
Io supply unt?T a pastoras selected.
The following resolution was
offered by E. J. Norris and unan
imously adopted:
Resolved by the members of the
Edgefield First Baptist church in
conference assembled that we ex
press our thanks and appreciation
to our brethren of the Presbyterian
and Methodist churches f ir the
use of their houses of worship dur
ing the many munths that we were
without a house, and also thank thc
Rector of the Episcopal church for
the kind offer of their church.
Should occasion arise, we stand
ready to return the favor. Resolved
further that a copy of the above be
sent to these brethren.
Fall Term of Court.
The court ot . nierai sessions con
vened Monday vi th Hon. George
E. Prince as presiding judge. Im
mediately after the court was or
ganized Judge Prince delivered a
brief but practical and forceful
charge to the grand jury concerning
their duty and upon matters gen
erally affecting the county. He con
demned the blind tiger in very
strong language, stating, in sub
stance, that the man who habitually
sells mean liquor in a community is
on a plane with the assassin and
would not hesitate to stab a man in
the back.
The following true bills were
found on indictments that, were
handed out Monday by the solici
tor: Seymour Davis murder and
carrying concealed weapon.
Jim Stafford, Alex Miles, and
Charles Stafford, assault and bat
tery with intent to kill and carrying
concealed weapon.
Ernest Jackson, murder and car
rying concealed weapon.
Tillman Bunch, John D. Bunch,
George Cofieid and J. Ben j. Bunch,
assault and battery with intent to
John Feagan, murder.
Henry Dozier, rape.
The first case to go to the jury
Monday was that of John Lanham,
indicted for killing another negro
last summer on the farm of the late
John Briggs in the lower part of
the county. The two negroes quar
reled over a wagon whip and John
cut the other negro. Blood poison
set in and death resulted from thc
wound. The defendant was repre
sented by Sheppard Bros and the
State by the solicitor.
The next case calied was that
against Will Burt for carrj*ing a
concealed weapon. Instead of en
gaging counsel, Will pleaded his
own cause, with the result that he
Crops Being Rapidly Harvested.
Commodious New School
Building. Miss Rose
Strom 111.
Though the wars may rage and
the battle cries are heard from the
distant lands. "God is still in His
Heaven" and we feel grateful to
the Creator of peace that we live in
America nnd bow our heads in sol
emn petition for the victims of war
in benighted Europe.
The crops in this section are he
il.^ rapidly harvested and the farm
ers ure making preparations for a
big grain acreage for the next crop.
Our community is very proud of
the nice new schooi building that
b is recently been erected on the old
building site. Barr's Chapel and
Antioch >chools have been con
solidated and the trustees, with the
untiring co-operation of the neigh
b iring men, have contributed liber
ally of their time and means to-(
wards the completion of a very
creditable building. They have used, j
the state pian and made the build-,
ing modem in every detail. The
school session will open next Mon
day morning with two teachers,
Miss Ferguson from Smithville,
Tenn., as principal, and Miss Lula
Quarles of Red Hill community
will be the assistant. We will glad:
ly welcome these two ladies in our
Mrs. J. F. Walker is anticipating
a trip to Anderson in the near
Mrs. Martha Brimson who has
been visiting her son, Mr. C. Ay
Brunson and other relatives, return
ed to her home in Augusta last j
week. . ???
We regret thai-Mi** &?fl? ?
who has been quite sick for several ;
months is no better. Her many
friends are in hopes that the cold
weather will greatly improve her
Miss Lucy Pettigrew who has
been in training for a nurse in the
?city hospital of Augusta is at home
on vacation.
Miss Eugenia M i ms and little Ab
ney Minis have been on the sick
! list for the past few days.
Good Fortune Attends Her.
Little Lois Mims, the eld eat
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George
F. Mims who has not yet reached
her 12th year, has recently been
awarded two prizes, either one of
which would be a distinct honor.
Early in the summer Lois entered a
painting or drawing contest which
was being conducted by that excel
lent journal, the Woman's Home
Companion, prizes being offered
I those who sent the best paintings.
