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Notice of Election.
State of South Carolina, )
County of Edgetield. >
Notice is hereby given that ?
General Election for State an
County Officers will be held at tl
voting precincts prescribed by la
in said county, Tuesday, Novernb<
3, 1914, said day being Tuesda
following the first Monday in N
vember, as prescribed by the Sta
The qualification for suffrage:
Managers of election shall r
quire of every elector offering I
vote at any election, before allov
ing him to vote, the production <
his registration certificate and proc
of the payment of all taxes, inclu<
ing poll tax assessed against hil
collectible during the previous yea
The production of a certificate ?
the receipt of the officer authorize
to collect such taxes shall be coi
elusive proof of the payment thereo
There shall be separate and di
tinct ballots at this election for tb
following officers, to-wit: (l) Go^
ernor and Lieutenant Governor; (:
Other State Officers; (3) Circuit Si
licitor; (4) State Senator; (5) Men
bers of House of Representative;
(6) County Officers. On whic
shall be the name or names of th
person or persons voted for as sue
officers, respectively, and the offic
for which they are voted.
There shall be separate boxes i
which said ballots are to be deposit
ed and each ballot box shall be la
beled in plain Roman letters wit!
the office or officers voled for.
Whenever a vote is to be takei
on special question or questions
box shall be provided, properly la
beled for that purpose, and the bal
lots therefor on such question . 0
questions shall be deposited there
Before the hour fixed for open
ing the polls Managers and Clerk)
must take and subscribe to the Con
stitutional oath. The Chairman 0.
the Board of Managers can admin
ister the oath to the other member)
and to the Clerk; a Notary Public
must administer the oath to thc
Chairman. The Managers eleel
their Chairman and Clerk.
Polis at each voting place must
be opened at 7 o'clock and closed at
4 o'clock p. m., except in the City
of Charleston, where they shall be
opened at 7 a. m., and closed a 6
p. m. ?
The Managers have the power ic
fill a vacancy, and if none of the
Managers attend, the citizens can
appoint from among the qualified
voters, the Managers, who al ter be
ing sworn, can conduct lue election.
At the close of the election, the
Managers and Clerk must proceed
publicly to open the ballot boxes
and count the ballots theiein, and
continue without adjournment until
the same is completed, and make a
statement of ihe result for each
office and sign the same. Within
three days thereafter, the Chairman
of the Board, or some one designa
ted by the Board, must deliver to
the Commissioners of Election the
poll list, the boxes containing the
ballots and written statements of
the results of the election.
At the said election separate boxes
will be provided at which qualified
electors will vote upon the adop
tion or rejection of an amendment
to the Stale Constitution, as provi
ded in the following Joint Resolu
No. 542.
A Joint Resolution to amend Sec
tion 8, Article II, ot the Consti
tution, by adding thereto on line
three, after the word "College"
and before the word. "The," the
following: South Carolina School
for the Deaf and Blind, located
at Cedar Springs."
Section 1. South Carolina School
for Deaf and Blind-Amendment to
the Constitution.-Be it resolved
by the General Assembly of the
State of Sooth Carolina, That the
following amendment of Section 8,
Article ,11, of the Constitution of
the Stale of South Carolina, be
agreed to by a two-third vote of ihr
members elected to each House and
entered on the Journals, respective
ly with yeas and nays taken thereon,
and be submitted lo the qualified
electors of the State at the next
general election thereafter for Rep
resentatives, to-wit: Add the fol
lowing words to Section 8, Article
II, ol the Constitution, after the
word "college" and before the word
"the," on line three of said section,
"South Carolina School for the
Deaf and Blind, located at Cedar
Springs," so that said ?section, when
so amended, is to be and be known
as Section S, Article II, and shall
read as follows:
Section 8. The General Assembly
may provide for the maintenance of
Clemson Agricultural College, Souih
Carolina School for the Deaf and
Blind, located at Cedar Springs, the
University of South Carolina and
the Winthrop Normal and Indus
trial College, a branch thereof, as
now established by law. and may
create scholarships therein; the pro
ceeds realized from the landscript
given by the Act of Congress, p
ed the second day of Jaly, in
year eighteen hundred and si;
two, for the support of an agri<
tural college and any lands or fu
which have heretofore been or c
hereafter be given or appropria
for educational purposes by
Congress of the United States, si
be applied as directed in the A
appropriating the same: Provid
That the General Assembly sh
as ?oon as practicable, wholly se
rate Claflin College from Claflin 1
iversity and provide for a separ
corps of professors and instruct
therein, representation to be gi'
to man and women of the ne
race, and it shall be the Colo
Normal, Industrial, Agricuiti
and Mechanical College of t
Sec. 2. That the electors vot
at such general election in favor
the proposed amendment shall
posit a ballot with the follow:
words plainly written or prin
thereon: "Amendment in Sectior
Article II, of the Constitution,
inserting the words''South Carol
School for the Deaf and Blind,
cated at Cedar Springs, on the 1
three of said section. For araei
ment, Yes." Those voting agai;
said proposed amendment shall*
posit a ballot with the folio wi
words plainly written or print
thereon: "Amendment to Section
Article II, of the Constitution,
inserting the words South Caroli
School for the Deaf and Blind,
cated at Cedar Springs, on line thr
of said section. Against amet
ment, No."
