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"We are
simply sit
pendable i
Just rec
Step in, look t
too, you can se<
in Ladies', M:
dren's Shoes,
? and plain cloth
them in buttor
In Loving Memory of Mrs. J.
S. Herin.
If we knew when friends around us,
Closely press to say "good-bye,"
Which amone the lips that kissed u?,
First would 'neath the daisies lie.
We would ciasp our arms around them,.
Looking on them thro' our tears,
Tender words of love eternal,
We would whisper in their ears.
We did not not know July the
31st, 1913, SL< friends and relatives
gathered at our home to witness the
marriage of our darling Fannie
May, that three of those present
would be ly in 2 'neath the daisies
to-day, October 24, 19 H.
Three precious ones?from us have gone,
Three voices we loved are stilled,
Three places are vacant in our hearts,
Which never can be filled.
How well I remember early that
morning when grand-father came
np home and said "I hate to see
Fannie May leave ns," then he sat
down and wept, but we did not
know that in less than three months
-we would be weeping around his open
grave. And as we beheld the
bride that evening, so lovely and
.weet in her weddding gown, car
rying a large bouquet of bridal
roses, we did not know that in
about one year wj would see her
lifeless form dressed in the same
attire, and those same fingers, tho'
-?old and stiff, holding: a beautiful
Our Father, in His wisdom, call
ed the boon this love had given,
and though on earth her body lies,
her soul is safe in heaven. Oh, sis
ter, thy gentle voice is hushed, thy
warm, true heart is still, and on thy
pale and peaceful face is resting
death's cold chill. Thy hands are
.lasped upon thy breast, we've kiss
ed thy marble brow, and in our
aching hearts we know we have no
Fannie May now. Oh, the hope,
the hope is sweet, that we soon in
heaven may meet; then we shall
happy be, from pain and sorrow
free. There was angel band in
heaven that was not quite com
plete, so G jd took our darling sis
ter to fill the vacant seat.
Darling, you have left us; left
us, yes, forever more, but we hope
to meet you on that bright aod
happy shore. Through all pain in
life she'd smile, a smile of heavenly
birth; and when the angel called
her home she smiled farewell to
earth. Heaver retaineth now our
treasure, earth the lonely casket
keeps, and the sunbeams long to
linger where our sainted sister
sleeps. Peaceful be thy silent
slumber, peaceful in thy grave so
low. Thou no more will join our
number, thou no more our sorrows
know. Yet, again, we hope to
meet thee, when the day of life is
fled, and in heaven with joys io
greet thee, where no farewell tears
are shed. 'Tis hard to break the
tender cord when love has bound
the heart; 'tis hard, so hard, to
speak the words "we must forever
part." We have roamed in youth
mid the bowers, when thy downy
cheeks were in their bloom. Now 1
stand alone mid the flowers, while
they mingle their perfume o'er thy
tomb. Ah! the hours grow sad
while I ponder, near the silent spot
where thou art laid; and my henrt
bows down when I wander by the
not making m
iting steady i:
and we are q
lew merchand
served anothei
es, dyed with
hem over. Then,
3 the new things
isses' and Chil
with brocaded
. top. We have
i and lace.
streams and the meadow where we
Hard, indeed, is this but happy
is the knowledge that she has gone
to the Fathers garden to enjoy the
rare perfume of the many flowers
planted there by her kindly
thought!, words and deeds to oth
era. The sweet inspiration of her
example will never die. She built
her own enduring monument in the
hearts of those who knew her, and
it will las'!; till, one by one, we
meet her face to face in the bright
beyond. Just one year ago they
were happily married and now the J
happy home is blighted, and a de
voted husband, a loving mother,
father, brothers and sisters are left
sorrowing and a wee babe to miss a
mothers love and care. Surely the
workings of God are beyond the
faintest conception of man. We
weep over the silenced voice, that
was as s weet as an angel's voice;
we grieve for the vanished form,
but we recogizethe truth that God's
riehcst blessings are always hidden
among the perplexities of life. All
is dark now, but some sweet day
the clouds will be lifted "Then,
oh, then *e'U understand."
Than on August 26, 1914, the
icy hand of death touched Dr. J. C.
Browne of Aiken and he passed
from his earthly labors to his heav
enly rest. "Uncle Browne is dead!"
This was the sad message that pass
ed from one to another the follow
ing day. "Uncle Browne" who
served us at Philippi for thirty
years. He baptized my parents,
married ray parents, baptized three
of their children, married one and
assisted with the burial service of
the same.
Precious in the sight of the
Lord is the death of His saints."
Some Edgefield People May
Wait Tiill It's Too Late.
Don't wait until too late.
Be sure to be in time.
Just in time with kidney ills.
Means curing the backache, the
dizziness, the urinary disorders.
That so often come with kidney
Doan's kidney pills are for this
very purpose.
Here is Edgefield testimony of
their worth.
