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Wednesday, Dec. 23.
Missses Edwardina and Marion
Blalock are spending Christmas in
Miss Lillian Smith is at home for
the holida^" from her school at
?riffin, Ga.
Sermon suitable for season Sun
day rooming at 11:30 at Edgefield
"Hsthodist church.
What shall I do with 1915V Sub
ject for Sunday night sermon ai
Edgefield Methodist church.
Our exceeding and eternal weight
of glory is. subject for mill chapel
sermon Saturday night at 7:30.
This Thursday ni?ht there will
y-bc a Christmas prayer meeting at
the Methodist church. Everybody
?f Some of the young men are cora
^plaining because Mr. Shannonhouse
Las shipped all of the mistletoe to
Hew York.
'Misses Hortense and Royal Peak
Ipr? at home from their schools in
"-.Marlboro and Florence counties
for the holidays.
Mr. C. M. Melliehamp lost a ?10
"bill on the streets of Edgefield Sat
urday. If found by an honest man
it will bs restored to its owner.
The prohibition petitions are
. teing circulated in practically every
? community in the couutv. Do not
fail to put your name on one of
Master Julian Mims Corley sent
the writer afine, fat 'possum a few
.days ago, consequently om Christ
-xnas sock will not be altogether
Mrs. J. P. Nixon accompanied
by her two sweet little children, of
Clark's Hill have arrived to spend
the holidays with her sister, Mrs.
ir; H. Dorn.
Miss Mamie Dunovant is spend
ing the holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs R. L. Dunovant, hav
ing spent the fall season at her
Ol at Wiaist??.
On account of rain the monthly
union service is postponed to third
Sunday night in January to beheld
in Methodist church with Rev. E.
C. Bailey to preach.
The new Baptist church will be
dedicated early next spring and Dr.
M. D Jeffries will be invited to
preach the dedicatory sermon. Oth
r -Former pastora will be invited to
The Advertiser job office has
en . turning out some especially
ttractive work during the pa*t
?nek. Send us your . orders if you
ave printing of any kind. Satisfac
ion guaranteed.
Prof essor C. C. Ross, Miss Ma
ie Sil!, Misst Gladys Chappell,
iss Marcelle Gwaltncjy and Miss
stelle Turner arc all at their homes
or the holidays having left Edge
eld immediately at the close of
Let every member of Methodist
nnday school be present for
hristmas session next Sunday
orning at 10:30. Be sure to bring
ourself. Then if you can bring an
"ering for the orphanage and one
r missions.
AU of the stores and banks in
gefield will be closed Friday and
turday, December 25 and 26. All
cessary purchases caa be made
the 24th and nobody wiii be iu
nv?nienced by the merchants and
eir clerks taking a rest.
What's the matter around Red
ll? Are there no old bachelors
t? The Advertiser usually pub
lies about a doz*?n marriage no
.es from Rose Cottage about
ristmas. ITp to this time Cupid
ros not to have made a single
No Paper Next Week.
ollowing a long standing cus- !
, that of giving the makers of
e Advertiser one week of respite
ru their regular grind, we will
issue any paper next. week. Our
hanical force deserves a rest,
there is no season of the year
hich they will enjoy it more
daring the Christmas holidays,
next issue of The Advertiser
appear on the 6th of January.
Europe Takes Three Times as
. Much Food, One Third as
Much Cotton.
Here is striking evidence of the
changed conditions brought about
bv war: In October this year the
United States shipped abroad.
1,-034,614 bushels cf corn as com
pared with 343,899 in October last
year, and 19,532,380 bushels of
wheat this October as compared
with 7,424,584 in October last year.
In the same month, however, we
exported only 497,180 bales of cot
ton as compared with 1,517,338
bales in October, 1913.
In other words, foreign countries
in October of this year called for
practically three times as much
corn and wheat as last year (and
the same thing is true of beef),
while they tnokvtjonjv one-third as
much of our cotton. Cotton ex
puits will improve, of course, but
will be insufficient at best. With a
three-fold demand for corn, wheat
and beef, therefore, and a greatly
diminished demand lor cotton, there
ought not lo be any question as to
what crops will be the real "money
crops" in 1915.
And once again let ns ask, Are
YOU ready-you, yourself, person
all\-for the Rehanged conditions in
Southern farming? Or have you
thought of the matter simply as a
problem for the other fellow and
which you will somehow manage to
escape? If so, it is time to wake up
and face the real situation with
which every single Southern far
mer will have to deal next spring,
j Get ready for it.
