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VOL. 79.
-. !fc_
NO. 40.
Marriage at Baptist Parsonage,
W. C. T. U Meeting. Metho
dist Minister Arrives.
Concert Enjoyed.
On Sunday morning at ll o'clock
Mr. Arthur S. Rhoten and Mrs.
Bettie Cogbnrn were quietly mar
ried at the Baptist parsonage by
Dr, A. T. King, no one witnessing
the event but Messrs. Hansford and
Will Rhoten and Mr. and Mrs
"Will Eidson. The happy pair were
entertained during the day at the
hon e of Mr. Will Rhoten, several
of the relatives being present.
Mrs. Ida Stevens and Mr. B. L.
Stevens of Meeting Street visited
relatives here last week.
Mrs. M. R. Wright was the de
lightful hostess of an afternoon
pirt.v last Wednesday, the honore*
leing'Mrs. Carl Richards, of Chat
tanooga.. This congenial party spf nt
two hours happily, during which
time a two course repast was served j
by Miss Luelle Norris and Mrs. M.
W. Crouch.
The Rev. Mr. J. H. Thacker and
family arrived on last Thuifcday
evening and a warm welcome was
given them by the member* of the
Meihodi>t congregation, and an old
fashioned pounding was planned
Mr. Thacker is a scholarly, earnest
and devout man of God and the
church is pleased that he should
have been sent as their Shepherd.
The W. C. T. U. met on Friday
afternoon with Mrs L. C. Latimer,
and after bright songs, the presi
dent, Mrs. T. R. Denny, conducted
the business. The chief feature of
the meeting were the reports given
by Mesdames J. L. Mims and Ma
mie N. Tillman, of Edge
field, ', who bad attended the
national convention in Atlanta.
Had they not brought such a mes
tag< s their piesence alone; would
have added a .note of pleasure to
-tfeey - are* women* bf
charming and magnetic personality.
Their messages were full and as the
members listened, they were in
spired to greater things and the
cause seemed dearer to them and to
urge them on. Mrs. White who had
attended the state W. C. T. U. con
vention, had been asked to present
the matter of temperance at the D.
A. R. convention, while in attend
ance. She stated that she had been
rebuffed in the afternoon. J?efore
the meeting adjourned, a motion
wa3 made by Mrs. M. A. Huiet
that a committee be appointed to
attend a meeting of each of the
local organizations, bringing before
them the plea that as individuals, a
definite stand be taken in the great
canse. It is for the individual to
take a stand and then will follow
the wanted results.
'Miss Kathrine Bell of Ellenton is j
the guest of her sister, Mrs. W. P. J
Mr. James While has gone to
Birmingham, Ala., where he has
accepted a position.
Much interest was centered in
Mullins last week on Wednesday,
December 12, at 5:30 o'clock for
at this time one of Johnston's no
blest men, Earl Owington Crouch,
and Miss Grace Smith plighted their
trc;th. The event transpired in the
uaw Methodist church which had
been artistically decorated and pre
vious to the entry of the bridal par
ty a delightful musical piogram
was given by the bridal chorus.
4*0 perfect day, and "O perfect
love," were sung by Miss Louise
Carter and as Miss May Byrd begun
Mendelssohn's march, the ushers, E.
H. Smith and J. A. Suber of John
ston and R. J. Mullins and W. A.
Anderson of Rock Hill, entered,
the bridesmaids following, Misses
Martha Marion of Chester, and Ma
ry Reaves, the groomsmen being
Lerc y Wertz, of Belton and Dr. L.
S. Maxwell of Johnston. Miss Flise
Crouch, sister of the groom was
the maid of honor, the flower girls
being little Misses Albertine* Smith
and Augusta Martin. The bride en
tered upon the arm of her father
G. W. Smith and were met at the
altar by the groom with his best
man, A. N. Corrington. While
Schubert's serenade, was being
softly . played the Rev. Kirkland
spoke the words that made them as
one. Immediately after the ceremo
ny, the happy couple left for a
honevmoon in Florida. The bride
who is a sweet and dainty blonde.
wa> beautiful in green attire, with
all details of her toilet matching
and the bouquet she carried was of
bride's roses and lillies of the val
ley. Upon their return here an ele
gant reception will be. given them
in the home of the groom's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Crouch,and sev
eral other social affairs are being
planned complimentary to them.
