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j. (Copyright.)
j Mousie Mildred broke into a mer
?little muffled laugh. ? She had bei
: i?W/iifMf?^^ silently intent t
' llftfitlvI) El^ on my nai*s *
REl^^^iv quite some time
J^HHSHBSL The sudden oi
burst of subdue
?wBB^8SSy yet bubbling mir
.' /l^^ ^H?^ surprised me.
"?^Pik^^a as'ce,i: abo
[i^Br^^? "Oh, nuthin
? ,8 <?\ i$'r 1 insisted;
Mb. ''Well," said sh
pausing f or a m
! ment to poise, h<
1 j W aubu::n : h a i r e
' ' f * head sidewise, ar
i ? ra ?ag^J to glance up ?
jane- with artless archness from th?
rangle,: -'II lose, that's all !" -
There was nothing elucidatory abot
that cryptic phrase. So I inquire
."Lose what?" I asked her. .
"Oh, nuthin' to get the gurgly goite
about,", replied Mousie Mildred, jal
bing ajt the refractory cuticle with th
g , -orange stick. "I drop a little bet tha
I make with myself, about you,,whe
Ton limn in, that's* all; but seeing, thia
it was- ori'y one o' them mind bets,
?don't have to ease any hard-gouge
; .kale to the hand-book, and so it's ali
Tight; there's no harm did."4
"But what was the nature of th
*et?o ' ???vj ? iq
"I hate to tell yuh," she repli?e'
going after an imaginary hang-nai
with the cuticle scissors', "becaus<
you're one o' them zigs-? mean gent:
-that's a hull lot more dignified thai
they look.
"If I tried to tell yuh about the be
I tried to put over with myself yoi
might get sore as a stockyards
sweeper and start in to raze the plan
to the groun' and fire a volley ovei
the remains."
I reassured her as to that, and agaii
urged her to unfold the elttracter oi
her wager with herself.
"Well," said she, bestowing anothe:i
dazzling upward glance upon me oui
.of the corner of her wood-violet eyes
"'it's this way, seein' th?t yo?'re pin
^ rdn* me to the stick and nickin' me foi
chat's inside, my think-dish.
"When you come in. a while ago,
and lamped around ?the ? tables,::and
piped me takin' a peak; at you,;and
then come browsin' oyer. tor my, ..table
here, I made one o' them 36-cent. mind
l>ets with myself that yqu was pne:p'
9, -them-' oh^you-babesky-doll. kind, that'd
"~~>?i?rdly pass your mitts over. to'",oe
made human lookin''before) ybii'd be
;gin to slip me that 'Do you like the
theater/ Aspasia?' line o' C?sfHiafr con,
and then get busy guessin' whether I
liked the way they dish up spaghet'
at Dufanti's, or would I prefer to tool
out to Foodmanston Inn in a chug
.chaise, and. poke -provender, into my
map al freshco, with the birdies twit
terin' tweet-tweetie in the trees, and
all nature smilin' like a front-row gell
on the end of the line slantin' a Pitts
burgh steel magnet in box A.
"That's the way I have you tucked
.away in the back of my bean when
you squat in front, of my bench, and
that's the bet I made. Y' ain't mad
.over my tellin' yuh, are 3fuh? You ast
me, and I had to unreel it."
Again I reassured her, and she pro
"Yuh can't always tell about a zob
-I mean a gent-that's there with
that town-tease, hamlet-hoiden, oh
such-larks look about him when he
first breezes into a mitt-maison and
?does the hurry pipe aroun' the tables
to sort over the lookers. .
"You ain't the first gamble I lose
with myself try in' to pick 'em right on
the blow-in, nor the twentieth, when
it comes to that.
"I'm just as often Little Lucy the
Lof ir when I try to pull that read-'em
.qu^ :k numbab as any o' the rest o' the
civ:w-polishin' dolls scattered aroun'
th ?e works.
"We all get in German just as often
as we dope 'em right. As I was sayin',
> VI handicapped you for one o' them
stout-just stout enough-cut-ups
vthat'd be purlin' the old numbah nine
bunk hito my pinkie-winkie listeners
long before you lifted your paws out
of the soakm' pan. Says I to myself,
'This keg-I mean gent-will be dang
lin' one o'them cochineal-red-ink feeds
at the Cafe de Noah's Ark at me before
1 have time to find out whether he
bites bis nails.