John D Smith, overseer at cotton
mill, Edgefield, says: The kidney
seore?ions were too frequent in pas
sage and very scanty. They were
highly colored and I had to getup
several times during the night to
pass them. I also had headaches and
dizzy spells. Friends recommended
Doan'a kidney pills and as ever I
had also seen them advertised, I
decided to try them. One box cured
me of all symptoms of kidney
trouble. "
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply as!c for a kidney remedy
get Doan1* kidney pills-the same
that Mr. Smith had. Foster-Mil
burn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Notice: The Hart, Schaffner <fc
Marx suits and overcoats aro in
cluded in our 25 per cent reduction
sale. Spend #15.00, save $lu.00.
F. G. Mertins, Augusta, Ga.
uch noise, nor
o. the boat, k(
uietly doing \
ise look to us.
. shipment of
A Pageant From the Palmetto
Edgefield Sunbeams.
Prof. C. C. Ross will presida.
Processional: "Calling to service"
(Processional, consisting of mem"
bera of the pageant nod children
representing the various missionary
organisations of the ch arch.)
Song-"Joy to the world."
Psalm 132.
Address of welcome, Edward
1 Peak.
Recitation, "What she forgot,"
Kate Mims.
State Mission quia- Led by M?r
garst May, president of Sunbeam
Song, "South Carolina," (words
! by Rev. John Lake) Miss Miriam
j Norria.
I Recitation, "Giving without
j grudging," Mary Lily Byrd and
! Beauford Mirna.
Mother Goose and State Missions,
Eleanor Mims, Allen Samuel, Eliza
beth Lott. Elizabeth Timmerman,
Milton Swearingen.
Quartette-Hail, Home of Liber
ty! Mrs. R. G. Shannonhouse, Mies
Eliza, Mims Rev. R. G. Shannon
house and Mr. George Mimi.
State Mission1'Pageant-The boys
and girl? of the Sunbeam Society
personate the leaders of the de
nominational work in South Caro
lina. Dixie, the queen announces
that she will place a crown upon
the brow of the one who is accom
plishing most.
Dixie, the queen, Ouida Pattison.
Page, Neta Ouzti.
Dr. Derieux, corresponding secre
tary State Mission Board and( his
family) Arthur Britt.
Lady missionaries from Chaster
and Rock Hill, Isabel Byrd and
Mary Dorn.
Catawba Indian children, Mar
garet Lyon and Mildred Gail.
Enlistment man, Rev. W. J.
Langston, Burts Hart.
Mountain School representative,
Rev. J. D. Crain, Mobley Sheppard.
Sunday school Secretary, Rev. T,
J. Watts, Julian Minis.
Secretary mill work, Rev. W.
M. Whiteside?, Luther Johnson.
W. M. U. field worker, Mrs. J.
0. Gough, Lallie Peak.
Dr. A. T. Jamison, Orphanagi;
man, Benjamin Cogburn.
Orphans, Sarah Hughes aud
Frances Paul.
Dr. C. C. Brown, secretary Aged
Ministers board, George 1 impkiuB
Old Preacher, Lanham Dorn.
Mrs. B. S. Wingo, Lady prinoi.
pal North Greenville Aoademy,Edith
The Woman's Minionaiy Union
Woman's Mission Society, Mar
garet May.
Young Woman's Auxiliary,
Genevieve Norris.
Girls' Auxiliary? Sarah Lyon.
Royal Ambassadors, Harry Paul
Sunbeams, iCarolyn Dorn.
Song by choir, "Christ for our
state in Dixie."
Ten minute address on Stats Mis
sions, Mr. O. Sheppard.
Collection speech, Ellie Allen
"America/' congregation.
? are we shel]
seping our va
Dusiness ever;
Silks, Suits, B
dyes that w
Try ThU for Your Cough. *
Thousands of people keep cough
ing because unable to get the right
reraed.y. Coughs are caused by in
?amation of throat and bronchial
tubes. What you need is to soot.he
this inflammation. Take Dr. King's
New Discovery, it penetrates the
delicate mucus lining-, raises the
phlegm and quickly relieves the con
gested membranes. Get a 50c bottle
from your druggist. Dr. King's
New Discovery quickly and com
pletely stopped my cough writes J
R Watts, Floydale, Texas. Money
back if not satisfied, but it, nearly
always helps.
.t--t- . n .4..f.-*. . . . . m ? m .9 9 .9.
$ Classified Column. |
? ?. .9.* ,t-,t.JL JLJWJUA t ti fi ifc % 1- *- ?
LOST-In the town of Edgefield,
Saturday, October 30, a red Jersey
?ow pig weighing about 3d pounds.
Reward if found. R. L. Bodie, Mo
doc, 8. C., R. F. D.