M|RR Gladys Sawyor <?nte.rteinpd
the Kill Kare Klub on Thursday
afternoon, being assisted by her
sisters, Misses Clara and Maud Saw
yer. Progressive cards was the chief
form of amusement and the high
est score was made by Miss Kath
rine Bell, who was given a piece of
hand embroidery. A salad course
with coffee and whipped cream wa*
served, after which cards were laid
A musical treat that was given
to the people of Johnston was on
last Friday evening, when Signora
Carolina De Fabritiis, under the
auspices of the auxiliary chapter,
gave a recitil. We always associat
ed the Italian in connection with
music, and she is a true daughter
of her native heath. Her voice ts ?
mezzo soprano, and w.:s wonderful
ly sweet and mellow and especial
mention-should be made of her
I Italian songs. Miss Lura Mims as
pianist, accompanied her with a
beautiful touch. The audience was
also favored with piano solos by
Miss Lila Maid Willis and Mrs.
VV. F. Scott which were wonder
fully sweet and rendered with skill
The Mary Ann Buie chapter, D.
of C, held the December meeting
in the home of Mrs. James While
on last Thursday afternoon, and the
reports of the officers and commit
tees in charge of the various de
partments showed that the chapter
was doing live active work. An in
teresting feature, was the reports of
ihe delegates Mesdames F. M.
Boyd and James White of the state
convention at Yorkville. Much en
thusiasm bad been imbibed by the
delegates and as they gave a resume
of the year's accomplishments and
of. the plans of ^#futar*rit?T&
thnsiasm wau imparted to the mem
bers, and 1915 promises to be a
year of more active work with
greater results. The historical meet
ing was had following this, the
meeting being turned over to the
historian Mrs. O. D. Black who
gave current events of, U. D. C.
work. ''Secession day" waa dis
cussed. A paper on Secession day
was read by Mrs. James White, and
a patiiotic song by Mrs. F. M.
Boyd closed the program.
Entertainment at High School.
Fiiday evening, December 18,
an entertainment will be given in
the High School auditorium under
the auspices of the School Improve
ment association. An interesting
program has been arranged, the
leading feature being a Cantata en
titled '"Christmas all ov>r the world"
which will explain the Christmas
customs of all nations. The follow
ing are the characters:
Knowledge, Florence Mims.
Santa Claus, Carroll Rainsford.
Germany, Ouida Pattison.
Russia,' Arthur Britt.
Armenia, James Sharpton.
Sweden, Willie Peak.
Holland, Edith Ouzts.
Ireland, James Porter.
Belgium, Laura Morgan.
Paris, Margaret May.
Spain, Fred Mays.
Solos and chorusses by pupils of
graded school.
The ladies of the town will bring
boxes to be auctioned to highest
bidder. No hov to be sold for less
than 25 cents uor moie than 50
Refreshments will be sold after
the program has been rendered.
Show your interest in the school
by coming and bringing your
Admission 10 cents.
Southern Railway.
Premier Canier of the South Ac
count Christmas Holidays.
Between points in the Southeast,
also to destinations in Arkansas,
Oklahoma and Texas.
Ticket* on sale December 16 to
25, inclusive, Dec. 31 and Jan. 1,
good returning to reach original
starting point until Jan. 6, 1915.
For additional information, com
municate with Magruder Dent. Dis
rict Passenger Agent, Augusta,
J. A. Towns-end, Agent,
Edgefield, S. C.
State President Pledges Supprol
of W. C. T. U.
Editor The Advertiser:
In view of the agitation for St?t||{
wide Prohibition in South Caromi
na, I am asking space in your c$$l
u?.ins for a statement from the Wo
man's Christian Temperance Union?
Uno largest and most efficient organs
izati?n of women in the world, aci
tive not only in the United Stated
Imt also in over 50 foreign nations..
From the very beginning of its ex-;]
istence 42 years ago till this good*
day, the Woman's Christian Tera-'
perance Union hat stood unsweng
inirl^' foi* total abstinence for the ira
dividual, and the prohibition ok
titeliquor traffic in the State, lh$j
Nation and tlie World.
Beginning with less thar 10u|
ment hers, and only a few State^
n-presen ted at the first Convention,!]
Tue Woman's Christian Temper-,!
a='Cv Union at its recent NuionJSI
Annual Convention held in Atlanta'^
Ga., November 13-19, reported a|
g.tin of 30,878 new paid up mern-J
biT's in the past year, making a to^
tal jtaid up membership of nearly?
400,000 in the United States alone.]'
E'.i'vy Slate in the Union including
Alaska, was represented in the 2,000;
d<* legates aiid visitors at th isl
. TT ''
4 i st annual convention. Fives
States had been added to the list o^
dry States, making 14 States whi?-h'
have State-wide Prohibition. Theres
isa bill now pending in Congress;
asking for an amendment to the?