Sec. 3. The managers of electi
shall canvass said vote, and certi
the result as now prescribed
law, and shall provide a separa
box for said ballot.
No. 543.
A Joint Resolution to amend Se
tion 7, Article VIII, of the Co
stitutioD, relating to Municip
Bonded Indebtedness, by addii
a proviso thereto, relating to tl
School District of Yorkville.
Section 1. Constitutional i
debtedness, Yorkville school di
trict.-Be it resolved by Gener
Assembly of the state of Soul
Carolina, 1 bat the following amen
ment to section 7, article VIII, i
the constitution of the state <
South Carolina be agreed to: Ad
at the end thereof the followiii
words: Provided further, that tt
limitations imposed by this sectic
and bv section 5 of article X c
this constitution shall not apply t
the bonded indebtedness incurre
by the school district of Yorkvilli
in the county of York, when th
proceeds of said bonds are applic
exclusively to erecting, or makin
additions to, school buildings i
the said district, md where th
question of incurring such indebted
ness is submitted to the qnalitie
electors of said district, as provide
in the constitution upon the que*
tion of bonded ii.debtedness.
Sec. -J. That the question o
adopting this amendment shall b
submitted at the next general ele-e
lion for Representatives to the elec
tors as follows: Those in favor o
the amendment will deposit a hallo
with the following words plainly
written or printed thereon, "Con
stitutional amendment to section 7
article VIII, of the constitution, re
lating to municipal bonded indebt
edness. as proposed by a joint reso
lution entitled a joint resolution t(
amend section 7, article VIII, o
the constitution, relating to muni
cipal bonded indebtedness, by add
?rig a proviso thereto, relating t<
the school district of Yorkville
Yes." Those opposed to said amend
merit shall cast a ballot with tin
following words plainly written oi
printed thereon: "Constitutiona
amendment to section 7, article Viii
of the constitution, relating to mu
mieipal bonded indebtedness, as pro
posed by a joint resolution to amend
section 7, Article VIII of the con
stitution, relating to municipal
bonded indebtedness by adding a
proviso thereto, relating to the
school district of Yorkville-No."
No. 54 4.
A Joint Resolution proposing
an amendment to Article X ot
the Constitution, by adding there
to Section to empower the Cities
of Florence and Orangeburg arid
the Town of Larulrurn to assess
ahutting property for permanent
Section 1. Constitutional amend
ment Allowing Certain Cities and
Towns to Assess Abutting Proper
ty. Be it resolved by the General
Assembly of the State of South
Carolina, That the following amend
ment to Article X of the State Con
stitution to be known as Section IC,
be agreed upon by two-thirds of
the members elected to each House
and entered on the Journals respec
tively, with yeas and nays, and ta
ken thereon, and to be submitted to
the qualified electors of the State
at the next generel e"ection there
after for Representatives, to wit:
Add the following sectiou to Arti
cle X of the Constitution, to be
and known as Section lo.
Section 16. The Geueral Asse
bly may authorize the corporate a
thorities of the Cities of Floren
and Orangeburg aud the Town
Landrum to levy an assessme
upon abutting property for the pt
pose of paying for permanent i
provements on streets immediate
abutting such property, Provide
That the said improvements be e
dered only on the written conse
of majority of the owners of t
property abutting upon the stre'
sidewalk, or part of either, propos
to be improved, and upon the cc
dition that said corporate autho
ties shall pajr at leasl one-third
the costs of said improvements.
