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Ssianltslir?i 1B35.
Published every Wednesday in The
AIvertiser Building at SI.50 per year
Li advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postofi?ce at Edgefield, S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied.! by the writer's
Cards~of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at j
* advertising rates.
People seldom improve, when they
have no other model but themselves
to copy after.-GOLDSMITH.
Wednesday, Dec. 16.
Success depends more upon pluck
than luck.
Fifty weeks of 1914 are behind us.
Only two'yet remain.
. j Have you put your name on one of
the prohibition petitions?
More genuine happiness comes from
'giving than from receiving.
The war and Christmas make it
?i?oubly hard-on the pocketbook. .
In less than 30 days the pardon mill
will close for an indefinite period.
The descending mercury makes the
weather a popular topic of conversa
Mexicans have announced that they
ill cease firing-across the American
The happiest person Christmas will
e the one who gives the most happi
est to others.
MKtf ?V
Have you paid every debt you can,
. are you holding back to the neglect
some creditor?
The Advertiser hopes that Santa
us' pouch will be jhst as large as
al and just as full as usual.
j?8ge about those, jaw
paking Russian names is that when a
pographical error occurs it can not
An exchange, in favoring woman's
hts, says, "If she had politics to ?
ink about, her dress wouldn't be so ?
t appears from the bombardment of
"English coast Tuesday that those
rmans never sleep, being always [
ft for an opportunity to attack the
e need state-wide prohibition in
th Carolina to remove the dispensa
from the northern bank of the Sa
nah opposite Augusta. The people
Augusta are endeavoring to make
;usta "dry" but the dispensary
"ss the river will be a constant I
sance. It should be closed.
Augusta Waking Up.
e Augusta Chronicle and the peo
6f Augusta are to be commended
the determined action recently
en looking to the improving of con
bns in that city. If the city council
ts the request that has been made
large number of citizens, the il
iSelling of whiskey and other in
fants will be suppressed. The
le have aroused from their
rgy and realize how the city
iring from the flagrant violation of
laws of the state of Georgia.
Cotton Going Abroad.
hile yet farfrom normal, the move
of cotton abroad is quite active
e quantity is steadily increasing
onday one Norwegian steamer
avannah for Germany with a car
18,000 bale3 of cotton, two-thirds
entire number of bales that have
ginned in this county up to De
er 8. Six other large steamers
w loading in the 3atne port for
t to foreign countries,
movement of cotton abroad is
ilmost too late to help the small
cer directly, as he has disposed
etica Hy all of his crop. But the
of cotton in large quantities by
countiieswill to some extent)
the acuteness of the financial
ney, and in that way be of ben
every line of business. Were
the cotton to remain in
ntry, conditions would grow
ad to worse. The steady move
f cotton abroad will cause a rift
loud that has settled like a pail
South. i
What Others Sav 8
* f!
War Prices.
One consolation for hnrd t?ines is the
jrreat quantities of merchandise at
"war prices". Seven cents cotton will
buy neai ly as miu-h at many stores
now as trn cpnts cotton used to buy.
Newberry Observer.
Difficult to Find.
The fellow who goes around looking
for selfish happiness is like the man
who seeks the oth jr side of the street.
When he's here, it's over there, and
when he's over, it's here.-Greenville
Poor Fellow!
You can always find somebody in a
worse fix than yourself if you will just
look around a bit. We know a man
who will have to give three of his
daughters money with which to buy
Christmas presents for their sweet
hearts. -Spartanburg Journal.
Value of a Boy.
Judge Ben Lindsey says that every
boy is potentially worth a million dol
lars to the nation." At this rate, if
we estimate that up to date the Eu
ropean war has snuffed out only 1,000,
000 mothers' darlings, the war has so
far cost in this item alone $1,000,000,
000,000. -Columbia Record.
Injuring His Credit.
The man who owes a debt and is
withholding his cotton is not only em
barrassing his creditors, but is serious
ly affecting his own credit for the fu
ture. There is no probability that cot
ton will he any higher in the near lu
ture. So why not sell the staple, pay
what you owe, stop interest on your
debts and keep up your credit?-Lan
caster News.
Should be Thankful.
