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? Skelly emitted a sound like that of
?ju iinmuffled motor. Then he slammed
flown his glass and gasped like a :?sh
out of water.'
"I'll be dodgasted if I will!" said
Mrs. Skelly did not move an eye
ilash. "The class meets at the
?Pinches," she proceeded, "'and your
Tuxedo will be all right."
"Dancing class at my age!" Skelly
roared. "Why not marbles? Me tie
-myself up in" bowknots doing the ?
. tango when I ought to be dandling my
.... ?grandchildren on my knee telling
them stories of the wai1-"
"You haven't any grandchildren, and
as your son is only fourteen, you
.don't have to worry about that for a
Thile," remarked jin. Skelly. "AnC
?here is no sense in our bein*? back
numbers when every one else is dc
* "ing such things. And I want to leam
r the one-step tonight. It is great fun.
. Besides, I promised that I'd join."
"Why did I ever get married?" Skel
ly demanded hotly of the chi-Tonier,
as he incased himself in the Tuxedo. ;
"Why doesn't a man ever appreciate
. his freedom when he has it, I'd like
to know? Why didn't I stay down !
town with Powett when he asked me,
Instead of coming home to pass a
happy evening in the bosom of my
family? Dragged out of my comfort
able chair to make an idiot ol my- [
self-" j
"The electric has come," said Mrs.
Skelly, peering from the window.
"Come along, Arthur."
"What chance has a man got, any
"how?' Skelly demanded furiously of
Ove other men in the dressing room
-at the Finches. "No chance at all!"
The other five agreed tumultuously
?nd gloomily. . i
"I feel like a fool," Skelly said, as
they surged in before the teacher
with their wives. "I think age should
be dignified. Any pictures of the
tango that I've seen show the people,
climbing chandeliers or sliding on
their shoulder blades. I put It to !
jon, Emily, would I look well sliding
on my shoulder blades? Would you
like to have our son see me doing
"Miss Grippy," interposed Mrs. Skel
.ly sweetly at this point in the mono
logue, "my husband, Mr. Skelly."
"Some looker," commented Skelly,
with a show of interest. "Is she to
"teach us? Why didn't you Intimate
-.something to that effect sooner?
.t?racking good ankles, hasn't she-"
"Arthur," said Mrs. Skelly severely,
"."you're supposed to be listening to
.what she's saying!" ;
"All speech is not verbal," insisted
jSkelly. "What's that she is saying
?about a grapevine? It sounds co m pl i
- eated."
The rest of the class managed to
..master the grapevine step shortly,but
?Skelly had a terrible time. It was
-.necessary for Miss Grippy to give him
a special, personal lesson twice be
fore he permitted the class to go on
to the second movement of the one
I "One-two-three-four," he gasped to
Mrs. Skelly. "Are there curls flowing
.over my shoulder, and do I see my
nurse waiting for me in the hall with
any tippet and overshoes? Look at
Pinch grabbing the teacher for a' sim
ple one-two-three-four-I won't stand
for such monopoly! Teacher's pet!
ri want her to show me the drag
"Anybody with sense could do the
drag step without being shown,"
growled Finch. "If you think this one
'Step is so hard whatchu going to
do when it comes to the tango? There
are 64 steps and I bet you never learn
"Bet I do!" said Skelly warmly. "I
-don't know that you and the others
have anything on me when it comes
.to a simple matter of memory! Why,
? was the best dancer in the crowd
when I was a boy! Took up every
new dance the minute it came out, !
and I guess these new fangled things
aren't so very different from the old!
Learn 'em? Pooh! Eet I get the tan
. go down before you and the other
fellows have had time to cross your
feet once! And at that I'll bet you'll
cross 'em the wrong way!"
"Oh, stow your brag!" said Finch. '
""Watch me! Light on my feet
"Can't learn it! Pooh!" Skelly said
to Mrs. Skelly on the way home. "Why,
.did you hear what Miss Grippy said
to me? Said I was getting the one
-step better than any one else in the
class! Isn't there another lesson for
& week? I think that's too long a
time to wait. Don't you? Say, Emily,
what are you laughing at?"