"I'm Jerry to it now that you
wouldn't kite a claw-trimmin' doll to
a wop or any other kind of a tahb'-dote
for the hull lower half o' the island
on account o' bein' 'fraid o' what might
come off later when, the family was
hepped to it."
Unwelcome Invitation.
Donald, aged four, had been kept at
"hoirie for some time for fear of catch
ing the whooping cough, so one after
noon, after much pleading with his
mamma, he was .permitted to take a
? little outing. While sitting on a bench
In the park a child sat down beside him,
who at once began to cough violently.
Donald's mother snatched him away
quickly and immediately started for
home. Donald was quite silent on the
homeward journey, but just as soon
aaske stepped inside of the door of his
hefne he exclaimed excitedly to his
sisters: "O, kids! What do you think?
I got invited to the whooping cough
V- :;today."
Ancient Gateways.
In days when cities were walled
about for purposes of defense against
an enemy, most of the masters of the
people being marauders and brigands,
there were real gates, by which" is.
meant tremendous doors of solid oak
built within stone walls which were
indestructible by any w?apons of those
times. The ancient gates were built
in the walls of cities at those points
where the chief highways centered
and on which an enemy would surely
try to make his: attack.
Appeal for Help.
Ruth, who is two, was visiting her'
grandmother, who' had some summer
boarders' with ' whom there was a lit
tle : boy! whom Ruth 'disliked very
much, but who was fond of her. 'One1
day when Ruth'was seated on a porch
bench the little.boy. came up and sat.
down close .beside her. : She: tried
every method to remove him and fi^al-.
ly called in desperation to her grand-;
mother: "O, grandma, please do
come and help me; I'se too much
squeezed." .
Not What He Meant..
In, a case in which , a "man : was,
charged' w,lth cruelly: ill-treating-jai
horse by: working; it '.in ' an unfit'., state,"
a constable expressed the opinion, that
the animal was hot' capable of doing ,
any more'- work-on account of its ?ge. '
A solicitor for the defense suggested
that the horse : merely required
a ; rest. Magistrate-"lEternaLv rest?"
Solicitor-"1 do not mean that, isir.^
'. ''r ???'??
What Made Her* Laugh. , ' ;,
: Jean was warned by her p?r?hts not
to mention the fact that their guest at
. dinner had an unusually large nose.
In the course of the evening me?hJe?n
became convulsed with laughter- She
was asked with fear and\ trembling
what was the cause of her:mirth. Her
reply was: 'O, I'm not laughing at
your nose, Mr. Smith-I'm laughing at
the plates on mother's plate rail."
Flag of Belgium.
The Belgian flag perpetuates the
colors of the duchy of Brabant, and
was adopted when the monarchy was
set up in 1831. The red, it should be
noted by those who wish to use it cor
rectly, forms the fly of the flag, the
yellow/the middle, and the black the
hoist. The Russian Imperial navy flies
the ancient blue saltire of St. Andrew
on a white ground.
.! \ ~~~
Where Cloves Come From.
The b?st doyes come from Amboyna,
one of the, Mqlucca islands. ., They . are
grown.also'in Java, Sj?matra,; Zanzibar,
and in ' the West' Indies. ? Th? clove
tree .grows as high as^O f?set The ripe
fruit resembles a small 'olive. ' The
?vciov*':?of commerce Is :th? 'bl?'Bsom*
which! ITs dried by exposure to Wood
smok?'and th?sun. ;'
French Loquacity.
There is no nation like the French.,
A French milliner will make a hat out
of a piece of felt and nothing; and a
French official will make a diplomatic
episode out of nothing at all, putting
into five minutes of futility all the
Gallic civilization of centuries,-Ar
nold Bennett in the Century Magazine.
Kindly Thoughtfulness.
"How did you ever get the nerve to
play the cornet? Doesn't your prac
ticing drive your wife almost to dis
traction?" "No," replied Mr. Meek
ton. "She encourages me. She thinks
that anything that'll change my ordi
nary facial expression is worth some
sacrifice."-Washington Star.
As lt Appeared to Her.
Mary, aged five, had been attending
camp meeting, for several days with
her parents, and upon her return her
little brother asked what it was like.
