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f. L. MIMS_.--Editor
Published every Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at $1.50 per year
IA advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield, S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied^ by the writer's
Cards'of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Men show their character in noth
ing more clearly than by what they
think laughable.-GOETHE.
Wednesday, Nov. 4th.
The most modest of modern militants
are mightiest
At any rate, Turkey holds the key |
to the situation.
Let's all be "Hayseeds" next year]
instead of "Cottontots. "
Cotton bonds may mean bondage for j
the taxpayers of South Carolina. '
Was your ballot lost yesterday? Not j
if you cast it against the bond issue.
Even Mount Vesuvius is on the war j
path, belching forth smoke and lava.
Young man, it's a mighty good time
to curtail the acreage of "wild oats. "
When the Turks retreat will it not
be apropos to speak of it aa the "Tur- j
key trot"?
It is but natural that Turkey should j
become militant OB the eve of Thanks
There is at least one advantage:
when a cotton fire occurs now the loss I
is not so great
It will be A long while before Colonel j
Roosevelt and the suffragists break
the'KO lid South.
As no money was passed, it must not
have seemed (flee election day in Char- j
-leeton yesterday.
In speaking of the legislature, Mr.
McLaurin can eay with pardonable ex- ?
ultation: Veni, vidi, vic?.
The Carnival has come to carry off j
even the nickels and dimes that are i
left Surely^ the Faites are against us.
Experts tell us that pellagra is caus
ed by a one-sided d iet Then Colum
bia's "square" meals ought to render j
one immune.
When you fail to put corn in your \
. crib and oats in your barn you are put
ting dollars in the pocket of the wes
tern corn grower.
It has been announced that no cot
ton will be grown on the State farms
next year. That plan should have been j
.adopted in times of peace. L
Providing for a warehouse system
for storing cotton after the acreage
had been curtailed, reminds one of the
man who locked the stable door after
hie horse had been stolen. 11
Some members of the generally as- j <
sembly may dub the extra session an
utter failure. But we do not expect
to hear any lamentations from the Hon
arable John Lowndes McLaurin.
What's the use of teaching children
the present-day geography of Europe?
The after-the-war edition will show
many radical changes. Better let them
mark time, so to speak, until the war
is over.
The most pleasing announcement
The Advertiser has this week is
that the teachers of Edgefield county
will not have to discount th air pay
warrants. They aro paid little enough
at best
Start your farming operations with a
large acreage in oats now to be follow
ed by a considerable acreage in wheat
later, and you will not be worried so
much about the price of cotton a year
The legislature made provision for
cotton growers who are in distress but
failed to provide for automobile own
ers who are "hard up," Why not ar
range for storing automobiles in order
that money might be borrowed on them?
Every debt you pay, or every pay
ment you make on a debt, however
small, will enable some one else to
make a little payment on another debt.
Start a bill or check on a debt-paying
mission as early as possible.
The corn and rye that are consumed
by distillers for making that which
tends to destroy the body could be bet
ter used to feed needy humanity in
these trying times in different parts of
the world. Would that these food pro
ducts could be diverted into other
The legislature adjourned Monday
night. The members of the general
assembly did their best to relieve the
situation, but, in truth, there was
nothing that could be done. In an exi
gency like this, no human law can set
at naught the inexorable natural law of
supply and demand.
Belgian Farmers Needed.
An effort is being made in Georgia to
induce Belgians who have been driven
from their homes by the .Germans to
come to America and locate in Georgia
Belgians are a sturdy, thrifty people j
and would make desirable citizens for
the South. Edgefield could easily make
room for a thousand small, industrious
farmers. We need an iuflux of for
eigners of the right type to cultivate
thousands of acres of our idle and un
productive land. Perhaps it would be
well if our agricultural department in
Columbia would look into the matter.
Guards People's Interests.
It appears to us that the present ad
ministration is keeping constant vigil
over the national banks, lest they with
hold money from circulation on the one
hand or charge an excessive rate of in
terest on the other. In other words,
the administration is bent on serving
the people in this crisis, rather than
the banks, which is as it should be.
In past crises,?at times it appeared that
the government took care of the banks
first. Do you recall an administration
that has BO persistently safeguarded
the people's interests as the Wilson ad
ministration has? He is indeed the
President of and for the people, find it
is the pursuance of such a policy that
will keep him in the White House four
more years.
John Brown and Charleston.
The people of Charleston are in a
quandary aa to whether to accept the
sum of $5,000 which has been, be
queathed to the city by a West Virgi
nia woman, a former Charlestoninn,
for the erection of an ornamental
drinking fountain to perpetuate} the
memory of John Brown who possessed
an unsavory reputation in the days of
the Civil war. The Confederate vete
rans of Charleston are urging the city
council not to erect a fountain to the
honor of an old arch-enemy, while the
younger men of the city are said to
eare very little either way.
The preponderance seems to indicate
that the generations to follow will not
drink to John Brown's memory in
Improve Spare Moments by Heading.