Constitution of Hie United States;
prohibiting the 4 Sale, Manu fae t'lrc'
for Sale; Transportation, and Ina-';
portation for Sale of Alcoholic Li
quors for Beverage purposes," and.
we believe that Nation-wide Prohi-:
bition is in sight.
"It's been a lo< g way to Prohi
I t's been a long way to go |
It's been a long, long way .to!
,Xo the ^esUan(Lr4i;. know-'
So it is good-bye Local Option
High License we'll riot spare
It's been along, long way io Pro
But we are almost there"!
This, adapted from the popular
marching song of the Briiieh troops
in the war over the seas, "lt's a
long way to Tipperary," and sung
at our Convention expresses the
feelings of the white-ribbon army
which ia marching wilh such a
steady tread against that arch ene
my of mankind-the legalized li
quor traffic, lt must be "Good bye
to Local Option," "High License
must not be spared"-it "has been
a long, long way to Prohibition,"
bul, in tiuth, "we are almost
The time is ripe for State-wide
Prohibition in South Carolina. The
W. C. T. U. heartily endorses the
"Movement for State-wide Prohibi
tion," launched in Columbia, Octo
ber 22, and the plans outlined by
*!r. J. K. Breedin, Secretary, and
we pledge our co-operation. We
believe that it is a question which
should be decided by the voters of
the State, rather than by Legisla
tive enactment. We believe that
it is wise to settle ihis great moral
and economical question on its
merits, and not mix it up with any
candidate, therefore the host time
lo vole on it is during an off year in
politics. It is the people who are
asking that the Legislature sri ve
them a chance to express themselves
on this question-whatever the sev
eral candidates may or may not
have promised last summer <?o far
as each was personally concerned,
the people certainly made no prom
ises to let this live question "lie
low." Our Governor-elect is an
honorable Christian gentleman and
though he may be of the opinion
that local option is the best solu
tion of the liquor problem, if the
voters of South Carolina declare
for State-wide Prohibition he will
respeet their wishes and enforce the
Very respectfully,
Mrs. Joseph Sprott.
Pres. S. C., W. C. U.
Manning, S. C., Dec. 12, '1914.
Appeal For Aged Ministers.
On next Sunday morning our an
nual offering be taken at the
Baptist Sunday school for aged
ministers. Let the Edgefield Bap
tist church and Sunday school, re
member the aged ministers. They
are dependent upon a generous
W. B. Cogburu, Supt. ,
News From Bailey Military
Bailey opened the basket bal!
Reason by defeating the fast and
ipi poky team of the Furman Fitting
School in a hotly contested game
on Friday hst. The score at the
[end of the game stood ll to 15 in
Spar .favor.'! .^Although our men were
Marger and heavier than the visi
tors, they were handicapped by
short practice, having been in train
ing for just over a week while their
Opponents had been priclicing for
Searly two rrfonths. Everything
JSikeij into consideration, it was a
?good game and was greatly enjoy
ied'by the crowd present. H. Pee
a>les, Tarkington . and 0. Water?
relayed exceptionally good bali
while Stone for the visitors showed
rJip splendidly.
j^ffhe-committee from the faculty
^meeting with a great deal of suc
k's in solic'tatiug funds from the
merchants and residents of Green
rSSOiod in their campaign for funds
l^rTthe Athletic Association. AM
fire responding liberally,
rapilajor G. 0. Bowen, the football
^M,ch., is busy arranging a foot-ball
polled nie fur next session which
? promises to be very much heivier
?than the one just completed. In
yips connection we might say that
?Bailey has again held its record of
[defeating all high school teams
'jwith which it plaved and in one of
:the last games, Carolina Scrubs was
?ten by varsity. This foot
season has been very successful
vthe coming one next year prom
to be even bet tir.
view of the fact that the pres
college colors, light blue and
, were inadequate in athletics
'faculty and student body re
y voted to change the college
.".ors to black, garnet and grey.
jTFhis was carried by a large majori
S^^Pthe student body,
j."'The Christmas. Holidays will bo
V f^?t?tr^^tbf'-sin? -close an~t?tefy\
fourth of Jan., 1915. The Cadet
corps is looking forward with a
great deal of pleasure when the
time arrives for them to be "on the
way home."
Air. C. F. Millford of Pensacola,
Fla., has been visiting his sister,
Mrs. Curry.
Mr. J. N. Watkins of Greenville,
S. C., father of Mrs. W. D. Work
man, was seen on the campus the
other day.