I Without the assistance of anyone
Lois selected her subject and for
warded the completed painting to
be submitted to the committee of
judges. After the lapse of a month
or more she received a letter enclos
ing one dollar as a prize awarded
in the conten.
Early in the spring Lois joined I
the tomato club that was organised |
among the girls of the Edgefield i
graded school, and several weeks |
I ago, after the committee of judges
I had made a tour of inspection, they
awarded hei the t?r.st prize of #5 in
gold the tomato club contest. The
Advertiser extends hearty congrat
ulations to this ambitions and tal
ented little Buncombe girl.
We have everything you can men
tion in Millinery, and we are re
ceiving goods three and four times
a week. Look over our line be
fore you buy your Hat and you will
find yon can buy one for-about half)
the price. J
was found guilty and sentenced to
pay a fine of ?:30. The fine was
John Feagan acquitted yesterday
ot killing a negro in the Meriweth
er section. He was represented hy
J. Wm. Thurmond, Esq., and the
State by the solicitor.
The court has been engaged since
yesterday noon with the trial of
Henry Oozier for rape. The case
will probably be completed by noon
to day.
Box Party Given by the Mt.
Zion Missionary Society a
Great Success.
The box party which was held on
last Friday evening at the home of
Mr. W. J. Gaines for tbs benefit of
the Mt. Zion missionary society
proved to be a great success, social
ly and financially.
Beginning to assemble at 7
o'clock conversation and games
were enjoyed till all of the guests
arrived, when the sale of the boxes
began. This was conducted by Mr.
E. E. Walker of 'frent?n, who, by
his tactful and humorous remarks,
proved himself a very efficient
auctioneer. The boxes sold surpris
ingly well, so that when the pro
ceeds were counted up, the sum ex-j
ceeded the amount which the ladies!
of the society had intended to nise. j
As each gentleman received his
box, he was joined by the lady who,
owned it, the couples joining in
K?ne. They then proceeded . to the
-lining room, where, besides the
contents of the boxes, other tooth
some viands had been placed upon
the table, and a delightful supper j
was enjoyed by all. Repairing to j
the parlor, old and young joined in |
merry games. The older members
of the party seemed to enjoy every
thing quite as much as the younger
ones. Such expressions as "Well, I
have not played that game in fif
teen years," and "lt has been twen
ty-five years since I was in such a
thing as this," were heard.
As a change from the games, the
cake walk was then enjoyed. Since
the sale of the boxes had brought
sufficient funds, this was given to
the company simply as a free di
version. The lucky winner of the
cake was Mrs. Gaines' amiable
yung partner, Mr. Grover Padgett.
IL gallantly donated it to the la
. . Lui as-a compromise it was
dill and" carried away oy tn. J di fi?r
ent members of the company as
souvenirs of a delightful evening.
The members of the missionary
society are^'greatly encouraged, and
look forward to other similar occa- !
hions, when social pleasure and the
cultivation of the neighborhood
spirit shall he combined with aid to
the noble world-work of their so
Much anxiety has been felt re
cently over the sickness of little
Woodie, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.
M. Padgett, who, it was feared had
typhoid fever. But his condition is
much improved and it is hoped he
will soon be quite well again.
Dr. Hunter from Trenton has re
cently been attending cases of grip
among the children of Mr. John
Smith. We are glad to state that
all are getting on well.
A pleasant day for the young!
people of the Gaines household was
mat which their charming former
neighbors, Misses Lizzie, Lucy and
Leila Quarles, from Trenton, spent
with thani this week. Misses Lizzie
and Lucy stood the recent teachers'
examination at Edgefield and hav
ing received their certificates, are
now contemplating joining the
great army of teachers. From long
and intimate acquaintance with
them, this scribe can testify that
too more deserving girls do not live
in Edgefield county.
Miss Mary Gaines on Monday the
12th, began her winter's work as
teacher of the Floyd school in
Aiken county.
Ts a horse worth more or less
after feed?
