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Wednesday, Oct. 28th.
Miss Ruth Walker of New York
is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. N. G.
Senator B. E. Nicholson came
.ver from Colombia and spent the
week-end at home.
Maj. R. S. Anderson has arrived
from Washington and has been cor
dially greeted by his friends.
Rev. E. C. Bailey will preach in
the Presbyterian church next Sun
Jay morning at 11:30 o'clock.
"Jeremiah and the Bu;,-a-Bale
Movement," at the Methodist!
efaurcb Sunday night.
Mrs. Eles-nor Johnstone of George
town is here visiting" her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Nicholson.
Mr. D. A. Lynch arrived from
Asheville Thursday to spend some
time here with his mother, Mrs.
Kate Lynch.
Mrs. P. P. Burns has returned to
Birmingham after spending several
months here with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. O. Sheppard.
Mrs. C. H. Key and her daugh
ter, Miss Marie Key, spent last
week in Augusta very pleas mtly
with relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. (B. B. Jones went
to Ridgeway, Fairfield county, last
"Wednesday in their car to attend
- the marriage of Mr. Jones' cousin.
Mrs. J. L. Minis will leave to
morrow for Florence to attend the
annual State convention of the Wo
man's Christian Temperance Union.
You can not afford to mis* the
song recital which will be given in
the opera house Friday evening.
The price cf admission is within
reach of all.
Mr. Charles R. Dobson is taking
a week's rest after making a tour of
North Carolina in the interest of
the large shoe ?manufacturers which
he represents.
Mrs. A. Baron Holmes, who is
known among musical celebrities as
Signora De Fabritis, is a guest this
week in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
James T. Mims.
Yielding to the requests of many
patrons Smith-Marsh Company have
decided to continue their special
sale. Read their advertisement on
onr 8th page.
Mrs. James S. Byrd and Master
Fitzmaurice are in Columbia this
week enjoying fair week festivities.
Dr. Byrd will go down in bis car
this afternoon and return early
Thursday morning.
The Southern Bell Telephone
company has joined in the Buy-a
bale of cotton movement. Mr. J.
J. Roach the manager of this dis
rict bongbt a bale in Edgefield this
morning, paying 10 cunts for it.
Tickets on sale at the store of
Penn & Holstein for the song re
cital to be given in the opera housr
Friday evening by Signora De
Fabritis. The price is 50 cents for
reserved seats and 35 cents general
A meeting of the School Improve
ment association will be held at the
school building Thursday afternoon
at 3 o'clock. All persons interested
in m akin g the organization a success
are urged to be present.
There will be no service in the
Baptist church next Sunday on ac
count of the placing of the new
pews which have just arrived. Sun
day school will be held in the Sun
day school room at the usual hour.
Winter is right upon us. Better
go at once to the hardware store of
Stewart & Kernaghan and purchase
a Jewel heater or grate for your
home. Their prices coliform to cheap
eotton. Attention is directed to this
popular firm's advertisement this
Capt. W. A. Collett and Miss
Sara Collett have recently received
letters from their aunt in London,
giving interesting facts about the
European war. Capt. Collett has
a first cousin who is a paymaster in
the British army with the rank of
Mr. Geo. F. Mims attended a
meeting of the South Carolina Op
tical association which was held in
Columbia Monday. Instead of be
coming fossilized, Mr Miras keeps
right abreast of his profession, be
ing recoguized, although residing
ia a small town, as one of the fore
most opticians in South Carolina.
Distinguished Missionary in
Miss Mary Culler White, who for
the past 13 years has been doing
missionary work in boo Chow, Chi-,
na, is here spending Heveral weeks
with Mrs. Thomas H. Rainsford.
Miss White was formerly from
Georgia and went to China as a
missionary iu 1901 with Miss June
Nicholson, Mrs. Rainsford 's sister.
After the death of her co-worker.
Miss Nicholson, Miss White wrote
a beautiful sketch of her life, en
titled "The Days of June." Miss
White has returned to the home
land for a period of rest and will
resume work among the Chinese
some time next year.? She is en
.raged in evangelistic work in Soo
Song Recital by Celebrity.
Friday evening, October 30, com
mencing at 8:15 o'clock, Signora
De Fabritis will give a song recital
in the opera house for the benefit of
the building fund of the Baptist
church. The people of Bdgefield
are exceedingly fortunate in
having the opportunity of hearing
this celebrated artist who has given
recitals in the largest cities of this
country and in Europe. Signora De
Fabritis has selected from her re
pertoire such songs as will be ap
preciated by a cultivated Edgefield
audience. In addition to aiding in
so worthy a cause as contributing
to the building fund of the new
church, these who attend will for
the very small admission fee charg
ed have the privilege of hearing a re
cital to which persons in large cities
have paid a& much as $5 for admis
Shower in Honor of Miss Nich
One of the most delightful occa
sions, this autumn season, was a
shower given in honor of Miss Lil
lian Nicholson. This took place at
the new and pretty home of Alias
Sallie Dnnovant. The guests on en
tering the ball were greeted by ma
trons and maidens with the bride
to-be ready to shed upon . them
some of her delightful vivacity aud
good will. The souvenirs were paint
ed with the favorite goldenrod, the
flower of October.