Colonel Bailey has been to Char
leston attending the Baptist State
Convention of which body he is
Mrs. R. B. Curry has left for
Greenville to visit friends and rela
tive* in that city.
H. H. S.
White Town News.
I will try to writo a few items
to your paper this week, after be
ing hindered and prevented from
writing for several weeks.
Well it BPems like from the way
winter began ilia*, it will certainly
be a bad rainy one. We've bad lots
of rain lately in this section whicn
has ruined our newly worked roads.
In places they are almost impassa
ble, but we truly hope there will be
several weeks of pretty weather
from now on any way, or else Old
Santa, won't be able to visit us all
this Christmas.
Misses Bussey and Bowie, our
school teacht-rs, are going to have a
Christmas tree for the school and
eorapinuity on Tuesday night, Deo.
22, and the teachers have train< d j
the children with Christmas exer
cises to entertain the people awhile
before the tree will be undressed.
Mrs. Ollie While and Miss Leona
White spent last Wednesday with
Mr. W. W. Medlock and family.
Mr. Gassaway White from Milan,
Ga., visited relatives in this section
last week.
Misses Nettie and Sunie Freeland,
were the guests of Miss Coreen
Walls last Saturday night and Sun
We are glad to say that Mrs. A.
B. Barden is now able to be up
again after being confined to her
bed for several weeks with rheuma
tism, hope she will improve rapidly
until well again.
Miss Maggie Medlock, spenl Sun
day last with Miss Nenie White.
Mrs. Jim Sanders, from Cowpens,
S. C., visited her mother, Mrs. Free
land, several days last wees..
Mr. Editor, in spite of the weath
er last week there was some moving
and changing around in this vicinity.
Mr. jim Heath, has had two
Honor Roll Edgefield Graded
and High School.
1st grade: Jeanette Timmons.
1st grade advanced: Katherine
Stewart, Elizabeth Bailey, Hans
fnrd Mims, Furman Holston, Mary
Lillie Byrd, Carrie Dunovant, Hen
ry Clippard, Burts McManus, Olan
do Morgan.
2nd grade: Elizabeth Zimmerman,
Robert Tompkins, Allen George
Thurmond, Felicia Mirna, Mary
Marsh, William Hughes, Roath
3rd grade: J C Hughes, Tom
?ailey. Elizabeth Lott, Isabelle
Byrd, (.Wallace Sheppard.
4 th grade: Sam Paul, M obi ey
Sheppaio, George Tompkins, Elea
ior Mims, Carrie Cheltham, Helen
Nicholson, R >bert Ouzts, Mitchel!
'.Veils, Gertrude Thurmond, Ray
nond Folk.
5th grade: Lois Mims, Mary
Nicholson, William Folk.
6th grade: Edith Ouzts, Normi
shannon house. Sara Lyon.
7th grade: James Sharpton, Ar
hur Britt, James Porter.
Jth grade: Margaret May, Neta
3uzts, Willie P?ak, Fred Mays,
Lydia Brimson.
9th grade: Ouida Pattison, Em
ilie Broadwater, Janice Morgan,
Douglas Tiramermau, Glover Tomp
10th grade: Lula Ouzts, Blon
lelle Hart, Alma ' DeLoaoh, Ruih
Lyon. *
11th grade: Evelyn Broadwater,
Walter Mays, Edgar Strother.
News From Collier.
As it has been some time since
?ve have seen any news from our
progressive little town we will let
vou hear from us.
We have been having, some
zloomy "weather !or some time,
zuess Santa Claus will have to come
iTiT?s^a?r 8lup for he certainly can't
3om? over these roads in his sleigh.
School will close the eighteenth
for the holidays and then the boys
ind girls will be home from col
Miss Pender spent the week-end
with Miss Givings at North Au
Mr. Crafton Hammond and sis
ters have moved in their beautiful
new home.
Miss Emmie Lanham and Miss
Pavne spent the week-end at Mrs.
J. M. Miller's.
We are sorry that Miss Stella
Hammond who has been sick for
some time doesn't seem to improve.
Dr. Crafton is home again after
.?pending several days in Charleston
it a Ma onie meeting,
Mesdames T. L. Miller and W.
J. Harting are also on the sick hst.
Mrs. Lucy Talbert who has been
??pending the past week in Augusta
with friends is home again.
The W. M. U. met with Mrs. J.
M. Miller Saturday afternoon, but
owing to the cold weather the ai
Lendance was small, nevertheless
we had a very interesting meeting,
presided over by Mrs. Bradley. She
ilso sang two very sweet solos. At
the close of the meeting delicious
fruits were served.
