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Wednesday, Nov. 25th.
The banters wilt be abroad in
the land to-morrow.
Miss Lucile Callum of Bates
barer is the guest of Mrs. H. H.
. The ice man has gone into winter
gainers and the coal man has tak
en his place. '
Miss Katherine Fitzmaurice^ of
' Columbia is the guest of her sister,
Mrs. James S. Byrd.
Capt. E. H. Folk has a large
force, of carpenters at work adding
a second story to his home in Bun
If you would like to have cabba
ges with firm heads early next
spring, now is the time to set out
the plants.
Mrs. G. C. Mayson of Callison is
visiting Miss Fannie Sullivan at tl e
old Sullivan home in the Horn's
Creek section.
Mr. J. G. Holland umpired the
game of football last week that was
played in Newberry between the
Carolina and .Newberry teams.
Mrs. Milton Parker has moved
into her attractive new residence
and Dr. and Mrs. Corley now occu
py their residence on Main street.
M rp. W. E. Lott and Mrs. Ma
mie N. Tillman attended the meet
ing of the third division of .the
Woman's Missionary Union which
was held at Modoo Satnrdry.
Mr. Joseph Branson has come up
from Aiken to spend Thanksgiving
at the old home near Cleora fishing
and wading in Turkey creek as he
<did when he was a knee-pants boy.
Just before closing our forms we
learned of the death of Miss Rose
Strom. The fanerai will be held at
Antioch, Thursday at ll o'clock. A
faller notice will be published next
Jadge of Probate W. T. Kinnaird
lias issued only about half as many
inarnage licenses as were issued foi
the same time last fell. During the
month of October only 10 were is
sued and up to this date in Novem
ber only 7 licenses have been issued.
The committee charged with the
arrangement of the program of the
union meeting which is to be held
next Saturday and Sunday at Plum
Branch has been fortunate in se
curing Dr. John C. Cannon for both
days. All who attend will be edified
by bis addresses.
Rev. and Mrs. John Lake at
tended the meeting of the Woman's
Missionary Union of the second di
vision which was held at Red Hill
/yesterday and they will come to
Edgefield this afternoon. To-morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Lake will attend thc
meeting at Bereaand it is their pur
pose to attend the union meeting at
Bold Spring church.
Death of Little Boy.
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Na
than Long who reside several miles
above Cleora sympathize with them
deeply in the loss of thei r little six
year-old son who died Sunday af
ternoon after a very brief illness.
Tho burial took place at Gilgal Mon
day afternoon, Rev. J. T. Littlejohn
conducting the services. Mr. and
Mrs. Long have several other chil
dren, one of whom is quite ill.
Death of Little Babe.
Almost before Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Cantelou had ceas?d to receive
the congratulations of their frieuds
over the birth of their little son his
spotless spirit was wafted to the
- bosom of .Teens by ministering an
f gels. Monday afternoon the little
form was tenderly placed in a grave
near that of the lamented Dr. J. W.
Hill. The parents whose heart strings
sad already become entwined about
the little babe have the comforting
assurance that their little one is in
the Heavenly home with loved ones
gone before and will not have to
undergo the crosses, trials and
buffetings of a cold, selfish, un
sympathetic world.
Due to the fact that I am agent
for the Ford car, and having all
repair parts in stock and a first
class mechanic, can afford to do
first-class livery cheap.
Edgefield Auto Repair Shop.
An Attractive Programme.
The Sunbeams of the Baptist
ohurch will hold their special mis
sionary exercises. in the church
Sunday night next, commencing at
7:30 o'clock. An attractive, pro
gramme has been arranged and all
..vho attend will, pass a very pleas
ant hoar. Who is it that does not
enjoy exercises by little children?
Th* programme will be interspersed
with songs, accompanied by the
pipe organ.
Fruit Tree Solicitors.