"Oh," she replied, "it's a.place where
they have Sunday every day in the
Rich Soil of Russia.
The soil of Russia is rich in ores pt
all kinds, and the mining industry is
steadily increasing. At the present
time there are rather more than half
a million people engaged in the mak
ing and working of metals.
Removing Tar Stains.
To remove tar stains rub the spot
first with lard and then with soap.
Leave for au hour and then wash in
hot water softened with ammonia.
If traces still remain, rub with tur
Good Sanitary Job.
Six-year-old Sherwood was boasting'
that he was working in a blacksmith
shop. "What do you do there? Shoe
horses?" he was asked. "No!" he an
swered promptly, "I shoo flies."
New Material for Lead Pencils.
Juniper from the Indian reserva
tions of New Mexico and Arizona may
prove an excellent source of material
for lead pencils.
Life's Stern Command.
This stern command must come to
all-a hard unyielding fact-"Stand up
and take your medicine-don't play the
baby act."
Man's Best Lessons.
The best lessons a man can learn
Are from bis own mistakes.
Extra Hi
u ?i.
happen td' Jr
i ! o.t.? ? ';-i.' <
T 'IVA . .!
!l l l'
ii-;-, jo .rn *2 ine.? l|S
Gold' snap* h?ver'i
'extra heat rie?d?c*
-comfortable. Burn
. .! . .'? i ... -'cod cse
Perfection Heaters \
At hardware, furnjti
Triangle Trade-A?a
Washington, ?. C-y:
Norfolk, Va.
Richmond, Va.
?ii. 70 6if?? '??inW .sVVi "i?\
We invite ye
m received a large i
These were boug
in the country, c<
and the quality
tne reach of all.
If we have
t stock'we will ord
g Come, LET
i department. h!]<%
Our machinist is an experienced
plumber and can repair gins, en
gines, boilers and all kinds of. ma
chinery. When in need of an expert
machinist call on us.
Edgefield Auto and Repair Shop.
In oase your machine fails to go
phone the "Edgefield Auto Repair
Shop, phone 19 L, Mr. Cobb will
move it.
Edgefield Auto Repair Shop.
Many of the troubles of life such
as headache, indigestion, constipa
tion and lack of energy are due t^
inactive livers.
a natural," vegetable remedy that
will get the liver right and make
these troubles disappear. It has
none of the dangers or disagreeable
effects of calomel.
Get a 50c or .Si bottle of this
splendid remedy from your drug
gist today. Every bottle bears the
likeness of L. K. Grigsby, who
guarantees it through.
to* t?rror,.fdr you.' for the Perfectioi
to make bedroom, b bathroom or sittini
i? ?cerosene-easy to handlet and inexpei
are ;pprtabie,' heat quickly and are smok
ure dealers'and general stores everywh
t?kSijO ....;.!'...: ?:<*:>'??'*
:-O;;J;'? ?v.*i>'ii ; .{......,:.::.-:?--.*;.;.>;?;:
?4o .
; ! . '
-ff" "
>uto call to see the
wear of ml k?idsv ;
stpek of F?l?m?
ht frcm the leading
DDsequently the styL
the best. Our pi
not what you wai
1er it for you.
)Fn & lim
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gle Mills, Engines, Boilers,
Supplies and repairs, Porta
ble, Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files, Belts
and Pipes. WOOD SAWS
Gins and Press Repairs.
I have a fine lot of Seed Rye to
offer, was grown on my farm at
Ellenton, S. C. Put up in bags of
one and two bushels, price $2.50
per bushel, F. O. B. Ellenton.
Send in your orders early.
H. M. Cassels,
Ellenton, S. C.
i . ? fi sri; ...
i Need It
; .'titi-! 0Bt"O"(J Vllj t.
1 -in'
en.v.accidents V
; Jqa???i 63 ?eriifos?? h'?iV? bo?l s
j -;IJ?h U,J? ?J D9?? esah^^fw"
in?? son-'tn?fe giri ?JV??* r.i SJ/XIT?
i supplies. just. the
Z room warm and,
??ve. ... ...... ,.v;
:eless and odorless.
1?re. Look fot the
il P A N Y
Charlotte, N. C.
Charleston, W. Va.