-Progressive Farmer.
i ,
True Devotion.
Little Katharine had a big dog
which she loved dearly. One cold
night she asked if the dog could come
into the house for a while. Her moth
er said: "Yes; but as soon as he be
gins to scratch, you must put him
right out." Later Katharine was heard
to exclaim: "O, Bettie, don't scratch;
tell me where it itches, and 1*11 scratch
it 1lor you."-Chicago Tribune.
Tree Yields a Fortune.
Brazil boasts of a giant tree that
produces a revenue of over tv/o thou
sand dollars a year. It is a rubber
tree-probably the largest in the
world. For one hundred and twenty
days every year it produces 22 pounds
of rubber daily. The trunk of the tree
is over 27 feet hi circumference.-The
American Boy.
The Yachting Accident
First Seaside Bore-"I can remem
ber hearing a strange, gurgling sound;
then I suddenly saw before me a huge
mass of foam-and do you know what
I did?" Second Seaside Bore-"Yes,
old top; you let the foam settle a bit,
and then had a good swig."
Greece Rich in Marbles.
Among other minerals the marbles
of Greece must be placed in the front
rank, no country being so rich in this
product as the Hellenic kingdom.
Seemingly inexhaustible beds are to
be found in Attica, Euboea and tho
Why Hand Shaking ls Dangerous.
Bacteriologists recently found under
the fingernails of men, women and
children no less than thirteen different
kinds of disease germs, including those
of tuberculosis, diphtheria and inllu
The Alternatives.
"I've got to choose between paying
my doctor and keeping up my life in
surance policy; I haven't enough
money for both." "Stand off the M.
D.; if your policy lapses you'll die
Daily Thought.
Life is short. Let us not throw any
of it away in useless resentment. It
is best not to be angry. It is next
best to be quickly reconciled.-Sam
uel Johnson.
Formation of Hailstones.
According to a German scientist,
'hailstones are formed by the elec
tricity of thunderstorms which they
Engineering Ants.
The ants of South America have
been known to construct a tunnel
three miles in length.
Readily Paid.
One thing about the wages of sin IB
that a man doesn't have to go to'law
to collect them.
Our machinist is an experienced
plumber and can repair gins, en
gines, boilers and all kinds of ma
chinery. When in need of an expert
machinist call on ns.
Edgefield Auto and Repair Shop.
Will Surety Stop Thal Cough.
ms DB conns
Nation Rings With Cries of Stricken
By Peter Radford
Lecturer National Farmers* Union.
King Cotton nas suffered mere from
the European war than any other ag
ricultural product on the American
continent The shells of the Delliger
ents have bursted over nis throne,
frightening his subjects and shatter
ins his markets, n&a, panic-stricken,
the nation cries out "God save the
People from every walk ot life havt
contributed their mite toward rescue
work Society has danced before th?
king; milady has decreed that th?
family wardrobe sihall contain onlj
cotton goods; the press bas pleat
with the public to "buy a bale";
bankers have been formulating hold
ing plans; congress and legislative
bodies have deliberated over reliei
measures; statesmen and writen
have grown eloquent expounding th?
Inalienable ri?nts of "His Majesty'
and presenting schemes for preserv
ing the financial integrity of the
stricken staple, but the sword of Eu
rope las proved mightier than the pei
of America in fixing vah-e upon thii
product of the sunny south. Price:
have been oayoneted, values riddle(
and markets decimated by the battlinj
hosts of the eastern hemisphere unti
the American farmer has suffered ?
war loss of $400,000.000, and a bah
of cotton brave enough to enter ?
European port must pay a ransom o
half its value or go to prison until thi
war is over.
Hope of the Future Lies in Co-opera
The Farmers' Union, through tbj
columns of the press, wants to thanl
the American people for the friend
ship, sympathy and assistance give:
the cotton farmers In the hour of dis
tress and to direct attention to cc
operative methods necessary to pei
manently assist the marketing of al
farm products.
The present emergency presents a
grave a situation as ever confronten
the American farmer and from th
viewpoint of the producer, would seer
to justify extraordinary relief meas
ures, even to the point of bending th
constitution and straining busines
rules In order to lift a portion ot th
burden off the backs of the fannel
for unless something ls done to ched
the invasion of the war forces "upoi
the cotton fields, the pathway of th
European pestilence on this confinen
will be strewn with mortgaged home
and famine and poverty will stalk ove
the southland, filling the highways _c
industry with refugees and the bani
ruptcy court with prisoners.