The man who has something to eat
these da\s ought to be very thankful.
Think of the men who have been laid
off with no possible way of earning
money to feed their families. Jn such
cases the man with land is blessed
more than can be expressed. If he
has not made enough to eat he has no
business with the land.-Greenwood
Thinking and "Unthinking.
People who do not think are uncon
genial to people who do think largely
because they do not think, and people
who do think are uncongenial to people
who do not think because they do think.
If people who do not think would learn
to think then they would become more
tolerable to thinkers as well as to
themselves; but if thinkers should
cease thinking, and put themselves on
a party with those who do not think,
just think what an unthinkable mess it
would make of us all.- Yorkville En
Card of Thanks.
We take this means of thanking
onr friends, neighbors and physi
cian for their kindness shown us
during; the illness and death of oar
daughter. We shall ever hold them
ia everlasting remembrance.
Mr. and MM T. C.Strom.
When your grin breaks down or
when your engine needs repairing
let our Mr. E. E. Cobb who is an
expert machinist put everything in
Edgefield Auto and Repair Shop.
Due to the fact that I am agent
for the Ford car, and having all
repair patts in stock and a first
class mechanic, can afford to do
first-class livery cheap.
Edgefield Auto Repair Shop.
Our machinist is an experienced
plumber and can repair gins, en
gines, boilers and all kinds of ma
chinery. When in need of an expert
machinist call on us.
Edgefield Anio and Repair Shop.
* .>
I Classified Column, i
.1- v 'I-I-1- v .!- -1- -I* -I- -I- -I- v v -I- v v v ??"????"i"?~H"i'
WANTED: A man with expe
rience to take charge of a farm.
Apply to Box 1U0, Johnston, S. C.
12-6 2t. ?
FOR SALE: An upright Knabe
piano in good condition. Apply to
P.. P. Blalack, Edgefield, S. C. '
LOANS: $300 to ?5,000 loani3
tiegotiated on improved city prop
erty and farm lands, at six per cent,
by the Southeastern Mortgage
Loans Association. Apply to J. B.
Blackwell, Parksville, S. O.
12 10-4t.
TORRENT: Residence of seven
rooms and pantry,near High School.
Well on back piazza, and all neces
sary out buildings. Apply to J. L,
M ?ms.
Notice to Teachers.
For the benefit of those teach?rs
who will work part of Christmas
week, I shall bein my office Thurs
day, 2-ith inst., for payment of
W. W. Fuller,
Co. Supt. Education.
The Greeks will receive a car
load of bananas this week for
Christmas ann will give a bunch
free .co every customer whose pur
chases am (ju nt to $5 cash.
At the meeting which will be
h el fl at the -Methodist chu rel? Sun
day afternoen under the auspices
of the Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union Dr. R. M. Hammond
of Monimcrenci will deliver an in
teresting address on "Alcohol iii
the practice of medicine.
Officers Elected.
At the last meeting the Odd
Fellows elected the following offi
cers for thc year 1915: L. T. May,
noble gtand; L. M. Sanders, vice
grand; R. L. Du novan t, secretary
and treasurer; W. H. Bee, outer
guard; I. Mukashy, inner guard;
Rev. P.P. Blaock, chaplain; Dr.
J. S. Byrd, wardeu; M. P. Wells,
New Advertisements This Week.
Attention is directed to the fol
lowing new advertisements this
week: L.T. May, W. E. Lynch &\
Co., The (Jorner Store, Reynolds &
Padgett, Collett & Mitchell, J.
Runenstein, Dorn & Minn?, Jones
& Son, Smith-Marsh Company, j
Stewart & Kernayhan.
Delightful House Party.
Miss Natalie Padgett gave a !
house party last week in compliment
to some of her college friends, her
guettts bein?: Miss Janie Earl of
Greenville, Miss Margaret Collins
of Mullins, Miss Snow Jeffries of
Spartanburg, Messrs. Alister Furman
and Norwood Cleveland of Green
ville, Dr. James DesPortes of
Ridgeway and A. S. Tompkins, Jr.
In spite of the disagreeable weather,
this congenial coterie passed a week
of uninterrupted pleasure. At the
hour of departing Monday morning
all of the guests were loath to leave.