FOUND-An automobile chain
in the Ninety Six road near the Par
ker place. Call at The Advertiser
FOR RENT-Two-horse farm,
part of the Gilchrist place near Re
hoboth church, including 75-acre
pasture under woven wire, 7 acres
of Bermuda grass. For particulars
apply to T. B. Gilchrist, Augusta,
Ga. 11-4-tf.
FOR RENT-Eight-room, two
story residence on Columbia street.
Servant's house, well and good gar
den on premises. Apply to Mrs.
T. G. Talbert, Parksrille, or to M.
C. Parker, Edgefield, S. C.
WANTED-A good milk cow
Fresh to pail. Mrs. A. G. Burk
halter, North Augusta, S. C.
? OR RENT: Residence of seven
rooms and pantry, near High School.
Well on back piazza, and all neces
sary out buildings. Apply to J. L.
LOST: About two weeks ago a
sunburst containing 80 pearls and
a diamond. Reward if returned to
Miss Virginia Addison.
FOR RENT: My plantation 3-tr
miles east of Edgefield, consisting
of an eight-horse farra, good six
room dwelling and tenant houses
and all necessary conveniences. A.
F. Broadwater, ?Greenwood, S. C.
For information apply to Abner B.
Broadwater, Johnston, S. C.
Many of the troubles of life such
as headache, indigestion, constipa
tion and lack of energy are due to
inactive livers.
a natural, vegetable remedy that
will get the liver right and make
these troubles disappear. It ha?
none of the dangers or disagreeable
effects of calomel.
Get a 50c or $1 bottle of this
splendid remedy from your drug
gist today. Every bottle bears the
likeness of L. K. Grigsby, who
guarantees it through.
Ling the woods
i,rious stocks j
y day. If yoi]
[ats, Percales,
ear well and
Come look thir
be refreshing b
to see that we
captured by th<
the Germans, bi
people of dear c
?tufiiffufi * . . . . ? ?. ? -> . *
g The sketch depicts tl
j to be used in bui
1 We Mix Medicine
I To be used by the
Building Up i
Accuracy and Precis]
f..f. .?.A t.L.t. t. t.l.t. t.t.JL.t..t.XX.t- * *. M * *-.f..t.
?Statement of tne condition of
located at Edgefield, S. C., at the close
of business October 21, 1914.
Loans and Discounte $329,200.37
Overdrafts 287.14
Furniture and Fixture? 1,000.00
Banking House 5,000.00
Due from Banks and
Bankers 17,816.52
Currency 4,306.00
Gold 1,690.00
Silver and other Minor Coi? 585.91
Exchanges for the Clearing
House 418.65
Total $360,304.59
Capital Stock Paid in $57,400.00
Surplus Fund, 27,000.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid 2.004.45
Due to Banks and Bankers 1,338.25
Individual Deposits subject
to Check 46,626,41
Time Certificates of Deposit 152,935.48
Notes and Bills Re-discounted 8,000.00
Bills Payable, including Certi
ficates for Money Borrowed 65,000.00
Total $360,304.59
Before me came E. J. MiMS, Cash
ier of the above named bank, who, be
ing duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
E. J. MiMS.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this the 30th day of October, 1914.
W. B. Cogburn,
Notary Public,
C. C. C. P. and G. S.
Correct Attest:
J. C. Sheppard,
A. S. Tompkins,
John Ramsford,
3. We are
fairly well
L want de
keep their
igs over, it may
o some of you
have not been
3 Mexicans nor
it by the good
?ld Edgefield.
ie mixing of Mortar
lding the home
s in Our Mortar
sick and ailing in
[heir Health
ion, Our Watchword
<- . ? ? . . ? ? . . ?. ? ^
Bank of Trenton
Located at Trenton, S. Ci; at th?
close of business October 21st, 1914.
Loans and Discounts $79,921.30
Overdrafts 333.87
Furniture and Fixtures 2,350.6*
Banking House 1,350.0?
Due from Banks and Bankers 3,778.66
Currency 996.0?
Gold 5.00
Silver and Other Minor Coi? 279.0?
Checks and Cash Items 26.50
? Total $88,740.41
Capital Stock Paid in $16,300.00
Surplus Fund 1,850.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid 945.49
Individual Deposits Subject
to Check 14,779.66
Time Certificates of Deposit 7,865.26
Bills Payable, including Certi
ficates for Money Borrowed 47,000.00
Total $88,740.41
State of South Carolina, )
County of Edgefield. f
Before me came Jas. D. Mathis,
Cashier of the above named bank, who,
being duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by th?
books of said bank.
Jas. D. Mathis.
Sworn te and subscribed before me
this SOth day of October, 1914.
W. B. Posey,
Magistrate Edgefield Co., S. C.
Correct Attest:
J. F. Bettis,
A. S. J. Miller,
Jas. D. Mathis,
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedias Won't Cure.
Thc worst cases, no matter of how longstanding;
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter's Antiseptic Healing: Oil. It relieves
?ain cad Heals at the esme time. 25c, 50c. Si.**

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