Charleston, S. C.
styles^ in
:? i -ii!.' h?if ?w'*"Ki ??I?V???):?T?) ' .
- - - - - -
n i I\I? T
k:h:?di hv/?V/r ?;a5
. manufacturers
lil are the latest
:ices are within
nt in our large $
through every
Real Estate
125 acres land near Hibernia
in Saluda county.
120 acres near Monetta, Sa
luda county.
330 acres in Aiken county,
near Eureka.
100 acres'near] Ropers.
300 acres near Celestia or
Davis' mills in Greenwood
and Saluda counties. ?
50 acres near Edgefield {C.
250 aeres near Trenton,S.C.
Several tracts near meeting
Street, and other tracts near
Monetta and Batesburg.
-Apply to
Edgefield, S. C
Ideal Pressi?gClub
Ladies Coat Suits Cleaned and
Pressed .....___ .. . .75c.
Ladies Pleated Skirts Cleaned and
Pressed v~_------r_ ."...50c.
L?die Plain' Skirts' Cleaned and
Pressed JAJ..'.J_..?'.40c.-:!
Ladies Evening Gowns Cleandd and
Pressed;...:_..T_.r.TVr 6Qc.
Ladies'One-Piece.. Dress Cleaned and
:' Pressed 1 _.?_vi'iCi-Jf'lJ -_1:50^v'
Gents' Suits Sleam Cleaned parid?
Gents' Suits Dry Cleaned:!, and
Pressed _."50c?;
Hats Cleaned and Pressed25&
Hats Cleaned and BlockediT J.50cl
., Remember'? ..we are first-class in
'.every workmanship: and . can please.;
the most> fastudist person:,^ ?Vifork.
done'while you wafC Don't "throw^
J ?way that"bid suit" br hat " B?nglt
to-us and*let"Us-make- it-look -like -
new. We appreciateyour patronage
and guarantee satisfaction.; \Vf
Bacon Street, ' ' v
Edgefieid, -South Carolina,
1 kUSsd ?rf?
KW r
Go-to see
Before insuring'elsewhere. We
represent the best old line com-,,
panies* ?
Marling &BT~ J
At the Farmers Bank, I
ti2 ; ?. ____
Blacksmith. S
I wish to inform the g<
pf Edgefieid that I will co
Blacksmith Shop that v
lished by my father, Gilt
about 40 years ago and
by him until his death' rei
tjer^pnrtp. all:iwori?..?ntrnsi
and will guarantee every ?j
In Three Volumes ,, ^"
This man caused the last
general European war.
His personal memoirs, written
by his secre.ary, Baron De
Menevaly are ' full of th? most
absorbing incidents, especially in
. view of the present great Euro
pean struggle.
Just a hundred years ago, his ambi
tions bathed the Continent in a sea of
blood. France alone, under his leader-.,
ship, fought Germany, Russia, Austria, .
Italy, and Great Britain-and won.
Get these Memoirs
By special arrangement with the pub
lishers of COLLIER'S, The National:
Weekly, we are enabled to offer a lim- i
ited number of these three-volume sets 1
of the Memoirs of Napoleon free with '
a year's subscription to Collier's .and
this paper. The offer i^stri?jly limited
-to get advantage of it you must act
Sherlock Holmes Stories
Exclusively in Collier*s
Al) the Sherlock Holmes stories published ia
1915 will be printed exclusively in Collier's.
The "Last-minute" pictures of the European
War will appear every week in the photographic
section of Collier's.
The finest fiction written will appear each week
in abort story and serial form.
Mark Sullivan's timely Editorials and widely
quoted Comments on Congress will continue to bc
j an exclusive feature.
Special Offer to our Read ers
Tour own borne paper and COLLIER'S, The
National Weekly, together with the three volumes
of Napoleon's Memoirs-all of these you get for the
price of Collier's alone, plus 50s to cover the cost
of packing and stiipping the Memoirs. 0
Send your order to this office now. If yon are .
already a tubscriber, your subscription will be ex
tended for one year from itspresent date of expiration.
COLLIER'S $2.50 f Special combination
J price, including the
1 !a rce-volume SO.00
ADVERTISER 1.50 iMeraoirs.Bostpaid?*-"
The Pills That Do Curo.

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