Hay and oats are hiirh to-day;
shall I wait to-day and feed him to
That's how men do about paint
ing their houses and barns and
fences. Paint has been high for sev
eral years; and so they have waited.
Some are still waiting.
Their property drops a trifle a
year and the next job of paint
creeps-up, creeps-up creeps-up; it'll
take more paint by a gallon a year;
they don't save a cent, and the
property goes on suffering.
Stewart cfc Kernaghan sells it.
We have a full line of ladies' and
Misses Sweaters in all colors. We
can sell you an elegant Sweater for
$2.75, which you can compare with
any $4.00 Sweater elsewhere.
Wilson-Morgan, Beautiful Nup
tials Celebrated Sunday.
Sept. 27.
An ideally pretty Iv wedding
was that on Sunday afternoon,
wheu .Miss Mary Lou Wilson and
Mr. David Calvin Morir?n, were
married at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wil
son, on Prince street. The ceremo
ny occurred at 6 o'clock, and was
conducted by Rev. Harford li.
Jones, pastor of the Baptist church.
The bridal couple stood lo be mar
ried under a beautiful arch of smi
lax, clusters of daisies and hot
house plants.
The bride was beautifully gown
ed in pink brocade satin, trimmed
with pearls and passementerie, and
carried a bouquet of junk and white
asters. Monday evening the parents
of the bride tendered a reception to
the happy couple and their guests.
Mrs.W. TC. Doar, assisted by Mrs.
W. A. Rivenbarlc, received at the
door, and then later dispensed a de
licious punch of fruit juices, assist
ed by Miss Rosa McDonald and
Mr. Hugh Johnson. In the living
room a salad course was served by
Mrs. J. B. McDonald.
Among the guests were Mr. and
Mrs. IL 13. Jones, -Miss Ruth Mc
Donald, Mr. Hallie Carraway, Miss
Juanita Lankford, Mr. Ben McLeod,
Miss Mary Fletcher, Mr. Conway
Dorn, Miss Ruby Watson, Mr. Bar
rington, Miss Inez McDonald, Mr.
Joseph Johnson, Miss Sadie Mc
Donald, Mr. Sam Owens, Miss Hel
en Snow and Mr. Louis Savage.
The groom, Mr. Morgan, came
to Georgetown in November 1013
from Edgefield, his former home,
aul has efficiently filled the posi
tion of a courteous salesman at the
southern Mercantile company's
stores. Mr. Morgan is a popular
young man and has made many
friends since coming to George
u>?u.--y.ufc -W;lavn,- th,; i,r:{Lv.-a.
resident of this city for the last
five years, is a most charming and
popular young lady. Joining with
their host of friends, we wish them
a long, happy and prosp?rons life.
Shower in Honor of Miss Ma
ria Hill.
On last Friday afternoon the
girls of the Dixie Auxiliary enter
tained for one of their members,
Miss Maria Hill, at the home of
Mrs. James Hart. The delighful oc
casion was called a miscellaneous
shower. The guests assembled at
four o'clock and were greeted at
the door by young ladies who gave
souvenirs with goldenrod hand
painted in the corners. Goldenrod,
being the principal dower of the
season of the year, formed the
decorations. The girls assembled in
ihe parlor with the bride-to-be in
their midst, all in high spirits.
During the afternoon the guest
of honor was called out on the
porch. A she returned to the hall
rice showered upon her from
the door above. This caused much j
fun and laughter. Next we were,
presented with the contest wilier
was composed of a poem. One
word in each line had been omitted
and each was required to fill these
with names of appropriate flowers.
Miss Miriam Norris received the
prize, a bottle ol' fragrant perfume
which she presented to Miss Hill.
Probablv the most attractive por
tion of the afternoon's entertain
ment came next, when a basket
dainty with ribbon and goldenrod
was brought in by Elizabeth Rives
aid Eloise Hart. This was laid at
the leet of the honoree, and when
examined, was found to be Siled
with the prettiest and most charm
ing presents. These were passed
around and admired by all present.