No individuals hav3 felt the fi
nancial stringency more than fruit
tre? solicitors. They booked orders
from farmers during the spring and
summer before the war cloud ap
peared above tho horison. Tho tret-s
were shipped to the delivery points
in the fall but many persons, and
they are not confined to farmers
either, had no funis with which to
pay for the trees. Many of the trees
haute be delivered on creditor
sold to other persons at a discount,
leaving the agent who solicited the
order without any profit.
Doing Effective Work.
Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Littlejohn
came to Edgefield Saturday after
noon and remained until Monday
morning, being guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Cogbmn. Mr. Little
john preached two very earnest ser
mons in the Baptist church, Sunday
morning ar,?d evening. He came to
the Edgefield association 19 years
ago and has done very effective
work all these years in the western
portion of the county. At present
Mr. Littlejohn is pastor of Red
Hill, Republican, Rehoboth, An
tioch and Gilgal. He also preaches
one Sunday afternoon in each month
at Peace Haven Sunday school
building at Colliers. This faithful
servant is really doing the work of
two men.
Help the Red Cross.
The following letter is self-ex
planatory and will make clear to
those who read in just what way
the Daughters of the Revolution
are expected to contribute in the
present war crisis. All contributions
are to be in cash, and distinctively
for the Red Cross. This does not in
any way conflict with the fund for
the Belgian sufferers, which is an
equally as worthy cause, but gives
the national D. A. R. an explicit
channel for their gifts under the
direction of the government of the
United States. All contributions
may be banded to Mrs. IK B. liol
lingsworth local treasurer. The
people at large, as well as the D.
A. R. are asked
to contribute to this fund.
'My dear fellow members: Real
izing that every member of the na- i
tiona! society, Daughters of the
American Revolution, is eager to do
all in her power to alleviate the ter
rible suffering caused by the hor
rors of war, and also to show her
patriotism in carrying out the wish
es of the president of the United
States at this crisis, I wrote to him
asking bow the resources of the so
ciety might be best applied. I have
thisday a io personal interview with
the president ascertained that in hin
estimation the Red Cross, the gov
ernment's authorized chaim?!, will
be the most effective medium
through which the Daughters of the
American Revolution can best serve
humanity. I am therefore calling
upon you, my dear Daughters, to
show by your deeds tba* we are
worthy of our ancestors, and of the
confidence expressed by the presi
dent of the United States in our
Each state regent is requested to
consider herself the chairman of
her state, and each chapter regent
the chairman of her chapter, to
mise funds which should be seut as
fast as obtained directly to the
treasurer-general, N. S. D. A. R.
Mrs. Joseph E. Ransdell, Memorial j
Continental Hall, Washington, D.
C., who will at once transmit the
funds to that branch of the Red
Cro?8 where it is most needed, un
der the direction of the government!
Let us unite in one grand effort,
working together in friendly rival
ry, without regard to any former
differences, and contribute as befits
the greatest body of pan iotic wo
men in the world, the Daughters of
the American Revolution.
Faithfully youis,
Daisy Allen Story,
President General, N. S. D. A. R.1
When your gin breaks down or
when your engine needs repairing
let our Mr. E. E. Cobb who is an
expert machinist put everything in
Edgefield Auto and Repair Shop.
A Thanksgiving Thought.
Though war in Europe has hurt
us somewhat financially, how pro
foundly thankful we should be that
we are spared from the bloodshed,
pillage, ruin and heartbreak that
have blighted countless thousands
of homes in Europe. How grate
ful we should be that not one soul
here faces the starvation which
menaces thousands there.
Even in the matter of financial
gains we should count ourselves
blessed. The fact in a nutshell is
that a long series. of fat yearn, to
gether with more diversified farm
ing, have enabled our farmers to
hold cotton for better price?, and
this holding bas now forced cotton
up from five and six-cent figures,
until actual a notations show it is
today only a cent,and a half lower
than three years ago. Three years
ago this week The Progressive Far
mer quoted middling at 8 5-8 cents
a pound, while as we write this the
same market pays 7 1-8 cents-ex
actly within 1 1-2 cents of 1911
prices, while our crop may be as
big as then.