At first there was only a small
group but noiselessly aod quickly
the roora was filled with a crowd
of those care free creatures, girls,
in whom everybody finds an at
traction. To complete the amuse
ment of the afternoon we needed
music which was rendered by a
skillful musician, Miss Emily Tomp
To add to the enjoyment of all
present and lend delicious excite
ment and ? sense of rivalry, the
contest wa6 begun which is almost
always indispensable. We found
this one quite a novelty, spelling
namee of doctors, musicians, law
yers, mathematicians and histori
ans from a certain number of tho
letters of the alphabet.
Next carne the part of the after
noon's pleasure to which we all
looked forward. Certainly quite the
most unique and ingenious work
manship was here displayed, before
us stood a well with sides of golden
rods and dainty decorations, with
the chain and wheel quite as sub
stantial and well made as we find
in our yards. Our guest of honor
was required alone to pull np the
bucket fi om t he well, and instead
of being one "moss covered'' aud
"dripping with coolness," it was
filled with the daintiest and fanci
est of parcels. As she opened and
admired each one, we all looked
with wonder and admiration at
each gift from a friend and thought
that as each one might be used they
would serve as a reminder ol' her
old comrades.
Pleasures were literally heaped
upon us, for there appea/ed before
each one a delightful salad course
quite like, some magic wand .had
wavid it into existence. Laugh
ter for a time lulied, but not for
long, for the entrancing strains of a
violin were heard giving us another
feeling of supreme happiness. Pleas
ures that are so glorious can not
last, however, and having thorough
ly enioyed the occasiou, we left
as twilight was gathering, the hour
that is so suggestive of romantic
A Guest.
Religious Notices.
Dr. J. W. Kilgo preached an ex
ceedingly interesting and helpful
sermon at Trenton Methodist church
last Sunday.
"Be strong," is the text for next
Sunday morning at 11:30 at Edge
field Methodist church. Everybody
cordially invited.
At Trenton Methodist church
next Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock
the sermon will be from the text,
"Be strong." Come.
Effective Sunday, Oct. 18, Colum
bia Division.
Trains Nos. 19 and 20, between
Columbia and Augusta, discontinued
Trains Nos. 23-24 and 121-124,
between Columbia, Savannah and
Jacksonville, discontinued.
Tiain No. 131, Southeastern
Limited leave Columbia 9:20 a m.,
Lexington, 9:46 a m., Leesville
10:27 a m., Batesburg 10:35 a m.,
Ridge Spring 10:55 a m., Ward
11:15 a m., Trenton 11:35 a m.,
Graniteville 12:15 p m., Warren
ville 12:20 p m., arrive Augusta
12:50 pm.
Train No. 13S, Southeastern
Limited leave Augusta 2:30 p m.,
Warrenville,3:00 pm., Graniteville
3:4 p m., Trenton 3:40 p m., John
ston 3:55 p m., Ward 4:05 p m.,
Ridge Spring 4:15 p m., Batesburg
4:35 p m., Leesville 4:40 p m.,
Lexington 5:22 p m., arrive Colum
bia 6:00 pm.
Between Aiken and Edgefield.
Train No. 210 between Aiken and
Edgefield, discontinued.
Train No. 231. leave Edgefield
11-10 a m.. arrive Trenton 11:30
a m.
Train No. 231, between Trenton
and Aiken, discontinued.
Train No. 229, leave Edgefield
12:20 p m., Trenton 12:40 p m., ar
rive Aiken 1:40 p m.
Train No. 207, leave Edgefield
7:20 p m., arrive Trenton 7:40 p m
Train No.. 208, leave Trenton
8:00 a m., arrive Edgefield 8:20 ara
Train No 230, leave Trenton
11:35 a m., arrive Edgefield 11:55
a m.
Train No. 232, leave Aiken 2:30
p m., Trenton 8:40 p m., arrive
Edgefield 4:00 p ra.
Train No 206 leave Trenton 7:45
p ra, arrive Edgefield 8:05 p m.
Between Batesburg and Perry.
Trains Nos 135 and 136, between
Wagener and Perry, discontinued.
Train No 149, daily, except Sun
day, leave Batesburg 7:00 a m.,
Wagener 8:50 a m., arrive Perry
9:10 a m.
Train No 51, Sunday only, leave
Batesburg, 7:40 am., Wagener 8:55
a ra., arrive Perry 9:10 i m.