Wireless Waves Bother Birds.
Wireless telegraphy has done much
Hor US, and probably-or rather, surely
. will-do a great deal more for the
'.henefit of humanity at large. But, if
\they could speak, many birds would
-probably tell you that they don't ap
prove of this new Invention In the
fleast For in the parts of the world
-where there are a large number of
wireless stations observations have
Ibeen made which seem to indicate that
thirds are disturbed in a very curious
<way by the wireless waves. The un
offending seagull is one of the chief
?sufferers, as also is the harmless
-Jdove. This strange state of things is
-isitributed in some way to an effect
<ot the ether waves, though how It is
ifcrought about Is not yet understood.
Guard Your Children
Against Bowel Trouble
Many children at an carly age
become constipated, and frequently
serious consequences result. Not
being able to realise his own con
dition, a child's bowels should be
constantly watched, and a gentle
laxative given when necessary.
Dr. Miles' .Laxative Tablets are
especially well adapted to women
and children. The Sisters of
Christian Charity, 531 Charles St.,
Luzerne, Pa.,' who attend many
cases of sickness say of them:
"Some time ago we began using Dr.
Miles'. Laxative Tablets and find that
we like them very much. Their action
ls excellent and we are grateful for
having been made acquainted with
them. We have had good results in
every ca.se and the Sisters are very
much pleased."
The form and flavor of any medi
cine is very important, no matter
who is to take it. The taste and
appearance are especially important
when children are concerned. All
pcrti;i3 i now hew hart! ii is t? sive
the average child "medicine," even
though the taste is partially dis
guised. In using Dr. Miles' Lax
ative Tablcii, however, this diffi
culty is overcome. The shape of
the tablets, their appearance and
candy-like taste at once appeal to
any child, with the result that they
arc taken without objection.
The rich chocolate flavor and
absence of other taste, make Dr.,
Miles' Laxative Tablets the ideal
remedy for children. 3
If the first box fails to benefit,
the price returned. Ask your
druggist. A box ot 25 doses costs
only 25 cents. Never sold in bulk.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
V. A.
Hemstreet & Bro.
Treasurer's Notice.
The County Treasurer's office will be
open for the purpose of receiving taxes
from the 15th day of October 1914 to
the 15th day of March 1915. esK*.
All taxes shall be due and payable
between the 15th day of October, 1914,
and December 31st, 1914.
That when taxes charged shall not |
be paid by December 31st, 1914, the j
County Auditor shall proceed to add a
penalty of one per cent for January,
and if taxes are not paid on or before
February 1st, 1915, the County Auditor,
will proceed to add two per cent, and
five per cent from the 1st of March to
the 15th of March, after which time
all unpaid taxes will be collected by
the Sheriff.
The tax levies for the year 1914 are j
as follows:
For State purposes 6 mills
44 Ordinary county 5 "
" Special county 1 *'
*" Cons. school tax 3 ' '
" Antioch S. D. 2 "
" Pickens Bacon S. D. 4 "
44 Pickens Bacon R. R. 3 "
14 Shaw Bacon school 4 "
" Part Blocker R. R. 12 "
44 Part Collier Sp. school 3 "
44 Flat Rock S. D. 4 "
" Oak Grove S. D. 3 "
" Prescott S. D. 3
44 Red Hil! S. D. 4 44
41 Edgefield Pickens school 5 44
44 Edgefield Pickens R. R. 3 44
44 Edgefield Pickens Corp'n 10 44
44 Edgefield school building 2 44
.44 Edgefiald Wise school bld'g 2 14
44 Edgefield Wise Corp'n 10 44
" Edgefield R. R. 11-4 44
44 Edgefield Wise school 5 44
" portion Elmwood school 2 44
44 portion Elmwood R. R. 12 44
44 Elmwood S. D. No 38 school 2 44
44 Elmwood S .D. No. 3 R. R. 12 44
44 Elmwood Long Cane R. R. 12 44
44 Elmwood Long Cane school 3 44
44 P. Pickens Long Cane R. R. 3 44
44 Hibler S. D. 3 44
4' Liberty Hill S. D. 3 44
44 Johnston S. D. 8 44
" Johnston R. R. 3 44
44 Moss S. D. 3 44
44 Parks ville S. D. 4 44
44 Pickens R. R. 3 44
44 Plum Branch S. D. No. 15 5 44
44 Shaw school 4 44
44 Talbert school 2 44
44 Pickens Trenton school 5 44
44 Pickens Trenton R. R. 3 "
44 Shaw Trenton school 5 44
44 Wisc Trenton school ' 5 44
44 Wise Trenton R. R. 11-4 44
44 Ward's school 2 44
44 Modoc S. D. 2 44
44 White Town S. D. 4 44
44 Wise R. R. 11-4 44
The lav; prescribes that all male citi- j
zens between the ages of 18 and 55 !