Let us thank God and take
Do Not Mind Small Fines.
It is a mockery to impose small
fines upon convicted blind tigers.
Convictions are hard io secure and
men will run the risk of conviction
and continue in the nefarious busi
ness of violating the law so long aa
they know that the worst they have"
to fear is the payment of a fine or
I two, whose amount is less than they;
will gladly pay to be licensed ta
sell alcoholic drinks. But, -when'
there is a certainty that conviction
will mean a sentence to wear stripes!
and stay in jail or work* on the
roads, the number of blind tigers
will suddenly and markedly de-,
crease.-Greenville Piedmont.
Large stock of blankets and com
forts marked very close.
Mukasby Bargain House. ,
t?M|?l|M|ia|M|M|l .{..{. .{??].?{? l|l .{? .{. >{. ?]. ijl lj??Jltff ill A
+ *
[I Classified Column. |
LOST: Between W. E. Winn's
Store and Plum Braneh, Nov. 19,
three twenty dollar bills, one ten,
one five. Reward if returned to W.
E. Winn.
FOR SALE-A five-acre lot oj?
'.he Ninety Six road adjoining lan??.
of Mr. G. F. Mims and Mr. W. g.
Jackson. Apply to L. M. Johnson
or B. E. Nicholson. ll-18-2t.
FOR SALE-Grafted paper-shell
pecan trees, best variety for 50
cents and up. P. B. Day, Trenton,
S. C.
STRAYED-A black pig weigh
ing about 40 pounds. Reward of
$1 will be paid for its return. W.
Li. Turner.
FOR SALE: Four fine Daroo
gilts, already bred to registered!
male, at $25.00 each. Now is your
chance to start your herd of
Durocs cheap. The Red sow will
surely lead you out of the wilder
ness. I also have some fine Duroc
pigs ready for delivery for 15.00
each. C. M. Williams, Cleora,
S. C.
FOR SALE: White Holland
Turkeys, vigorous and healthy,
$4.50 per pair. White African
Guineas $3.00 per pair, great layers.
Order now. Harold Norris.
FOR SALE-Bonrbon red tur
keys. L. R. Brunson, Sr., Cleora,
FOR RENT-Two-horse farm,
part of the Gilchrist place near Re
hoboth church, including 75iacre
pasture under woven wire, 7 acres
of Bermuda grass. For particulars
apply to T. B. Gilchrist, Augusta.
Ga. 11-4-tf.
FOR RENT-Eight-room, two
story residence on Columbia street.
Servant's house, well and good gar
den on premises. Apply to Mrs.
T. G. Talbert, Parkville, or to M.
C. Parker, Edgefield. S. C.
TORRENT: Residence of seven
rooms and pantry, near High School.
Well on back piazza, and all neces
sary out buildings. Apply to J. L.
LOST: About two weeks ago a
sunburst containing 80 pearls and
a diamond. Reward if returned to
Miss Virginia Addison.
FOR RENT: My plantation S-i
miles east of Edgefield, consisting
of an eight-horse farm, good six
room dwelling and tenant houses
and all necessary conveniences. A.
F. Broadwater, Greenwood, S. C.
For information apply to Abner B.
Broadwater, Johnston, S. C.
We have a large assortment of the celebrated
Jewel Stoves, Ranges and Heaters that are marked
at very .low prices.
Tewel Heater? - . -
Coal Heaters - - ?
Sheet Iron Heaters -
Grates - - - - -
. fLO.OO, $12.00 and $14.0*
- - - - $5.00 to $16.00
.$2.00 to $3.00
- - $2.50, $5.00 and $7.50
Now is the time to purchase a new heater or put
a grate in your home.
We carry a full line of repairs for Jewel Stoves,
Ranges and Heaters.