Train No. 151, daily, leave Bates
burg 2:30 p m., Wagener 4:15 p
m., arrive Perry 4:30 p ra.
Train No. 148, daily, except Sun
day, leave Perry 10:20 a m, Wage
ner 11:00 arrive Batesburg 12:55
p m. .
Train No 50, Sunday only, leave
Perry 10:20 'a ra, Wagener 10:32
a ra, arrive Batpsbnrg 1] :55 am.
Train No 152, daily, leave Perry
5:05 p m. Wagener, 5:17 p m, ar
rive Batesburg 6:30 p m.
Angusta-Aiken-Jacksonville^ Pull
man Drawing Room S eeping Car,
handled on trains Nos :J4 and 95.
Schedules between intermediate
stations adjusted accordingly.
For additional information, res
ervations, etc., communication with:
Magruder Dent J. A. Townsend
District Pas. Agent Agent '
Augusta, Ga. Edgefield, S.'C.
Not An Isolated Case.
Many Similar Cases in Edge
field and Vicinity.
This Edgefield woman's story
given here is not an isolated case
by any means; week after week,
year after year, our neighbors are
telling similar good news.
Mrs. L K Dunn, Edgefield, says:
"Kidney complaint fastened itself
uoon me and soon undermined ray
health. My kidneys and bladder
both caused me much suffering and
finally I became afflicted with dizzy
spells, which grew constant. Dean's
kidney pills haying done a world of
good in our family, I decided to
try them. I was not disappointed
with the results, for they helped me
in every way, removing the kidney
and bladder weakness and restoring
me to good health. I have had no
trouble whatever with my kidneys
for two years and give all the credit
of this cure to Doan's kidney pills.
You may continue to use my for
mer endorsement of them."
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doau's kidney pills-the same
that Mrs. Dunn had. Foster-Mil
burn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Cure For "Hard Times."
In a paragraph The Edgefield
Advertiser comprehends the one
and only cure for our present eco
nomic ills when it says: If you
would adopt the live-at-home plan
of conducting your farm, do* not
neglect the fall and winter garden.
With corn in the ciib, several hogs
in the pen and abundant supply of
'greens' in the garden, the 'wolf
can be kept from the door in spite
of the war."-Columbia Record.
Ten days ago we put on what we termed a Mutual Benefit Sale to run for ten days.
Hundreds of people flocked to our store, and were surpris id to find that we had cut
the prices so low on seasonable merchandise-just such goods as they were in need of
at this time.
Many have come and supplied themselves with Shoes and Dry Goods for the whole
family. This they could not have done if we had not made such low prices.
Others wished to buy while they could secure such bargains, but could not make
arrangements to do so until later, and asked us for their sakes to continue the sale.
We know we are making a Great Sacrifice, but in order to give all a chance to get
their Fall Dry Goods and Shoes at the VERY LOW Possible Prices
. We Have Decided to Continue the Sale
for Ten Days More
Don't miss this opportunity. We honestly believe we are making the lowest prices
ever known in Edgefield. Then, too, this is the very beginning of the season, and we
are offering you fresh new goods.
Remember we don't
ask you to buy unless
you are convinced you
can save money by do
ing so.
Edgefield, S. G.
Be sure to come in
the next Ten Days.
Our Store is next to
Amendment to be Voted on
The Election Next Tuesday.
*T No. 243.
A Joint Resolution to Propose an
Amendment to Article X of the Con
stitution, by Adding Thereto Sec Lion
16, to Empower the Citie3 of Sumter
and Darlington and the Towns of
Belton and Walhalla to Assess Abut
ting Property for Permanent Im
Section 1. Proposed Amendment; to
Article X of the Constitution. Be it
resolved by the General Assembly of
the State of South Carolina, That the
following amendment to Article X of
State Constitution, to be known as
jSection 16 of said Article X, be agreed
to by two-thirds of the members elect
ed to each House and entered on the
Journals respectively, with yeas and
nays taken thereon, and be submitted !
. to the qualified electors of the State at
the next general election thereafter
for Representatives, to wit: Add the
following section to Article X of the
Constitution, to be, and be known, as
Section 16:
Section 16. Sumter, Darlington, Bel
ton and Walhalla to be permitted to
Assess Abutting Property for Perma
nent Improvements. The General As
sembly may authorize the corporate
authorities of the cities of Sumter and
Darlington and the towns of Walhalla
and Belton to levy an assessment upon
abutting property for the purpose of
paying for permanent improvements
on streets and sidewalks or streets or
sidewalks immediately abutting said
property: Provided, That said improve
ments shall be ordered only upon the
written consent of one-half of the
owners of the property abutting upon
the street, sidewalk, or part of either,
proposed to be improved, and upon
condition that said assessment of abut
ting property owners shall not exceed
one-half of the cost of such improve
ments. Except in the city of Sumter
where the corporate authorities shall
pay at least one-third of the costs of
such improvements, and the abutting
property owners not exceediug two
thirds (2-3) of the cost thereof.