years must pay $2 commutation tax or j
work six days on the public roads. As
this is optional with the individual, no
commutation tax is included in the J
property tax. So ask for road tax re
ceipt^when you*desire to pay road tax. I
Co. Treas. E. C. |
I have a fine lot of Seed Rye to
offer, was grown on ?ray farm at
Ellenton, S. C. Put up in bags of |
one and two bushels, price $2.50
per bushel, F. ?. B. Ellenton.
Send in your orders early.
H. M. Cassels,
Ellenton, S. C.
The Farmers Bank of Edgefleld, S. C.
Capital and Surplus Profits V \ - $120,000.00
Total Assets Over.\ - $400,000.00
State, County and Town\ Depository
Does a General Banking Business. Offers its Services to You as a Safe
Guardian and Depository for YourjMonay.
Invest in One of Our Certificates of Deposit
Bearing Interest :
lt is a better investment for you than a mortgage of real estate.
You do not have to consult an attorney about titl/s. It does not shrink
in value like lands and houses. You do not have to insure against fire.
Finally you do not have to employ an attorney tb foreclose to get your
money. You can get your interest and principjil the day it falls due.
Safety is the First Consideration in Placing Your Earnings
SfalGHf REG. U.S.PAT.0FF. llS
You'll find it on the top of each
Metal Shingle
It i J ,;:t there to protect you as well
as us frc. : ?.he imitator. Roo.fs covered
with thcr.o shingles 27 yeara ago are
rjood today, and nave never needed re
pairs. Gnat's why they're imitated.
Theroicrc, leek for this stamp.
For Sale by
Stewart & Kernaghan
Edgefield, South Carolina.
Our materials have advanced considerably, but having purchased im
mense stock before rise of market, we are offering the SAME AT
TRACTIVE LOW PRICES as formerly.' Get our prices on METAL
RUBBER ROOFING, Etc. It will pay you to buy NOW as prices will
never be lower. ,
Phone 100.
1009 Broad Street
It is an "overthrow" to a man's
confidence when a bachelor's
stove is accidentally overthrown
and he remembers he has neg
lected to insure his effects. Do
not let it happen to you. Cover
the value of your belongings with
a Fire Insurance policy, for you
never know when a blaze will
occur. We can insure you in a
good and reliable Company for a
trifling annual premium.
. cl ?
Edgefield, South Carolina.
r?u?M?MHr?riniwi IIIIIIIII mn
For Men, Women and Boys a great dis
play-With a stock greater and better, we're in
a position to serve you BETTER THAN EVER
The finest Women's Ready-to-wear Department
in the South. Make your Augusta Headquarters
The J. Willie Levy Company.
Augusta, Ga.
Long term loans to Famers A Specialty.
Your farm land accepted as security WITHOUT ENDORSER
or other C O LL ATE RR A L. Unlimited funds immediately available in
lenoirinations of Three Hundred and up. Established 1892.
JAS. FRANK & SON, Augusta, Ga.
??t? ^tmpaptt in ^oi??j (tartina
VOL. 79.

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