We are scenting orange blossoms
There will be a pound party at
the school house next Friday night
Dee. 18, and everybody is invited
to come and bring a pound.
Entre Nous.
Collier, S. C.
Honor Roll Lott Graded School.
Second grade: gOlyde Pardue;
Clyde Jackson, W*. H. Pardue.
Third grade: Otis Carpenter. Sa
die Franklin, Eugene Yonce, Rubie
Jackson, Bessie Yonce.
Eighth grade: Cephas Derrick.
nice houses built on the lower part
of his plantations near Stevens creek
during the past summer and fall.
They will be occupied by Messrs.
Medlockand Rearden,both of White
Town section. Mr. Medlock moved
in last week, Mr. Rearden intends
moving before Christmas. Also Mr.
Walter Ridlehoover, who sold his
home place to Mr. Shrine, of Abbe
ville. Last spring, moved on
his lower plantation last week near
er Stevens creek. Mr. Shrine has
about all of his property ready
moved and the family, will move in
now soon.
White Town, S. C.
Mr. Ryan's Ginhouse Burned
Concert Greatly Enjoyed.
Mr. Hunter's Highly
Creditable Examination.
i Mr. E. L. Ryaj^fSiad the niisfor?
tane to lose bis ginhoase on Tues?
day morning last, containing thirty
six balesof cotton, cotton Beed, ona
hundred bushels of peas, wheat aid
a number of farming implements,
lt is generally conceded that it was
the work of an incendiary. - We are
delighted to. know that Mr. Ryan
was insured.
Miss Ruth Salter entertained a
few friends at rook on Friday even
ieg and when the game was finished
i he young hostess served delightful
Miss Carrie Duncan who is in
training as a nurse in the Pine
Height's sanitarium, North Augus
ta, came home for a few days yisit
last week.
Miss Lizzie Qnarles and Miss
Lucy Qaarles spent part of the past
week in Augusta the guests ut iii rs.
li. F. Ti m mons.
Miss Belle Privette who has been
on an extended visit to her ??ster,
.Mrs. J. H. Courtney, will return to
uer home in Darlington for Christ
mas. Mrs. Courtney and little Mar
garet will accompany her and ro
main throughout tne holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith have
hosts of friends who feel for them
in the anxiety they are" suffering
over the condition of their handsome
little son Owen. It is feared that a
surgical operation will have to be :
performed before *the little fellow
is relieved.
Senator and Mrs. Tillman, Mr.
J. B. Knight and Mr." B. R. Till
man will arrive home Friday to
spend the holidays.
A. Jfosa_M^
nome" after a short visit to her sis
ter, Mrs. J. B. Howard, of Beech
The beautiful voice of Signora
Carolina De.Fabntiis, so sweet, so
spontaneous, so true was indeed a
treat to those who heard her on
Thursday evening. She captivated
her audience from the offset and
each rendition was welcomed with
hearty and continued applause. Her
accompanist, Miss Lura Mims. pre
sided with ease and grace at the
piano and played as is her wont
perfectly. We hope these charming
Lidies will honor os again with a
similar entertainment. During their
stay in Trenton they were guests of
Miss Emma Bouknight.
It is with infinite pride that we
learn of the splendid marks' our
young friend Teague Hunter made
in a recent examination for the
scholarship at Annapolis. There
were competitors from all over the
state, sixteen in number, most of
them nearly grown young men and
our young friend, scarcely seven
teen, who is spending his first vear
at the University came fourth. Isn't
this something for his father and
mother and all who are interested
in him to be proud of? We con
gratulate yodng Mr. Hunter and
we will watch his career with doub
le interest.
Stores Will Close.
We the undersigned merchants
of Edgefield agree to close two days
fer Christmas, Dec. 25 and 2Cth:
W. H. Turner,
Reynolds <fc Padgett,
Durn & Mims,
Smith-Marsh Co.,
Israel Mukashy,
J. W. Peak,
J. Rubensiein,
J. Gold bera & Co.,
Rives Bros.
The Liver Regulates the Body
A Sluggish Liver Needs Care
Someone has said that peop'e
with Chroniu Liver Complaint
should be shut np away from bu
manif.', for they are pessimists and
see through a "glass darkly." Why?
Becanse mental states depend upon
physical states. Billions ness,
Headaches, Dizziness and Constipa
tion disappear after using Dr.
King's New Life Pills. 25c. at
your Druggist.
In case your machine fails to go
phone the Edgefield Auto Repair
Shop, phone 19 L, Mr. Cobb will
move it.
Edgefield Auto Repair Shop.

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