Edgefield, South Carolina
m America's Greatest Grass
Comes From Africa
The most wonderful grass of the age, introduced and endorsed
by the U. S. Agricultural Department Tested severely by the
farmers in all parts of Texas successfully. Makes more seed and
better hay than any other forage plant known. Under ordinary
circumstances produces 300 to 600 pounds of seed and three to six
tons of choice hay per acre the same season. Adapted to all sorts
of soil. Resists severest drought and does well in wet weather.
Takes two to four pounds of seed to an acre in drills, and sixteen
to twenty-four pounds broadcast Equals timothy in quality of
hay, and all kinds of live stock prefers it to alfalfa. Last spring
the seed sold for $2.00 to $4.00 per pound, and all who grew it
then will sow more next year. It is now selling for $1.00 per
pound, and will go higher before next spring, as the supply is lim
ited. We will send pure Sudan seed, prepaid by parcel post, for
$1.00 per pound, in lots.of fifty pounds and under, not less than
one pound considered. Larger lots by freight cheaper. Better
send for seed now and be sure of getting it and save money, and
then make more money next season. Every one who can should
try this great grass. Address
Harris County, Aldine,
Box 15. Texas.
Laughs at Drought
Smiles at Rain
Treasurer's Notice.
The County Treasurer's office will be
open for the purpose of receiving taxes
from the 15th day of October 1914 to
the 15th day of March 1915.
All taxes shall be due and payable
between the 15th day of October, 1914,
and December 31st, 1914.
That when taxes charged shall not
be paid by December 31st 1914, the
County Auditor shall proceed to add a
penalty of one per cent for January,
and if taxes are not paid on or before
February 1st, 1915, the County Auditor
will proceed to add two per cent, and
five per cent from the 1st of March to
the 15th of March, after which time
all unpaid taxes will be collected by
the Sheriff.
The tax levies for the year 1914 are
as follows:
For State purposes " 6 mills
" Ordinary county 5 "
" Special county 1 "
" Cons. school tax 3 "
" Antioch S. D. 2 "
" Pickens Bacon S. D. 4 "
" Pickens Bacon R. R. 3 "
Shaw Bacon school
Part Blocker R. R.
Part Collier Sp. school
Flat Rock S. JJ.
Oak Grove S. D.
Prescott S. D.
Red Hill S. D.
Edgefield Pickens school
Edgefield Pickens R. R.
Edgefield Pickens Corp'n
Edgefield school building
1 Edgefiald Wise school bld'g 2
' Edgefield Wise Corp'n 10
1 Edgefield R. R. 11-4
1 Edgefield Wise school 5
1 portion Elmwood school 2
1 portion Elmwood R. R. 12
1 Elmwood S. D. No 38 school 2
' Elmwood S.D. No. 3 R. R. 12
1 Elmwood Long Cane R. R. 12
1 Elmwood Long Cane school 3
P. Pickens Dong Cane R. R. 3
Hibler S. D. 3
Liberty Hill S. D. 3
Johnston S. D. 8
Johnston R. R. 3
Moss S. D. 3
Parksville S. D. 4
Pickens R. R. 3
Plum Branch S. D. No. 15 5
Shaw school 4
Talbert school 2
" Pickens Trenton school 5 "
" Pickens Trenton R. R. 3
" Shaw Trenton school 5 "
" Wise Trenton school 5 *t\
" Wise Trenton R. R. 11-4"
" Ward's school 2 "
" Modoc S. D. 2 "
" White Town S. D. 4 " ?
" Wise R. R. 11-4
The law prescribes that all male citi
zens between the ages of 18 and ,55
years must pay $2 commutation tax or
work six days on the public roads. As
this is optional with the individual, no^
commutation tax is included in the
property tax. So ask for road tax re
ceipt when you desire to pay road tax.
Co. Treas. E. C.
Our expert machinist can pull
you out of the hole when your en
gine, ginnery or other machinery
breaks down. He can also do first
class plumbing. Call on us.
Edgefield Auto and Repair Shop..

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