Men and women with trained intel
lects are sought more to-day than ever
before. Times have so changed that
there is no place in the business world
for the dull, undeveloped mind. In
stead of moving at a snail's pace, the
world is inarching at electric speed.
Consequently old ways and methods of
conducting business are too slow and un
profitable. In order to fill a desirable
place in modern business life one must
possess a quick, alert, well-trained
TI ind. Therefore, it behooves our young
nen to be constantly engaged in the bu
jine8s of Self-improvement.
When the writer was in college one
)f the professors frequently urged the
r'oung men to be each day self sur
Dassed, meaning that with each suc
ked mg day they should be stronger in
:ellectually and better equipped than on
;he preceding day. There is no more .
?ffective way to become each day self '
surpassed than by reading good books.
If one is constantly on the alert for ,
>pportunities to read, it will be sur
prising how much in the aggregate can
)e gained by improving the odd mo
nents of a day or week or month. 1
Then, too, these long autumn evenings
ifford a golden opportunity for intel- ,
ectual culture and development There
ire but few persons who, if they make
* desperate effort, cannot read two
lours every evening during the winter,
?vhich will practically amount to a day
)f twelve hours in a week. Try it for
this winter and see how many maga
sines and good books can be read be
fore the "tired feeling" of spring
ivertakes you.
We appeal especially to the young
people. With life yet before them,
they need intellectual development
more than their seniors.
Baptist Conference.
Immediately after the sermon
next Sunday morning a conference
of the members of the Baptist
church will be held. As business of
importance wil? be considered, a
full attendance of the membership
of the church ia desired.
What Others Say
Poor "Uncle" Andy.
Sister Pankhurst's belligerent ad
dress was delivered in Carnegie hall
Everybody cwats poor old Andy now
adays.-The State.
Italy is Restless.
Italy is still on the fence but from
the way she's fidgeting it appears that
the fence must be barbed-wire.-News
and Courier.
Should Work Both Ways.
We hear so much about young wo
, men marrying old men just to get them
in their coffins and get their coffers. It
would be interesting to know why
young men don't marry old women for
the same reason.-Anderson Intelli
Something to be Thankful For.
Among other things to be grateful
for on Thanksgiving Day is the fact
that we bad only one extra session of
the legislature this year. It might
have been worse. Texas has had two
and is threatened with a third.- Green
I ville News.
Economy Tells.
We know a man who once drew a
salary of $10,000 a year, with little or
nothing to do, but he did not save as
much of it as another man of our ac
quaintance who was making but $600 a
year. After all, it's the fellow who
saves a portion of what he makes that
climbs the financial ladder.-Gaffney
Way With All Babies.
We know a baby that is two years
and four months old. During those
two years and four months he has been
told exactly 418 times that he looked
exactly like his father, 416 times that
he favored his mother, 824 times that
he favored some one of his grandpa*
ents, 278 times that he favored some
one of his uncles and 266 times that he
favored some one of his aunts.- Spar
tanburg Journal.
Do Not Plan to Surrender.
As a rule we are about as prosperous
as we think we are. Nobody except
those who feel discouraged and are
ready to give up are to be pitied. The
brave and courageous need no help,
nor are they in danger of failure. So
long as we are determined and hope
ful we are safe. The brave soldier
does not look for a favorable time to
surrender. He does not surrender.... It
is the coward that deserts or surren
ders without fighting.-Farm and
Smile Provokers
"Your daughter seems to hare
great many suitors."
"Yes, st least four or fire.
"Which one does she favor?" "
"I don't know. She seems to be
observing a strict neutrality."-De
troit Free Fress.
"At the place wher? I was spend
ing roy vacation this summer,
fresh young farmer tried to kissee.
Ethel-"What did you say 'to
Marie-"I told him that I was
no agricultural experiment station."
-Boston Transcript.
A clergyman, haring performed
the marriage ceremony for a couple,
undertook to write ont the usual
certificate, but being in doubt as
to the day of the month, he asked
''This is the ninth, is not?"
"Why parson, said the Mashing
bride, you do all my marrying, and
yon ought to remember that this is
only the third."
. "I don't see why horses scare
at automobiles," said Diek.
**Well, I do, replied his ten-year
old companion. They look like bug
gies a-going without horses."
"What if they do? That is no
reason," replied Dick.
"Now look here, Dick, you know
you'd get seared if yourd see my
pants and coat a-walkinu down the
jtreet and me not. along to make
them go."
An old lady visiting the prison
Brs in a ce rtain prison was chatting
pleasantly with a burglar who'had
been sentenced to serve a long term.
She thought she detected signs of
reform in bim.
"And now she said, have you any
plans made for the future, on the
expiration of your sentence?"
'Oh yes, madam, he said, hope
fully, I've got the plans of two
banks and a poatofRce."
The old lady collapsed.
A man after the lapse of s few
months meeting sn old ??friend ac
costed him thus:
"Say, old man, why ii it we
don't see you any more?"
"I've joined the army was the
laconic rejoinder."
"What army?" asked the amassed
"The army of the Lord."
"And the church?"
"Well, it's not the army you
mean then, it's the navy."