Sec. 2. That those electors,
said election, voting in favor of sa
amendment, shall deposit a ball
with the following words plain
written or printed thereon: ''Amen
meut to Article X of the State Co
stitotion by adding Section le, ei
powering the Cities of Florence ai
Orangeburg and the Town of La
drum to asaess abutting property f
permanent improvements-Yes
And those voting against the sa
amendment shall deposit a ball
with the following words plain
written or printed thereon: "Amen
ment to Article X of the State Co
stitution by adding Section 1
empowering the Cities of Florent
and Orangeburg and the Town <
Landrum to assess the abuttir
property for permanent itnprov
No. 547.
A Joint Resolution to amend Se
tiou 20, Article III, of the Coi
stitution, by adding thereto tl
following: "Except where thei
is only one Candidate Nominate
for the Place to be Filled at sue
Election shall be Viva Voe
Without any Roll Call."
Section 1. Constitutional Amern
ment Relating to Election;
Be it resolved by the General A
sembly of the State of South Can
lina. That the following am?ne"
ment to Section 20, Article III, o
the Constitution of the State c
South Carolina, be agreed to by
two-thirds vote of the member
elected to each House, and entere^
on the Jo wt: als respectively, witl
the yeas and nays taken thereon
and be submitted to the qualitie<
electors of the State at the next gen
eral election thereafter for Repre
sentatives, to wit: Add the follow
ing words to Section 2U, Artic!
III, of the Constitution: ' Excep
where therj is only one candidate
nominated for the place to be lillee
at such election, ii which case tl?
election shall be viva voce withoul
any roll call,'* and that said sectioi
when so amended, is to be and Ix
known as Section 2U, Article III,
and shall read as follows:
Section 20. In all elections by
the General Assembly or eithei
House thereof, the members shall
vote viva voce and their voles, thun
iiiven, shall be entered apon th?;
Journal of the House, to which
they respectively belong, except
where there is only one candidate
nominated for the place to be lilied
at such election, in which case the
election sha'1 be viva voce without
any roll call."
Sec. 2. Ballots.-That the elec
tors voting ?t such general election
in favor of the proposed amendment
shall deposita ballot with the fol
lowing words plainly written or
printed thereon: "Amendment to
Section 2U, Article III, of the Con
stitution, relating to elections viva
voce by the General Assembly
"Yes." And those voting against
the said proposed amendment shall
deposit a ballot with the following
I words plainly written or printed
thereon: "Amendment to Section
20, Article III, of the Constitution,
relating to elections viva voce by
the General Assembly.-No."
Sec. :'. The Managers of the
Election shall canvass said vote and
certify the result as now proviJed
by law, and shall provide a separate
box said ballot.
No. 550.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section?,
Article VIII, of the Constitution,
Relating io Municipal Bonded In
debtedness by Adding a Proviso
Thereto as to the City of Florence.
Section 1. Constitutional Amend
ment Relating to Bonded Indebtedness
City of Florence -Be it resolved by
the General Assembly of the State of
South Carolina, That the limitations
imposed by this section and Section 5,
Article X, of the Constitution, shall
not apply to the bonded indebtedness
incurred by the City of Florence, in
the County of Florence, when the pro
ceeds of said bonds are applied exclu
sively for the building, erecting, estab
lishing and maintaining of streets, wa
terworks, lighting plants and sewerage
system or for the payment of debts al
ready incurred, exclusively for any of
said purposes; and when the question
of incurring such indebtedness is sub
mitted to the qualified electors of said
municipality, as provided in the Consti
tution upon the question ot* bonded in
Src. 2. That tho question of adopt
ing this amendment shall be submitted
at the next general election as follows:
Those in favor of the amendment will
deposit a ballot with the following
words plainly written or printed there
on : 4 'Constitutional amendment to Sec
tion 7, Article VIII, of the Constitu
tion, relating to municipal bonded in
(Coutinued on Page Seventh.)
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Owned and Controlled by the State,
seth Sesiicn Cpets Cttcter 1st, 1914. Closes June Sid, 1915
Fine New Building rerdy for occupsncy October 1st, 3914. Advan
tageously located opposite Roper Hospital, one of the largest Hospitals
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tains 21S beds.
Practical work for Senior Students in Medicine and Pharmacy a
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Large and well-equipped Laboratories in both Schools.
Department of Physiology and Embryology in affiliation with the
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OSCAR W. SCHLEETER, Registrar, Charleston, S. C.
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