They were found to be useful as
well as ornamental. We were not
yet through with bestowing things
on the bride-to-be until each of us
had showered her with rice. We
had all been given during the after
noon tiny yellow bags trimmed
with goldenrod and filled with rice.
Unawares, missiles of rice were
thrown at her on all sides by the
delight jd guests. The last, and by
no means the least attractive feature
of the afternoon was the serving of
a delightful salad course.
A Guest.
We carry an elegant line of la
dies' and missel coat snits. Give u*
a trial and we will save you some
Death of Mrs. Hook. Mrs.
Mathis and Mrs. Wise Elec
ted Delegates. Senator Till
man Called to Washington.
Mrs. Hook, wife of Mr. M. I.
Hook who formerly lived here,
died at her home in Warrenville
on Thursday, and her remains were
brought to the Ebenezer cemetery
for interment Friday afternoon.
The bereaved ones have the sym
pathy of their friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Day have re
turnjd home from a much enjoyed
trip to Birmingham.
Miss Lila Lanham from Ropers
is spending several days at the
home of Senator and Mrs. Till
Mrs. C. S. Moore will spend part
of this week as the guest of Mrs.
Jordan at Ridge Spring.
Misses Marion and Corine Clark
were week-end visitors to Columbia.
Those who enjoyed both the cir
cus in Augusta on Saturday and in
automobile trip were Mrs. W. B.
Posey, Mrs. Fate Posey, Miss Em
ma Bouknight, Misses Maude and
Dollie Bettis, Mr. VV. B. Posey,
Mr. Bettis Boukright, Mr. William
Bettis and little John Broadus
Mr. and Mrs. John Butler from
North Augusta, with their splendid
little bo vs, are guests of Mr. James
Mrs. Bettis Camelon and Mrs. S.
A. Morrall from Edgefield were
visitors at the home of Mrs. Frank
Miller during the past week.
At a meeting of the Auxiliary on
Wednesday afternoon last. Mrs.
J. D. Mathis and Mrs. Wallace
Wise was elected delegates to the
convocation* which meets in Cam
den the 10th of November. .
A yjisis. from two - versatile and
vivacious Edgefield girls, Miss Lura
M i ms and Miss Emily Adams was a
genuine pleasure to their friends here
on Saturday.
That handsome and gallant young
gentleman, Mr. P. B. Wise, is mak
ing frequent visits to North Augus
ta. Compreney Vons?
Senator B. R. Tillman was un
expectedly called to Washington
Saturday. Ile went Sunday after
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Crouch will
entertain Wednesday for diuner a
uumber.of friends, the occasion be
ing the fifth anniversary of their
White Town News.
(Written for last week.)
The farmers of this section are
keeping up picking their cotton
right well for it to Le opening so
fast, and a gool many pe^'de
around here are making up moias
sa?>, they having decided that it is
better to make it at home than
cents a gallon at the store.
Mrs. Hughey and daughter, Mrs.
West were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Luther White last Sunday.
Mr. Dannie White and family
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank White Sunday.
Mr. Clifton Mclvinnie from near
Plum Branch, and Mr. Jim White
from Milan, Ga., were the guest of
Mr. W. W. Medlock Sunday. We
were glad to see Mr. White in
town again and wish he could have
stayed longer with us. and judging
from his facial expression he
was glad to be in White TJWII
Mr. Frank Coleman and family
from near Rehoboth, Mr. and Mrs.
.lessie Ridlehoover were the guests
of Mr. Ridlehoover and family
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ollie White virera
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cleavie
White recently.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. White, Mr.
Luther Ridlehoover and family
visited Mr. Walter Ridlehoover
and family Sunday.
Mr. Covington preached a most
excellent sermon at the school house
last Sunday p. m., a good crowd
being present in spite of the threat
ening weather.
Miss Coreen Walls, leader of the
Sunbeam society gave out mite box
es to the sunbeams two weeks ago
offering prizes to the ones who col
lected the most money by tte first
Sunday. Miss Pearl Ridlehoover
won the first one and Miss Maggie
liedlock won the second. Total col
lection from the boxes amounted to
?10. Aster.

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