This is a rare
ginning of a se;
any Suit or Ove]
Schaffer & Mai
already low prie
a stock and mu
On any Suit or Overeo
$30.00 Suits or Ouercoafc
$25.00 Suits or Overcoats
$20.00 Suits or Overcoat*
$15.00 Suits or Overcoats
On anything else in the
is for $1.00 or more, C
Statement of the condition of
Bank of Parksville
. located at Parksville, S. C., at the close
f Business, October 21st, 1914.
vans and Discount $52,856.01
hterdrafts 471.50
urniture and Fixtures 1,350.00
kinking House 1,973.20
Hie from Banks and Bankers 4,582.36
urrency 213.00
?Iver and Other Minor Coin 72.69
'hecks and Cash Items 158.00
Total 61,676.76
'apital Stock Paid in $ J8,035.00 j
urplas Fund 3,7 SO AO
'ndivided Profits, less Current
xpenses and Taxes Paid 2,403.94
<ue to Banks and Bankers 646.16
idividual Deposits Subject to
Check 6,203J0
une Certificates of Deposit 5,414.29
ashier's Checks 224.07
ills Payable, Inducting Certifi
ites for Money Borrowed 25.000.00
tate of South Carolina, \
County of Edgefield ?
Before me came W. P. Parks, Cashier
r the above named bank, who, being
<ily sworn, says that the above and fore
oing statement is a true condition of I
lid bank, as shown by the books of said \
Sworn to and subscribed before mc this |
3th day of October, 1914.
W. R. Parks, \
I C. Parks, (. Directors.
R. N. Edmunds, j
Better Times Coming.
Witti very favorable weather for
ill breaking, sowing cover crops
nd small grain crops, and making
reliminary preparations for diver
ged planting and iutensive cultiva
on, it is not surprising that splen
iu progress has already been made,
'he people of the Southwest may
e depended upon to meet condi
ons as are made necessary by the
?urooean war. Our people cheer
ily have borne the loss sustained
y injured markets and close fi Dan
ial matters made possible because
f European conflict in arms.
But it seems from reports that |
ne end of gloom and disappoint
?ent is nearly in sight. The large
nm of money promised as loans to
ssistin holding cotton has increas
d confidence. The regional reserve
anks are to be established soon,
"he opinion prevails that the cot-1
opportunity, unusual at the very be
ason, to be able to get your pick of
rcoat in the store, including all Hart
rk Clothes, at one-fourth off the
es. The truth is, we have too large
st reduce-all reductions for CASH.
Per Cent Off
at in our entire Store :
$ at.
Per Cent Off
For Cash Only
? store-Hats, Caps, Furnishings-provided the purchase
Earhart's $1.00 Overalls excepted. These prices are for
in and see about it.
<8ttab*r 30tlt. 1314
Signora karolina fi* Jfahrffita, &ftpmw
?BIAS Hara Mxrnz, pianist
La Serenata.Tosti
Nissan Io sa._._.Vannuccini
Pour quoi-Res ter-Seule tte._Saint Saens
Ouvre tes yeux Bleus_Massenet
Signora De Fabritiis
At Parting_.Rogers
Like the Rosebad_.La Farge
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes._.?._Foote
Thy Beaming Eyes._.MacDowell
Not From the Whole Wide World_.Rogers
How Many Times Do I Love Thee.Manney
Sweetheart Thy Lips are Touched with Flame.Chadwick
Signora De Fabritiis
Miss Mims
Away on the Hill._....Ronald
Good Night, Dear Heart.__._...Leach
From the Land of the Sky Blue Water___.Cadman
The Years at the Spring...Mrs. Beach
Signora De Fabritiis
ton crop will be reduced considera
bly next year. Many have sown
wheat, oats, rye, barley, etc., on
land usually planted in cotton. Re
ports have been received from large
land owners who have asssisted
their tenants to plant more small
grain, hay crops, corn, kafir, milo,
peanuts, etc., and thus reduce the
cotton acreage.
What we need in this ehange or
conditions, as in all others, is close
co-operation and the greatest con
fidence in each other. Let each re
alize that he must do his part, ren
der whatever assistance he is able
to those who need help and be
cheerful and hopeful. This is no
time for discouragement and dis
content. Discouragement never
builds; it destroys. We need the
counsel and help of the hopeful and
cheerful. We are entering upon
more prosperous times and a great
er era of financial indeoendence
than has ever been kuown in this
country. Let us get ready to en
joy it.-Farm and Ranch.
Anvnne sending a .keteh ?nd description mar
Quickly ascertain our opinion free whethermn
invention li probably rawn^blo. Comraunlhea
tlonsRtrtotly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
Bent freo. Oldest aaoncy for secunnj? patents.
Patenta ta**n throuuh Munn & Co. receive
rpctial notice, without chame, In the
Scientific Htitcricatt.
A handsomer Illustrated weekly. Lareert cir
culation of any BOlcntl?c journal. Terms, $3 a
year: four months, SI. Sold, by all newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.364BroadwayHew York
Branch Offlce. 625 F St., Washington. D. C

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