AU calamities teach us lessons an
the present crisis serves to illumin?t
the frailties of our marketing met!
ods and the weakness of our credi
system, and out of the financial ai
guish and travail of the cotton farme
will come a volume of discussion an
a mass of suggestions and finally I
solution ot this, the biggest probier
in the economic life of America, i:
indeed, we have not already laid th
foundation for at iea3t temporary re
More Pharaohs Needed in Agriculture
Farm products have no credit an
perhaps can never have on a perm?
nent and satisfactory oasis unless w
build warehouses, cold storage plants
elevators, etc.. for without storage au
credit facilities, the south is con
pelled to dump its crop on the marke
at harvest time. The Farmers' Onion
in the cotton producing states hav
for the past ten years persistently ac
vocated the construction ot storag
facilities. We have built during thi
period 2,000 warehouses with a ca
pacify of approximately 4,000,000 bale
and looking backward the result
would seem encouraging, but lookin,
forward, we are able to house (es
than one-third of the crop and ware
houses without a credit system ios
90 per cent of their usefulness Th<
problem is a gigantic one-too grea
for the farmer to solve unaided. Hi
must have the assistance of the bani?
er, the merchant and the government
"in production we have reached tin
nigh water mark of perfection in thi
world's history, but our marketing
methods are most primitive. In thi
dawn of history we find agriculture
plowing with a forked stick but witt
a system of warehouses under govern
mental supervision that made thi
Egyptians the marvel of civilization
for who has not admired the vision o:
Joseph and applauded the wisdom o
Pharaoh for storing the surplus unti
demanded by the consumer, but ii
this ago we have too many Josephe
who dream and not enough Pharaohi
who build.
I have a fine lot of [Seed Rye tc
offer, was grown on my farm al
Ellenton, S. C. Put up in bags of
one and two bushels, price ?2.50
per bushel, F. O. B. Ellenton.
Send in your orders carly.
H. M. Cassels,
Ellenton, .S. C.
lill Stock For Sale.
Five Shares Sibley Mill Stock of
Augusta, Ga., to be 'sold front of
Court House on first Monday in
January, 1915, for cash.
A. G. OTJZTS, Ex'or.
Dec. 15-3t.
Hydralic and Sanitary Engineer.
Water Supply,, Good Roads, Land Sub
division and Surveys.
investigations, Reports and
316 Harrison Bldg. Augusta, Ga
The Pills That Do Cure.
"After four in oiir family had died
of consumption 1 was taken with
a frightful cough and Jung trouble,
but my life was saved andi gained
87 pounds through using
W. E. Patterson, Wellington, Tex. |
^Qur large sto<
with everything
is now. We in vi
goods. We give
Universal Percul
Sets, Scissors a
Handle, Enders'
at 25c. each, Bi
Keen. Kutter M
Winchester 20-G
ing Horns, Bicy
Our goods are
The selection of
gentleman friend :
assortment of arti
Drop in and let
of these goods.
And we are ready with a large s^sort
ment of Candies, Friits of all kinds,
just what Santa Claus will need to fill
his pouch.
Large Stock of Fireworks
Let us fill your orders for fruit cake incredients
Everything Fresh
All of the season's delicacies in our
fancy grocery department -
ck has never been better
that is needed for the home
ite our friends to call and
herewith a few artic es:
than it
ators, Daisy Churns, Savory Roasters, Garv ing
nd Shears, Pocket Knives in Stag and Pe arl
Dollar-Safety Razors, Durham Duplex Razrars
.ass Andirons, Brass Fire , Sets, liard Pressjcs,
[eat Choppers, Automatic Air Rifles, Rifljes,
lauge, Guns, Leggins, Hunting Cfoats, Huht
cles, Wagons, Tricycles.
always the best quality ^ind our
)rices are reasonable
erefield, South Carolina
Z^-ZJ~J:IZ-l ? ~--- ---?M^ttiiJiMmiJimL
1 .
a suitable gift for fatjher, brother or
tore. A large
as beau
is made easy at our g
eles that are useful a$ well
Suit Case
us show you through (bur la^ge stock
Dorn &

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