Edgefield Citizens Should Profit
by the Following State
Doan's kidney pills were used by
this Edyeh'eld rendent.
Their merit was shown-the
story told.
Now comes further evidence.
The testimony is cou tinned.
The remedy was tested-the re
sults lasted.
Could Edgefield residents de
mand stronger proof?
It's Edgefield testimony. It can
be investigated.
W. D. Dom, Edgefield, says:
"You may continue to use my state
merit, recommending Doan's kidney |
pills. The cure they made for me
lias been fa permanent one and 1
have had no signs of kidney troub
le for the past few years. I always
recommend Donn's leid ney pills to
anyone Buffeting from weak kid
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's ?kidney pills-the same
that Mr. Dorn had. Foster-Mil burn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Auditor's Notice.
All persons owning property of any
kind whatsoever, or in any capacity,
as husband, guardian, executor, ad
ministrator or trustees are required to
make returns of the same to the Audi
tor under oath within the time men
tioned below and the Auditor is requir
by law to add a penalty of 50 per
cent to all property that is not return
ed On or before the 20th day of Febru
ary in any year.
All male citizens between the ages
of 21 and 60 years except those ex
empt by law are deemed taxable polls.
The 50 per cent penalty will be added
for failure to make returns.
For the convenience of tax payers. I
or my r^.pres' ntative will be at the
following appointed places on the dates
mentioned to receive tax returns:
Roper, Wednesday Jan. 13.
Meriwether, Thursday Jan. 14.
Collier, Friday Jan. 15.
Red Hill, Saturday Jan. 16.
Clark's Monday Jan. 18.
Modoc, Tuesday Jan. 19.
Parksvilie, Wednesday Jan. 20.
Plum Branch, 'Ihur.-day Jan. 21.
Morgan's Store Friday Jan. 22.
Liberty Hill Saturday Jan. 23.
Cleora, Monday Jan. 25.
Pleasant Lune, Tuesday Jan. 26.
Meeting Street, Wednesday Jan. 27.
Johnston, Thursday Jan. 28.
Herrin 's Store, Friday Jan. 29.
Trenton, Saturday Jan. 30. .
The office will be open to receive re
turns from the first day of January till
tue 20th day of February as prescibed
by kw.
Auditor, E. C. S. C.
Notice to Taxpayers.
The Laws of South Carolina fix
December 31st. of each year as the
time for expiration of" collection of
Taxes without penalty. The same
laws make it the duty of the Audi
tor to add to the Treasurer's dupli
cate of taxes one per cent on all
taxes unpaid on January the first,
two per cent on all taxes unpaid on .
February the first, and a total of |
We want to call attention to the neat
and attractive Christmas novelties that
we are offering for sale:
Plain and colored bordered silk hand
kerchiefs, initialed and plain linen hand
A beautiful line of fancy neckwear, in
broad-end and reversible, from 25c. to
Leather collar bags from 65c. to $2.25.
Several handsome military brush sets
in morocco cases.
We mention the above specialties as an
indication of the completeness of our
We shall be glad to serve you. Don't
delay your Christmas shopping.
Edgefield, South Carolina
seven per cent on all unpaid taxes
on March the first. Heretofore the
Auditor of Edgefield County has
not added this penalty. However, I
have been ' notified by the Comp
troller-General of our State that
upon my failure to carry out the
law in regard to adding ihn penalty
this year that the penalties that
should have been collected from de
linquent taxpers after January the
first will be collected from me or
my bondsmen, as a penaliy for my
failure to carry out the law.
Therefore,- I desire to give the
public notice that I ara on this ac
count forced this year to comply
with the law, and that penalties will
lie added according to law on all
taxes unpaid, on December the 31st'.
Auditor, E. C. S. C.
Ranges, Stoves, Grates
Now is the time to purchase a New Range, Stove,
Heater or Grate.
See Oar Pretty Backers and Full Line
of Furniture
Prices in keeping with seven-cent cotton.
Jones & Son
The selection of a suitable gift for father, brother or
gentleman friend is made easy at our store. A large j
assortment of articles that are useful as well as beau
Suit Case
Drop in and let us show you through our large stock
of these goods. -
Dorn & Hims I

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