Sec. 2. Ballot. That the electors
voting at such general election in fa
vor of the proposed amendment shall
deposit a ballot with the following
words plainly written or printed there
on: "Amendment to Article X of the
Constitution, by adding Section 16,
empowering the cities of Sumter and
Darlington and the towns of Belton
and Walhalla to assess abutting prop
erty for permanent improvements
"Yes," and those voting against said
proposed amendment shall deposit a
ballot with the following words plainly
written or printed hereon: "Amend
ment to Article of the Constitution, by
adding Section 16, empowering the
cities of Sumter and Darlington and
the townB of Belton and Walhalla to
assess abetting property for perma
nent improvements-No."
Cures Old Soros, Other Remedies Won't Curt.
riic worst cases, no matter of how lonjr standing,
are cured l>y the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oil. It relieves
~>nin and Heals al the same time. 25c, 50c, $1.0?*
Notice of Election.
State of South Carolina, )
County of Edgefield. )
Notice is hereby given that th<]
General Election for United -states
Senator and Representative in Con
gress will be held at the yoting pre
cincts fixed by law in the County of
Edgefield,.on Tuesday, Novembei
3, 1914, said day being Tuesday
following the first Monday, as pre
scribed by the State Constitution.
The qualifications foi suffrage
are as follows:
Residence in State for two years,
in the County one year, in the poll
ing precinct iu which th3 elector
offers to vote, four months, and the
payment six months before any
election of any poll tax due and
payable; Provided, That ministers
in charge of an organized church
and teachers of public schools shall
be entitled to "vote after six month's
residence in the State, otherwise
Registration-Payment of all
taxes, including poll tax, assessed
and collectible during the previous
year. The production of a certifi
cate or the receipt of the officer au
thorized to collect such taxes shall
be conclusive proof of the payment
Before the hour for opening the
polls Managers an? Clerks must
take and subscribe to the Constitu
tional oath. The Chairman of the
Board of Mauagers can administer
the oath to the other Managers and
to the Clerk; a Notary Public.must
administer the oath to Chairman.
The Mauagers elect their Chairman
and Clerk
Polls at each voting place must
be opened at 7 o'clock a. m., and
closed at 4 o'clock p. m., except in
the city of Charleston, where they
shall be opened at '< a. m., and
closed at 6 p. m.
The Managers have the power to
fill a vacancy; and if none of the
Managers attend, the citizens can
appoint from among the .qualified
voters, the Managers, who, after
being sworn, can conduct the elec
At the close of the election the
Managers and Clerk must proceed
publicly to open the ballot boxes
and count the ballots therein, and
continue without adjournment until
the same is completed, and make a
statement of the result for each of
fice, and sign the same. Within
three days thereafter, the Chairman
of the Board, or some one desig
nated by the Board, must deliver
to the Commissioners of Election,
the pull list, the boxos 'containing''
the ballots and written statements
of the result of the election.
Managers bf Election-The fol
lowing Managers of Election have
been appointed to hold the election
at the various precincts in the said
Timmerman-Ernest Whitlock,,
James Temples, Sr., Wade Der
Johnston-J W Steimons, B C
Berry, J M ^ ni lum.
Trenton-C L Crouch, G T Dun
can, D A Parish.
Edgefield C. H. Pickens-W R
Covar, Wallace Paul, C A Griffin.
? Edgefield, C. H. Wise-3 L,
Roper, F P Ouzts, Jerome Timmer
Meeting Street-J C Allen, J C
Timmerman, Alvin Bryant.
Parksville-J A Hawley, W P
Parker. Tom Brown.
Pleasant Lane-Pierce Timmer
man, J P Hagood, W H Rey
Rehoboth-W R E Winn, W E
Winn, T P Strom.
Plum Branch-R M Winn, C E
Winn, L H Lyon.
M od oe-B M Bussey, T C
Bunch, Geo. enfield.
Red Hill-E C Bussey, Douglas
Reynolds, H Smith.
Cheatham's Store-W P Brun
son, C W Seigler, Jack Whatley.
Mathis-Tom Cosey, J T Ham
mond, L R Hammond.
Libery Hill-J K Corley, J O
Seigler, W P Winn.
Meriwether-J V Cooper, L W
Williams, R W Glover.
Ropers-J C Shaw, T H Hill,.
Bennie Timmerman.
The Manage?s at each precinct
named above are requested to del
egate one of their number to secure
the boxes and blanks for the elec
tion at the office of S M Smith, at
Edgefield, S. C., on Monday morn
ing November 2, at eleven o'clock..
Commissioners of Federal Elec
tion for Edgefield, S*..C.
Oct. 9, l'J 14.

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